The Trumpet’s Blowing: Is Anyone Listening? – Part 2

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Sam Rohrer and Isaac Crockett are joined by guest Leo Hohmann (Investigative Reporter, Independent Freelance Journalist) to discuss this important topic by going to the heart of the cause and defining the solution.

On all American money there is a phrase, “In God We Trust”. This is a powerful statement for all Americans and the entire world to see. It has become like the many Bible verses engraved on government buildings around the nation. They are reminders of the past, but certainly nothing of importance today. Perhaps when that phrase, “In God We Trust” was placed on American money it should have a question mark at the end so that it would prompt a response by all reading it for instance…In God We Trust?

For nearly two generations God has ceased to be God and the dollar became God with the love of money gradually edging out the love of God. The dollar became the motivation for work and involvement in government.

The U.S. dollar has indeed been to many “God”, but now both the dollar and military might are being show to be hollow. As are the words and promises of America’s president, congressional, and military leaders.

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