Stand in the Gap TV: Global Tyranny & The WHO – Part II

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Episode 219: Sam Rohrer and Isaac Crockett are joined by guest Michele Bachmann (Regent University Dean; Former Congresswoman) to discuss this important topic by going to the heart of the cause and defining the solution.

Since the days of the tower of Babel the one world government and religious ambition of the God rejecting global elite have taken various forms. But their ambition has never stopped.

For many years global bankers and financiers along with the world religious leaders have joined the global political leaders in their goals to consolidate control of the world’s governments to control the lives and mobility of all people. In their anti-Christ worldview, they truly believe they are better able to make decisions than other people can make for themselves and their children.

All we see today unfolding from the global elite, the United Nations, and the WHO under the banner of health and climate is preparing the global beast system we know will come. But until that arrives we must be informed and resist in every wise way.

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