Uncovering the Dirt on Abortion Mills

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Troy Newman is president of Operation Rescue, which spearheaded an investigation of 12 abortion mills in Texas, one of many such operations the group has undertaken. With the help of undercover investigators such as Deborah Myers, Operation Rescue was able to collect evidence in Texas of HIPAA violations and other illegalities concerning statutory rape and parental consent laws, illegal dumping of bio-hazardous materials and more.

Carol Everett, a former abortion mill owner, is now president of the Heidi Group, an organization dedicated to helping women with unplanned pregnancies make positive choices for themselves and their babies. She has been an integral partner in Operation Rescue’s investigations and believes evidence points to similar violations at abortion facilities across the country.

The hard work of Operation Rescue and its partners has resulted in fines and lawsuits for the mills and abortionists, but its work is far from over. Its mission is clear: to investigate and expose violations at abortion mills across the country.

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