Matthew Chapter 24 Part 6 – Deception in the last DAYS – False prophets will arise

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our subject for this study is the second coming of Messiah. And it’s very important that we understand what the scripture says concerning this event. And if you are a believer, and for everyone who comes to faith prior to and this is also going to be important for study, and I’m speaking about the rapture, what Paul calls the blessed hope, the rapture and the second coming, they are not the same event. They are two different events that take place at different times and for different groups of individual. Now, before we get started, let me share with you one very important verse. And that is first says colonias chapter three and verse 13. Because there it speaks about the Second Coming, when the heavens open up, and Messiah comes. And the scripture says, We, the saints, we be will be with him. What does that mean? It means those who have taken part in the rapture, they had been with Messiah, with God, our heavenly Father in heaven. During the time that God has poured out His wrath on this world, we have not experienced any of the wrath of God, but we have been in the kingdom of heaven. And now at the end of Daniel 73. Week, those last seven years, we see that Messiah is returning. And he’s going to do two things. First of all, he is going to pour out judgment upon the enemies of Israel, those who are against the purposes of God. So he’s going to, here’s the first thing he is going to pour out judgment, He will bring a conclusion to the wrath of God. Secondly, he will deliver issue 1/3 of the Jewish people. Now we need to remember and we’ve spoken about this before, that we find that there’s a time of great persecution. Jeremiah spoke of this time, as a time of Jacob’s trouble. And we know that during this difficult time, Daniel says in chapter 12, in verse, verse one, it will be the most difficult time ever for the Jewish people. And during that time, two thirds of the Jewish population in the world will be put to death. And the vast majority of them if they have not come to faith, they will be without hope, for eternity. But God who is faithful, He is going to bring in the Scriptures emphatic about this, he will bring 1/3 Through this time, and when they see the heavens opening up, when they see the one who has been Pierce, having these wounds in his palms in his side, and his ankle when they see that they will recognize who he is that he is your shoe, Jesus Christ, and they will receive Him, much similar to Thomas, when Thomas saw those same imprints he touched them, and what do you say, Behold, my Lord and my God, and they will come to faith. Now we see remember those two things Messiah is coming back the second time, not the rapture. This is after the rapture. And as I said, First Thessalonians chapter three, verse 13, says, We, the saints will be with him. And Messiah is coming to defeat the enemies of Israel to complete his judgment, his wrath upon this world. Delivering the Jewish people. And here’s the third thing that he will do. He will establish His kingdom, that millennial kingdom for 1000 years. And we see in the book of Revelation Chapter 20. It mentions this two times, that we will rule in rang with Messiah, who’s we, the saints, those who’ve accepted the gospel prior to the rapture, we will be with Messiah for eternity, we will be during that millennial kingdom, ruling and ringing with him. We’ll talk more about that when we get into chapter five in a few weeks, but our focus in this study is that second coming, ticket, your Bible and Luke with me to the book of Matthew and Matthew chapter 24. Now we saw that after the abomination of desolation, there was an important shift in whom Messiah was speaking about, beginning in verse 16, the abomination of desolation is spoken of by Messiah. Sure. In verse 50. And verse 14, he speaks about that end, what end? Is he referring to? We’ve learned this, the end that he’s speaking about three times in this 24th Chapter, is the end of the Church Age, and what brings that end about, we should know it’s the rapture, that bless it hope that we have, that we will not experience God’s wrath. As Paul says, in First Thessalonians chapter five and verse nine, we, the believers, those who have received the sufficiency of messiahs work upon that tree, those who have believed in the redemption, the eternal redemption, through the blood of Messiah, we will not be here for the wrath of God, but rather it says, We have been appointed for Sal Vation. And that word, salvation is a word of victory. So beginning in verse 16, there’s a change in the text. We saw this last week in our study, where the focus is the land of Judah, speaking about Israel of today, and how there’s going to be a time of great persecution, as I mentioned a few minutes ago, the worst time of persecution ever, for the Jewish people. But in the end, the greatest number possible, the Jewish people will come to faith, will put their trust will confess their sins and receive the work of Messiah, so that they will be part of that millennial kingdom, they will receive God’s covenantal promises to them. So this begins in verse 16. We see that phrase, great tribulation, in verse 21. And we see it this time, there is going to be, as I mentioned, a horrible persecution. And the last verse we saw last week was this had God, this God who is loving, who is merciful, who is compassionate. It says, If God were not to shorten these days, and he will, no flesh would survive, but he’s going to supernaturally shorten these days. And in doing so, in the midst of this, the Jewish people, they are going to be wanting, thinking about that promise, that promise of Messiah, their Redeemer, their deliver. And it’s with that in mind that we begin this study. So look with me to verse 23, Matthew 24 and verse 23, where it says, Then,

