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Whether we start a new day, week, month, or year each one offers all people an opportunity to evaluate the day, week, month, or year just completed. With that opportunity is a chance to start again if we’ve failed. Adjust what we’ve accomplished. Make changes to accomplish more and consider our priorities and choices. By the grace of God we can glorify Him better.

This opportunity to begin again is a blessing of God and we should view it as such. But far too often we don’t think Biblically so we deprive ourselves of many of God’s blessings.

The more we consider God’s love, mercies, and faithfulness to be new every morning. The better we’ll understand the character and nature of God and the more completely we’ll understand the power of new beginnings.

Stay tuned as Sam and Isaac consider the important theme, “New Beginnings”.



whether we start a new year a new month
a new week or a new day each one offers
you and me and all people an opportunity
to evaluate the day or the week or the
month or the year just
completed and with that opportunity as a
chance to start again if we’ve failed
and we all do to adjust what we’ve
accomplished and to make changes to
accomplish more or to consider
priorities and choices and by the grace
of God for for us as Believers to
glorify God better this opportunity to
begin a new is a blessing of God and we
should view it as such but far too often
we don’t think biblically so we deprive
ourselves of so many of God’s blessings
for an example in
Lamentations 3: 22 to 2 it says this the
steadfast love of the Lord never ceases
his mercies never come to an end they
are new every morning great is your
faithfulness the Lord is my portion says
my soul therefore I will hope in him the
Lord is good to those who wait for him
to the soul who seeks
him since God’s love never ceases his
mercies never run out his faithfulness
is great great and all these things are
new every morning why don’t people
intentionally rejoice in these direct
blessings of God in this program today
and next week in part two Isaac and I
are going to look at the theme of new
beginnings and we’ll consider the basic
biblical principles that help direct the
thinking of every God-fearing person to
approach each day each week each month
and each year with a biblical attitude
of expectation and purpose and
confidence and with a renewed sense in
living life because we understand better
the concept of new beginnings from God’s
perspective the more we consider God’s
love mercies and faithfulness and find
them new to be every morning well the
better we’ll understand the character
and the nature of God the more
completely we understand the power of
new beginnings there’s no better place
to start than in the beginning because
only God was there and Only God is the
beginning so Isaac as we often say
um the Gen Genesis in in the beginning
is a great place to start because it is
the beginning right um in Genesis
1 um the scripture says in the beginning
God and God created the Heaven and the
Earth and then we have his plan but but
God did something as it pertains to
beginnings and New Beginnings God
actually did some
things and build it within creation more
or less to help us to uh understand the
meanings or the meaning of
beginning share would you share a couple
of those it it’s always so fascinating
to look at the word of God and to see
how organized our creator is and you
know just as we have computer
programmers that type in code and things
we have DNA running throughout not just
us but every living thing shows the
Fingerprints of God and so you go back
to the beginning and in the beginning
before the sun is even created there’s
morning and evening and there’s a
daytime and there’s a nighttime and so
the first day and the second day
everything is just very organized that’s
what we call the hand of providence of
God and in his sovereignty he provides
this uh instead of random chaos and
violence that that you know we would see
in Evolution’s ideas no we see that
there was an orderly Creator in control
and he provides each day and so you have
days morning and evening every day is a
new day A New Beginning uh you have a
new week God works for six days takes a
day of rest and it’s a week um and so
you have weeks and you have calendars
you have uh the moon you know has its
cycle the Earth has a cycle that it goes
around the Sun the moon has this lunar
you know cycle that it goes through in
the Stars uh you you’ve interviewed you
know the rocket scientist um Rob uh Bell
I think it is uh from Answers in Genesis
and he’s talked about you know the stars
and their patterns and their
organization uh Ken Ham talks about the
organization of creation and all of
these things are just reminders that God
puts these things in their path it runs
a circuit and then it comes again and so
God has given us this concept of time
and uh and that he redeems that time and
