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Stay Calm As You Rebuild



Thank you for joining us as we bring to you the wives forum, inc This is a ministry that’s tailor made for wives and it’s an acronym W. E. S. Wives influential in virtuously embracing submission. You will learn that submission is not a bad word. Submission is a good word. We will give you testimonies, you will have teaching. You will have, we will have music and we will inspire you to hold on to the fact that submission is a good thing. Hello and welcome to let God lead. We’re so glad that you are with us today. We trust that the Lord is prospering your way granting you good success And we’re coming to you with the word of God today. I trust that you’ll be inspired. You’ll be encouraged. You will engage in the teaching That is coming your way today. And I’m so glad for global seven for offering us this wonderful, affording us this wonderful opportunity to come and share with you. So reach out to us, call us at (718) 708 3348 or email us or text us on the information that’s at the bottom of the screen and thank you. Thank you. Thank you for being with us today. The Lord bless you richly. As a matter of fact, if you would like to subscribe to my Youtube channel, I’d appreciate it. It’s called, let God lead very similarly to what you are watching today. Let God lead on. Um, youtube and just subscribe. Let your friends know so that they too can subscribe. Thank you so much for your participation and cooperation today. We’re looking at the word rebuild rebuild and it’s a theme that you’re going to hear the rest of this year rebuild. Yes. 2020 came in with some uh devastating um challenges that we had to deal with. 2021 continued in that vein. Now we are in 2022 and we’re trying to rebuild. We’re trying to get our lives back on track and I’m sure that’s what most of you feel and that’s what most of you are doing as this pandemic is subsiding. It’s subsiding but it’s not over. So I want you to realize the importance of staying vigilant. Alright? Stay vigilant as you rebuild. So I’m going to be talking about staying calm as you rebuild. C A L. M as you rebuild father. Thank you for this time today. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity. We have to come and to study your word and to share your word. And just to talk to one another through this medium. So thank you for this wonderful gracious opportunity that you’ve given to us. We bless you. We praise you. We pray that everybody who listens will be challenged, challenged as they rebuild their lives and as they rebuild their families and their marriages and their finances. God we’re thanking you for giving them the tools that they will take to rebuild. And we thank and we praise you in jesus name with thanksgiving. So in rebuilding, what we want you to do is before you rebuild or in the process of rebuilding, you just need to remain calm. And the reason you need to remain calm is because you are building from victory. You’re standing on the word of God, you are already walking in victory so stay calm and calm. The letter C a L M C A L M and here is the acronym of the acronym for calm. Here’s what it means, claiming the letter C claiming you’re a authority, claiming your authority to l live with m meaning meaningful life. So claiming your authority to live with meaning stay calm, There’s no way you’re gonna live with meaning if you’re not calm and the authority of the living god helps to keep us calm so to rebuild, you must stay calm. Now let’s read Matthew chapter eight verses 23 to 27 very quickly Then he got into the boat. He Jesus got into the boat and his disciples followed him verse 24 without warning. Things come in your life without warning. Covid came in our lives without warning. The pandemic came without warning. We didn’t have years and years of warning to prepare and to develop the vaccines before the pandemic came. It hit us hard without warning. A furious storm came up on the lake, Jesus got in the boat with his disciples and it said without warning, which means they’re going along in the boat in a fishing boat calm. And then out of nowhere comes this, this the storm. Out of nowhere comes the challenges in your life. Out of nowhere, your daughter comes and tells you that she’s pregnant. Out of nowhere, your son comes and tells you that he got a girl pregnant out of nowhere. Your son or your daughter comes and tells you that they’re gay and that they’re homosexuals and that that they were not, they were born with the wrong gender or whatever. Come and hit you hard. Or you got a report from the doctor that you were not expecting. It hits you hard. So without warning because you did not have any signs, you had no signs. And the next thing, you know is bam As a matter of fact, there’s a young man who um who suddenly got sick. He got very, very sick in our church and was rushed to the hospital out of nowhere. His his sugar was way above normal. Way above norm, maybe 1000 I think it was. But out of nowhere, diabetes, not in his family, not genetic and he got sick. But thank god that they were able to catch it and to give him the treatment that he needed so that he could function normally. But without warning. Things happen in your life without warning. A car accident, minding your own business, driving and obeying the laws of the land and a drunkard comes and hits you or or or or kills a family member? Because they were driving under the influence. Come on things! Come left and right in new york. We just had two young police officers, young new to the force went to answer a distress call from a family and they were shot and they’re both dead out of nowhere. This family, these families are now dealing with grief out of nowhere. People who did not expect a covid to affect them, affected them and they’re dead and gone out of nowhere. So jesus is on the boat, things are going nicely there, kind of comfortable and then out of nowhere it says a furious storm. It didn’t just say a storm. The storm was furious so that the waves swept over the boat, you understand. So