The Dangers of Hormonal Contraception

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Medical awareness is growing that hormonal contraception can pose risks to women’s health.

Donna Harrison, MD, a practicing gynecologist, has researched and witnessed the harmful effects hormonal contraception can have on women, including increased risk of stroke, breast cancer and cervical cancer. What most alarms her is that many women aren’t aware of these side effects.

Amy Sedgwick owns Red Tent Sisters, a fertility awareness company in Toronto that promotes natural, healthful approaches to contraception, fertility and reproductive health. People who hold negative views of hormonal contraception come from many backgrounds; Amy supports abortion but is concerned with the risks hormonal birth control poses.

At the time of filming, Ryan and Michelle Samuelsen had been married two years. Before the wedding, Michelle decided to use NuvaRing as birth control. Within a few months, its emotional and physical side effects not only affected her health but also began to take a toll on their new marriage.

After experiencing emotional and physical side effects from the birth control pill, Seth and Rachel Hiser chose a more natural family planning method. They’ve found it an effective and much safer approach for Rachel’s physical and emotional health.

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