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Thank you for joining us as we bring to you the wives forum, inc this is a ministry that’s tailor made for wives and it’s an acronym W. E. S. Wives influential in virtuously embracing submission, you will learn that submission is not a bad word. Submission is a good word. We will give you testimonies, you will have teaching, you will have, we will have music and we will inspire you to hold on to the fact that submission is a good thing. Yeah. Hello again and welcome to let God lead. I’m so glad that you’re with us today, May the Lord bless you prosper your way. Grant you good success as we enter this new year. My God, we’re into a new year 2022. I pray the blessings of God to overflow in your life and that this ministry has been a blessing to you. So if it has been a blessing to you would love to hear from you. So reach out to us, call us. The numbers are all on the bottom of the screen so that you can connect with us at let God lead God leading and guiding your life. Come on, that’s the best way to start 2022. Start 2022 with God leading your life. Um, if you, for whatever reason straightaway, um, over the last two years, I trust that you’ll be back. You surrender your life to the Lord and you will move forward because today we’re gonna be talking about prayer and you know how important prayer is in your life. What’s the best way to start this new year? But with prayer start this new year with prayer and so we’re gonna be going through some scriptures. I want you to find the scriptures on your own and read them. This is your homework, your homework is to read first Samuel chapter 27 1st Samuel chapter 30. Read those scriptures and when maybe when I come back, we’ll be able to look at another example that’s found in the new testament about um praying. But in the meantime we’re just gonna look at this this particular scripture today. Okay, because we’re gonna be talking about Peter in prison but uh and and and and his family praying and then they did not believe in God that God would answer their prayer because prayer, prayer will give you your breakthroughs. Prayer will give your deliverance is it’s praying time. What other time we need to pray to know this is the time to pray. Alright, so father, thank you for this time together as we get into your word, we pray that you will be in our midst and just have those who are listening to hear you clearly as to the importance of praying so that they can get the breakthroughs that they need in their lives. Thank you for each and every single person who’s listening today, we praise you in jesus name with thanksgiving Amen. Now prayer is the key to your breakthrough. It’s praying time. Come on, it’s praying time. Prayer is a key. We’re going to be looking at if possible. I may just be able to do the old testament today and next time we will do the new testament. But I wanted us to look at two scriptures today that showed us the value and importance of prayer. And um, we’re living in an age where this is what we need. If we cannot make it without prayer. Prayer is very, very important to us. It’s filled with hate. This age is filled with trouble, Perplexities, hate, rage, explosive attitudes, racial conflicts, police indiscretions, primary security, alternative lifestyles, fear of what may happen. Um, with the government across the world and, and saints and friends. Let me tell you it’s time to pray. So let’s figure out. As we look at first, Samuel chapter 27, we’re looking at David. David is running from Saul and he got to a point where he’s tired. Sometimes we’re tired of running. We’re just tired of running. We want a relief. And he wanted a relief. So he said to himself, the bible says, and David said in his heart, you know, the hardest deceitful above all things and desperately wicked. And he said, I shall now perish one day by the hand of Saul, There’s nothing better for me than that. I should speedily escape in the land of the Philistines is going into enemy’s territory. And he said, Saul will look for me and cannot find me. He won’t look for me. He’s looking for me from coast to coast. But he’ll never find me among the Children of Israel because why I’m hiding in the enemy’s territory and David Arose, he passed over with 600 men that were with him onto Ashish Ashish, the son of King of God. And David dwelt within with Ashish at God. He and his men, their household, David and his two wives and they were having a ball. Okay, sol I was told that David was fled to Gotha and Saul is not going to come into the Philistines territory. So he said, you know what, let him stay over there, I’m not gonna go after him and him anymore. So he didn’t go after him. And so David said to Ashish now remember he’s in the enemy’s territory? He said to me, if I have found grace in your eyes then give me a tone, give me a tone where I can go with my people and they gave him Zeke lag and he was there in Zeke lag, okay, now because there’s a rivalry between the Philistines and the Children of Israel. You know, war is coming. So this big war ensued. And David, I said, you know what, let me go and fight with the Philistines. But in the meantime, because he was subtle, he really was fighting against Philistines, getting their goods and their properties and bringing it to Ashish, which means um um not