and so um ever since the fall of Man uh
ultimately we see that God has a plan to
redeem his creation and so we want to
talk about that in this program today
this will be part one of new beginnings
and we want to look at those things that
God has prepared for us in the
beginnings uh starting in Genesis but
looking at the Bible to that Fresh Start
in the new creation that God and only
God can make in
US truth flexible or
permanent the Bible ancient history or
relevant culture a reflection of
Enlightenment or warning
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welcome back to staying in the Gap and
as we talk about New Beginnings Sam I
wanted to take us to the beginning the
the first book of the Bible literally
means the beginning and it comes from
Genesis 1:1 in the beginning that’s
where the word Genesis comes from um so
take us to let’s let’s start from there
and expand upon this idea of in the
God Isaac it’s one of you use it ref in
the last
segment and that is that um the Earth
did not always
exist now you and I didn’t often exist
we were born we had a start we have a
finish um actually all of creation the
stars and the Moon and the Earth we know
through scripture will have an ending
mhm but in the concept of how God is it
it’s it’s hard to think about this but
God there is no
beginning um in creation there was a
beginning and so he reminds us as
created beings that we had a
beginning we also have an ending because
with no ending there is no
beginning all right so each day has a
beginning and a morning a morning and an
evening a week has a beginning it has a
conclusion and the month and the year
all right um God developed and
instituted and and put us into the
concept of
time uh we can’t imagine a god with no
time we can’t we can’t imagine when the
we say the word
eternity The Eternity has no time it
exists outside time but God in his
creation developed reminders for us that
there is an
ending and there’s a
beginning and I think within that is
where the gift of God comes through but
we’ll talk more about that but here’s
something I want to read because it ties
into um Jesus Christ now in John chapter
1 as in Genesis chapter 1 John chapter
one says in the
beginning was the
word and the Word was with God the word
meaning Jesus Christ defined other words
other place in scripture the word is
Jesus Christ so in the beginning was the
word Jesus Christ and Jesus Christ was
with God and Jesus Christ was God the
same was in the beginning with God all
right that is all the whole concept of
salvation the gift of God all comes
through that it had a
beginning and it had a beginning Isaac
when we know that in the Garden of Eden
God created there was sin came into the
world there was Redemption God’s Plan of
Redemption and all of this then began to
fit into beginning and ending all that
being said revelation 22 and verse
13 Jesus says I am Alpha and Omega Jesus
God Son of God hard concept to
understand uh I am Alpha and Omega the
beginning and the end the first and the
last point being God sits outside time
Jesus Christ sits out time he had never
had a beginning he never will have an
ending he is the first he is the
last but into that we as people come and
God established us with a beginning and
an end all right we’re not God that’s
the bottom line we’re not God and we can
understand all of that but let’s go back
to this because it also says here Isaac
in Genesis chapter 1 that in the
created and there’s also a parallel
passage here in John the same thing all
things were made by him the word Jesus
Christ and without him Jesus Christ was
not anything made that was made so Jesus
is Creator Jesus Is God Jesus is eternal
Jesus is the Living Word Jesus is the
creator Isaac I mean the word of God is
all about God’s Plan of
Redemption yeah and into that you and I
sit and our viewers watch us right now
get the world tells us that it’s all
us and it doesn’t make any difference
we’re all going to end up in the same
place in the grave the world says but
Jesus but the Bible says no no no that’s
true no you um and so TI and tie
together the concept of
creation physically with spiritual
creation and Beginnings as we’re talking
about here today on this program well
the one of the passages uh that comes to
mind and I think we actually talked
about this um earlier today in 2
Corinthians chapter 5 and it talks about
new creatures and new creation and so in
2 Corinthians 5:17 is one of those
passages that I think a lot of our minds
go to when we think about being a new
creature in Christ says therefore If any
man be in Christ he is a new creature
old things are passed away behold all
things are become new that’s describing
what happens at Salvation And it says
here it says therefore so let’s go back
and can see what that’s for you go back
just a few verses above it in verse 14
and it says For the Love of Christ
constrain us it’s all about God’s love
for us so he loved us he in his infinite
