Sheridan & Merryn Voysey | A Journey Through Broken Dreams | Infertility & Childlessness |

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Many of us grow up assuming our life will take a certain path. We’ll go to school, find a job, get married, buy a house, and start a family. Quite often, however, things don’t go as planned . . . and we face a roadblock. The roadblock for Sheridan and Merryn Voysey was infertility.

In “A Journey Through Broken Dreams”, the Voyseys candidly share their struggle with infertility, the decade of medical procedures they endured to try to conceive a child, and the decision to redesign their lives with career changes and a major move to another continent. As with the death of any dream, it meant asking the hard questions and reexamining the life they would have chosen in light of the one God had planned. Their life took a detour, a different path than they expected, but ultimately they found peace in their marriage and with God.

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