Ashish to um what’s the name of the place that he was Zeke like, I mean Zeke lag Ashish, I gave him the run of the town and he brought all of this softer Zeke lag. Now one day all the armies of the Philistines got together all the kings, the princes and they got together because they were now on their way to go and attack Israel. And so he was there a full year and four months in the enemy’s territory pretending and lying and they stay there and Ashish did not know what he was doing behind the scenes that he would go and destroy the territories and bring the goods back into into into um his to the king and the king was like, whoa, look at what David is doing now they get up and I want to tell what verse that is. Okay. Um Verse 1st several, Chapter 28. Okay, first number 28 1 to 2 to three. And it came to pass in those days that the Philistines gathered their armies together for warfare to fight with Israel And as she said unto David, know thou shortly that you should go with me to battle you and your men. Now, come on, they’re going into Israel, you just think David’s gonna go fight Israel and kill his own people. David said to him, surely you shall know what your servant can do. And as she said to David therefore will I make you keep of mind head forever. Okay, now, now he’s made this big promise. He’s in the enemy’s territory and he’s gonna fight Israel, Come on, David fight Israel, He’s too smart for that. But he was lying. So then the first time in chapter 29 months through 10, the Philistines gathered together and when they saw ashes with David, the other Philistine Kings said, excuse me, What is David doing here? Do you know who this man is? And Ashes? Just like, don’t worry, he’s on our side. Oh, man, he hates the Children of Israel. Mm mm mm mm mm mm mm mm mm. He is on our side and the kings said, are you idiots? Or what are you fool? Do you think David is going to turn on Israel? And they said to ashes, Get rid of him. We don’t want him fighting with us. Because what if he turns against us? Because he’s such a powerful man? He will slay all of us. So get rid of him. So they told David, Ashes came to David and said, David, you got to go, sorry, sorry, sorry. But the other kings don’t trust you. You have to go And he begged to stay. And then you know what he said, Forget it. Let me go back home. And so he goes home with his men. When I say home and me, he goes to Zeke lag. And on his way to Zeke. Like he met a few people and he was talking. But here’s the thing that I want you to understand. Okay, David in first timer. Chapter 30. David now and his men came to Zeke Lag after they traveled for three days, they made the family kites and they and they and they smoke them and invaded the south and zigzag. What happened was while he was in the enemy’s territory, the um Alaa kites, the um Alaa kites invaded Zeke Lag and burnt it to the ground, Not just burned to the ground, took everybody took all the people or the wives or the Children or the cattle took everything and left and burdens. Eclac. And so now David with his 600 men, come to zig zag and bam. The place is desolate and it’s ruined. And the men said to themselves, David, because you did this to us, they were ready to come against him. And this is where David now turns to God for prayer because they were ready to stone him. They were ready to say. This is what you did to us. Look at what you did to us. Where’s my husband? Where’s my wife? Where’s my Children? Where’s my property? Where’s my sheep? My goats, oxen. Everything is gone and David was distressed for the people spoke of stoning him because the soul of all the people was grieved, Every man grieved for his sons for his daughters. But the Lord encouraged David. David reached out to the Lord and encouraged himself in the Lord? Now listen, ladies and gentlemen, every now and then you’re gonna have to encourage yourself. Why are you so downcast? O my soul? That’s why David can write like he did with the psalms. Because he went through, he had to encourage himself because he knew what his God could do and he knew that he had made a mistake and he didn’t say, you know what? Listen too bad, too bad guys. You’re on your own. No, He went and sought the Lord and that’s where the prayer initiative comes into play. Where he decided to seek God. He went to the priest and said, I pray you bring me the and Abbas are brought together the effort to David and David and quiet of the Lord now he said to the Lord Lord, Lord Lord, what should I do? What was the last time you said to the Lord Lord, what should I do? Or did you come up with your own plans like he did? Because he said in his heart, this is what I’m going to do. His heart deceived him. He lied. And now his home that the Philistines had given to him was burnt to the ground. zero clock and his wives are gone. His Children are gone. His, his his men are upset with him and now he decided to pray. It’s praying time for David praying time for David because he did it a breakthrough. And he went to God and he said, God, what should I do? Should I go after these people? Should I go and try to get this back? And the Lord answered him and said, go, because you will recover everything. Isn’t that great? How God is? He will recover everything. And I’m telling you, I can see David in distress running from Saul. He was in a state