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Relying on the Power of the Holy Spirit

Have you been hurt by other Christians? In this week’s episode Anne Graham Lotz will explain how you can rely on the power of the Holy Spirit to help overcome the hurt and continue in your Christian life.



today on the johnny Coburg show. My guest is anne Graham lots, she was called the best preacher in the family by her late father Billy Graham an is an international speaker and a best selling author when an lost her husband of 49 years, she felt both shock and intense grief than just a few years later, her beloved father Billy Graham passed away and then six months after his funeral and was diagnosed with breast cancer. Yet through it all, she relied on the constant companionship of the Holy Spirit to help her. We invite you to join us on this edition of the johnny Karberg show to here and explain how you can rely on the Holy Spirit to be your constant companion. No matter what you are facing. Welcome to our program. I’m john Achterberg and my guest today is an Graeme Watts and we’re talking about a topic that will be especially interesting to those of you that are christians if you’re a christian couple and you’re living together and you’re constantly bickering fighting seems like nothing goes right. And you said you’re sorry 100 times, but it just doesn’t seem like it takes okay. And you get discouraged. What hope is there for you? We’re going to tell you there’s a lot of hope for you, but we’re talking about relying on the power of the Holy Spirit. I want to talk to some of your other christians that have been hurt by christians at church, People have lied about you. Uh or you have heard one thing at church and you said amen to that. But then you went out and you did things that you knew were wrong and you’ve gotten away with it for a long time. God hasn’t struck you down. Lightning hasn’t come out. What’s going on? Can you get away with it forever? No, the fact is God’s going to step in somewhere along the line, but it may not be that way. It will be taking the joy away from your life. Maybe letting other hardships come in. God can be tough if he wants to be, but he’s a loving God. Remember the motive that he actually sent Jesus into the world is still John 316 for God, so loved the world that he gave. His only begotten son that whosoever believes in him should not perish but have everlasting life. That’s why God, he saved you. If you ask christ to come into your life. But if you’re taking God for granted and doing things that you shouldn’t do, that’s what I want. And to talk about today, let’s talk about, first of all how much power the Holy Spirit has, who can measure his power, john he’s he is God. So all the power we think of being in God the father. God, the son is wrapped up in the person of the Holy Spirit. There’s no limit to his power. There’s no measure to his power. He’s the same one who was in the beginning when God created the heavens and the earth and the earth was without form and void. Darkness was upon the face of the deep, It’s the Holy Spirit that hovered over the face of the deep and prepared it to receive God’s word and be transformed. So he’s he’s more powerful than we could ever estimate. Um It’s interesting that the situations that you named and I thought if I’m having trouble with my husband, I’m having trouble with my neighbor. I’m having trouble to my Children. I’m having trouble with my boss. I’m having trouble with my church. I might want to see if the Holy Spirit is trying to show you something in me because I think sometimes he puts us in situations and in fact in the old testament of a meal offering was you take this fine flour that’s been ground and ground and ground, mix it with oil, which represents the Holy Spirit. And that became the picture of the consecrated life uh and the ground, the fine flower by putting in a round hole and then grinding with a square pistol. And sometimes God, the Holy Spirit puts us in a situation where we’re within very incompatible people and it can be within our home, our job, our church. But but if we submit to the Holy Spirit, he will use that to refine us. Just grind us right down, grind off those impatience, You know, the impatience, the lack of love, the bitterness, the unforgiveness, the whatever it might be. And he’ll grind it down until when we surrender our lives to the Holy Spirit, then we become that picture of the consecrated life. That is his aim. He he doesn’t want to just change us to changes. He wants us to be like jesus, he wants us to fulfill God’s purpose for our lives, he wants us to fulfill the potential that God has for us. Yeah, his own disciples, he had quite a crowd right with his own disciples. Yeah, that’s right. And Peter is such a good example because peter, you know before Pentecost, he was so brash and brave and saying, jesus, I’ll die for you. And jesus said, Peter, you know this night you’re gonna deny me three times before the cock crows, not me, I don’t know what the other guys will do, I will never do that, you know? So in the garden of Gethsemane, he pulls out his sword to defend jesus and cuts off the ear of the sort of the high priest and makes a mess, you know, Jesus told him satan is trying to use you and um and then he went into the courtyard to watch the trials of jesus and little servant girl came up and said, I think you’re just no I’m not, somebody else came up and said, I think