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Eric and Paul introduce the first issue of the zine “Current”, and also the 3D movie project, The Genesis Series.



the following program is made possible by the friends and partners of God quest ministries from the C. T. N studio in Pensacola florida. This is creation today where we believe the bible is literally true and scientifically accurate. We believe it from the very beginning and were not ashamed to say it. I’m your host eric Hoven and I’m paul taylor and we’re here in every episode to answer your questions on science and the bible to cover what’s going on in Creation today and why it matters to you. If you have questions, you can send them into questions at creation today dot org or on twitter at creation today and on facebook facebook dot com slash creation today, enjoy the show. Mm hmm. We are really excited about our first new zine that’s been released. It’s a magazine slash newsletter, New zine and it’s called the CSC Current and in here it has lots of information, including information on the biggest project we’ve ever done. It’s called the genesis series and what we’re doing. This is part of a larger project for a full featured movie. But it’s going to take the first three chapters of genesis and actually actually created avatar style. So instead of just hearing about how God made the world, you’re going to see how God made the world and it promises to be absolutely incredible. I’m looking forward to that. That’s going to be very exciting. Indeed. It really is. If you want to check out, we’ll show you a trailer during the show today. So you can, you can check this out. We’ve also still from the month of june got the big three on sale and that is the seminar series, the 18 hour seminar series, the beginnings series and the guy dynamic series. So if you’d like to take advantage of that, go to the creation store dot org, that’s excellent stuff and we’re looking forward to to seeing that. And we mentioned in the last episode how we’ve had a number of questions left over from the live webcast and they come in on a webcast, we’ve had to live webcasts and there they’ve been exciting to do. We’ve enjoyed them a great deal. And if you want to ask any other questions, please keep them coming in because we can use them on these shows to. And one of the questions that came in was this, I believe in a young earth says this writer and that before the fall there was no sin or death. I feel that that is supported by scripture. Well, I’m curious about when defense structures appeared at the fall. That is after all when thorns appeared. Would animals have changed as well as the earth? If so, why did the bible not mention it? What about animals that seem specifically designed for attack? Such as beetles that shoot acid or deep sea anglerfish, wow, what a great question. And I’m going to be real honest. You we may not be able to give you an absolute exact answer on this, but let’s let’s discuss this a little bit. I mean we think of I think instantly of of of of a bible passage romans 8 28. The whole creation groans and travails in pain. Um and we realized the curse when Adam of course sinned and God cursed man cursed the woman cursed the ground, that a lot of things came into creation. I mean apparently there were no thorns, there were no thistles before this time. Now we have to deal with those. Uh Now what about some of these other things? Do you have any thoughts on that? Some of these uh animals that apparently looked like they were for attack? I think one thing we can say we know from scripture, there are certain things we know from scripture scientifically and there are certain things we don’t and some of the details it’s perfectly right and proper for us to to look at them and trying to develop scientific models. So long as we remember that those scientific models are loosely held scripture, of course, is strongly held. We will not reject scripture, but the scientific models are loosely held. One of the things that we know from scripture that we can say quite definitely as we approach this point is that there was no death before the fall correct that it was Adam’s death that Adam’s sin rather that brought death into the world and that’s that’s an absolute but how that actually works out in practice. That ties in really with what you were saying from romans eight. So therefore I think we need to assume that if there was some mechanisms that God in his wisdom knew might would be needed at some point that they had a different function before the fall. Now we see some hints about that don’t win certain animals, certain creatures that’s around today, we’re not absolutely sure, but we see certain hints that might possibly be evidence. I think of my, my neighbor right behind me does not know his yard is trying to sell his property and the mosquitoes are really bad right now. So I go out on my back porch and I got my tiki torches lit just trying to enjoy the outside of florida here without all the mosquitoes. But man, they for some reason love me and and man, they get on me and they’re sucking my blood. But I’ve also seen these mosquitoes drinking nectar eating out of a fig. One of our, one of the fig trees at my dad’s house had we we saw mosquitoes getting the juice out of a fig. So is it possible that despite the fact like an animal, like a mosquito, uh is it possible that before the flood they didn’t ever drink human blood? It’s possible, isn’t it? And I’m not an expert on this subject and you know, I’m good at squashing them. I’m an expert on that, but that’s right, you can hit them. That’s um I heard there’s not a single mosquito in the entire state. Where was it at of up north