Oklo Nuclear Reactor and other Questions

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Paul and Eric answer some tough questions, including the Oklo natural nuclear reactor.



the following program is made possible by the friends and partners of God quest ministries from the C. T. N. Studio in Pensacola florida. This is creation today where we believe the bible is literally true and scientifically accurate from the very beginning and were not ashamed to say so I’m one of your hosts eric heaven and I’m paul taylor and we’re here each episode to answer your questions on science and the bible cover what’s going on in Creation today and why it matters to you. If you have questions, send them into questions at creation today. If you are a twitter person, you can twitter us at creation today and if you’re on facebook, join us facebook dot com slash Creation today, enjoy the show. Mm hmm. We’re having a lot of fun on creation today answering lots of questions on creation versus evolution, science and the bible this month, the month of june, we’re offering a special deal that at a ridiculous price. The big three is on sale for just $99. That’s my dad’s 18 hour seminar series, the beginning series that some guy did named ERic and the God Economic series with chad Hovan which really does a great job. It provides an answer for the economic problems that we’re seeing in our, in our world today. So we’re really enjoying that and you can get that for the month of june if you’re watching this in june If you’re not watching it in june, sorry, you missed out. You have to see what we got coming up whenever that time comes. Hey, we got more questions that are coming in from the live broadcast. I am enjoying those. They’re they’re great fun and we had a lot of questions that we didn’t get a chance to answer on the live with some of you guys are emailing your questions in also and we’re going through those as fast as we can. So if you don’t get a response right away, our apologies, we really are working on getting those to you. The question that came in from Richard Enderlin and this is by the way, um we did a broadcast where they said, well how come you’re not answering the hard questions? And this is one that came in that we saw later and I thought, okay, well, hey, I’m gonna let paul tackle this one because it sounds kinda hard. Alright, let me let me throw this one at you. When did the natural nuclear reactor at Oak Low. Okay, L. O occur. And what was its rate of reaction and what physical evidence is lead you to this timeline and conclusion? I think what he’s trying to say there is obviously this took a long time, you’re young Earth creationist. How in the world can you fit this into the young earth creation timeline? How does that work, first of all explain this to us to put it down on the number of questions that we that we get and of course the first thing that will occur to our viewers is what is he talking about? What is what is most people have not heard of Oakland? That’s for sure. Well, I better give a very brief explanation what Arklow is. Don’t fall asleep by the way that it will be very, very brief. And to see the real point about this is not a scientific point And we’ll come to that in a minute. But please just bear with me for a second. Oakland is a place in the country of Gabon, in in Africa. It’s a it’s a place where French scientists, the French nuclear industry mine the uranium. And in the early 1970s they were they were mining at this particular spot and digging up uranium. And they had they noticed a problem. You see you’re naturally occurring uranium contains two isotopes. Now don’t worry about the word isotopes to basically two types of atoms of the same element has nothing to do with being cold. That’s right. And there’s uranium 235. There’s uranium 238 and the percentage of uranium 235 is about 2350.72% in naturally occurring uranium. So the vast majority of it is uranium 238. But it’s the uranium 235. That is useful for nuclear power stations. It’s what’s known as a fissile material. If you viewed the atom as if it was a sort of lump of plaster seen, it could be split apart. So you’ve got two new smaller atoms that happens in a nuclear reaction. And the point is that when they dug this up in the early 19 seventies, they discovered that it contained only 190.71% of uranium 235, which doesn’t sound a huge difference. But they had to report this under international law because that is the percentage of uranium 235 you get in um materials come out of the nuclear reaction. It’s already been almost what you would call spent. They’ve already used fuel and now here it is. They can’t use it in the nuclear reactor anymore. So the assumption was that may be a natural nuclear fission reaction had taken place underground. Nobody’s ever seen this happen. But they said that maybe this could have happened that somehow it could have gone critical by itself underground in order to go critical, they said it had to be 3% uranium 235. Now, the issue then is, and there is some evidence that maybe this did occur. I’m not saying it didn’t occur and saying, we don’t know, but there are other confirm nor deny. There is some evidence because the nuclear reaction produces these smaller atoms, various other elements. And those are some of those are present in the rock. So there’s some suggestion it could be true. Um Now uranium 235 has a shorter half life than your in in 238, half life is roughly a sort of measure of how fast the thing is disappearing. I know it’s more complicated than that. But bear with me again. So in other words, then as time went going on in the back, as time went back, you would expect to have more uranium 235 in the past. And so they worked out that in order to have 3% the amount for critical nuclear reactions, that would have to be two billion years ago. So