you aren’t, no, I’m not third person came up and said, I think you’re a disciple, you have a galilean accent and then he cursed and he used the name of God to say no, I don’t know him and at that point the cock crowed and um and he went out and Apple says he wept bitterly, But um if you fast forward 50 days later at Pentecost Peter stood up, John and the very crowd that had shouted, crucifying the very crowd that included some of the priests that had voted for his death is some of the very crowd, the Roman soldiers that nailed him to the cross. Peter said you have crucified the Lord of glory, you have just crucified your messiah. And they said, what must we do to be saved? And he said, you repent of your sins and be baptized and you can be forgiven and you can be saved and they did and they were and but the what I want you to see is the difference in Peter, you know, he, he was beaten for his faith in prison for his faith. In the end tradition says he was crucified upside down because of his identity with jesus. He went from being somebody who was brash and you know, so so timid actually so afraid of the opinions of other people that he would deny knowing jesus to someone who was so bold in his faith that he actually gave his life for jesus, so if he can do that for Peter, he can do that for you and me and I’ve seen that in my own life actually And because by nature, I’m very timid, I’m very shy, very private person and he’s put me out on platforms around the world and I just pray that he’ll take over and uh and let him speak through me because one of the things I found is that he, we don’t have to be able, we just have to be available, you know, so that if we make ourselves available to him, the Holy Spirit can fill us and use us and um and make our lives worth living. And I think many, I’m sure many of the people who are um watching life has lost its luster, maybe it never had any. And they’ve had so much difficulty, so much suffering, so much persecution, so many curveballs, so many things that are thrown their way that have not been pleasant, but the Holy Spirit on the inside can give us joy, that’s not in our circumstances, that can give us hope, that’s based on what God’s word says, That can give us a reason to get out of bed every day and you know, do whatever we have in our responsibilities and um get up the next morning. And so the Holy Spirit can give us purpose and meaning and fill our emptiness. In fact, one of the verses I love if I can read Several chapters before in John Chapter seven, Jesus was at the feast of tabernacles and he says in verse 37, he said on the last and greatest day of the feast, Jesus stood and said in a loud voice, if anyone is thirsty, let him come to me a drink. Whoever believes in me as the scripture said, streams of living water will flow from within him. By this, he meant the spirit and jesus Was telling us that when the Holy Spirit comes within us, he will fill us um John 10 Jesus called an abundant life, life that’s full and free and worth living and and that’s who the holy Spirit, if we let him take over. And I was telling you earlier, the day after I got married, my husband and I were going through an airport to go on our honeymoon and we ran out of gas. And so my husband, you know, being a big athlete, he locked the doors, rolled up the windows, trotted down the highway and but he left me beside a place that smelled like every sewer in the county emptied into it, so smelly better, 100 degrees outside the car. And 45 minutes later he comes back, he’s got the tow truck, they put gas in the car, tow truck, takes off, he goes to start the car and the battery is dead. So he says, and don’t worry, I know where the gas station is, where he wants. 30 minutes later he comes back and they jumped the car and start the battery and um, and then just as we’re getting ready to pull off this car stops, slams on its brakes backs up all four doors open. It’s his brother and some of the guys that have gone to the wedding and his brother who was an old bachelor said Danny said how’s married life? And Danny said, it’s great Sam, you ought to try and I thought, don’t ask me. And, but, but what I learned the first day of marriage was that you can’t run on empty, you can’t run on empty in the car, You can’t run on empty in a marriage, you can’t run on empty in life. And I think there are many people going through the motions. You become mechanical about your faith if you even have any and you’re just putting one ft in front of the other. You think that if you get more money, you think if you get a bigger house, do you think if you get a different spouse, you think if you have, you know, more fashionable clothes, you think of your Children are well behaved and look good. Do you think if you get an education, you that then you’ll be fulfilled, but you won’t be there. It’s none of those things will ever deeply permanently satisfy you. It’s the Holy Spirit that’s that living water that satisfies the thirst deep down inside. Yeah. How how did you grow in the Holy Spirit, Tell me what happened? What, um, you know, it wasn’t so much that I wanted to hear from the Holy Spirit because I didn’t know so much about him. Even then I was a young mother, three small Children, small home, small sticky fingerprints, small, you know, all that is and I felt very bound and um and I wasn’t coping well and I remember my mother with five of us, I never saw my mother lose her temper. What