michigan michigan has no not a single mosquito. They’re all married and have large families. That’s what they say. There’s a whole whole mess of them. None of them are single. Uh, right. But if there was no death before the forum, there must have been some mechanism there. And I’ve heard that many male mosquitoes, particularly those that that that spread malaria say, and things like that are male mosquitoes. The males actually tend to suck out the red juice from things like pomegranates. And it could be that maybe the mechanism that they used, that the female mosquitoes argues that we’re using today to suck blood. We’ll make no jokes at that point that one of the female mosquitoes using to suck blood, that they could that could have been a mechanism which was used to extract juice before, before the fall. You know, I think of things that have degenerated and we see that the creation has degenerated. We’re not evolving. We’re devolving. Um, there is some speculation about, for example, uh, the goat happens to have a gene that is switched on that allows it to turn almost anything into vitamin C. The human body has that same gene, but it’s not switched on? We don’t get to produce as much of our own vitamin C. Like the goat can um, what are your thoughts on bacterias, viruses. Things like that? Is are those the results of the fall? Are those the results of sin? Well I think we should assume that that that bacteria and viruses would have been around but would have had beneficial effects. And of course one of the things that’s often misunderstood is that bacteria today often have beneficial effects. I don’t know I’m not living in the United States long enough. But I know that in the United Kingdom and there were many adverts for certain products yogurt based products that were advertised on the basis that they’ve got friendly bacteria and they help your digestive system. So even the even the popular advertisements that’s actually telling of the commercials are telling us that some bacteria are friendly. And of course we know that’s the case. You know that if you want to make yogurt then you’re going to do that with bacteria. You know that’s going to be needed for things like cheesemaking also all sorts of beneficial effects. So it could well be that there was beneficial effects with the things that that would predominated before the fall. So we know that everything was good and there was no death before the fall of mankind. That’s very clear from scripture. I think that’s absolutely clear from scripture that there was no there was no we don’t necessarily this would be a great field of research actually for somebody to do real scientific research and determine some of these. Or try to help determine some of these things and get some more study on this. What is a result of the fall. And I think we need to define exactly what I mean by death as well, don’t because there’s a difference between the death of a tree. That’s true and the death of a dear. You know, you’re going to the forest and you see the difference, you’re quite prepared to sit on a dead tree. I’m not going to sit on a dead deer is not that comfortable. It’s not the less pleasant. And then the plants don’t have what the bible refers to as the breath of life. They weren’t a living soul from that there isn’t that there And whether that’s accounts as well for certain invertebrates that they may not have had Neff edge life also we don’t know. But yeah. I think of Isaiah chapter 11 where it says one day God will come back though and make the world back to the way that it used to be when the wolf shall lie down with the lamb, the leopard in the line, the calf and the family together. That’s going to be incredible. Well, we’re going to talk more about this here after this break. Yeah. Mm hmm mm hmm mm hmm mm hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Mhm. Welcome back. You’re tuned into creation today with paul taylor and eric husband. And we were talking in the previous segment about the the genesis series and how you can find out about that in our current newsletter and it’s a very very exciting project. Please go and have a look at that at the genesis series dot com genesis series dot com That’s exactly going to be in three D. You guys should have just seen the trailer for it. This thing is going to be incredible. I’m really excited about it. It’s going to be sort of avatar style animation but without the blue aliens. That’s correct. But with adherence to strict adherence to the bible it’s going to be great. And also we did mention before as well about the the Big three. Don’t forget about that. Please. Our package three D. V. D. Combinations of the creation seminar, the beginning series and the golden comic series that we’ve got on special offer in the month of june 2011. Another question we got from the live broadcast that came in, I thought this was a good one, let’s discuss this. Has there been any solid empirical evidence in the last year or two pertaining to the most helium member other than verbal confirmation from the Congolese people. But this question is referring to the dinosaur or supposed apatosaurus that has been spotted and reported on over in the in the Congo swamp of Africa the largest swamp in the world and so wondering is there anything new out about it. Yes. Um, I suppose I’m one of creationism, natural skeptics, all these things, I guess, I guess eric and I don’t know, I don’t know what’s, what’s going on there, I’ve heard various reports, um, I’m not sure what I think about it, whether it’s there or not, but in a sense, it doesn’t matter. Let’s just say, let’s just say that a film crew from, you know, Discovery Channel or something took a voyage there and