it’s coming into the boat, the boat is rocking and the waves are coming in, the water’s coming in, they’re bailing out. And where is jesus? Where is jesus? I have to laugh when I think about this, jesus is under the bottom of the boat, nice and quiet, sleeping, sleeping. Jesus was sleeping. So the disciples went and they woke him up saying, Lord save us, we’re going to drown, he replied, You of little faith, why are you so afraid? Then he got up, he rebuked the winds and the waves and it was completely calm. C A L. M. He rebuked it, he said, stop, stop everything calms down and they’re back to normal and so they were amazed. They were amazed these men were amazing. They said what manner of man is this? That even the winds and the very waves obey him. Now let’s look quickly at this account as quickly as we can and we’re looking at it in the synoptic gospels. Matthew, Mark and luke. Those three are the synoptic gospels. And so we read it in Matthew chapter eight in Mark chapter four and in luke chapter eight. So you can compare for yourself Now Matthew’s account is that Matthews says that the disciples cried out to jesus and said save us, we’re going to die. Mark says that the disciples says teacher, don’t you care if we drown? And luke says that they said Master Master were growing going to drown. Now just think about this. There are 12 disciples on this boat and three of them are writing about the account. I am certain think about it for yourself. If you were in that boat and you were one of the disciples, I’m sure you would have yelled up different things, jesus, hurry up, we’re gonna drown, jesus, don’t you care that we’re gonna perish jesus, what are you doing, sleeping, wake up, they’re saying all kinds of stuff. That’s why in the synoptic gospels the responses are so different, it doesn’t mean that they’re wrong. It doesn’t mean that Matthew’s account is better than looks or that luke is better than market doesn’t mean that at all it just lets us know that they were human just like us and in that volatile situation they would come up with various ways of accounting what happened. You’re driving in your car, you and your husband driving, your kids are in the back and you meet in an accident and each of you will see the accident from a different viewpoint because of where you were sitting, the angle which the accident took place. Your husband is seeing it in one dimension because he’s driving, you’re in the driver’s seat, you might have been distracted, you might have been reading, you might have been talking to the Children. So by the time you look around it’s past what your husband sees and then your Children who are in the back only saw out of the side window. So everybody’s viewpoint is going to be different. Everybody’s story is going to be different. Everybody’s testimony is going to be different. And that’s where massive. Mark and luke’s account of this narrative gives you these different varied expressions. All right. So it’s not that one is better than the other. It’s not that they were on on, it’s unrealistic for you to say Matthew was right. Mark was right, luke was wrong. Come on. It’s unrealistic because they said all of these things and much much, much, much more so now the little fishing boat. Think about it going along beautifully, jesus had just finished teaching. He had done the miracles with 5000 is in the boat getting ready to go to the other side to meet a crazy man. He was on his way to deliver somebody from demons. Do you think that perhaps the storm came to prevent him and to stop him from going so that they would turn back or that they would be shipwrecked. Excuse me. But here’s here’s what I have to say to you ladies and gentlemen, because you have jesus christ in your life, he is on board with you. Yes, satan is going to throw darts because the bible tells us that he’s gonna come and he’s gonna buff it off. The bible tells us that the bible tells that he walks around seeking whom he may devour. We know that from the word of God. But with jesus on the boat with you of your boat of life, Your life is your boat and you are in this boat with your family, with your husband, with your Children. Sometimes your grandchildren come and visit your aunt and relatives who come who are sailing around with you and through life and something it happens that knocks everybody down. But but but jesus is in that house with you, Jesus is in that apartment with you, jesus is in that car with you. That’s why you were protected from that car accident. Could have been worse. He sent his angels of goodness and mercy loving kindness to surround you. Yes, the car was damaged, but none of you got hurt. Have you ever experienced that? The car is totaled and you didn’t even get a whiplash? You didn’t even get a broken arm. Yes. It might have been the other way around for some of you were. Yes you did get a whiplash. And yes you did get a broken, broken parts of your bodies. But God brought you through anywhere. You’re not dead. Amen because you have an assignment. There’s some demons waiting on the other side. There are some things that’s happening that’s coming on the other side that you have to address only. You can address it. So go and and and and and and continue the journey even though the ship gets rocky and life starts to bring you all of its challenges and its vicissitudes. Hold on. The master of the seas is with you. The King of Kings and the Lord of Lords is with you. All right. So I do not think that with this happening, that they all 12 of them got together in a huddle and started to decide what to say? Should we say help us? Lord, we’re drowning. Should we say Master Don’t you care were perishing. Should we say jesus wake up? What should we say? Do you think they all stood around or tell them and got into a huddle and came up with a decision. So they did not. They were yelling it out left and right. And finally finally jesus got up and attended to it. So now um how can we we stay calm? C A L. M with what we’re dealing with today in this 21st century. How can we stay calm? Because