I did see is she spent a lot of time on her knees in prayer and she spent a lot of time, God’s word and I didn’t have the discipline to do it and didn’t know you know how to do, I didn’t have the time to do it anyway. And um, but I wanted to be a better mother. That was, that was my motivation, john I wanted to be like my mother and then God brought to my attention bible study fellowship applied, I was turned down. Um, and so um, I continued to pray about it. And so God spoke to me from revelation where he said, um I know you have a little strength, you’ve never denied my name, but I’m gonna open the door for you that nobody can shut and um and I, I was so grateful, he didn’t say and you can do this if you just get out there, you know, but he said you have a little strength, acknowledge every young mother only has a little strength, you know, and I had a little bit of education, a little bit of money, a little bit of time. But he, he said, you just walked through the door. So at that point if uh, and then the reapplied for the class, the door opened and found out that I would be the one who taught it. And that did scare me because my own Children didn’t listen to me. I’ve never taught anything before in my life. And but when he said and walked through the open door, then I had to make a decision. You know, either I would walk through the open door or I would say no Lord. And from from that moment on, I couldn’t call him Lord because it’s been said, he’s either Lord of all or he’s not Lord at all. And so I said, yes sir. And the next verse, he said, hold on to what you have. So I said, I know what I don’t have, I don’t have time, I don’t have money, I don’t have education, I don’t have training. And he said, and you have me and you have my word and you have the holy spirit. So you walk through the open door. So that’s been over 40 years ago, I walked through that open door, I had 500 women in front of me from just about to get first year. We had 300 and morphed into 500 long waiting list. I taught it every week. Never missed a class for 12 years and then I went into the itinerant ministry and traveling the world, but what I love is when you were teaching the class, you admitted you yourself were doing a crash dive into the scripture to teach the class. You didn’t have all the answers you want verse by verse. And the fact is some of those verses are hard to understand and you had to crash burn hours to even teach the class. I told them, don’t ask me a question about next week’s lesson because I haven’t studied that yet. You could just do 11 lesson at a time. They were great. But I think that’s a great word. All the people that are listening is you might not have all the things you think that you need to have, start where you’re at and let God use his word to build in your life. Fact, I got a verse here from the amplified version we all with unveiled face continually seeing as in a mirror the glory of the Lord. We’re looking at him are progressively, I like that word, not instantly progressively being transformed into his image into jesus image is making you a small jesus from one degree of glory to even more glory which comes from the Lord who is the spirit, but you learn by reading the word of God when you talk to other women okay, what do you tell them about? The importance of reading God’s word every day. You know, it’s when I talk to anybody, john it’s not just women, you know, it’s men, women, Children, young people, old people. Uh, you you have to read God’s word and that verse that you’ve quoted from Corinthians when we behold him, this is where we behold him. It’s in his word that we see jesus, you know, people who have visions and all that. And I say, well God bless you. But but sometimes those can be out of focus. This is where we see jesus and we see God in the face of jesus. So, so we have to be in the word if we want to know God, if we want to know jesus and and we have to surrender and yield our lives to the Holy Spirit. So it’s so when he says, he’ll change you from glory to glory, that’s character to character to carry. So he’s increasingly molding you and making you into the image of jesus. And one of the most critical things is that we surrender to him so that we allow him to fill us because when the Holy Spirit comes into me at my conversion, I have all of the Holy Spirit I’m ever going to have. So, you know, he’s a living person, you don’t get him in pieces, but he seems to get us in pieces. So we’ll give him maybe sunday morning, we’re in church, maybe, you know Wednesday night when we’re in bible study or we give him, you know public things, but not private things. And and you have to come to the point that you just give him everything. You give him access to your entire life and you ask him to fill you. And when you do that, the bible says not to grieve him. You you grieve the dear Holy spirit when you hold out on him. Which is a lovely yes. Yeah. When you when you resist him, when you neglect him, when you disobey him, then then he’s grieved by our sin because he wants God’s best for us. You know, he wants us to fulfill that potential. He wants us to have the fullness of joy and blessing. But what have what have you done when you’ve been reading God’s word and you’ve been learning something and you come across something. I think in one of your books, you had a list that you went through. And the first time you went through the list, the fact is you said, I don’t