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Hello everyone and thank you so much for joining me today. My name is Roderick caesar the third on the lead Pastor of Bethel Gospel Tabernacle in Jamaica Queens new york. And I’m so excited that you decided to join me for the full Gospel hour. Right here on Global seven. My prayers, that you will be blessed, you’ll be encouraged and inspired by this message. Thank you so much for joining and God bless. Uh, today I want to speak about major moves, making major moves. What happens when God calls you to take a step of faith? What happens when God calls you to take a step of obedience? We may look at a step here or a step there and may minimize it. But a step of obedience is a major thing because it costs us ourselves, it costs us sometimes our opinion, it costs us sometimes the way we think that things should go where the things should be. Uh, and, and for us oftentimes God calls us sometimes to step from one season into the next, from one moment into the next. And uh, it takes a lot of faith to make that happen, especially when the new season you’re stepping into is one of uncertainty. When you leave certainty and go into uncertainty. That takes a lot of faith. When you leave certainty and step into uncertainty or step into possibilities. When you leave the concrete and step into something that’s just, it’s possible, but you’re not really sure what it’s going to look like yet. That takes some faith and I want to, I want us to take a look at an example of this in scripture, the book of Deuteronomy chapter one verses five through eight turn with me in your bibles or follow along on the screen, Deuteronomy chapter one verses five through eight and the text reads beyond the jordans. In the land of moab moses undertook to explain this law saying the Lord, our God said to us in Horeb, you have stayed long enough at this mountain, write that down. If you’re taking notes, you have stayed long enough at this mountain turn and take your journey and go to the hill country of the animal rights and so all their neighbors in the Arab ah in the hill country and in the low land and in the Nageeb by the sea coast and the land of the Canaanites and Lebanon. As far as the great river, the great river Euphrates see I have set the land before you go in and take possession of that land that the Lord swore to your fathers, to Abraham to Isaac and to Jacob and to give their offspring to give to them and to their offspring after them. Dear God, I thank you so much for this time, I thank you for your word. I thank you for uh the beauty of your word and what you want to show us today through your word. I pray Lord that you would be seeing that you would be heard that you would be felt that you would be glorified as this word goes forth. We thank you, we praise you. We give you glory. We ask these things in jesus name. Amen, Amen and Amen. So we are now in the book of Deuteronomy. This is the conclusion of the Torah, the Torah or the Pentateuch, the first five books of the Old Testament uh that uh talk about the foundation of of the old testament. Oftentimes, different scriptures are, are, are referenced and these first five books here are very important on this. The rest of the old testament springs forth. Uh This talks about Israel’s journey. I’m gonna just catch us up a little bit as to where Israel is at this point in their history, they’re freed from slavery in Egypt. They were enslaved uh in Egypt and they are freed from slavery by the Lord through his servant moses. And they spend a year at Mount Sinai getting to know God now Mount Sinai has also called Mount Horeb. So that’s why moses says the Lord told us out at Mount horror, but he’s also referring to Mount Sinai. It’s the same name for same name for the same mountain, A different name for the same mountain I should say. So they spend a year there at Mount Sinai and there they make a covenant with God to Obey his commandments and they spend 40 years due to disobedience. We all or some of us are maybe familiar with the story of them not having the boldness, the faith, the courage, the obedience to go into the land. But instead They stay back and in fear there unable to move forward. So God uh basically reprimands them for their sin, for their lack of faith, for their fear. And they spent 40 years wandering in the wilderness and instead of taking a trip that shouldn’t have taken that long, it takes them twice as long as it would have, even more than twice as long as it would have because they are now wandering around in this wilderness in this desert. And then we realized that they’re camped out near this Jordan river right across from the promised land. And moses is recounting the words of the Lord to them that said, you’ve been at this mountain too long, Get up and go to the land that was promised. What we realize here that moses is setting up his talk, Judah rana me at the end of this book, we realized that moses passes away, moses passes away. Uh and this is pretty much his, his last words to the people of Israel. He’s letting them know, hey guys, uh this is what’s what’s going on. I’ve brought you this far due to some things in my life. I’m not gonna be able to enter into uh this land with you. But I’m raising up a leader, Joshua who will do that. But he lets them know, he puts before them Uh huh. Deuteronomy is basically the second law. So he’s retelling this new generation. Uh these people were in the same place, They were still in the wilderness. They have the same leader moses the same mission. Get to the promised land. The only difference was now there’s new people. There’s a new generation, Right? The older generation, after these 40 years had passed away due to their sin due to them not being uh believing in the Lord And now this new generation, their sons, their daughters are now grown up and and strong enough and