True Woman 201: Interior Design with Nancy Leigh DeMoss and Mary A. Kassian—Week 9: Legacy

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What kind of legacy are you leaving? Who will be carrying the torch of biblical womanhood once you’re gone? It’s important to take the initiative, whether you’re younger or older, to invest in the younger women God has placed in your life.

In this twenty-minute conversational video, authors Nancy Leigh DeMoss and Mary Kassian discuss our responsibility as women to not only live out our faith, but to share it with the next generation as a lasting legacy.

The discussion on this video is the ninth in a ten-week series for use with the workbook, True Woman 201: Interior Design. This study explores ten elements of biblical womanhood found in the New Testament book of Titus, inviting you to let God do a complete makeover in your heart. God wants to form you into a godly woman from the inside out, and if you let Him, His radical renovation will outshine and outlast even the most elaborate home makeover.

To get your copy and view the entire series, visit Available with this study is the complete set of ten videos accompanying each chapter to aid in individual study or group discussion. So gather your friends together and use this as an opportunity to let God do an extreme makeover in each one you.

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