Shaped by Faith with Theresa Rowe – Episode #56 Walking Workout

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Theresa Rowe leads you through a Walking Workout with total body exercises designed to increase your energy, strength, flexibility and endurance. Each exercise has a prayerfully chosen scripture to help strengthen our spiritual foundation.




Welcome to shape by faith. A special series led by health and fitness expert Teresa Row. Get ready for an entertaining and spirit led adventure while learning ways you can become fit in your body mind and spirit. Now here’s Teresa. Hi, I’m Theresa Rowe. Welcome to shape by faith where we shape our bodies and hearts for God’s purposes. I hope you enjoyed this total body walking workout along with scriptures that address depression if you want, you can use weights or you can leave them out of the workout. Okay, let’s go ahead and get started with a power walk. Alright, just pump your arms front and back. Let’s work on our posture and our alignment and smile and breathe right, It’ll lift your spirit up when the righteous cry for help the Lord hears them and he delivers them out of all of their troubles. That’s so good! So cry out to the Lord. I cry out to the Lord continually. Lord help me help me help me and I’m being serious, I really do. All right, we’re gonna go side to side. Just start stepping side to side and just bring your arms with it. Just sweep those arms. Remember to keep that belly in fear not for I am with you. Be not dismayed, for I am your God, Listen to this one. I will strengthen you, I will help you and I the great I am. I will uphold you with my righteous right hand. That is so good. That should lift our spirit up and encourage us. Alright again, just sweeping those arms kind of like windshield wipers just side to side, just step tapping. We’re just now getting into the walking workout which we’ve not done before in shape by faith, I’m sort of excited about this one today. You let me know if you like it. Okay, quite a few more and last one go back to your walk now on this one, just some front kicks just as you want to do them or you could go to the hill tap instead. I’m just gonna move my arms or maybe pump those arms are down and out. Cast all your anxieties on the Lord because he cares for you, Let’s cross kick it or you can keep them straight? Yes, and working on balance here as you cross, kick and breathing. Do you notice your heart rate is going up? Just a little bit? We wanted to climb up there a little bit. All right, cross kicking or kicking to the front. Now we’re gonna add a knee lift to this next movement, okay, and a single press, you can always keep your arms down, okay, knee lift and reach up, you know, the Lord continually tells us to come to him, his word says come to me all who are labored, heavy laden and I will give you rest. Do you feel stress on your shoulders today? Do you feel it in your physical body? Do you feel it in your mindset, bring it to the Lord and he promises he will give you rest? He will give you peace. The thing is we have to go to him. Alright just lifting those knees one at a time alternating those arms or if you want you can bring both arms up at the same time, navel to the spine. This next one we’re going to move it All right, we’re gonna walk up and back last one so I’m gonna turn to the side. I’m just gonna power walk up and back. So wherever you’re at in your home, just walk. You can also walk in place if you want just pump those arms front and back. You can also go at a diagonal if you want. The Lord is a stronghold for the oppressed write a stronghold in times of trouble. You and I both know that is so true in times of trouble I immediately go to the Lord now before I became a christian I didn’t um I would get down the low pretty quick because I didn’t go to God but go to him first pray seek his counsel and then tell someone tell someone you can trust a prayer partner that you may have. So I need your prayers today I’m having some difficulty and I need you to lift me up in prayer one more. Now what we’re gonna do is tap bring the arms across and just kind of tap out to the side, you can kind of slightly fist those arms if you want. You can also bring the arms lower or bring them shoulder distance or you certainly if you want can bring them up over the head. The Lord is near always so near to the brokenhearted and the Lord saves the crushed in spirit. And there’s been times in my life where I felt like someone was sitting on my chest like I was just crushed and I praise God that he helped me during that time and he still does all right, just a few more of these. Very nice. Let’s go back to that power, Walk in place and just reach front, reach it out there if you want to reach one arm at a time or both. Whatever you want to do here, you’ve turned my mourning into joyful dancing and