they went, they went up supposedly independent observers and, and they’re going up the river Congo and they come across this thing and they film it and someone manages to catch it and stick it on a boat and bring it all the way back to the United States, put it in new york zoo or something like that. Do you think that’s going to? So it’s going to go out in the noah’s ark for ken ham, that’s where it’s going. That’s right. But if, if this was Discovery Channel’s going into a secular jew or gulf breeze zoo or whatever it is, it going to, is that going to bring the whole theory of evolution tumbling down. Yes, the silver bullet, the silver bullet, that proves that evolution, that’s right. We got a dinosaur still alive, I’m afraid not. We know from the record that that’s not the case we’ve seen this before. So in a sense, it doesn’t matter whether it’s there or not, Maybe it is there. Maybe it isn’t but we’ve seen it before. A good example of that would be the wollemi pine and lemony pine tree that was found in Australia even though it was supposedly extinct for 100 million years. That gets back into those living fossils. It doesn’t matter if they say something has been dead for millions of years. The seller camp supposedly dead for millions of years. They later find it, what do they say it did survive? It’s not going to change their view of evolution but there’s considerable circumstantial evidence nevertheless about the whole subject of dinosaurs and whether dinosaurs were around with people. The bible says that dinosaurs lived with people. We can read a passage in the bible which to me seems pretty obvious that it’s talking about a dinosaur on that package is in the Book of Job chapter 40. A creature called the Behemoth which seems quite clear to be to be a dinosaur. But what else is there anything human folk folk law that yeah I grew up with Dr Dino my dad. So I heard stories on dinosaurs and every time my dad would give his presentation on dinosaurs I was riveted. I mean a three hour presentation. Yeah we love them. They went I mean our website dr dino dot com but here’s what we do find all through history And maybe some people don’t understand this. The word dinosaur is a pretty new word. It was just invented back in 1841 before that time they were always referred to as dragons and all through history. There is lots of folklore that talks about people and dragons together and tons of evidence about this. Matter of fact. There are several books that are coming out right now and have been coming out for the last couple of months on this very topic of dinosaurs and dragons marvelous stuff. If you want to research it more, Derek Isaacs is a friend of ours and he wrote this book done dragons or dinosaurs, creation or evolution. Excellent book on behalf of Creation ministries International. He does believe he just did. He just joined them. I believe so and that’s a marvelous book. It’s got lots of anecdotes and about dragons. Stories about what the native american people, how how they may have drawn some of these creatures and seen them and reported on them this incredible lots of pictures in here to show some of the things that he’s finding another one. I mean this is if you want further research, rocks, fossils and dinosaurs. But by dr thomas Sharpe has done a great job with this one. Another one that’s answers in genesis just came out with or master books, just published dragons, legends, lore and lore of dinosaurs. It’s been produced by the folks at answers in genesis and this is an absolutely beautiful book. If you open it up, there’s little things that come out, there’s little booklets that you open up. There’s just lots of interesting things from history and pieces of artwork and just loads and loads of information. Very very great kids book to teach. And it and it comes at it from the biblical perspective teaching kids the truth. I got one more and this is not an infomercial. I’m just telling you there’s a lot that’s come out here. Although you could get these creation store dot org. That’s a shameless plug point is that there’s so much information that’s interesting for people to find on the subject of dragons. And this one is coming out today. The 16th is when it’s available of June. This is a brand new one by our friend vance Nelson from Canada and On Dragon’s he goes through 25 dragons that are throughout history and around the world. England uh Peru different places um china. Anyway he does 25 shows 25 different examples of obviously dinosaurs with man. They symbolized him. They talked about him. So I would say there’s no question dinosaurs have lived with man. I remember as a kid thinking if we ever found that dinosaur whoever found locally made me oh I forgot the other one that the new book that’s um um ah William Gibbons came out with on most helium. MB dr Roy Mackel has been to the Congo several times and he is an evolutionary biologist that would say There’s no question. There’s a dinosaur still alive in that swamp. I love hearing those stories. That’s exciting. I don’t know if they’re true, but it is exciting to me. Um William Gibbons took over all his research, He’s handing it over to a creationist, unbelievable and he’s taking it, he’s gone to the Congo, I believe six or seven times. You can you can look him up online and he’s going back again and he’s saying, look eric, I really believe there is a dinosaur live over there. He’s put all of his research into that last book that he published on McKinley a member I noticed for example, there have been reports from various places of things that people have seen. Things that’s supposed to be like pterodactyls. Oh yeah, papa new guinea and things like that. And it is perfectly