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Welcome to our Bible capsule of today, we are reading from Proverbs, chapter 22 verse six instruct your child in the way he should go and when he is old, he will not depart from it. Today, it is an honor to be revelation Church with one of our spiritual daughters, Rosie to my daughter, Lynette’s best friend and her husband, pastor from Wisconsin. I’m going to minister in this church and this verse is so powerful. Why yes, is uh, wow, first of all, thank you for being with us. Uh and this verse in Pastora was, I was reading to us really touches my heart because I’m a product of a son who grew up in church and the word of God was implanted in me and now you can see for the fruit of the word of God. And uh Rose and I have been here now with for a couple of years on and God has just blessed us with an amazing family who also we’ve done the same thing, we’ve been planted in them, the Word of God and our Children are the ones that help us run the church on my Children and we’re going to see our Children now we have four amazing kids and then I’m gonna let my beautiful wife Rose introduce our Children. Everybody thought they were little kids. They’re all young adults event, we have Anthony the oldest and then we have Gabriel Daniel Isabella and now we have, we have a big wedding coming up in two weeks, a man. So we’re excited about what God is doing in our life. But we want to just let you guys know the importance of bringing your Children up in the word of the Lord. When you, when you implant the Word of God in them, you will see Hallelujah, you will see that or bring forth fruit in their lives. If that’s what you’re seeing in the hearing your story, you’ve been a very wise dad and rosie. I mean, I am amazed, Right, right? You have amazing parents. And there’s another scripture that comes to my mind. It’s one of the problems that have. It says that for the richest of the inheritance, the parents can meet them, but the wise woman only God can get Tony to two weeks. Right? So, you know, this is beautiful when parents dedicate Children to the Lord and then they get married. You don’t, you’re not losing, you’re adding, we’re not losing a son, but God has given us another dog. So any last words you want to say anything, we just want to thank everybody. First of all, that sees this on a daily basis. But you’ve been a blessing to all of us on a daily basis. Doing this box has been amazing. Word of God. And I know that somebody right now is being transformed by the stay in the world keep bringing up the Children in the ways of the Lord, jesus. Thank you for doing the bible capsule with me and guys, all of you and this is a special bible capsule for me and my grandkids are gonna love it because they watch, they watch grandma’s bible capsule, believe it or not, But may I say thank you for the invitation. I wouldn’t be here if you guys have not invited me praying that God would give me the word and I’m just just being here with you guys is good enough for me. So the peace of God that surpasses all human, understanding God, your heart and mind in christ jesus, our more peace.
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