you’ve taken away my clothes of mourning and you’ve clothed me with joy. That’s why I love the joy of the Lord is my strength. Yes. Just knowing God is with me strengthens me. It makes my heart joyful. You are not alone. God is with you and he will sustain you through it all. He promises that right. We’ve got to know his promises so we have to get in the word and read, take it in your heart in your mind, then live it out. Alright, Let’s do four more. One more Now we’re going into a two step and what I want us to do on this one. Just bring your arms out just laterally, palms facing down. I love the scripture, it reminds me of the times when I was in the pit, he lifted me how to the pit of despair out of the mud and the mire and he set my feet on solid ground. Have you ever felt stuck before? Like you feel like I can’t move, I mean I just can’t move and you feel like you’re sort of like in the mud or in quicksand and then you maintain your attention and you’re like oh Lord, I need your help. I feel stuck, I don’t know what to do here. Maybe about a decision, maybe about something that’s real important, something going on in your life. You’re not stuck. You are hot stuck. God will help you. You go to him one more. I sound a little bossy there. I apologize if I did go back to that Power walk, gonna walk up and back again. Okay, so just up and back, power walking those arms or diagonally or just power walk in place. I kind of like this walking workout. Come quickly Lord, have you ever said that to the Lord before in your prayer time. Lord, I need help. Like now for my depression deepens, show me where to walk before I give myself to you. Everyone gets down everyone um everyone gets low. The thing is it’s what we do with it. I’ve had days where I just feel so low that I don’t know if I can get up and then I do have to remind myself I have to do it Lord I’m feeling depressed. I don’t know why I’m feeling like this, you know it may not be some major event that’s happened in your life. Maybe it just comes on you quickly go to the Lord quickly and ask him to deliver you from that depression. He will he will. You have to keep trusting him. It may not be a feeling like all of a sudden oh it’s all gone, it doesn’t work like that but you will notice throughout the day that your spirit well feel lifted up. Alright, one more time up and back everyone’s bellies in right? All right, this next one we’re gonna alternate knees and we’re gonna tap spring those arms across, just tap your hip. So working on coordination here, knee lift, core engaged, let’s say this together we you can do all things through christ who gives us strength and then make it real personal. I I can do all things through christ as he strengthens me. Make it even more personal, say your name, say your name Teresa, you can do all things through christ who strengthens you. Come on, come on, pay attention Tracy, you can do all things through christ who strengthens you right? Alright so we can corporately pray together, you can pray with a friend and then you can make it super intimate you and God alone. One more go back to your power walk alright we’re gonna reach up and lateral this reminds me of my dance team days. Whoa be strong, listen to this be strong and courageous, do not be afraid. Do not be discouraged for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go. Did you hear that? The Lord your God is with you wherever you go, do not be afraid. Speak to yourself these promises again. If you have to say your name and look in the mirror you do that and I will do that from time to time. Come on Theresa don’t be afraid, don’t be as made don’t let that discourage you. God’s with you each step of the way. Alright two More times and one more now you can rest your arms if you want. We’re just alternating our hamstrings. Alright I will add the arms in though. Okay for God has not given us a spirit of fear right? But of power Love in self control let’s start to use those arms so you have to really have some awareness and what you’re operating in, are you operating in the spirit of the Lord or in something else? Right so God we don’t want the spirit of Fear. If that’s operating right now in our hearts were in our homes we ask that you would release us, remove it from his father Now in the name of jesus fear you have to go, you have to go fear greater, is he? That’s in us than he. That’s in the world. Last one. Let’s go side to side. Just some basic arms, some basic biceps. You know the Lord goes before you. He will be with you. He will not leave you and he won’t forsake you. You know. Just the other night we are driving home, my husband and I from one of the grandkids Minie ball games. We have 14 grandkids and we were watching three of them that evening and I just out of the blue just said, you know what? I’m not an orphan anymore, am I? My husband? Just