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Bible Capsule of today…Ephesians 1:1



“:”Welcome to our bible capsule of today, we are reading from the features chapter one verse one, paul. An apostle of jesus christ by the Will of God. Where is paul paul is in prison, he’s an older man now he’s getting more revelation of the word of God in prison. But you know what, he doesn’t lose his purpose, his calling and his policies and he starts writing to the book of Ephesians to the people in Ephesus stating who he is. I am an imposter of christ and I’m I’m an apostle, not because of my will, but because of the will of my God, of the God of the university. You know, sometimes we both feel problems through difficulties and we forget, we don’t forget who you represent by the will of God. We represent the Lord jesus christ in whatever position he has assigned you, whatever replacing has grounded you the will of God. It will have gone bond the calling that that I represent, jesus christ. Oh may the peace of God that surpasses all human understanding God your heart and mind in christ, jesus. Our Lord piece

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