you know what, like I told you for state and it’s going to bring distractions. He’s going to bring discouragement and he’s going to bring disappointments is going to bring hurt. He’s gonna bring news that will devastate you. And so how do you grasp ahold of what’s happening in your life? Because right now you’re getting ready to rebuild. You started this year and you have some plans that you want to do in your bedroom, some plans you want to do in the kitchen, some plans you want to do in the basement, There’s some things you want to throw out, some things you want to get rid of and and satan brings something, just slaps your face against the wall and you’re like, oh God, where did that come from? And instead of panicking, that’s the word I want to say panicking. Don’t panic, stay calm. I think that the disciples, I don’t think that they panicked, but they were very concerned. These fishermen, these fishermen knew that this should not be happening at this time and and and that what could happen to their small boats. So they were a, they were concerned, their reward. I don’t think that they panicked though because of their experience, the experience of knowing how to handle a rough sea and how to handle the ways because they’re fishermen, that’s their trade. It’s nothing new to them. But this was ferocious, ferocious. So I think they got very concerned and they’re very worried of what would happen. What should they do? Because they were trying to do it by themselves. But they could not understand. The thing that confused them is that jesus was calm. How could he stay calm with the boat rocking back and forth and the water coming in? How could he be sleeping? It’s not that he was just calm. He was asleep. Which means he was resting, resting. Help me, jesus to rest to rest to rest in the midst of all that I’m dealing with in my life. Rest. My dear young woman who’s listening rest. My dear mother who’s listening, my dear father that’s listening, rest, rest, rest son, rest daughter rest in the confidence of jesus christ the son of the living God rest and he will keep you calm. So there he is. Uh you’re trying to rebuild your build. I mean people, family and friends may be the ones that are in the way there may be the ones that standing in the way there may be the ones that is is setting you back because you’re not on the same page now in your household. In order to build and rebuild. You need to be on the same page. How would it be that you want to fix up this bedroom and your husband is not interested. He doesn’t want it to happen. He’s saying no, it’s not gonna happen. You’re wasting your time. You have to be on the same team. But sometimes you have naysayers that will see you doing something or see you trying to uh build a ministry or build your finances or build a relationship and they are negative. These naysayers coming up to you negative. No, girl. You shouldn’t be doing that. Hello. That’s not for you. I don’t think that’s that’s that’s the direction the Lord wants you to go in. No, no, no, no, no. I don’t think you should do that. Who are they to give you that kind of counsel And you take it, Who are there to give that to you? And you take it when you serve the living God, who gave you the direction? So you you told it to your mother, You told it to your father. You told it to your grandmother and your grandfather, You told it to your aunt, your uncle. You told it to your neighbors and not all of them are going to agree. And here’s the ironic thing about telling everybody your business. You tell everybody your business. The little challenges you’re having with your husband. You tell your aunt and your uncle, you tell everybody the challenges that you’re having with your husband. Oh child. I’m so sorry for you? Oh child. If I were you, I would leave. Oh, this is what you should do. And you go to praying. And the Lord worked it out. So now you and your husband are doing well. You’re doing great. But here comes the uncle you spoke to and aren’t you spoke to? And the friends you spoke to and you go and share with them all the good stuff that’s happening. That’s what they say. Huh? You just wait and see. Huh? I don’t think that’s gonna last. The devil is a liar. That’s why you need to keep your business to yourself. Everybody doesn’t have to know what you’re dealing with. All right. Because they will forget that. Not not. I mean, they won’t forget what you told them when things start to look good. So be careful. Keep yourself So now in rebuilding your marriage, your finances, your health, your business, your ministry, your faith. Whatever you need to build, you need to develop a mentality of staying calm. I’m talking to myself Beverly Andrian Morrison caesar. I’m talking to me because I am emotional. I am hyper. I am expressive. I take things on and sometimes I don’t exercise face. I’m telling you the truth. Not all the time. I know I have the gift of faith. I know that. But it doesn’t always operate the way it should because of my flesh. This flesh right here. Steps in the way and causes you to make decisions that you shouldn’t make and cause you to to get panicky panic instead of staying calm. Come on, Beverly calm yourself calm yourself right now by claiming my authority to live with meaning I’m gonna live with meaning to glorify God, I’m gonna live with meaning to honor God, I’m gonna walk in God’s authority of his word, just like jesus did with those disciples on the boat, his words, shut the wind and shut the waves. His word be still So help me Lord to be still help me Lord to be calm because when you are calm you will make the right decisions. When you’re hyper, when you are super sensitive, your emotions take over and you don’t become rational and you don’t reason well, so stay calm Beverly, I’m talking to myself, he claimed jesus claimed his authority. He is the son of the living god. He and his father are one and he claimed that authority when he stood up and said peace, be still claim your authority today, claim your boldness today. In jesus christ, pray calmness over your house, over your