obviously that’s that’s their calculation. So you see the bible can’t be treated say 6000 years ago. The silver, that’s the silver bowl. We’re done here. And I wonder whether if people send us emails or that they’re expecting that reaction. That will So I am so stupid. We are done with Creation Ministry now because it’s there, there it is, there is there is an assumption behind the question. The assumption is, has these have these nuclear reactions always been going on at the same time? Just a quick bit of science here, You could look this up on some of the scientific creation websites, for instance, you could look up the rate um material radio activity in the age of the earth. And you’ll see that there is plenty of scientific evidence that suggests that at some point in the past, um the half lives of uranium was faster than it is today. So, you could have got critical reactions in the past. But the real point here is that there is an assumption behind the question. This person is assuming something and assuming that when we see this, we will immediately throw everything away. So what’s the whole point about this? He thinks he’s got a silver bullet that disproves creation and this is the non scientific, but that’s so important for you altogether, isn’t it? And and the point is, the real point is we’re not going to look at it from that perspective. We look at it through God’s lens through God’s perspective. So we don’t look at the evidence and say, oh, well, maybe the bible’s wrong. We start with God’s word is true. God is right now, how does the evidence fit with it? Now? Evolutionists do the same thing. They’re looking at everything through their worldview saying, well, I’m not going to believe the bible and I’m gonna say that I don’t believe in God, even though they do romans Chapter one. And so it really comes down to our presuppositions what we already believe to be true. If you were to look at the same thing exactly what we just talked about, and it looks like it’s two billion years according to the rate of decay and stuff. And you’re looking at it through this lens, you’re obviously going to say, well that is incorrect. It is not two billion years old, it doesn’t go back that far, there are plenty of of scientific explanations. If we wanted to look at those where we start with the bible being true. But the question is that the underlying thought behind the question is that the bible is wrong. And therefore that that’s that that’s what’s being stated in this question. We’re going to start by saying the bible is correct and that’s that’s the issue. And then we look at we look at what that what the implications of that are. Now. Some of you guys are going to be rather disappointed because you’re going to say, well hang on, I want all the science that proves that this does not me and the earth is billions of years old. Give me all the science behind that. And even if we did, you still wouldn’t accept creation. That’s right because it’s been done over and over. I could perhaps take you back in time to a time just a few 1000 years ago when a nuclear reaction was happening in those rocks. And if you saw that, you’d still say, well that doesn’t explain it. You’ve got to start by this at this point about belief. Don’t get us wrong. We love evidence. I mean evidence is great to bolster the christian’s faith and I believe you really can look at the science behind this Institute for Creation Research. Did the rape project costs a lot of money by the way. You might want to support them. Uh Creation dot com. Some of the scientists with cm I have done some great research on this. So we do have the scientific evidence and the answers. But before we even get to that in this first segment we just wanted to emphasize, it doesn’t matter. We’re going on our pre supposition, God’s word. There’s no silver bullet against the Creation worldview if you will. That really isn’t. Hey, we got more to talk about a couple more questions we want to answer to get more into this. Talk about that right after the break. Yeah, mm hmm mm hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm. Yeah. Yeah, Welcome back. You’re watching Creation today with eric Hovan and paul Taylor. And you know eric just before the break we were talking about presuppositions behind questions and the questions that were asked about the Oakland reactor had a presupposition behind it, that’s the point. A lot of people get really upset and uptight about questions that were asked. They’re thinking to themselves, how am I going to manage to have all the answers available? All the science. What if somebody asked me about the Oakland reactor, what am I going to say? Exactly? And the point is obviously it’s great if you if you’ve got some answers and you know the science and use that. But anyone can answer this because the point is to look at the presupposition and you see the question had a presupposition that the bible is not true that there is no God. But the thing is that as soon as you have that presupposition, it’s the case, isn’t it? That you don’t really have a basis for what’s true and false, but have truth. Exactly. That’s the whole point of that presupposition is our worldview. Our presupposition allows for absolute truth. Absolutely. The atheist or evolutionary worldview cannot account for an absolute truth. I gotta tell you, I love it every time they say they we get into this because they’ll say you can’t have absolute truth and all you gotta do is say, yeah, how do you know that? We’ll have to talk more about that because I love that. Speaking of presuppositions though, we’ve got a presupposition that God’s word is true from the very beginning. The first book, which is genesis and we decided that we there it is, I would do a project called genesis. What we’re gonna do, paul is were taken as you know, The first