think any of those sins are committing any of those sins. He read it the second time and a few more popped out. By the time you went through the list, the third time, it seemed like there was something in every one of those sins I’m saying, What do you do? And when you realize, wow, this verse applies to me and this is a tough one. What do you tell God? Yes sir, you just have to follow through and do it. You just, you know, if you hold out, if you hold back, if you refuse, then he’ll bring the lessons some other way. He’ll get firm with you. But you miss out on the blessing. So, so when I read my bible, which I do every morning applied to my life, if there’s something that I feel a specific that he’s telling me to do or asking me not to do, I have to follow through and and I’ll even write it down in a notebook to make sure that I hold myself accountable to that. So um so in our next session, if it’s alright with you, I brought that list of sins that I could share and because it was very convicting and it showed me that I’ve been a Christian, I’ve been in ministry over 30 years at that point and and he showed me one sin in my life after another that I didn’t know was there. Um and it just brought me to my knees and on my face and repentance. And then after that I experienced what I think is real revival. It’s it’s an Isaiah six experience actually when Isaiah, when he looked up and he saw the Lord and then he said, woe is me, I’ve seen the Lord and and then he repented and um and became the greatest of the old estimate profits, what do you say to people that are trying to share, jesus with somebody and that person does not want to listen and give them a hard time. What do you suggest to them? I suggest you pray. And just because it’s up to the Holy Spirit to convict them. That’s what this passage says, john chapter 16 verse eight says it’s the Holy Spirit’s responsibility to convict them of their sin. They need to get right with God and judgment to come if they don’t. So the wonderful thing is that we can just love other people. We don’t have to condemn them. We don’t have to judge them if their Children in our home. Of course we have to correct and discipline and train. But but when somebody outside that, you know, we we just love them, share the gospel with them, invite them to church, try to get them into a bible study, but we don’t have to correct them or make them good. We just love them as we pray for them and let the Holy Spirit change them. You know, one of the most wonderful freeing things as a believer is to know that God never commanded me to lead people to faith in jesus. He never commanded me to be successful as a Minister of the Gospel. He just commands me to be faithful because it’s the Holy Spirit’s job as I share God’s word as I pray is the Holy Spirit’s responsibility, work on the inside of that person convict them of their sin. They need to get right with God judgment to come if they don’t. And um and it’s my responsibility to share with them at that point. Then what they do about that in order to get right with God and be filled with the Holy Spirit so they can come into the fullness of his blessings. You have a list. Do I have a prayer list? Yes, doesn’t everybody, you know, if you don’t have a prayer list. Um and some of the prayer lists are instinctive, you know, I start to be honest, I start with my grandchildren and and that’s after a period of worship, after a period of praise after a period of confession. So I don’t go right into a recession, but I start with my grandchildren, my Children, their spouses, my staff, um you as I’m looking forward to coming here and you know, so that some of the prayer list, you don’t necessarily have to write it down, although it’s a good discipline to do that. But but just what comes to your mind and I’ll tell you what, when I read my bible in the morning and pray God can bring somebody to my mind and I’ll use one of my devices, my ipad or my phone, I’ll just text that person, I’m praying for you this morning and share the verse that I I can’t tell you how many times that’s been God’s word to that person for that day, it just popped up in my period time. Alright. I want you to pray with christians that have given up, maybe they’ve had hit a problem and they thought it was too tough, they couldn’t get over it. Okay. So they keep on sinning and they need to restart their engine. They need to have God the Holy Spirit help them and they need to ask for that help. Maybe they’ve got somebody in their life that uh it’s very close to them but they’re not a christian. Okay. And they’ve given up on them, they’ve been talking to them for years and years and years, nothing’s happened. I talked to the lady the other day, she said I prayed for this guy for 30 years and then he got saved. I thought 30 years and and I’m saying I want you to pray a prayer that christians out there that have given up on the power of the Holy Spirit. The scripture plainly states that they can pray with you and they can ask God to recharge them to refresh them, to forgive them to help them with the problems that they’re facing. Maybe they’re impossible situations that they think that there’s no way out. I prayed that God would give them that way out. And what comes to my mind as you’re saying that um is somebody who may be an alcoholic and I want to tell you something that the holy spirit can come in and he can set you free from that addiction, but you may still crave