kind of chuckled and he said, no, you’re a child of God. I want you to receive that. You are a child of God. God will never leave you. He will never forsake you. You take that in, chew on it, meditate on it and then live it out. One more. Alright, let’s go back to that power. March. Great job coming up next more. Walking on, shaped by faith. Alright, let’s go into a two step with a tricep kickback, keeping those shoulders down navel to the spine. The scripture. I absolutely love it. I know you’ve heard it many times. Here it is again. Those who trust in the Lord will find new strength. Have you thought about that? You will find new strength and you will soar high on wings like eagles. When you run, you’re not going to get weary and when you walk, you will not get tired or faint. That’s a good one. That’s how the Book of Isaiah keep it going again. This lateral movement is so good for our balance, our stabilization, our coordination. Mm hmm. And your heart rate should be going up a little bit because of the movement. Last one. This one alright, Power. March in place. You’re gonna walk up, add a knee lift and walk back. Alright, so let me demonstrate. Walk up, knee and back with the knee or without. You can simply walk up and back. But you O Lord are a shield around me. You are my glory. And the one who holds up my head right? So praise the Lord, Tell him, thank you Lord, that you hold me up, that you are with me, That you helped me soar like an eagle, that you lift me out of that pit of depression. And you place me on your solid foundation one more up and back. Then. I’m gonna bring back The grapevine. All right, so, when I started teaching in the early 80s, this was the move grapevine. You can also replace it with the two step. So again, you’re just taking a step, cross, back step, tap, keeping everything strong moving the arms or you can place your arms on your waist or hips. Why are you downcast? Oh, my soul, why are you so disturbed within me? Put your hope in God! Put your hope in God. I will get praise him, my savior and my God, King David wrote that. And he went through a lot. He went through really good times and some really low moments in his life. The one thing about King David, he always, always, always turn back to the Lord. Last one. Go back to that power, March, okay? This next one. It’s a double knee lift. Alright? You can also do single or you can just keep marching it. Let me use my hands and my arms on this one double knee. And we know we know that we know that in all things, God works for the good of those who love him who have been called right. We’ve all been called according to his purpose. The thing is, have we said? Yes, Lord. Yes, Lord, I will go. Yes, Lord, I will do that. Even if it looks difficult and challenging. Yes, Lord, I will go. Or have we just sat back and let someone else do it. It’s up to us To say yes, Lord. Last one. Take it back to your power. March. This is a pattern that I love. You’re going to March 2, 3 kick and continue. You can swing your arms or pump them at your side. You Lord are my land. The Lord turns my darkness into light And I found that out at the age of 26 The Lord turned on his bright light. Even in the middle of the night, I could feel his presence and I still do. The Lord is with you when you accept him into your heart and into your life. He does not leave you, he doesn’t and he does not forsake you and he lifts you out of the pit of despair and loneliness and depression. Just give it to him, give it to him one more each leg and go back to your power. March all right now on this one, we’re gonna walk up and back two times with the chest flight. Don’t worry about it. I’ll just coach us through it. Okay, so walk up, chest fly, let’s do that again and last one now lateral step for two times with a chest fly. Alright, let’s go back to that walk up and back. The Lord is my life and he is my salvation. Whom shall I fear lateral The Lord is a stronghold of my life whom shall I be afraid? Go back up, you’re doing great, keep it moving one more, go back to lateral one more time last time. Very nice power March, go back to that march. So we’re getting our steps in today, aren’t we? This one is a corner walk. Alright, so what I’m gonna do is walk up to the corner and back and then walk up to the opposite corner and back. I’m going to add the biceps with it. Okay? You can also just pump your arms if you want. Remember to keep that core pulled in, keep it strong steadfast. Love surrounds the one who trusts the Lord. It’s really important that we trust God and lean not right on our own understanding. All right, you’re doing great little v walking or again, you can walk it in place. Very nice patterns are good for the brain. They’re good for the body. They’re good for the spirit. One more, we’re going into some hamstring curls so go ahead and start