wisdom and Providence creates this world
creates human beings uh a little lower
than the angels as the stewards of his
garden of his world and then we sined
and so in verse 14 it says the love of
Christ constraineth us it says because
we thus judge that if one died for all
then were all dead the love of God comes
in because we were dead in our
trespasses and sins use another words of
Paul um we took all this perfect stuff
going on and and Adam and Eve they
sinned against God that’s you know
original sin we call that’s this
inherent sinful nature that we have and
so every human being has this inherent
sinfulness and from that we’re dead so
the new creation and the good news of
that has to start with the bad news that
we find all the way in the beginning in
Genesis that after God creates we as
human beings we Rebel and we don’t just
do it one time over and over and over
and over and over again until God puts
on flesh Christmas time we celebrate the
Incarnation the first Advent of of God
the son Jesus Christ God comes and
dwells among us and what do we do we
grab him and we rip him apart throw him
on a tree naked humiliated and that’s
what the new creation comes from it
comes from Jesus Christ being a curse
Paul takes us to there right here verse
17 we’re new creatures he says because
verse 21 because he has made him to be
sin for us who knew no sin that we might
be the righteousness of God in him and I
look at I say Paul that sounds like
blasphemy I’m not the righteousness of
God but he says no Jesus Christ became
that curse John 3:16 we all refer to
that John 3:16 Jesus is talking to
Nicodemus he says you have to be born
again Nicodemus says well explain this
to me he says here’s what I’ll tell you
you’re you’re you preach the law you’re
a theologian remember in numbers 21 when
the people out of rebellion against God
over and over and over again God sends
fiery serpents that are biting them and
they’re dying from it and he tells Moses
to lift up on a cross an image of what’s
biting them God a curse it was a serpent
and it’s the image of that serpent that
the people look and live and Jesus says
in the exact same way that Moses lifted
up the curse of the serpent the son of
man me God incarnate will be lifted up
as the curse so God in his sovereignty I
don’t know why it doesn’t make sense
humanly he actually makes himself the
curse that I suffer that I the the death
that I deserve and when I look to Jesus
Christ I live and Paul who’s writing
this is the perfect object lesson this
was a guy who tried to live by the law
he called himself a Pharisee of the
Pharisees so much so that he persecuted
followers of the way of Jesus of
Nazareth even unto death and his life
dramatically completely changes when he
sees Jesus Christ as who he is Jesus is
the Christ he’s the Messiah Yeshua is
the Messiah the promised the Christ the
anointed one it changes his life and now
he doesn’t live in the guilt of all
these horrible things he did he now
lives every day as a new creature with a
new beginning in Jesus Christ and so Sam
that’s that’s what we have that’s what
salvation is it’s a new start it’s a new
beginning for us we’re not punished like
so many religions want to punish us for
all the things we didn’t haven’t done we
are given Grace upon grace through Jesus
we’re made new and now we have a time
constraint we we’ve we’ve been talking
about time time you know uh we’re born
and we die everything has its time and
its season so Sam can you tie that in
you just mention you know that God
created time can you make that
connection for all of us who are you
know listening to you or watching you
right now what that time has to do with
with what we are as stewards if we
accept Christ as Savior uh Isaac I can I
think while you just laid out there with
the uh the
serpents and why looking at the serpent
on the pole was the parallel to Christ
on the cross I think that was very very
uh very good but I’m also thinking about
this when God
created Jesus Christ in the beginning of
the world when God created he created
all perfect MH there was no death there
was no
ending because there is no there is no
ending with God or Jesus Christ but sin
came into the world because the devil
counterfeited the
truth Eve believed it Adam believed
there was death now there’s an
God The Giver of Life in New
Beginnings set in place his Plan of
Redemption and he said I’m going to make
a way to restore and allow that which is
dead now humankind because of sin to be
made alive again New Beginning a new
creation all right and that is the whole
story of the Gospel that’s the whole
Bible God so loved the world all of this
is about the story the love of
God and his desire to bring about a new
beginning a new
creation for fallen
mankind if they receive the gift of God
etal eternal life through Jesus
Christ then if they do Isaac then they
can as lamentation says they
can expect we can
expect to Every Morning Experience the