three chapters of genesis and producing it in an animated format like Avatar where instead of just reading in the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth, you can watch it happen right in front of your eyes, I’m telling you this is going to prove to be an incredible project that’s gonna take anywhere from 12 to 14 months to complete. But if you want to get more information on that you can go to genesis series dot com genesis series dot com and check that out. It’s really, really gonna be cool if you didn’t get our current magazine, it’s actually a newsletter slash magazine. So we call it at new zine. That’s a cool way to say it. So if you didn’t get our news in, you can view it online at Creation today dot org slash current forward slash current. It’s, it’s a very exciting project and it’s a it’s a great, great seem So do please have a look at that? Well, we’ve been looking at some of the questions that we didn’t get time to answer a couple of weeks ago in the live webcast. And here’s one from Sasha who says if water shot out when the fountains of the deep broke open, how did it not tip over the arc? Wouldn’t that cause a problem? Um, you know, I gotta say, as we look at this, I’m wondering if Sasha is a believer or an unbeliever, because if we are going to claim the name of christ and claim to believe in God and claim to believe in God’s word, why would I even ask this question. God said it, that settles it. We were talking to a gentleman earlier, he said, you know, I want to change that bumper sticker. God said it, that’s what I believe it. That settles it. It doesn’t matter if you believe it crosses exactly. God said it. That settles in it and it really does and that’s our presuppositions? So this question of course is assuming maybe God’s word could have a problem with the Ozark here and, and, and let’s be fair because this, this may be a christian who’s, who’s struggling to to believe the bible, wants to believe the bible and it is being bombarded by these questions and thinking, well, does this, does this mean that I haven’t got the evidence? Does this mean that I haven’t got the reasons for this? And what we need to to say is it’s not about that, it’s about making sure that you’ve got your feet planted on the right foundation, the foundation of stone, the firm foundation, which is that God’s word is true. And so if you think about the question if water shot out when the fountains of the deep broke open, you know, when I was just thinking about one of my Children, when, when he was a small boy, he was very, very keen on asking what if questions, but what if daddy, what if this happens? What if you know what if the sky falls down? Whatever. Uh, you give an answer, You know, what’s going to happen? Well, what if this, you know, and we’re going on holiday, we’re going to get in the car and we’re going to pack it up. But what if the car breaks down vacation vacation. But what if the car breaks down on the way, you know? And uh, well if it breaks down on the way, then we’ve got the breakdown insurance. But what if they can’t find it? And it was just one and I’m being facetious. But that’s what we have here. We’re saying. I believe you got. But what if you’re wrong, what if the, the art was on top of the fountains of the deep? The fact is it wasn’t. And what is the purpose of the arc? The whole purpose of the art? Was that God put it there? Yes, We can look at the science of hydro dynamically stable. The right sort of combination of, Of dimensions 300 x 50 x 30, which we know is the best combination of dimensions, dimensions. But what’s the real fundamental point? The real fundamental point is this that this ark which was waterproofed all over with pitch and that word pitch of course is used elsewhere in the old testament was the word atonement. You see the atoning blood of jesus christ will fireproof was against the, against the, against the judgment to come just like the atoning covering on the ark, waterproof. The ark. The ark is if you want the technical theological term, it’s a type of christ that is beautiful. I I had no idea about that. I mean, you’re about to start this whole what if thing is going to bring out the preacher and me, man, I’m ready to start preaching. You need to stop asking what if about God he said it, let’s trust it’s not the what is being said, it’s who is saying it? Why are we questioning the creator of the universe? Why are we questioning who said it? C you know, I was I was sort of joking about myself of course he’s growing up now and he said somebody said some wise things, he was saying, he was saying to me just a couple of weeks ago, you know, you know, Daddy says the the flood is like a type of the First Coming of christ and the second Coming of christ, if you’re not sure what the term type means. You know, you can have some stories that are allegorical, where their story and they have a sort of hidden meaning. Now, I personally believe there’s nothing in the bible. It’s allegorical. Um but there are people who write stories as allegories then, of course you’ve got accounts that are historically true. And when you got the use of the word type, it’s both historically true. It happened. But God put it there for a purpose as well. It’s almost both right? There. It is both. It is both that God did that. So the art is a real thing and God put that into history to show us something about the nature of what of what he was doing, the flood itself, type of the second Coming in the sense of the judgment of God and the ark as being the type of the First Coming of christ because we’re saved through the flood because nowhere in his family was saved and you know why no one was saved. We we don’t we in genesis six verse eight, noah found grace in the eyes of the Lord, right? There is God’s Grace. Hebrews tells us that he did this, He built