of desperation and he took matters into his own hands. Don’t take matters into your own hands. Ladies and gentlemen, give it to the Lord, whatever it is, you don’t have the solution. You do not know what to do. You may think you do, but you do not know what to do. Trust God. So, David. Finally, after he made a mess of things, decided to fix it, because he said in his heart. Now, let me just talk to you a little bit about the heart. The hardest tricky. No one The heart is the center of emotions, the personality and attributes. The innermost sort of feeling of love, sympathy, accelerate are in the heart. # two, here are some familiar phrases that we hear and we use occasionally, Oh, after one’s own heart, that which pleases one perfectly. I’m gonna do this after my own heart because it pleases me. I’m going after my own heart because it’s telling me to do this and to do this. But guess what, That’s what I’m going to do. Have you ever made that decision? I said, listen, I don’t care. That’s how my heart feels, what my heart is telling me to do. And I’m just gonna go ahead and do it. I’m gonna buy that car because I want that car. I don’t care if it put me in debt. Come on and then later on you’re in debt. You don’t know how to pay your ties because you use your tires money to buy that car because you think you needed that car because you wanted to compare yourself and compete with the neighbor. Come on, grow up, grow up. You don’t know how the neighbor got the cars that they got. They might have four cars, but you do not know what they’re dealing with at home. So you trust God. And so there’s another phrase that says at heart at heart in accordance with the person’s innermost nature or deepest feelings on his eyes. He didn’t take the job because he’s a singer at heart. That’s a good example. I’m not taking that job because you know, I’m a singer at heart. So I’m not gonna take that job. The other word. The other phrases set one’s heart on ever had that. I set my heart on that piece of furniture. I’ve been looking at that furniture for years and watching it man and with nowhere to go and steal. So I set my heart on it. And the example is her heart is set on buying those shoes. Don’t speak about buying shoes, honey cause I like shoes. So I see it if it’s on sale, I’m gonna buy it if it’s not on sale ah I like a sale but I set my heart on it. Now another word take to heart to consider seriously what it said. Here’s an example. The congregation listened to the word of God that was preached to them and took to heart the lessons learned. Those are the words that we hear. Take hard, come on, take hard Saints take heart. You know, you’ve heard that phrase before to receive courage or comfort from some fact. So even though you’re you failed the test, Take heart, You can take it again. We’ve heard those phrases of what is God saying? What is God saying about the heart Galatians 65 and God saw that the wickedness of man, excuse me, was great in the earth and that every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil, continually. Hence came the flood. Alright. In the psalms we read with a double heart. Do they speak? The fool says in his heart there is no God created me a clean heart. Even men imagine mischief in their heart proverbs is filled with examples of being in the of the heart Jeremiah. The heart is deceitful above all things. Look so many examples of this little heart and we think we’re so good, we think we’re so perfect. We think we’re so wonderful. But this heart is wicked and it’s deceitful and its desperately wicked in the bible. And this is just wicked is desperately wicked. When you think about what’s happening today, when you think about parents, how they hurt their babies, what they do with their Children taking their Children and starving them, taking their Children abusing the babies so that they end up dead. Come on. What kind of heart is that? So what was the outcome of David’s reasoning? Because he said to himself, I’m not gonna ask the Lord. So he took matters into his own hand. He aligned himself with the enemy. They became bedfellows you’ve heard and you’ve heard the story, you’ve heard the phrase, If you lay with dogs, you’re gonna lie. You’re gonna get up with fleas. If you lay with dogs, you’re gonna get up with fleas. Well, he was laying with the enemy and he’s gonna get up with fleas, he’s gonna get up defeated. So he took a major risk without the blessings of the Lord. He was lied. He lied. And he deceived. He he had evasive behaviors. The Philistines gathered to fight against Israel and so, so much went on and on with him. So when he went back to zig, like he found destruction and grief and then what did he do? He began to weep. Don’t wait for the destruction to come to weep, do what is right in the beginning, do what is right up front. David did not do what’s right. And now here he is bowing before the Lord. But but God answered his prayer, he inquired of the Lord. God answered his prayer. He went into the enemy’s territory and he took back everything that the enemy stole from him. He just didn’t walk in slowly. They walked in and when they walked in, the enemy was having a party with all his stuff. Oh, they’re good enemy dancing and carrying on with their wives. And and David marched in with his men marched in and took everything back because