The Power of Agreement

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Bible Capsule of today… Mathew 18:19-20



Welcome to our bible capsule of today we are reading from Matthew chapter 18 verse 19 and 20 again, I tell you that if two of you on earth agree about anything you ask for, it will be done for you by my father in heaven forward two or three come together in my name there and I with them. I said who is the one that watches like a Samuel watches over the temple and he’s always winning souls for the Lord in this place. He’s here every day except Wednesdays but whenever needed, Cdo is here and he does the same smile, always happy and joyful and giving. And I asked him today that I wanted before I leave that I wanted to do a bible capsule with him and to give me a scripture and he gave me this scripture. Why did you give anything that I can do that? Why did you give me this scripture? Because of what God wants to talk to, Especially the youth that are in college and those that are thinking what they’re going to do for the future. God wants you to come in agreement with other youth with his parents, his brothers or family because when there’s two or three gather in his name, the manifestation of his power. So that’s the point of those scriptures isn’t that powerful And you know what I said here, I I’m more like a prayer for and I can see the miracles of what God is doing when there’s agreement and prayer and you know if you’re there and you’re listening to this bible capsule, he’s a prayer warrior. He’s always playing hear me whenever he gets here early to work just to pray in this altar. And you know, there’s many people know said here, Carmen has another prayer warriors in texas, we have WhatsApp that we all pray. Our church walks underneath, we all got our knees, that’s the way we started this ministry and we have not changed. So we’re two or three. Thank you so much. Thank you. Don’t stop listening or watching the bible capsules because it’s a seed for everyday. I asked him like the bible, can I send them to him especially? And we share these bible capsules all over. So may the peace of God that surpasses all human understanding God, your heart and mind in christ jesus, Our Lord peace.

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