Memories of Dad and my two Brothers

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Bible Capsule of today…Mathew 26:13 When I make a stop in Miami I always like to take flowers to my love ones that are buried there. Dad, Sam and Joel. My twin brothers. And boy do I miss them.


Welcome to our Bible capsule of today. We are reading from Matthew chapter 26 verse 13 truly I tell you wherever this gospel is preached throughout the world. What she has done will also be told in memory of her. You know this is talking about the woman that anointed jesus with the alabaster perfume and all four gospel speak a little bit about her and it says that everyone would know what she did, how she did. She anointed jesus before his barrier. And I’m here in Miami and yesterday I was able to visit the tomb of my dad and my two brothers. And a lot of memories came to me because daddy, daddy was one that washed so many feet of ST. My dad was in the pasta, he built churches uh he was a presbyterian for the church of God incorporated Puerto rico since the age of 17. Daddy um started working for missions and you know my dad he took care of my mom so well and the six of us. And and it touched me as I went to the cemetery and I went to find out about because he had paid for my mom’s plot and I was looking over the paper roman rosario and how daddy signed how daddy made sure that everything was in order for mom and we need so many of these men. You know fathers and husbands to take care of their wives today and And then I went to visit my other brother Joel Memories Oh my brother served to the last day he was 48 when he went to be with the Lord. And the day before he died he had been renting a U haul truck to move my other brother from Dallas to to Miami. He died at home that morning. And when they returned the U haul truck, the man that had just met him the day before I wanted to just touch his head and he was almost screaming crying the death of my brother. That’s how much my brother served and loved. And my other brother Sam oh my God, wherever he went he made people laugh. He was even in his pain. Even his the whole hospital when he was there for months or weeks. They loved him. They remember him. Medical doctors still remember my dad. I mean my brother and you know what? My dad didn’t live too long either, 68 58 48 10 years apart. You know, almost each one of them and and there was so special and there’s memories of them. I took pictures. You will see them at the end of this bible capsule. And my reflection is, you know, leave good memories and and husbands take care of your wife. I was so amazed by daddy. My dad. He never graduated from high school didn’t do too much. My dad was a very uh, we were not rich but my dad was rich in wisdom and he prepared my mom’s barrier. He paid everything with my mom. My mom continued paying it. And oh you know there’s a wish the Lord says the life yourself in the Lord and he will give you the desires of your heart. And I want to bring mom back next to daddy because due to covid, mom had to be very in north Carolina, but daddy left to face a place for her next to him. It’s it’s it’s amazing and it’s all biblical, the honoring of those that you love. And oh, I just thank the Lord for the family and the memories and the legacy that my parents left us and may the peace of God that surpasses all human understanding. Guard your heart and mind in christ jesus. Our Lord peace.

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