God heard his prayer. So don’t wait until you are desperate to pray seek the Lord before you make those decisions call on him and he will hear you and he will give you the direction that you need to take, so that you do not make the mistake like he did. And so in in in in Acts, we look at Acts, chapter 12: verse five through 17. I’m not going to be the whole thing because you know the story. Peter was in prison and um on prayer was made for him without ceasing of the Church of God and him. So now these people are praying without ceasing morning, evening, noon and night, The Prince of Peter who is in jail and when Herod would have brought him forth the same night, Peter was sleeping between two soldiers bound with two chains and the keepers before the door kept the prison. So he was shot in verse seven. The Angel of the Lord. Come on. The Angel of The Lord can show up in your life, can show up in your home. The Angel of the Lord came upon him and the light shone in the prison and he hit David Peter on the side and took him up and said, Get up, get up, get up, get up his chains, fell off from his hands and his feet. And the angel said to him, put your clothes on, gird yourself together, put your sandals on. He did. And he said, put your garments on and follow me. All of this is happening while the guards asleep and the guards are there? But God shut the eyes of the guards and they did not see what Peter was encountering. And so the angel brought him out and put him out in the street and when they were past the first word that came to the first ward I should say Before he got on the street past the first ward, they came into the iron gate that led into the city which opened to them without a key. Whoa! Opened without a key. Can you imagine that? And he went out and passed on through the streets and forth with the angel departed from him. My God! The angels took him out and brought him into the street. Do you know that Angels are real? Angels are real God can send an angel to help you to bring you out. And now here’s the part that was interesting about the prayer. Now Peter said my God what is happening Peter I can’t understand what’s happening. And when he considered the thing he came to the house where they were praying ha he came to the house where they were praying and he’s knocking on the gate and the little damsel came out and she saw pit at the gate and she couldn’t believe it wasn’t she praying for him to be released. But when she saw him she couldn’t believe it. So she goes back inside, her name was Rhoda and she knew his voice but she opened not the gate because she was glad, that’s what it said and she opened not the gate for gladness which means she was glad to see him. But she was so excited she did not open the gate And she told um she told the people, she went into the people and she said to him, Peter is outside and you know what they said to her you don’t know what you’re talking about, you’re crazy, you’re mad these prayer warriors, these intercessor praying for Peter to be released praying and when the girls saw him with gladness in her heart she was excited she heard him, she went to tell them and they said that she was mad but she constantly she pushed thank God for that girl pushing Yes, it’s peter. Yes it’s peter! I heard him I heard him. And then they said, nah it’s an angel, it can’t be Peter, I think it’s so funny. We pray and we pray and God comes through for us and we say it’s not God, it can’t be God, it’s an angel. But Peter continued knocking, open up, let me in! Open up, let me and the people are like, wait a minute. That sounds like Peter’s voice and he continued knocking and when they opened the door and saw him they were what the bible says, astonished. Are you going to be astonished when God answers your prayer. Come on, it’s praying time and pray by faith, pray believing, pray trusting, pray expecting P uh David walked in the enemy’s territory and he took back what satan stole. You may have to go into enemy’s territory and take back what satan took from you. He took your Children, he took your job, He took your finances, He took your health. He took your peace of mind. Go back and get your peace of mind. Go, get your joy back. Go and get your job back. Come on. Don’t be like the people who saw heard that Peter was at the gate and did not believe you’re praying by faith. Believe it’s praying. Time the breakthroughs are coming through your prayers and he we opened the door. They were astonished and he beckoned onto them with the hand to hold their peace and declared unto them how the Lord had brought him out of prison and he said, go show these things unto James and to the brethren and he departed and went to another place. I’m encouraging you today. With this. The chains are coming off now as you pray for your spouse, your Children, your loved ones, your finances, your health, you’re healing as you pray for your house for the acquisition of a new car. Know what college he has in mind for you? Uh you pray for your education. Some of you may be praying for peace, Joy, victory, freedom from guilt, fear, hatred, freedom from past hurts, past mistakes, lots of a job or whatever you may be facing today. Come on, lift your hands and say, yes, Lord, yes, Lord, I surrender my will and my way to you. I will do that which is right in your sight. I’m not