Moms are Human, Too: Why Self-Care is a Good Thing – Kari Kampakis


As a younger mom, Kari didn’t believe in rest — she was full-throttle doing everything she could for her kids. But over time, she recognized the need for healthy rhythms to bring her life back into balance and observed how the older we get, the more our body dictates what we can and cannot do. Jesus modeled for moms why rest and getting a break is important to help you become refreshed to tackle a new day. Kari also describes why moms need to intentionally “choose joy” in their hectic lives, and shared a story about one Mother’s Day when her own mom was hovering on the brink of death at a hospital but Kari had to attend a school tea with her daughter in Kindergarten at the time. It was a bittersweet moment but also assurance from God that He was with Kari in both extremes. In another story, Kari shares the importance of mom’s fighting for what’s right — especially in spiritual battles. And then she concludes on a message of hope — that with God’s help, moms don’t need to be overwhelmed by circumstances but can find hope for another day of motherhood.

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