and and old enough and wise enough to walk into this Land of promise and moses is now speaking to them letting them know, look, this is the situation here I put before you a blessing and a curse. An option like a morpheus moment. You can choose the red pill or the blue pill. Right, choose this day. What what is going to to happen? Are you going to walk in the blessings of the Lord in the obedience of the Lord and reap the favor that that comes with being obedient or are you going to walk in disobedience? You have options when you enter into this promised land? If you enter into this promised land and walk in disobedience, then you will go into exile. The Lord will punish you. But if you uh stay faithful, then you will be the light that the Lord has called you to be and you will exalt him as you are now a new nation in this land of promise. So moses is saying all of these things and putting laws before them and ways of being, ways of being different rules and stipulations and all of these different things. We’ll see, we see in the book of Deuteronomy uh and moses he’s saying this passionately. I I believe so because this is his last words to the people of Israel. This is his last words, one of the greatest prophets that ever lived. These are his last words to the people of Israel and he begins these words by recounting something that God told them says that moses says the Lord, Our God said to us in Horeb or at Mount Sion. I said you’ve stayed long enough at this mountain. They spent a year at Sinai and 40 years wandering in the Wilderness, which is where Sinai was located. They spent one year at Sinai had 40 years wandering in the world and is now the the the Children are here and they’ve been there a little bit too long. And you, it begs the question for us. As the reader, we see Israel’s situation, we see that they were there longer than God had initially uh desired for them to be due to send. And now it’s time for them to pack up and move on and and and God is spurring moses to to get the people into action and saying get up, let’s get going. We’ve stayed long enough at this mountain for us. Have you ever been somewhere too long? Ever been somewhere too long Maybe in a relationship that you know should be over, but you just can’t seem to let it go a job, you know that you thought would be a stepping stone to something else. But the years go by and you’re still there maybe or maybe even having a mentality, a way of thinking that you’re realizing is causing you a lot of friction and you need to let that go or habits or a way of doing or being uh, that you realize, okay, I need to better myself, improve myself or improve situations around me. I need to change certain things. Things that you know, you need to shift been somewhere or in a situation or done a certain thing for too long. Sometimes moving on from those things and advancing is no easy task. It takes work, it takes effort. It takes us rolling up our sleeves and being committed to making a major move. It’s no easy task. It’s no minor thing. It’s a major move as we look at advancement today, let’s put a major move under the microscope. When we look under the microscope and look at major moves, we realized that major moves often require moving on moving on, you have to be willing to move away from something and towards something else. You have to be willing to make a major move. You have to be willing often times to let something go be able to move on from something and walk toward something else. You see this is obvious when it comes to sin. It’s obvious when it comes to situations in our lives that tie us down that are sinful, that are wicked, that God sees as unholy or that we know in our heart of hearts is separating us from getting God’s best in our lives. It’s obvious when it comes to sin. The writer of Hebrews in Hebrews chapter 12 verse one says therefore, since we are surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses, let us also lay aside every weight and sin which clings so closely and let us run with endurance. The race that is set before us. So when there’s a sin in our lives that we keep stumbling over, that uh impedes our progress and we’re running slower than we ought to because it’s a weight and it’s a sin. Uh those are things that we have to cut ourselves off from or removed from our lives and those may be obvious things, some sins, but it’s less obvious when it’s something that was good or beneficial for you in one season that you need to move on from as you enter into another season. It’s less obvious when it’s not a sinful, but it’s something that you may be outgrown. It’s not sinful, but it’s something that you may not need any more as you’re walking into a new season. And this I believe is where we find Israel because Israel encountered God at Mount Horeb, they encountered God at Mount Sinai. They encountered a God here and Mount Sinai was a miraculous place. It was the place where they had met God. God had freed them from from Egypt’s clutches. They were enslaved and God freed them through many plagues and and freed them through the sea that parted and they walked through on dry ground and Mount Sinai’s where they got to know God, Mount Sinai’s, where they got to be in fellowship with God Mount Sinai where God came down and spoke to them. They got commandments there. They became acquainted with God there, he was able to give them instruction and pour into them there and encourage them there and they made a covenant with God there, they had uh experiences with God there. They met God at Sinai. And just because listen to me just because they had a deep encounter with God at that mountain, it did not mean that they were supposed to stay there just because they had a deep encounter with God at that mountain. It did not mean that they were supposed to stay there. You see, there’s a difference between meeting with God