gonna be like David and make make it up in my own heart because that’s what my heart wants. This is the desire of my heart and I’m gonna go after what my heart says. But I’m going to go after what God says, Go after what God says. And then with boldness, if enemy stole some stuff from you um declaring today, I’m decreeing today that with the power and the anointing of the Holy Spirit, go into that territory and say sit and get your hands off. Let my son go. Let my daughter go in the name of jesus, let my husband go. Let my wife go in the name of jesus. Release the finances, satan let you tie it up. Release the finances in the name of jesus and take what is yours? What is rightfully yours in the name of jesus? Take it because it belongs to you, Peter sleeping in prison. Look at what God did for him. How God turned his life around while you were sleeping. God is working while you’re in your bed sleeping, God is working. So take your hands off and stop fighting and rest. Stop fighting and trust, Stop fighting and trying to figure it out on your own and rest. He was bound between two soldiers, his hands and chains and the soldiers. 16 soldiers are watching him. 16. What satan meant for evil. God can turn around for good. Now one of those soldiers saw him leave when the angels came and shut their eyes so they could not see. So whatever satan’s plan has for you to destroy you and your family and to destroy your peace of mind. I am telling you ladies and gentlemen, we serve a God who is bigger than satan, bigger than his plans, bigger than what the plans of the plans that the enemy has for you. So trust him. Trust him. Your breakthrough is not an afterthought! Your breakthrough is not an afterthought God didn’t just say, oh my God, I made a mistake. Let me do this. No, before the foundations of the world. He knew your breakthrough was coming. So receive your breakthrough. I pray right now in the name of jesus. So Father, thank you, thank you for your word. Ladies and gentlemen, I pray that this word encouraged you today that if satan stole some things from you, go back into the enemy’s territory and take it back, take back what Satan stole from you. If you store your peace, your joy, your happiness in the name of jesus, do not go through 2022. Starting this year in the doldrums, come on, lift up your heads o ye gates be lifted up, ye everlasting doors and the king of glory shall come in. Who is this King of Glory? The Lord strong and mighty. The Lord mighty in battle. He’s fighting for you. He’s fighting for me. He’s fighting for us right now. The same way he fought for peter and brought peter out so you rest in the assurance of the Lord and let him lead your heart so that you make the right decisions. Father, thank you for this day, thank you. That in this new year, this new year that we’re facing in this new year, we will cry out to you, we will know that our breakthroughs will come through prayer or breakthroughs will come through faith. Our breakthroughs will come through trusting you or God as we go into the enemy’s territory and take back what he stole from us. So thank you for healing. Thank you for deliverance is thank you for miracles that we’re going to see in 2022. Because we’re trusting the true and living God. We give you all the glory and all the praise in jesus name. We pray with thanksgiving amen God bless you as you start this year, as this year is right around the corner and as we go through it, we’re blessing the Lord for what he’s going to do. So, God bless you. If you’d like to reach out to us. Information is on the bottom of your screen, call us, email us, text us. And we will respond. We’d love to hear from you. And don’t forget get a copy of our book called The reveal, Our e V A L, which is published by Zebra Creative Publishing Company, another subsidiary of what I am doing through let God lead God bless you and have a wonderful day. And the rest of your week in the Lord. I won’t know the plan there for me. One billion people still don’t have a complete bible in their language, illuminations is on a mission to change that make an eternal impact for only $35. You can have a Bible verse translated in a language awaiting God’s word. So I’m working with a group that’s called the 12 verse challenge. 12 verse challenge. We are memorizing 12 verses and those 12 verses will be translated into the language of choice and it’s going to be done for a year. We will be raising monies $35 per verse, $35 for perverse 12 months each month. You can put out $35 per month. And at the end of 12 months we would have raised from your donations, $425 or you can give the $425 up front or you can give above and beyond that to help us Bring the Bible to the Bible. Less people, people who have never heard the gospel of Jesus Christ in their own language. This is a powerful opportunity. So what I want you to do, you can call me at (718) 708 3348. Or you can go to the website that I am in charge of its W W W 0.12 V c dot com backslash. Hope H O p E. And you can see what we’re doing to raise funds to eliminate bible poverty. Thank you God bless you and have a great day in. The Lord, thank you for being with us at let God lead. Call us 7187083348 or email us at contact at let God lead dot org. The Lord bless you. Let God lead”}],”

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