Matthew Chapter 24 – Pt 8 – The rapture and the signs of the end – The second coming explained

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In this study, we are going to clarify what is confusing to many people, we are going to show with certainty, that the rapture, what the Apostle Paul calls the blessed hope that it happens before the wrath of God. And as we’ve learned previously, it is a separate event from the Second Coming to different events for two different people. In the rapture, believers who are still alive, they will be removed, lifted up from this world and taken into heaven. But during the Second Coming, those same believers, and also those who have already were in heaven, they will be with us all returning to this earth with Messiah. That’s what First Thessalonians chapter three and verse 13 says, and now we’re going to see a scripture that makes this very clear from the texts that we’ve been studying for several weeks from the book of Matthew and chapter 24. So I would invite you to take out your Bible and look there with me the book of Matthew and chapter 24. We’re going to begin in verse 32. It begins with a type of parable. For example, verse 32 cents, and from the fig tree. Now this fig tree is issue. When you study the prophecy of Hosea, he calls Israel, a fig tree. It’s known as a fig tree in extra biblical writings as well. So make no mistake, what Messiah is speaking about is important. It’s important to watch Israel, because Israel is going to go through a change whereby we know that we are approaching the N times all of the signs that he’s spoken of. And now he’s telling us it’s a command from our Lord and Savior, that we’re supposed to be watching the fig tree Israel. So he says, and from the fig tree, learn the parable. Whenever the branch literally her branch, referring to the fig tree, it’s feminine, in in the Greek language, whenever her branches become tender, and her leaves do want, go forth. So we’re speaking about a fig tree that is ready to give fruit. And therefore what we should glean from that is this, when Israel is prosperous when Israel for the most part has returned back to her borders in the land of Israel, and Israel as a nation is flourishing. Therefore, we should expect at that time that this prophecy will begin, what you’re sure taught will become a reality it begins the process. So once more, learn the parable from who, from the fig tree whenever her branch becomes tender, and her leaves sprout fourth, give fourth, know that near is the summer. Now, this was written in Greek, but perhaps when your shoe was speaking, he was speaking Hebrew. And the reason why I say this is that we see perhaps a play on words, because he mentions the word summer. And the word summer in Hebrew is coyotes. It’s written very similar and sound similar to the word cats then, and we’ve spoken about the fact that this end is something that’s been emphasize. And he goes back in this section and by the way, we Learn that in verses three through 15. Messiah speaks to the disciples about what believers will experience in the last days. Then in verses six through 31, what we’ve studied the last few weeks, he speaks to disciples, but not about disciples, but rather about Israel. And now in this section, he turns again to His disciples, and He speaks about what disciples will experience in the last days. And he commands and this is important. He commands all of his followers who are alive in those last days, to watch, to pay attention to learn from watching the fig tree issue. And when she is prosperous, when the fig tree has tender branches, when the leaves are sprouting forth, he says, At this time, be aware that these things that I’ve been teaching you, they’re about to become a reality. So he says, When you see these things, no, that summer is near meaning the end is near end of what? That same end that he’s spoken up so much, in the first half of this chapter, the end of the church, ah, why can I be sure about that? Well, as we continue to read, it becomes very clear. Look now to the next verse, verse 33, where he says, Thus, also, whenever you see all of these things, now he’s speaking to disciples. And when he says all of these things, he is not speaking about those things that will happen to Israel. He’s speaking about those events that he spoke of, in verses six through 15. He says, When you see all of these things happening, you know, something. Look, again, when you see all of these things, you know that he is near, at, literally doors, OR gates. Now, this is speaking of Messiah, know that he is at the doors, it’s plural. And the reason why it says doors instead of door. And if your Bible says it in the singular, it’s not translating it correctly. The reason why it’s in the plural, is because he is coming to every believers house, he is coming to every believer to gather them up, to remove them prior to just like a verse that I say over and over when teaching about the in times, First Thessalonians five, verse nine, that we had not been appointed for wrath, but rather to receive salvation. And therefore the Rapture must happen before the wrath of God, this word for snatching us away, does not mean to preserve us in place, to help us to be able to survive to come through the wrath of God. That’s not what this word our pazzo means. It means to snatch away to remove quickly. And that’s what he’s going to do. And he’s going to do it before the wrath of God, false. It is so significant, that you realize this, and this is exactly what Messiah is going to teach us. So if you are disagreeable now, that’s fine. But when we read the next few verses, it is going to become obvious. If you disagree. Now, you may just be uninformed, mistaken, heard the wrong teaching, believe the wrong thing. But now we’re going to bring a change. This is a cure, not my words, but what you should have taught. And we don’t have to spend a lot of time debating what it says just take the simple interpretation what’s literally said. So look, again, it says you know that he is near at the doors, meaning he’s coming for all believers. Verse 34.