initially versus walking with God over time. There’s a difference between meeting God initially, oh Lord. You know, I, I accept you as Lord and Savior and you have these wonderful times of meeting God initially there’s a difference between that feeling, that emotion, that experience and walking with God over a period of time, there are two different experiences and feelings. That’s why we have songs like uh Andre Crouch wrote uh To Take Me Back, Take me back to the Lord to the place where I first received. You Take me Back, Take me back Dear Lord. Where I what first believe, right? And then we have like Maverick City, they have a song um, oh, take me back back all the way back. Oh, take me back to my first love when it was all simple and loving was easy. Right? So we have this this almost romanticized feeling with, okay, I want to go back God, I want to go back to that moment when things were so easy when things were so simple back to that moment where where I where I met you and and where things were so fresh and I began to see with this great new spiritual insight. Take me back. Those are the moments that we want to just capture in a bottle and freeze and we’re not alone there. Sometimes it’s those moments that we want to see along the journey. We see Peter uh in the new testament in luke Chapter nine, when jesus uh has his transfigured itself. So he’s in a form of how he’s going to look uh in his heavenly resurrected body and everything is light and shining and bright and he has moses on one side of him and Elijah on the other side of him and Peter sees this and says, oh this is great, it’s wonderful that we’re here. Let’s make three tents, one for you, one for moses, one for Elijah. The text says he did not know what he was saying and as he was still speaking, as he was still saying these things, a cloud came and overshadowed them and they were afraid as they entered the cloud and a voice came from the cloud saying this is my son, my chosen one, listen to him, they disregarded peter completely and things were back to normal. And then from that mountain top they had to go to a valley where jesus had to uh cast a demon out of out of a person. So a lot of times we, we have that peter mindset where we say God, this is so good, this is so great. And we have moments when, when, when, when we are reintroduced to the goodness and the grace of God and we say God, I just want to capture this and and and take this with me and and stay in this moment forever. We want to freeze the moment. But what happens when we’re called to move on from the moment, we want to freeze the moment and that’s a valid thing, but we’re not uh what happens when we’re called to move on from the moment, What happens when we’re called to move on from the mountain? What happens when we’re called to move on from that situation and move from one season into a brand new season, season of uncertainty, a season when maybe God doesn’t feel as close as he was before a season where uh you know, I hear God’s voice so strongly now, but now I’m in this this season that seems like a valley, it seems like a fight, it seems like and I’m not hearing him as close as I was. What happens when we’re called to walk through that season, we’re not called to stay at Mount Sinai, we’re not called to stay at Mount Sinai, it takes faith, it takes strength, it takes trust, it takes being obedient to get up and to go. It’s not a simple thing getting up and going, it takes a lot of strength. So a round of applause if you get up and you say, okay, I’m gonna put one ft in front of the other, I don’t know what the future holds, but I’m going to put one ft in front of the other. This is a season that I was so sure about that, you know, the Lord called Me too, but it seems as though now this season is expiring and I need to move forward and I need to make adjustments and I need to make shifts and I need to be able to, to make those necessary uh, adjustments, it takes faith to do that, it takes faith to get up and to go. And I’m not saying that those Mount Sinai are those first uh, experiences with the Lord are bad. There are wonderful, beautiful things. But we are not called to stay there because if you stay at Mount Sinai ultimately you’ll miss the promised land. If Israel were to stay right there, they would stay in the wilderness, they would stay at the mountain but they would miss the promise God provided for them in the wilderness. God was with them in the wilderness. God covered them in the wilderness, but the wilderness was only a temporary situation. They were not supposed to stay there. They were not supposed to build their lives there or make roots there. They had to move from the mountain to the mission which was signed which was the promised land and many of us, we get it twisted. Oftentimes God will bring a cyan I us into a cyan I season or wilderness season or a time where he meets us at the mountain and we get so excited, Let me say God, this is it, camp out right here, Make my roots right here and it’s a beautiful and wonderful thing And if God has not called you to move on from there, then don’t to move on from that season then don’t, but if you feel that tug, if you feel that, that, that, that pull to move from one season to the next uh maybe that, that is what God is saying to you. We don’t wanna get so stuck at Sinai are so stuck in the moment that we missed the mission. God’s called us from glory to glory, not just to glory but from Glory to glory. Second Corinthians chapter three verse 18 we all with unveiled face beholding the glory of the Lord are being transformed into the same image from one degree of glory to another. For this comes comes from the Lord who is the spirit From one degree of glory to another. Many of us we see the miraculous happen at the mountain. We see the miraculous happened at the mountain like I said, God provides there, he protects