if if they say to you, behold, here, the Messiah, or here, meaning another place, He commands us do not belief. Now why is that? The reason for this is the second coming of Messiah is going to be and we’ll see this in a moment, a very dramatic event. It is not going to be limited to one location. It’s not going to be dependent upon You being in some particular place, if you are part of the nation of Israel and a non believer, it is not a location, it is not some place, but rather, we’re going to see that the Second Coming, when it comes to complete the judgment of God upon this world, when it comes to deliver Israel, when it comes to a savage, that millennial kingdom, it will be a very dramatic event, what we can talk about and Hebrew as a rule, bullet, a very dramatic event. And we’re going to see exactly what that is. So it says, At that time, when the Jewish people will be thinking about Messiah because of their suffering, their hardship, it says, If someone should say to you behold, here, the Messiah, he says, or there, it’s the same work here, but in the idiom, it’s here or there, do not believe for, look at verse 24. Now, the enemy uses everything for his purpose. And when the Jewish people will be thinking about Messiah, the enemy is going to begin, as he always does, to speak lies and falsehood and deception. And that’s why look at verse 24. It says, For there will arise someone’s causing that what’s causing this are rising up of what he says false Messiahs and false prophets. It’s the enemy, he is going to use this time of desperation, this time of fear that will be placed upon the Jewish people because of this most intense time of persecution, he is going to try to do what he always does, and that is to lead people into deception, lead them astray. So precisely at this time, it says, For there will rise up false Messiahs and false prophets. And what will they do? It says, and they will give great signs and wonders, so to deceive, that’s their purpose. Now, we need to pause for a moment and get something right. You’ll recall that verse five is an important verse here Messiah is speaking primarily to disciples. And he warns, because this whole time of Daniel 73 Week is a time of falsehood, deception lies. Why? Because during these last final seven years, during Daniel 70th week, it’s going to be the Antichrist, his empire, that’s ruling. And his empire is an empire of blasphemy, and deception and falsehood. And remember what it says,


Many will come in My name, who speaking your shoe. So they are going to come in his name and say that that key referring to your shoe is the Messiah. And you say, Well, that’s good, he is the Messiah. But here’s the problem. They’re going to say, Oh, we’re a believer. They’re not. They’re going to say he’s the Messiah. That’s good. But that false confession of their faith in him. But saying that they believe in him that then they’re going to give falsehood. They’re going to give heresy. They’re going to be an instrument of deceit, and they will lead many astray. They’re going to be deceivers. But in verse five, they are saying that you’re sure Jesus is the Messiah. But when we come to our verse here, verse 24, here it says, there’s there’s going to be many individuals, that they proclaim about themselves, that they are the Messiah, that they are Christ, but they are false. That’s why it says, Then there shall arise many false Christs and false prophets. And they will do exactly what we read in Revelation chapter 13, during this time of the Antichrist rule, during the time that he’s going to want people to take that mark of the base, which is a statement of absolute loyalty to that that Antichrist and his Empire. You know, there’s been many confusion many ridiculous and totally incorrect statements concerning the mark of the beast in regard to the corona via vaccination and such learn something, the mark of the beast is and statement. When you receive, God forbid, we wouldn’t of course as believers receive it. But those who will, they’re going to have to make a statement of absolute allegiance, total loyalty to the Antichrist and his empire. That’s how one takes the market the base, not by confusion, not out of just Well, I want to be able to do this. So I’ll take this vaccine, I’ll take this, we need to be very mature here, stop being led astray. The Mark of the Beast is a mark. And remember, what the Antichrist is about is counterfeit. Now, if you do a good job of studying, for example, Deuteronomy chapter six, or Deuteronomy chapter 11, or Exodus 13. And there in that 13th Chapter, it’s spoken about twice, there is what’s called to fill in, in in Hebrew phylacteries, from the Greek word that speaks of these boxes, little boxes that contain scripture, that one binds upon their forearm, or binds upon their forehead. This is the same place that the mark of the beast will go, here’s what we need to see.


