Pro-Life Voices in Media

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TV and video are powerful tools that can be used to reach tens of millions of people, and some pro-lifers are using these tools to great effect. Host Brad Mattes sat down with:

Former sportscaster John Morales, who passionately uses his knowledge of the media industry for the pro-life movement. His team is currently working on a film called 40 that tackles many pro-abortion arguments.

Adam Hardy, a student film producer who constantly brings new perspectives to his work. Inspired by the Terri Schiavo case from 2005, Adam produced a film titled Hungry about a patient whose family and caretakers are fighting to save her life.

Nurse Gloria Hale and client services director Amy Beck of Women’s Choice Network in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, who launch successful television and Internet ad campaigns targeted at women in crisis pregnancies in the urban community.

Though outnumbered by pro-abortion messages, the pro-life voice is having a great impact on society and continues to be heard in the media landscape.

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