it. So don’t, don’t think because you still crave whatever it was, that’s been a habit for so long, that that means the Holy Spirit is not working in your life, you just have to crucify that sin, you have to put it out of your life and and day after day, it’s like the radiation, I went through for cancer, I went through back and back, had to go every day for um a month and the radiation everyday worked on that cancer until hopefully, you know, it’s broken it down and it’s gone. So we come back and back to the cross every day. You say God, I just craved that drink. I just feel like I have to have that drink and bring it to the cross again and again. And and he will increasingly break that craving um whether it’s alcohol, whether it’s a an illicit relationship, whether it’s dishonesty, whether it’s addiction to something else, I don’t know, you know, drugs of course, so let me pray for you. Okay, so father, we come down and we thank you for the power of the Holy Spirit and I’m praying right now that you would open the hearts and minds of those who are watching and listening to understand that jesus in me is God the Holy spirit, the same one who transformed planet earth in genesis chapter one, the same one who lived in jesus, the same one that raised jesus from the dead. That same Holy Spirit lives in me and those who are listening have received him by faith to empower us to live a life of victory. We don’t have to live in defeat. We don’t have to live condemned by our sin and our guilt. So so Lord, I ask please that the Holy Spirit even at this moment would make what we’re talking about, make sense, make it real. And as people reach out to you and once again surrender their lives to your Holy Spirit, please, would you fill them with yourself? Would you give them that assurance that they belong to you, that you’ve got this, you take charge but they have to surrender everything to you in order for you to do that. So we commit them to you and the problems they’re facing, the addictions that they’re wrestling with Lord. We can, we committed to you knowing that you’re the one that sets us free. The scripture says where the spirit of the Lord is Lord, there is freedom so set us free. We ask please in jesus name and for his glory. Amen folks. Wasn’t this terrific today. I think I think an spoke through the Holy Spirit to many of you as you listen and I pray that you will follow through on what God spoke to you as you listen today. Thanks for joining us. Stay tuned. We’ve got a personal word for you in just a moment. Stay tuned john will be right back, Jesus said he came to seek and to save those who are lost. He says it was because God so loved the world. He loved you so much that he gave his one and only son that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. You see, Jesus came into the world to pay for your sins. He died on the cross and then he rose again so that you can be completely forgiven and spend eternity with him. This isn’t something that you can earn through your own good works. He offers it to you as a free gift which you can receive through putting your faith in him. If you would like to do this right now by asking Jesus to be your savior. I invite you to join me in this simple prayer, just say dear God, thank you for loving me. I know I’m a sinner. I ask for your forgiveness right now. I believe that Jesus is your son and that he died for all my sins on the cross. I also believe that you raised him from the dead and right now I want to trust him as my savior and follow him as my Lord from this day forward. Please give me the strength to live for you. I ask this in Jesus name. Amen. You know folks, one day I said a prayer just like that and if you prayed this today, I want you to know what God promises to do for you. The bible says who whatsoever shall call upon the name of the Lord, that’s you. If you just prayed this prayer and if you did, I want you to see what God says, he will do, he says shall be say that’s what God does. He promises to save you now if you’d like to watch this program again or share it with a friend, you can do so for free, right on your phone on our app, just go to the app store on your device and search for anchor berg. Once you download it, you can watch this series over and over again as well as 100 other programs anytime anywhere. Absolutely free. You can find these programs by tapping on the program’s icon on our apps homepage there. You can also find our large collection of question and answer videos where we have leading scholars answering your tough questions about the faith Along with this our app lets you read and even listen to the bible in over 1000 different languages. Simply tap on the bible icon displayed on the main page of our app. Once it opens, you can find your language by tapping on the box at the top. If you’ve never read or listened to the bible, I encourage you to find your language and check it out for yourself. The gospel accounts of Matthew, Mark luke and john are a great place to start. If you want to study a passage further, we have a large collection of bible studies by my friend Dr Wayne Barber. He does a great job of walking you through books of the bible verse by verse to help you better understand and apply God’s word. If you have not yet downloaded our app, I encourage you to try it out. These resources are also absolutely free on our website at J A show dot org.

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