possible. One of the, I mean, there are reports elsewhere, the reports from about 100 and 50 years ago in Wales, the country that I used to live in for a while of the of the winged serpents flying around. And I saw this mentioned on a secular website, tourist website and I’m a tourist website in south Wales. And once people started being attracted to that village village of Clan game in south Wales. I noticed that that disappeared from the website because they didn’t want the criticism on it. But that’s it. And that’s what comes up is, Here’s what you hear from the evolution that says nothing but criticism. and now there’s no question. It would silence the criticism of dinosaurs still being alive if we found something like this. Uh but it would not destroy evolution. I used to think that would be the silver bullet and it really wouldn’t be. But unfortunately doesn’t the silver bullet and probably there aren’t silver bullets because people have a presupposition really to to look at. And we’re going to be looking on later in this program about questions about how native americans got to got to the american continent. A good question but that’s going to be coming up after this. I can’t wait to find out the answer. Our three most popular resources are now available at a special package price. Get our award winning creation seminar are beginning series and are topical guide economic series. All for just $99 for answers about creation evolution and dinosaurs, thousands around the world have turned to dr Kent heavens fast paced, fully illustrated creation seminar. It’s our most requested resource and now features 31 foreign language subtitles for a creation experience for groups. Eric heavens beginnings series includes a handy guide that provides practical ways to apply each lesson to everyday life here. What The Almighty says about the Almighty dollar in our new topical DVD Got Economics, a fun engaging fact filled journey into God’s wisdom on money for a limited time. Get all three resources for just $99 to order call 1877479 34 66 or visit creation store dot org for the big three package. Mm hmm. We are going to the movies. That’s exactly right. Our new series called genesis is going to be actually produced and put into theaters and we are really excited about this new opportunity to produce genesis one through three in a way that shows people creation taking place. That’s exactly what Discovery Channel nova things like that have done when they want kids to believe evolution. They want them to believe that dinosaurs evolved into birds. What do they do? They make it up on a computer and make it look like it really happened And these kids are believing it. Well, we don’t, we get to make stuff up on a computer, but it happens to be the truth. So I’m really excited about the genesis series. You can check that out at genesis series dot com. Also, don’t forget uh for this month, the month of june you can get the big three, the creation seminar series, beginnings and got Economics at an incredibly Stupid price, incredibly stupid price. Make sure the stupid price of $99 for that right there. So make sure you hook yourself up if you’re getting it in the month of June 2011. If you’re watching this in July of 2012, it will not work. No. And we we’ve been doing live webcasts and we did one just yesterday and we had questions left over from the webcast and here’s one that we’d like to answer in this particular program. I know the usual spin about how the american indian came to arrive and settle in the Americas, but this is based on evolution and great ages. How do you think they actually arrived here? And approximately when? Now? What is the typical evolutionary explanation for? Why do we have got our globe here? Why do we have? How did people get here to the north America? Evolutionists claim everything evolved over here in Africa. The heart of Africa is where life evolved or where the primates became mankind and then evolved from there and spread out what’s their typical response for how we got over here to the Americas apart from timescale and the idea of evolution, these migration route doesn’t necessarily have to be any difference. Of course, we were just talking about timescale differences. We’re talking about a migration from Africa. We’re talking about migration from this area. What’s modern day Turkey would have been where the ark landed a little bit further over. We’ve got Babylon Babel in modern day Iraq and that of course is where people would have spread from and perhaps people want need to know a little bit about what the bible says about why people spread over the world in any case just before we come onto that. Then there could have been a route then where people would have spread over Asia and they could have spread across the land bridge to the american continent will justify that business about the land bridge shortly. But why would they have been spreading from, from Babel? And what’s the significance there? Well, that goes back all the way to the Tower of Babel where God originally had told the people when when Noah got off the ark said repopulate the world and spread out, go all over. And the people literally rebelled. They decided and said, we’re staying together and we’re, we’re gonna be right here. And that’s where you get the story of the Tower of Babel from And so there’s confusion into the languages that God confused God made him not speak the same language, understand each other. And we know that some languages seem to develop from other languages, but we know that there are language groups where there are quite often no connection between one language and help people in, in a particular language groups, no connection