the ark through faith. Noah was saved by Grace through faith. Where else do we read that in salvation? We can have, we can have faith in jesus christ by grace through faith. What a beautiful type. What a beautiful picture of something that really took place. Um We were talking yesterday about the whole arc thing and if if somebody found the ark today, would would we still be able to ask this question? Well, hey, what, what if the art got tipped over? Isn’t that gonna cause a problem? First of all, the question is doubting God, that’s the that’s the same problem Ive had in the garden of Eden. She she thought she could decide, She thought she could choose. And and I realized, you know, we’re, we’re kind of almost getting to uh to a point where it’s just so much repetition of why do you guys keep saying, well, you just gotta believe the bible. You just gotta believe God, just give me the science behind it instead. Just just show me the evidence and let me decide for myself if if the ark really could have been tipped over. If it couldn’t have been tipped over sometimes it’s important for us to repeat those sort of things over and over again. Like one preacher was asked why do you keep preaching that you’ve got to be born again? So simple. It’s because you’ve got to be born again. That’s exactly right. And the truth is, we’ve got to trust God and we’ve got to trust is what it’s the only thing that makes sense of reality that we see today. Hey, you know, it’s exciting to answer these questions on the bible. We’ve got lots more questions to answer and we’re going to be doing that straight away after this. Our three most popular resources are now available at a special package price. Get our award winning creation seminar are beginning series and are topical guide economic series, all for just $99 for answers about creation evolution and dinosaurs, thousands around the world have turned to dr Kent heavens, fast paced, fully illustrated creation seminar. It’s our most requested resource and now features 31 foreign language subtitles for a creation experience for groups, erIC heavens, beginnings series includes a handy guide that provides practical ways to apply each lesson to everyday life here. What the Almighty says about the Almighty dollar in our new topical DVD Got economics, a fun engaging, fact filled journey into God’s wisdom on money For a limited time. Get all three resources for just $99 to order call 1877479 34 66 or visit creation store dot org for the big three package. Welcome back to Creation today. Where we are answering your questions about creation evolution, science and the bible. I am joined by paul, taylor and I’m eric Hovland got another question here that we wanted to get to in just a couple of minutes. Uh Let’s see your question number three, What was created on the first day of creation? Just light or the Earth or both, paul. What was made on the first day of creation? And how would we have this knowledge? Well, the only way that we can find out what was created on the first day science experiments. That’s right. Yeah. We need to we need to go back and come up with a hypothesis and test our hypothesis and we need to look at the things in nature To discover this, right? It’s a bit like how we would do an experiment to find out. You know that I was born in England 27 years ago. You know in the same way. 27 years. Wait a minute. 27. Dude, Maybe The experiments Not quite right, OK. A bit longer, longer than 27 28 some months and months and months. Quite a lot of some months. You know, you could you could do some expensive measure the wrinkles on my eyes, count how fast they’re appearing And then you would extrapolate them back in time. And you could calculate exactly when I was born. We would find out no trouble is there’s nobody alive today who was in the room when I was born? My mother died. My father wasn’t allowed in there. He died as well. But he wasn’t allowed in the room. They didn’t allow people in the room that day. In the 1800s. It was a totally different. That’s right. There was no science in those days. And the leeches obviously we’re real property. What’s the best way to find? There’s no science experiment could do. So I could prove nevertheless, I prove to you that I was born on a particular day in Manchester. And I do that not by a science experiment, but by giving you a document. And that document is called a birth certificate. Because birth certificates are not difficult to find unless you’re the president of the United States. I wasn’t gonna, I wasn’t gonna say, okay now I’m an american. I’ll say it, you’re here. So you see, the point is we don’t do the science experience to go back and to find out what happened on the first day. Have we got a document around that will tell us, oh, it is just a minute. Just a minute. Yeah. And then so we’re looking and we’re looking at the book of genesis and it tells us and we’re being facetious but facetious. But it really is serious as a serious and I realized this is a serious question that some people have, hey, what really was made on day one was that the light the earth? What exactly? And there, I think the reason they’re probably asking that is because as you read forward later on, it says he formed the earth and things like this is the issue you see, and it’s very clearly tells us in the first few verses that the Earth was made on the first day in the beginning, God made the heavens and the earth and that means everything that’s made. And uh, and that God, that God made light let there be light. So we know those things. So again, I’m assuming that this person can read this in, in the bible. I really don’t want to be facetious again about this, assuming it’s there. So there is a presupposition behind the question, which is, did it actually happen the way that it says here? Or is there some hidden