Men in the Aftermath

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Retired sports anchor John Morales and film producer Jason Jones lead very different lives, but each suffered the same traumatic experience: anger, depression, commitment issues and guilt over the loss of his child to abortion.

John begged his girlfriend to reconsider her decision to abort. Then in his 20s, John says he might not have made the best decisions in life to that point, but he did know one thing: this was also his child and he wanted to help his girlfriend through the pregnancy. She refused and demanded he pay for the abortion.

Jason and his girlfriend were high school sophomores. Jason will never forget the day his girlfriend told him she was pregnant. They agreed to do whatever it took to provide for their baby. Jason joined the army, with the plan that he and his girlfriend would marry after he finished boot camp. But the baby was never born, the relationship ended, and Jason has struggled with a legal system that allowed someone to kill his child.

At the time of filming, an estimated 50 million babies had been killed since abortion was legalized in 1973. Each one had a father at risk of the devastating emotional roller coaster that follows the death of one’s child.

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