between that language, like spanish and Mexican are real similar. They are quite similar. And in fact I believe that some people here speak a version of english things that these things have, have, have worked. So I’ve lost all my friends now on the, on the subject. But many creationists have suggested that after the flood and ice age could have come about quite quickly. Michael Lord has done quite a bit of work on this subject after the flood the oceans because of the volcanic activity that would have precipitated the flood. The oceans would have been warmer than they are today. The air on in contrast, would have been cooler than it is today because of volcanic souls in the atmosphere and so on. And so you’ve got warmer, evaporating into warmer moisture, evaporating into cooler air, greater precipitation coming down in the form of snow and ice. And my God suggests then that that would be a reason for the ice age. But it coupled with that would be the idea that the arctic ocean would not have been covered with ice at that point. Now, when you look at it this way, you see that sometimes some of the distances that look great are not. And the reason why I want to mention that is there’s been a, there’s a couple of little bits of circumstantial evidence that give us some clue as to how people may have moved. For example, the Ainu people of the island of Hokkaido in the north of Japan speak a language that is completely different from the rest of Japan, completely unrelated to the Japanese language. And we know that in the past, many of them so long distances up to Alaska for forgetting pelts and so on and hunting. It’s interesting that their language doesn’t seem to have a connection with neighboring languages, But one tentative connection has been made with their language and that’s what’s interesting because that connection would be with the basque people of Northeast Spain all the way on the other side of the globe. And that language is somewhat similar to that language. It seems to be Now the juries the jury is out on this because it’s not as similar as say, english and german or something like that similarities like that. But there seems to be a possible connection. And of course we know that in the past past, people would have traveled long distances to the north to areas on the north of Norway and so on and again for the same purpose for getting pelts from seals and so on. Now, if you look at the map that way, you’ll see that the north of Japan is not that far. If people were able to sail through the arctic ocean, it’s not that far. Yeah. Look, it’s only about eight or nine inches. That’s nothing. Now, we’re not saying that’s actually what happened, but we’re saying that there is a perfectly possible model so that it’s perfectly possible for people to remove these sort of distances maybe worked in boats, large boats have been found in in antiquity in many places. So even if the land bridges weren’t available from to cross, don’t discount the possibility that people could have crossed other ways. I was gonna say with global warming. That’s what they’re worried about right now. Is that all this will open up and you’ll be able to sail boats through here? Yes, that’s what they’re worried about and if that happens, that will save an enormous amount of imagine being that will just go right there, that’d be thought about that. But this, this is a sort of model. The point is then that all peoples in, in, in, in different parts of the world have all spread out across the world because of the Tower of Babel incident, there could have been land bridges, as we said, across the Bering straits across from the Indonesian islands to Australia as well. These are ways that people could have moved and therefore there are perfectly possible scientific models that fit with what we know from scripture that all people came from, they were descended from the people who came off the ark from Noah and his family and we’re spread out from the Tower of Babel following their rebellion because they were forced to move. But that is the kind of questions that like I remember ken ham saying, yeah, well, hey, how did the kangaroos get to Australia? And he said that’s easy. They hopped, that’s how they got there. So uh saying that, that really is a reality. I love pointing out that the oceans really shaped the continents. If you were to raise or lower the ocean levels, you would have different looking confidence, you would have new land bridges connecting everything. So the question is from our worldview from the Biblical review. Can we interpret the evidence that we find and it fit with this? Yes, we can. Could we make the evidence fit with the evolutionary worldview? Well, you could certainly try and you could push it and make it fit into that. The question is not the evidence. The question is what worldview, What perspective are we bringing to this evidence? That’s really what we’ve got to get into. Um man, there’s a I was gonna mention the that chart that that new chart and it’s been up for a little while, adam’s chart of history, but we’re out of time. We’re gonna have to catch that on the next show. That is our show. If you’ve got questions that you’d like answered on the show, send them two questions at Creation today dot org. Remember you can join us on twitter at Creation today and you can join us on facebook facebook dot com forward slash Creation today, tune in for each episode to see if we’ve answered your questions. And of course the programs are archived online at Creation today 0.0.0 R G. This has been a production of Creation science evangelism. I’m eric and I’m paul taylor, Thanks for joining us.

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