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Bible Capsule of today …2 King 6:17



Welcome to our bible capsule of today we have reading from Second Kings chapter six verse 17 an Elijah prayed O Lord open his eyes so he may see then the Lord opened servants eyes and he looked and saw the hills full of horses and chariots of fire all around Elisha. If you read the story, Samaria had just surrounded Elijah and his servant. I mean they were gonna be prisoners and I mean his servant is there to protect Elijah and he’s afraid. He said oh my God what am I gonna do? Elijah was at peace. He had seen the protection of God. He has seen the horses, the chariot of horses with fire. I mean all around him. But you know what today? Many people are anxious, surrounded by thoughts with the news, things don’t look good all over the world. Space war. They speak about so many hack uh and bank accounts and I mean people are really anxious. People are really scared full of fear. But you know what? The confidence to trust paul prayed also the same prayer that Elijah did for his his servant. And I prayed over you. Make God open our eyes so we can see the multitudes of legions of angels surrounding us protecting us. They’re even they’re even protecting your bank account. Nothing is gonna I mean stock markets don’t look good. You know I understand that and you know um you know news are a real but also angels are real and he’s protecting us and a sound mind you know that we can sleep in peace and we can trust God in the midst of of everything. I mean we’re praying for Ukraine, we’re praying for I mean people around us, but the only thing we can really prey so people can be comfort is that the eyes of their understanding will be open if it’s coming up, the Lord praise God. Whatever it is, God is in control, May the peace of God to surpasses all human understanding God, your heart and mind in christ jesus, our Lord Peace.

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