love of God the mercies of God the
faithfulness of God because we have
known and experienced and
accepted Eternal the life of go through
eternal life through Jesus Christ Christ
they’re all linked Deuteronomy talks
about the chapter 30 Isaac talks about
God putting before the world there are
two choices
life death now we’re all born in sin so
we’re all dead all right um but he
provided an opportunity of life look to
me on the cross as you said and receive
life that’s a new
beginning so the misery able sin of this
world and people who are in misery
because of their sin can have hope for
life if they accept what Christ has done
and I think the time question that you
ask I think is so
important because sin brings with it
Isaac an
ending scripture says it is appointed
unto man once to
die but after this the
Judgment there the fact that our breath
could be our Last
Breath the fact that we are born the
fact that we die that time constraint
Isaac is a result of sin but it should
also be a reminder to all of us that the
ability the opportunity the window of
opportunity for a new beginning in
Christ New
Life does close
time does run
out and that’s why scripture says redeem
time be careful because time does run
out and I think that’s the lesson that
we talked through here uh ladies and
gentlemen as we go and about go into the
next segment here that um God exists
without time as instituted time but time
does run out he gives us opportunity for
New Beginnings there’s also endings
because of sin so what do we do well
we’ll talk about that as we conclude the
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different New Beginnings maybe you’ve uh
hopefully you’ve heard some things to
day consideration that you’ve not
considered before but New Beginnings God
established that all right let me go to
you Isaac here right now and say all
right we’ve talked about New Beginnings
we all long for New Beginnings we all we
don’t we never like to say goodbye we
don’t like death but there is an ending
uh and
Lamentations talks about a person who
every morning looks forward to the
mercies of God the love of God the
faithless God because they’re new every
morning all right conclude this program
uh perhaps and wrap this up and perhaps
how would you take this magnificent
thought and share wrap it up or maybe
share with your children everybody
listening right now watching wants to
know how well and I think we all love
that passage you know that Jeremiah said
that in Lamentations chapter 3 about the
the mercies of God being new every
morning and of course you know Great Is
Thy Faithfulness the hymn and other
other hyns reference that um and and so
I remember my dad often times loving to
sing that hym and talk about that and
show us and tell us exactly what we were
told in you know in the book of
Deuteronomy to pass it on to the next
Generations my dad often told his
testimony how he was saved out of some
of the worst vices and the worst bondage
to sin he didn’t have mercies he didn’t
have new things every morning he was
Finding himself like the pilgrim and
Pilgrim’s Progress finding himself you
know at this Daily Grind on his way to
hell and he knew it and he was concerned
about it until he looked to Jesus and
lived and when Jesus came it completely
changed his life and so uh he would
often talk about that and that’s how I
talk to my children he would often refer
to Ephesians chapter 5 where we’ve been
told about salvation through Grace and
then he says Redeeming the time because
the days are evil and we live in these
evil days I I Pastor a little church
about 10 miles north of Mansfield
Pennsylvania 10 miles south of Corning
New York 180 years old that church
building has been there for 180 years um
uh I’m going through a Sunday school
book in our church right now written by
Thomas Watson a non-conformist Puritan
preacher over 300 years ago 1663 he
wrote that book and yet those people
redeemed the time by giving to the Lord
by investing in things of the Lord my
dad redeemed the time and my brothers
and different ones and those things will
continue and last for all eternity Sam
Isaac that’s wonderful ladies and
gentlemen you’re listening right now
watching us um have have you experienced
A New Beginning through a being a new
creature in Christ that’s where it
starts now in next week’s program which
will be continuation we’re going to go a
little further from a practical sense
and say all right if we have once we
have tasted of Salvation become a new
creation in Christ all right then we
have the grind of Life uh living is
tough and we fail I fail you fail sin
dwells within us it creates trouble then
how does that person every day how can
we actually anticipate each morning the
mercies of God new the love of God new
the faithfulness of God new well the
scripture gives us a remedy and a way to
ensure that that can happen every

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