there, he does miraculous and amazing things there and we get excited. We get thankful, we get hyped, we get motivated. But one thing that often happens at the mountain that we don’t realize is happening as it’s happening is we’re getting comfortable and comfort while it feels good over a period of time it can cause you to deteriorate. It can cause you to uh lose your edge, lose your touch in activity as a result of comfort can cause you not to be uh, have that same fire that you once had. UFC uh, UFC Fighter Connor McGregor, one of the most recent fight that he had, forget who he was fighting? But he lost and it was pretty bad. And uh, this is a guy who’s a, who’s a champion, You know, he went out and he has a lot of victories and and wins under his belt. And when they interviewed him, because he came back, came out of retirement two for this fight. And this was supposed to be like a big fight and all these different things were going on. And when they interviewed him and say, hey, what happened? He said, yo and activity will do it every time in activity. We’ll do it. I haven’t, I haven’t been as active as I was when I was fighting regularly coming fresh out of retirement and activity is what did it? And so sometimes we can get too comfortable and it can cost us, we can get too comfortable and it can cost us. But what happens when God calls us out of that season of provisions or out of that season of, of uh, of what he was doing for us in the wilderness. We have to be prepared. We have to be ready to move forward. You’ve stayed too long at this mountain. You’ve stayed too long at this mountain perfectly. Take it to the Lord in prayer. So God, are there any habits uh, that I’ve had for too long that have maybe gotten me by or gotten me to this point and they were good in one season. But for where you’re leading me, I need to let them go. Are there any thought processes that were good in one season that helped me to adapt in one season. But now for where I’m going, I need to let them go pray about those things. Are there any situations? And uh there’s there could be a host of things. Just take it to the Lord in prayer, see what he says about it to you. So we have to be prepared and ready to move forward. So major moves require moving on. Moving on to the next season will not be easy. Will not be easy. Why? Because if we take the major moves again and put them under a microscope, will see that major moves, take courage, takes courage to make a major move. It takes courage to make a major move. So they require moving on. But they also take courage. Take courage in verse seven, it says turn take your journey and go to the hill country of the animal rights and to all their neighbors in the Arab ah and the hill country and in the low land and then again by the sea coast. The land of the Canaanites of Lebanon. As far as the great river, the river Euphrates. See I have set the land before you go in and take possession of the land that I swore to your fathers. I have set the land before you go in and take possession of the land, it takes courage. This isn’t something that isn’t going to to happen? Uh, this isn’t something that’s going to fall into our laps. It’s not going to fall into our laps. It’s not something that’s going to come without us pressing on without us, uh, moving forward. Because what we see here in the text specifically is that the land was already occupied, surprise. The land was already occupied. Encourage is the quantity of mind or spirit that enables a person to face difficulty, danger or pain with bravery. The quantity of mind or spirit that enables a person to face difficulty, danger or pain with bravery. And so what we realize is that it it doesn’t mean that fear won’t be there, but we have to run through it. It doesn’t mean that calculating the cost won’t be there, but we have to address it anyway. We need courage because the land was already occupied. God says, you have given you the promised land, Israel says, okay, that’s great, that’s wonderful. They sin they rebel. They they go to look in the land before they stand in, rebel, they go to look in the land and they say, oh, there’s there’s giants here. God, we’re like grasshoppers to these people, we we can’t do this. And then God, you know, uh, has them in the wilderness for 40 years as a result of their disobedience. Why? Because the land was already occupied, but they didn’t have the courage and trust to move forward anyway. And so for us, when we move into the land or move into the new season that God’s called us into, we have to be prepared to fight. We have to be prepared to advance, prepared to fight. Whatever you’re walking into, realize that sometimes it will not come without a fight. It will not come without a struggle. It will not come without you pressing it will not come without you being persistent. Now, what I’m I’m not saying is, oh, you know, somebody’s driving a car that I God said, God told me that’s my car. You know, it’s my car. I’m not saying, you know, God told me that’s that’s my husband. You know, that’s that’s my wife. Like in the new new, that’s not where I’m going with that at all. I want you to sabotage anything. But what I am saying is that there are going to be sometimes where you’re walking into a season that you have to war for or battle for or fight for, we have to take ground and not fear confrontation. Not fear addressing the situation. Not fear, addressing what needs to be addressed both within ourselves personally, with our habits with our personalities with different things that we have. So we have to not fear confrontation and have courage within ourselves, but also outside ourselves, with other people, with situations with circumstances that arise. Fighting can look differently. For the believer, it can look like a healthy confrontation that’s rooted in the spirit and not in the flesh. It can