Truly I say to you, that her or this generation will not pass away. Notice what he says I tell you that this generation will not pass away, until all these things shall be what’s all these things? Will now he’s speaking about this generation. And he’s speaking about all what took place, what he said, in verses six through 31. All of those things have to happen. And what brings about the end of this, ah, not the end of the church age, but the end of this world, and a normal condition, unfortunately, a sinful condition, what’s going to bring a change to all of that. It is the second coming, Messiah is going to return. And he’s going to do primarily three things. He is going to judge destroy the enemies of Israel, those who want to thwart the purpose of God. And after destroying the enemies of Israel, He in His Second Coming, not speaking about the rapture, but the second coming, he will deliver Israel save Israel, they will look upon him who has been pierced, and they’re going to receive him that 1/3 That remnant of Israel. So first thing, destroy the enemies of Israel, second, save Israel. And what’s the third thing, at the end of this age? Well, what happened? A new reality, the establishment of the Kingdom of God. So those are the three things the Second Coming brings about deliverance for Israel, the destruction of Israel’s enemies, and the establishment of the Kingdom of God, that has to do with his second coming. And he comes the second time, at the end of God’s wrath being poured out what the book of Revelation calls the wrath of the Lamb. But we’re not speaking now, about the second coming. He is speaking to believers about what believers will experience and notice how things get very clear. He says, Truly, I say to you, that this generation will not pass away until all of these things be verse 35, the heavens and the earth, they will pass away, but my words shall never pass away, we can be assured that his words, what Messiah said, they are true, and they are going to come into fulfillment and they have eternal consequences. What does that mean eternal consequences, it means that they have a Kingdom Connection. It is the kingdom, and those who are part of the kingdom that will experience that eternal blessing that will be recipients of those eternal promises of God. And all of these are written were in His Word. So heavens and earth is going to pass away, but his words will not they have a kingdom relevance. Now, verse 36, it’s in verse 36, that we get to the heart of the teaching, in regard to our blessed hope, the rapture, and why we know that the rapture and the second coming are two separate events. The Rapture happens before the wrath of God begins. And the second coming happens at the end, at the conclusion of God’s wrath being poured out by the Messiah. And this is something as well that we need to understand it is Messiah who is the one who initiates pour out, executes the wrath of God. The scripture says, God is speaking he says, all matters of judgment has been given to the Son. He is the judge of Judge. We know he’s the king of kings, Lord of lords, but he’s also the judge of judge he and that’s why Revelation Chapter Six speaks about the wrath of the Lamb. But look now to verse, verse 36.


Concerning that day, What day are we speaking about? Well, we’re going to be speaking about that day. That refers to the coming of Messiah which coming, His Second Coming or the rapture, it’s going to be clear. He’s speaking to believers, about believers. And he’s speaking about that which will happen prior to the wrath of God. And therefore we can be assured, if it’s before the wrath of God is the rapture. And the second Cummings at the end of the wrath of God, we know for a fact they’re not the same event. Look at verse 3036. But concerning that day and hour, no one knows meaning concerning the rapture, no one knows the date, or the hour, just that simple. But that does not mean because I don’t know the day or the hour, that it can happen just anytime we see that there’s things that have to be fulfilled, what things the things that he spoke of, from verses six through 15, those things have to happen once more concerting that day, and our no one knows, not the angels in heaven. And some will say not even the sun, except only one who knows, is my father. Now Messiah is speaking. And it’s more likely in the Textus Receptus leaves out that phrase, because it’s probably not original, not the son. But other manuscripts included. And let me just simply say this, whether you believe it’s there or not, of little value. Why? Because the sun, when Messiah speaks of himself as his son, it reveals that he is totally submissive to His Father. And in being totally submissive, not only will you do the Father’s will, but he will also be a perfect example for us. And Maasai. We saw in Philippians, two, he emptied himself, he never stopped being the Son of God, he never stopped being God, he never stopped being divine. But but he didn’t utilize that he came fully as a man, and hear what the scripture saying in the Textus Receptus. It says, No man knows, not the angels, only the Father alone. Some manuscripts also say, and also the Son does not know. But if that’s original, it is because the Son has has not relied upon the things of God His divinity. In serving God. He served him fully as a man but he never cease to be the Son of God. Here’s what’s important. Look now diverse 37. No one knows the day or the hour of the rapture. How can we be so sure that we’re speaking about the Rapture? Verse 37.


