Making “The Call”

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Rising country music singer-songwriter Matt Kennon has been surrounded by music all his life. His debut single, “The Call,” carries a powerful message about abortion and suicide—issues with which Matt has a very personal connection.

Matt’s biological mother was poor, single and barely supporting herself and a young son when she learned she was pregnant with Matt. Seeing no other option, she made the painful decision to abort. Fortunately she was two weeks past the legal date and her doctor refused to perform the procedure. Instead, he recommended the option of adoption, and Matt’s life was saved. His adoptive parents raised him and fostered his musical education.

James Stroud is a legendary Nashville music producer and CEO of Stroudavarious and BamaJam Records. After hearing Matt’s unique sound, James signed him and was instrumental in guiding and producing Matt’s debut CD. James also has a personal connection to “The Call”; his son had committed suicide 18 years earlier.

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