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The presence of the Holy Spirit deposited in the soul of the believer acts a lot like a TV receiver. He provides daily insight from and connectivity to God. As long as we stay attuned to what the Spirit is saying and do not try to block the signal, we can benefit from His eternal perspective.

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Tony Evans Dr. Tony Evans is the founder and senior pastor of Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship in Dallas, founder and president of The Urban Alternative and...

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  1. I truly thank my JESUS 1st and thank you bro Dale & fam in CHRIST JESUS… I am a born again Christian going through sanctification as I while heartly seek the LORD, I’m dealing with some rather deep spiritual battles most don’t realize even exist. I’m a member if Walnut street baptist church, I ask that you keep me in your prayers and I ask that you keep Ronnie & Mark Dempsey, Jeremy Sullivan , Simmer Woodall, DK Ramey, Timberly Dunaeay, Liz Talaver, Debrah Holden, Crystal & Justin Jersey, Harold Posey, Ashley Wimberly, John Bradin & Autumn Shay Mcghee, Phyllis Turnbow , Ruth Turner, Ruth Cole, Jamie & Russel Layla Isipuk, Emma Donner, Cynthia Sharp, Misti Mullins,Crystal Hampton,& Mark, Brian , Jeni, Jeff& Brenda Robins,& Angel & Tristan McGowan & families in your prayers.., I know the power of prayer… these all are in desperate need of prayer.. please acknowledge these specific people and and add them to your prayer list in JESUS name I ask this I know tgeblistvis rather large but yet so small…. thank you in advance as I ask this request in good faith… thank you for your time… the message the spirit has used you to lead was very heartfelt and inspiring it has truly touched me through the spirit of CHRIST JESUS thank you once again this is great those of us without means of transportation being able to receive the message is great… me being financially unstable I can’t contribute $ but I do send kneemails so to speak (prayers) that my JESUS financially blesses you this an amazing way to reach out thank you