But just as the days of Noah, why is that important? When we speak of the days of Noah, we can be assured from what we’re going to read in a moment that this was prior to the flood when it says the days of Noah, it’s referring primarily to when Noah was building the ark. And what was Noah doing? He was a preacher, the Scripture says, of righteousness. He was speaking about the righteousness of God which manifests are unrighteousness. And because I know I’m unrighteous, I will want to repent, I will seek God’s mercy, I will seek his forgiveness, his grace, and I’ll want to obey Him, follow His words, do what he says. But that generation did not. That generation was a wicked generation. And even though they witness for 400 years, no building that arc, no one other than his family, know his wife, his three sons and their wives, only those eight people entered into the ark with those animals that that no was instructed to bring into the ark, actually, the animals came of themselves. And we see that this happened when before the flood they weren’t. Notice what the Scripture says, and let’s be very accurate. Look again at verse 37. Just as the days of Noah, fuss will be also the coming of the Son of Man. And again, this coming of the Son of Man is the rapture. Why just keep reading for just as they were in the days those days. They Were eating, and they were drinking. They were marrying and being given in marriage when, just as they were in those days when, before the flood, want to emphasize that, look at it again. It says, just as they were in the days prior to before the flood, they were eating and drinking, marrying and being given in marriage. Now, those are normal occurrences, things were basically unchanged. Now, how do we know that this is before the wrath of God before the flood? Well, obviously, during the floodwaters when they came, no one was was taking part in a marriage, being married or being given in marriage, people weren’t eating and drinking, they were drowning. Now, what we know is this when we read the second part of the book of Revelation, when we focus in on those trumpet judgments, and though those bowl judgments, when we look at those events, they are not natural. They are clearly supernatural events that has no scientific explanation. They are things that everyone’s going to see. It’s God, God is angry, this is his wrath. But nevertheless, they’re not going to be repenting and learning something else. At that time, at that time, they will not be carrying on as normal. They won’t be having weddings, they’re not going to be having banquet, it will not be life as normal. But rather, it will be chaos. It will be outright fear, pain, suffering, because of those trumpet judgments and those bold judgments being poured out upon the earth. So when we read here, in this text, where it says, just as in the days before the flood, they were eating and drinking, married, being given in marriage, this is before the Flood came. That’s why it says before the flood. Look now to the second part of verse 38. Until the day that no entered into the ark.


And then shortly after, according to the book of Genesis, seven days after no entered into the ark, what happened, it began to rain. And that rain, that rain falling is symbolic. It should be understood as a symbol of God’s wrath that destroyed the earth with water. And notice what the scripture says. Until that day that no entered into the ark. And they did not know until the flood came and did what carried all of them away. And that word for carry away. It’s literally the word for lift up. Who is it referring to? It’s referring to know, his sons and their wives, those eight individuals that were lifted up, how in the ark, they were above the floodwaters. And that’s the example that God gives us here. He says, so reading in verse 39, he says, First will be also the coming of the Son of men. And he gives an example Shall we know that we’re talking about the rapture, why? Look now to verse 40, then two will be in the field, one will be taken and one will be left. Now in the field symbolizes something, it symbolizes work. Secondly, it says as well, two will be grinding at the mill, one will be taken and one will be left. Now here’s the first example in the field, it’s in the masculine. It’s referring to men. The second example is referring to women. And when we talk about male and female, we’re talking about humanity. And people will be at work at that time. Meaning they will be doing those things that we should be doing work. This is what we’ve been put on the earth to do. And it says it’s not about being in some special location. It’s not about anything else. Other than Have you received the gospel, and notice the language here. It says, just as in the days prior to the flood, there’s going to be one in the field. And he’ll be taking another one in the field, he’ll be left. Another one will be a female grinding at the mill doing that work, she will be taken, and another one will be left. Now, what does the Scripture say? This taking this removal of the disciples of Messiah believers, it happens prior to the wrath of God, just like we see from this example of No, the days of Noah, a call to repentance, get right call upon the name of the Lord.


People had the opportunity, life was still normal, eating, drinking, married being given a marriage, but this was before. And then what happened? The floodwaters came, it was too late. But he says prior to that, it’s going to be this way one will be removed, one will be left one will be removed, one will be left all dependent upon what what they have done with that saving message of the gospel. Look now to to our last verse, verse 42. Word says, Therefore you watch, watch for what? All the signs, it’s interesting and people ignore this when Messiah teaches about the second or should say when he teaches about the Rapture. He says, watch, watch. Why he’s told us why all of these signs that have to take place that must be fulfilled, what you see in verses six through 15. So he says, Therefore watch, because you do not know what the Textus Receptus what our believe the Nestle Allen edition, most Bibles say what day but the best manuscripts have our he says, Therefore you watch, be alert, be paying attention. Why? Because you do not know what hour your Lord comes. And it’s so important that we see him being spoken of as Lord. Is He your Lord? Do you live in submissiveness to him, not just being your savior, but him being the Lord of your life? My hope and my prayer is you do well until next week, Shalom from Israel.

Well, we hope you will benefit from today’s message and share it with others. Please plan to join us each week at this time and on this channel for our broadcast of love again to find out more about us please visit our website love Israel dot o RG there you will find articles and numerous other lectures by baru these teachings are in video for may download them or watch them in streaming video. Until next week, may the Lord bless you in our Messiah Yeshua. That is Jesus as you walk with it. Shalom from Israel.

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