look like uh going to counseling to find some issues within ourselves that need to be resolved. It can look like being committed to something long term that can help you gain the strength to move forward. It could look like taking whatever the situation is to the Lord in prayer consistently over a period of time. It could look like being open to the council of leadership and not holding tightly to your way or what you want. We have to battle things both outside and also within ourselves, advancing to advance and to move forward. As we’ll see with Israel. It requires confrontation. They had nations that they had to come up against. They had territory that they had to occupy that was already occupied. They needed to take. And so it requires confrontation. Sometimes we have to confront things within ourselves, traumas that happened, disappointments that happened. We have to go back and do the work in order to possess the land. We have to confront systems. We have to confront patterns. We have to confront thoughts and sometimes even theology in order to move forward, Take God out of the box and and address and, and uh, confront the things that we need to confront, Making major moves will cost us time and it will cost us energy. Taking the promised land was not an easy feat. If we read through Joshua and look at the battles that they fought, they suffered some, it was difficult. But God was with them in the midst of it. God did not leave them. God did not forsake them in the midst of it. So for us making a major move, it requires courage. Why? Because we’re not doing this just by ourselves. We have to trust in God. God says, one of the, one of the biggest commands in scripture that we see happening is the Lord speaking and saying, be strong and courageous. He says what fear not For the Lord, your God is with you wherever you go. That word fear not those two words, those are in scripture 365 times one for every day of the year. Why? Because the Lord knows that we are fearful. We’re prone to fear. And so we have to take courage especially when we’re moving out of something that is certain out of something that has kept us something that has uh been that we’ve used for so long into something that’s now uncertain into a new season. So we have to realize that making these major moves requires confidence, confidence, confidence. Thirdly making major moves, if we take the major moves put them under a microscope, we realized that making major moves requires maintenance. Maintenance says that I’ve set the land before you go in and take possession of the land. Take possession of the land, possession requires possession uh speaks about ownership means you have to have this thing, you have to have it in your in your grasp, you have to own it. And if you own something you got to maintain it, you gotta maintain it. Major moves requires maintenance says take this land that the Lord swore to your fathers to Abraham to Isaac and to Jacob and to give to their offspring after them to give to them and their offspring after them. Maintenance major moves requires maintenance. God is a god of generations. How many of you know that God is a god that works in generations from one generation to the next. He’s not just limited to those that are in the 21st century, but those that were in the 20th and the 19th and the 18th, God has been working from generation to generation from the time these words were penned all the way now God is still working and still shifting is still moving and active. So God is a god of generations. Making promises from one generation to the next. God is a generational god type that in the chat, God is a generational god making promises from one generation to the next. And if we’re gonna make a major move, it’s gonna require maintenance to maintain dictionary defines it as to keep in existence or in continuance to persevere to retain to keep in appropriate condition or uh operation or force to maintain God gives promises but we have to maintain them. God gives us promises but we have to maintain them when we’re in the land we have to maintain it. But then also we have to maintain the promise because this is a promise that was what passed down from generation to generation it was given to Abraham who who then gave it to Isaac who then gave it to Jacob and it was passed down to the Children of Israel uh maintenance Brooklyn based poet laureate and rapper bobby smarter says in his song hit song he says you know someone taught me how to flip them packs and how to maintain, get that money back and spend it on the same thing. And it’s an unfortunate cycle of maintenance but it shows us that the world has their system down of maintenance of longevity and many of us even in our natural lives in the physical we maybe know how to maintain or know how to uh make our money stretch or know how to maintain in the natural But in the spiritual with the heavenly principles with the kingdom principles are their kingdom. Principles are their kingdom promises that you’re holding onto and cultivating to be able to pass down to the next generation. The bible talks about a father leaving an inheritance for his Children. Are there some spiritual principles, some spiritual blessings that we can be able to pass down to those that are coming behind us are their promises that God has told us that maybe we haven’t seen yet that we need to impart to our Children. I say this is why I’m doing this. This is why you’ll see me engaging in in this. This is why I get up and pray. This is why I read scripture because God told us as a family that X, y and Z. What happened? God told me that X, y and z. What happened? I’m holding on to this promise or there’s some promises that maybe we need to start asking for God is a god of generations and maybe you say, okay well I I you know uh my father wasn’t there wasn’t the best of my parents wasn’t there one of