those flex the foot, press back through your heels. Mhm. When I said, my foot is slipping. Your unfailing love. Lord supported me. Have you ever said, Lord? I feel like I’m falling. Lord, I messed up there. Lord, I’m going down quick. I need you. His unfailing love has been your safety net the whole time. Let’s go ahead and bring those arms front and back, just front and back. There’s been many times in my life where I’m like, Lord, I’m not I’m not feeling this Lord, I don’t know about this or Lord, I need help loving that person. Please help me, father, release me from this junk. You know? All right, A few more. One more. This one is a front kick. Now, what I’d like us to do is reach front and then up arise and shine for your light has come and the glory has risen upon you. Do you need to tell yourself that arise shine for your light has come and the glory of the Lord is upon you isn’t that good. Just keep moving those arms. Any pattern you want here, you’re doing great again. Great for the brain, you have to think about it, which is good to workout for the brain. It’s like doing some crossword puzzles here. One more good. Take it back to that power walk now on this one, we’re going up out and down, but that sounds fun. So arms are gonna go up, out and down. Alright up, out and down again. This kind of reminds me of my dancing days. Rejoice in hope, be patient, be patient. Did you hear that? In tribulation, be constant in prayer. Go back to those power walking. Arms, rejoice and hope rejoice. There is hope for all of us. Be patient when you’re going through some rough times. Be patient. Alright, God knows your story. He’s working it all out and be constant in prayer. Just be constant. Pray all the time. If you wake up at night, pray and ask the Lord to show you what he wants to show you all right. Go ahead and step side to side, sweep those arms. This kind of reminds me just to sweep away your anxiety, sweep it away your fear, Cast your cares on the Lord because he will sustain you Lord. This is going on in my life today. And father, you know the outcome. Father help me to fully trust you because there’s times Lord, I feel like I don’t and I need my faith increased father. Father increase our faith today in you. In the name of jesus. Keep sweeping those arms, keep pulling in the belly, keep moving, keep moving in the direction where God has placed you. Right? Go back to your power. March alright? Here’s my favorite again, grapevine, the eternal God, the eternal God, the everlasting God is your dwelling place and underneath are his everlasting arms. So if you can visualize yourself, just do that for a moment. You in the arms of our Lord, I think for some people it’s hard for them to visualize themselves with their heavenly father. I think they came with jesus, but they are the same visualize yourself with God, jesus and Holy spirit. How’s this grapevine going for you or or your to stephan one more time, back and forth. Go back to your power, March Alright, this is another 80s type of movement, heel digs and then we used to do kind of like jazz hands. Oh yeah, Jazz hands, heel digs, You can hop these make them higher impact. Do not worry about tomorrow. That’s the word of the Lord, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own right. Don’t worry about it. Place everything in the hands of the Lord. All right, keep those heel digs are coming, keep breathing, keep trusting in God, keep walking in his ways because he is walking right there with you. Can you visualize yourself walking with the Lord? He’s right beside you. Can you visualize that? Let’s go back to that power march. Let’s think about that as we move up and back. Lord, thank you that you go before us and that you walk beside us, Father, thank you that you lead us every single day and you grant us direction and wisdom when we don’t have it. Lord, we’re so grateful to you father. Help our minds to be focused on you and not on circumstances, help us Father to praise you and thank you. I’m going to angle it up because we know you’re with us, help us to no, you’re wholly present and how to walk in your spirit And in your truth, go back to that power March, wow, that was a power walking workout. Thank you so much for allowing me in your home today. I hope you’re motivated to continue preparing yourself to be the best that you can be as we continue exercising and praising God together, he will bless our bodies and our hearts for his purposes because it’s God who made us and breathed his spirit in us so that we can encourage others to live for him Until next time. Friends may the Lord bless you keep you safe, healthy and strong in your spirit mind and body. Tune in next time as we continue shaping bodies and hearts for God’s purposes with Teresa Row as we all become shaped by faith.

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