Marked for Death Part 2

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In part two of this two-part episode, Melissa Ohden describes when she first learned she is an abortion survivor, at age 14, after a fight with her sister. Melissa’s adoptive mother, Linda Cross, sat her down to explain how she survived a saline abortion. The shocking news completely changed her outlook on life.

After years of pain and healing, Melissa finally was able to grapple with her past. Then, during her freshman year of college, she decided to search for her birth parents. While the journey was emotional and didn’t go as planned, Melissa today has a wonderful relationship with several members of her father’s family.

After years of embarrassment about her past, Melissa now travels the country to share her story of survival and emphasize that all children, no matter how small, have a right to life. She is compelled to speak in hope that other women facing unplanned pregnancy won’t make the decision her mother made.

Melissa now has a family of her own. At the time of filming, she and her husband, Ryan, had been married for five years were busy raising Olivia, their two-year-old daughter.

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