meaning that they’ve missed? And folks, it happened the way it said, what are the first four words? Because the first four words are so important, aren’t they in the beginning? God, what is what is the importance of that statement? You see if we were talking about what actually happened, what was the evidence, What can, what can we work out scientifically if that’s what was in God’s mind about how, what what about what we should be doing here and then the bible would have been given to us differently. And you see the bible then would have started with a huge long essay. You know when I was told to write how you talk to write essays, I was always taught, you know, you start by putting the arguments on one side, you put the argument on the other side and you bring a conclusion. So you start with you know, the existence of God. Then let’s have the arguments, arguments against what’s the you know, what what what is the balance after we take all these pro and con arguments, Okay, Are you left with more pro arguments or more con arguments which cancels each other out? The issue is the bible doesn’t do that. Never bible starts by saying in the beginning, God, it it makes a an assumption right there or a statement right there That we don’t have. There is no argument in God’s word for the existence of God. And this is just an interesting point as we get to what he made on day one so many christians try to argue for the existence of God and try to give people evidence of God. When the bible says they already believe in him because the evidence does not make sense without the presupposition because, you know, if you could present that evidence, if you do that in the absence of God, then how can you possibly trust that evidence anyway, because the evidence only has sends and meaning with the presupposition that God’s there because as we were just saying before that without God, there are no absolute truth. The absolute truth is there because of God. And in the world view, therefore of the non christian or let’s let’s be honest, because there are many christians who can’t get this idea and they think well God, there’s all this impression given that God sort of let things go and then he’s just sort of stepped back and watched it and really actually they are practically atheists, they might say they believe in God, but they don’t believe that God’s got anything to do with, they don’t act as if he really did it the way he said he did it. So in that case there is no basis for these people, there was no basis for them to say what’s absolutely right, there is no basis for that, that they can underline their statements of what’s true and false. And every time they make an absolute statement of here’s something that happened here is a piece of evidence, they’re actually standing on God, They’re standing on this foundation, this very foundation now for the christians out there that say, okay, okay, eric and paul, I believe in God, I got all that, Okay, I know he’s there and I know everybody believes in him, what did God make on day number one? Well, we have to read here, God made God created the heavens and the earth? And the point there is that it’s a it’s a phrase that’s used in the bible quite a lot. And it’s actually not just a hebrew phrase, we get the same sort of thing in english, it’s where you’ve got sort of in a sense to extremes of the spectrum and everything between, you know, the house I used to live in in England, you might have difficulty understanding this, but it was three stories, strange, tall houses they have there and just supposing that I’d lost something. And I said, well I’ve searched high and low, does that mean? I searched only on the first floor and on the third floor, I ignored the second floor. Of course not. I searched on the second floor too. So when I said I searched high and low and everything in between, Jesus did the same sort of things. You know, the the the old testament comprises of the Law, the writings and the prophets. When jesus said, you know, look at the Law and the prophets. He wasn’t missing out part of the old testament. That phrase we know means to everything the whole lot and in the same way God made the heavens and the earth, it means he made everything. Now. One thing I find interesting because some people will argue, well how do you have light without the sun? If the sun wasn’t made until day four of creation, where is the light coming from? Well, again, there’s a there’s a presupposition there that we can’t accept what’s said if we don’t have the the thought behind it. But again, what is light? Light is a wave form. It’s a wave form. There’s a magnetic field which is beginning to wave article God made that happen, God made that happen. And he said that he made light and he said that he made the actual sources of those lights on day four. Again, he said that there is no reason not to believe it because there it is and that’s the order that God chose to create things then. And you can check out more on Creation today dot org. I love the difference between your and Mayor or the light and the source of the light. There’s some some really, really good, huge amount. We can talk about their but but we’re out of time for today’s episode. So, thank you so much for joining us here on create Creation today. If you have questions, send them into questions at Creation today dot org. Remember you can twitter at Creation today or you can ask on facebook facebook dot com forward slash Creation today. Hard to say. Isn’t it tune in each week to see if we’ve answered your questions and of course the programs are archived online at Creation today dot org. Well, this has been a production of God Quest ministries. Thank you for joining us? We’ll see you very soon on the next episode. Mhm. Mhm. All right.

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