Mary, Highly favored?

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God has chosen the foolish things of the world to confound the wise

Imagine you reading this in ad 60
Mary, highly favored? How?
She does not look like one who is favored of God.
Where is the life of ease?
The money: the position: the power: the status: the …?
1st she is a woman in a community who have turned from the oneness concept of God and no longer believe that women bear the image of God. (Ironic)

She is poor.
She is quiet.
She holds no status.
The glory of her lineage is old.
She has a story that is more unbelievable that any of the fantastic stories of the Old Testament.
Hers is NOT a life of ease.

Just in her person, she is a condemnation of the present condition of Israel and what has become to Judaism. Mary is simultaneously a commentary on our way of thinking about God and our blessedness

A whole system of sacrifice has become a religion of accumulation.
A religion of humility into one of status.
A message of mercy and communion into a ridged desire for of exclusion.
A message of grace and communion into a rigid desire for judgement
Not to correct behavior or
bring people back to God
But to exalt the one who
(Men would take the place of God)

We are in danger of failing in this way unless we also “magnify” the Lord.

Mary brought holiness in to the world of wickedness
Delivered – hope – glory –
power – peace

Christ moves in us to remove wickedness with holiness
Reveal – hope – glory
power – peace

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