People are going to be challenged, who are you going to follow? What are you going to submit to? Are you going to do the work arm is synonymous biblically with deed, power, effort, action, and the forehead with thought, are you going to think according to the Word of God, and behave according to the Word of God? Or is your allegiance loyalty going to be towards the Antichrist? That’s the challenge. So again, it’s not something that someone does by accident, I didn’t know what I was doing. It is going to be very clear that the market the base is paying one’s allegiance being absolutely loyal to this empire of blasphemy. Obviously, a follower of Messiah would not make such a statement. But this time is a time of great deceit. Remember what it says, And these false Christs and false prophets, they are going to, they will do many great signs and wonders, for what purpose in order to deceive, if possible, even the elect, verse 25. Then Messiah says, Behold, remember that word, it’s a word of grabbing one’s attention, is to say this is significant, what’s going to follow and he says, Behold, I have told you before. Now that phrase, to tell someone previously, very interesting, and the Greek grammar, it is in the perfect tense, meaning this, this is something that’s not new. He said it previously, he said it now and the truthfulness of that is going to extend on into the future. So a very this use of the perfect tense emphasizes, it makes emphatic what he’s saying, Look again at verse 25. Behold, I have told you before, verse 26, therefore, if they should say to you, behold, in the desert, he is, do not go out, or Behold, in the interchangeable chambers, he says, Do not believe why, because he’s going to tell us something about the Second Coming. And again, the Second Coming is not for the church. Did you hear that? The Second Coming is not for the church. The Second Coming is for Israel, to deliver them to defeat the enemies of God, which will also be the enemies of Israel, and to set up the millennial kingdom and in the millennial kingdom. We’re going to be as I said, check out Revelation Chapter 20, verse four and verse six. We are going to be ruling and wringing with Messiah. It’s not so much for us. We’re going to be the body of Christ are going to be in In a super advisory role, we’re going to be overseen we’re going to have authority. We’ll talk more about that when we get into Matthew chapter five, and messiahs teaching. But look at what he says here. He says, verse 27, for just as lightning goes forth from, and your Bible probably says the east, and it’s the word for rising, the sun rises in the east, and it sets in the west, literally the languages rising and setting, but we would translate it for simplicity. He says, For just as the lightning goes forth from the east and shines, and to the west, thus will be the coming of the Son of Man. So what he’s saying, and I mentioned this a few minutes ago, what he seen is the second coming is going to be a very dramatic event. Just like lightning doesn’t matter where you are, whether you’re in one location or a half a mile, or a kilometer away. When lightning goes, it lights up the sky, you see it in one place, and across the horizon to the other side, it is most visible, most dramatic. And this is what he say, don’t think it’s his second coming. You have to be in the wilderness, you have to be in some location inside some building some chamber. No, it’s going to be most spectacular. He says, For just as lightning goes forth from the EES and shines unto the widths Thecus will be also the coming of the Son of Man. Look at verse 28. Now in verse 28, we have a very unusual scripture. It says here, let me just read it, literally translated says, For where there should be the carcass, there will be gathered. The vultures in this is the word for like an eagle. It’s in the plural. And what’s he saying? Well remember something. If you go back to, for example, the story of David and Goliath. And by the way, that account of David and Goliath, this victory, it comes to us within the context of redemption. God moving through David, in this day, in the end times, the last days, God is going to move through the Son of David, to bring victory. But just like David had victory, this one individual, and it brought about victory for all of his people. But here’s the connection. Remember, it speaks about how David says, To Goliath, your carcass will be in the field, and the birds of the air, they’ll come and feed upon you. So this was what should come into our mind. It is natural. If there’s a dead body, the vultures come. And in that same way, God because he’s a covenant keeping God and just the same way that it’s, it’s just natural. It just happens. It’s for sure. There’s a dead carcass vultures come, there is a covenant making God a holy, righteous God, he is going to fulfill His covenant promises to his people. So we have victory, we have the shame of the enemies of God, the enemies of Israel, they’re going to die and be laid out upon the the fields of Israel. Just like what we see other places where it speaks, you can see this in the book of Revelation. Were on a very unique location, Armageddon, and Armageddon is the valley it has another name, by the way, it’s also known as the valley of Jehoshaphat. Fat. What does that term Jehoshaphat? Well, it’s a two word name. And it speaks about God the Lord. He judging, and that’s what God’s going to do. He is going to see that vast army that comes from all over the world, every nation is going to come against is in that final battle, the battle of Armageddon which is also the battle of Gog and Magog that war. And the my main battlefield, that primary place of this conflict is going to be near what we call today mageba. It is also known as the mountain of Megiddo, or har har is mountain, Har Megiddo or Armageddon. And this is the mountain of destruction. And it’s for the purpose of taking control of that mountain. Why? If you contain, if you control that mountain, you have free passage to Jerusalem along the coastal highway. Well, this is a place of many battles, and the battle is going to be in the film next to it, which is the Valley of jus Rio. Now what does that term Yisrael it means God will plant he is going to in the last days, bring his people back, plant them back upon the valleys and hills in the Galilee in Sumeria. in Judea, in the sheffey law along the cork got coasts and the Negev. And God is doing just that. In our days, Scripture is being fulfilled, one can see God’s faithfulness to his prophetic revelation, it is taking place. And what he promises here is that he is going to when he returns the second time speaking about Messiah, sure Jesus Christ, that He is going to set up His kingdom, delivering his old covenant people, bringing them to faith in that same gospel. There’s only one name in which we buy or saved the name your show HaMashiach, Jesus Christ, only through his gospel message. And what we’re going to do in our next study, we’re going to be talking about two biblical science. One is the sign of the rapture. And the other one, although it’s similar, there’s one very important difference. And this is the sign for the second coming to different signs. Why? Because the rapture, and the Second Coming are two different events. So if you don’t know what these two different signs are, and we’ll read about them in the Scripture, then you’ll want to join next time because it’s an important study concerning the faithfulness of God. Until that time may God richly bless you, Shalom from Israel.

Well, we hope you will benefit from today’s message and share it with others. Please plan to join us each week at this time and on this channel for our broadcast of love Again, to find out more about us please visit our website love Israel dot o RG there you will find articles and numerous other lectures by baru these teachings are in video for may download them or watch them in streaming video. Until next week, may the Lord bless you in our Messiah Yeshua. That is Jesus as you walk with it. Shalom from Israel.

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