The Only Hope for America

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Proverbs 14:34 says, “Righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is a reproach to any people.”

If we want to know what is wrong with our great nation, we should first look in the mirror. By and large, nations receive the kind of government they deserve. What we expect out of our Constitution and government today is not something they were designed to do. At this crucial time in our nation, we need to understand the only hope for America is God.


First, righteousness is the exaltation of a nation. 


Righteousness and liberty are inextricably woven; there is no true liberty without true righteousness. 


Adrian Rogers says, “Righteousness is living responsibly under God.”


Righteousness is assuming our God-given responsibilities as a citizen of the kingdom of God, and this country. Our liberty directly correlates with our character; when we lose responsibility, we lose character, and then we lose righteousness. Adrian Rogers says, “People who cannot live responsibly from within will be governed from without.”


The Word of God teaches responsibilities of the Church, to the government, and vice versa. 

Respectfully, we do not want the government infringing upon our religious affairs. Likewise, as Christian citizens, we have a civic duty to pray for our government leaders, pay our taxes and express patriotism. 


Second, reproach is the humiliation of a nation. 


The government’s purpose is not to meet our needs; it is to protect us from tyranny and punish evildoers. However, the erosion of character has led to a perverted nation. We as a people have become too dependent upon the government to provide, and therefore, control us. But the government only gives what it first takes away. The government’s influence grows larger as our nation’s character dwindles more and more.


Finally, revival is the restoration of a nation.


America needs a new birth of freedom, and God is our only hope of that. We, as His people, are called to be salt and light—to purify, heal, preserve; to illuminate, guide and expose. (See Matthew 5:13-16.) We are not to go out and make demands for our liberty; instead, we must assume our responsibility, and let our character permeate our society.

Life Application

It is not too late for America—liberty comes when God’s people assume their responsibility. Pray for a revival to break out across this nation today.

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