family. Doesn’t matter if the finances are out of kilter and things are not right, the kid is not doing well in school, you have to go to the principal 10 times, you went to the doctor over and over and he’s telling you, it’s not getting better stay calm and trust the living God to give you the piece to be still and to watch him take it take it where it should go. What better example do we have than jesus christ? He set the example for us And that was a beautiful example. He said that they were in a volatile situation and the situation was definitely indeed chaotic and the boat was filling up with water. And these fishermen, I told you they were accustomed to the sea, they were building a relationship with jesus. They did not know that side of jesus. Yes, they heard him talk. Yes, they heard him teach. Yes, they heard him preach. But this right here, they did not realize His authority to that extent. They didn’t realize his authority to that extent. And so because they were building a relationship, they leaned on him. So in Nehemiah 4123 talk about naysayers, the naysayers came by and told the Children of Israel that they were wasting their time rebuilding the temple. We? Re raising their time in rebuilding Jerusalem. Come on, don’t let anybody discourage you from rebuilding. Stay calm. All right. And so as you rebuild, as I told you and they say, they’re gonna talk and be careful information you share with them. And now one last thing I have to say about this Satan is strategic in his executions. As we read in Ephesians chapter six, that we’re not wrestling against Flesh and blood. We’re not resting against our husband and our Children and our coworkers. But we’re resting against flesh and not flesh and blood, but Principalities and rulers of wickedness in high places. So the naysayers will can be as loud as they want to be. To try to make you fail. But you yell louder, hallelujah! I am accomplishing this through the shed blood of jesus christ. Even though you’re calm, your words are going to be loud and powerful. So I’m encouraging you to stay calm. And how do you stay calm? Rest in him. Trust him, rely on him. Speak peace over yourself. Go to him before you go to the lawyer for that divorce. Go to him before you go to the doctor, go to him before you go to the school principal or the school teacher. Go to him before you approach your spouse, Go to him before you approach your Children. Go to him before you approach your boss. Go to him first and stay calm. Thank you. Thank you Lord. For this time we spent together in your word staying calm, you taught us in your word that you are a peace maker, A mind regulator, A promise keeper. So we’re going to hold on to those promises and stay calm. C. A. L. M. I am going to tell this to yourself. Tell this to yourself. Ladies and gentlemen, that’s listening. Tell this to yourself. I am going to claim my authority to live life with meaning. Tell yourself that I am going to claim my authority to live life. Live life with meaning. When people look at you, they’ll say, oh I want to be like her, my God, how can she stay calm? Through all of this! People on your job will come to you and start talking to you because and notice how calm you are. You create a calmness in your office, a calmness in your home, a calmness in your car. The Children are making a lot of noise in the back seat. You and your husband are talking but you you you in your spirit calm and create calmness in in a chaotic situation. You go to you when you get home to your house and you have to cook dinner and you have to do homework with the Children and the husband is doing this and and the phone is ringing and the stove is going in the oven is on and so on and so forth. And there’s a whole lot that’s happening that can cause you to be distracted. But today I’m encouraging you to do what tell yourself to do what to stay calm, claim your authority in the name of jesus christ. So you can live your life with meaning. So when you stand before the Lord and the judgment, he will say well done, good and faithful servant. So father, thank you for this time together. Thank you for those who listened that they were encouraged. They’re inspired and that they will take this message with them the rest of this week, the rest of this day and stay calm, bless them. I pray in the mighty name of jesus with thanksgiving. Amen. So now don’t forget, don’t forget You can call me at (718) 708 3348. Or you can email or text me and we certainly will respond in. The information is at the bottom of your screen and remember this is let God lead. And also if you would like subscribe to my YouTube channel, let God lead. Thank you and the Lord bless you. I won’t know the plan were there for me. one billion people still don’t have a complete bible in their language Illuminations is on a mission to change that. Now make an eternal impact for only $35. You can have a Bible verse translated in a language awaiting God’s word. So I’m working with a group that’s called the 12 verse challenge. 12 verse challenge. We are memorizing 12 verses and those 12 verses will be translated into the language of choice and it’s going to be done for a year. We will be raising monies, $35 for perverse 12 months each month. You can put out $35 per month and at the end of 12 months we would have raised from your donations. $425 or you can give the $425 up front or you can give above and beyond that to help us Bring the Bible to the Bible. Less people, people who have never heard the gospel of Jesus Christ in their own language. This is a powerful opportunity. So what I want you to do, you can call me at (718) 708 3348. Or you can go to the website that I am in charge of its W W W 0.12 V C dot com backslash. Hope H O p E. And you can see what we’re doing to raise funds to eliminate bible poverty. Thank you God bless you and have a great day in the Lord. Thank you for being with us at Let God lead. Call us 7187083348. Or email us at contact at let God lead dot org. The Lord bless you. Let God lead

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