the best they weren’t great examples? Well God God can start with you you could start with you you could be the chain breaker and the one that shifts things in your family line. You could be the one he said this is this is the God who swore this land to your fathers to Abraham to Isaac to Jacob to give not only to them but to their offspring after them. They were walking in this land because of the promises that were made. I’m going to close and I think it’s very important for us to realize that as these major moves require maintenance. As these major moves are something that we’re looking at. We need to realize that longevity is the key major movies for the long game for the long game and sometimes what we want to do is we want uh a minute maid major move. You want to just be like, all right, cool. I’m good. I got it and and move on and move quick. We want to make moves that are minute maid, but we want them to be major but it takes time. It takes research. Sometimes it takes prayer. Sometimes it takes counsel, it takes consistency, it takes patience to make a major move. Why? Because God is kind of confusing sometimes if you can be honest with yourself, if you are one that understands all of God’s ways, I’m gonna have to call you out. That’s cat as they say, right, you’re lying, you’re a liar. Uh, you need to repent like yeah, I understand. I know, I know exactly what God was doing. No, you didn’t Why? Because his ways are not our ways and his thoughts are not our thoughts. And so oftentimes we’ll be praying for a strategy because we’re fighting against an army, we’ll be praying for a strategy because we won’t break through. We’ll be praying for a way to maintain to have victory as we step forward into this major move and God will say something like yeah, walk around the building a couple of times and then when you, when, when I say stop walking, you holler and you scream as loud as you can. And the walls will come down and we’ll say hold up. But you know I’m trying to take ground. I’m trying to be obedient and move into this promised land and all I’ve got to do is walk through, walk, walk, get past this wall of Jericho and everything’s gonna be fine. You know, we have the ability to to scale the wall. We have you know, ability to penetrate the wall to to to climb up and make it happen. And God is like I don’t know walk be silent and when I tell you shout as long as you can, the walls will come tumbling down. That is not uh minute maid move. That is a move that took some time. But it was a major one. And for us we have to realize that the move is bigger than you when Israel had to leave Sinai and going to the promised land, it was bigger than them, it was for them and for their offspring. And hopefully for us when we make the moves, God’s called us to make setting us up so hopefully we can help someone else along the way and put us in a better position for ourselves for our Children, for our grandchildren. Bethel God has made us some promises. He’s a God that keeps his promises. He’s made us some promises and he’s also given us the strength to see it through. He’s made us some promises that I want us to see promises that he didn’t make to me directly, but that were made to those that came before me. Made to my father made to my grandfather that I believe we’re going to continue to see as we step forward. But first we have to say, hey, we’ve been on this mountain too long. We’ve got to make some moves, make some adjustments, some major moves and that all comes with the mindset to reset our mindset. So major moves, let’s let’s review major moves. The first thing is it requires moving on from one thing to another thing. Secondly, major moves takes courage. Third and finally, major moves takes maintenance, maintenance. My prayer for us is that we would be obedient in this season as God calls us to the next season and make major moves. Let’s pray. Dear God, I thank you so much for this time. I thank you for your people. I thank you for your heart for us. How you want to see us succeed. You want to see us thrive. You want to see us do well. You want to see us father be obedient. You want to see us to be obedient Lord, That is your heart for your people is obedience and faithfulness and my prayer. Lord, is that in this season of saying, hey, maybe there are some things. We need to shift things. We need to look at things. We need to tweak my prayer father is that you know you would do what only you can do in our lives, father, we would bless you and all things that we would trust you in all things. Moving forward is not an easy task. I’m gonna say that again. Moving forward is not an easy task, but it’s one that you call us to. It’s not easy, especially when we’ve grown, when we’ve grown comfortable. It’s not easily, especially when we’ve gotten accustomed to certain things. It’s not easy. But Lord, you’re trying to stretch us. And so Lord, I pray that we would not be stiff necked. I pray that we would not be resistant. I pray Lord that you would uh, that we would be pliable and meant and mandible father. That we will be flexible father and be willing to move how you want us to move and the way you want us to move, a way that will glorify you. So God, I thank you for your people. I pray right now that you would give us courage and our hearts. You just give us the ability to move on. That you would give us the vision to see the steps to take home. Give us the spiritual uh, ears to hear you as you speak and the heart to obey you. We thank you and praise you. We give you glory and all these things in jesus name. We pray Amen and Amen. If you’re listening and you’ve heard this message and you realize, hey, I don’t have a relationship with jesus and I want to know him today. If that’s you, you don’t know jesus, you want to come to know him, I’m gonna ask you to text, save to the number at the bottom of your screen, we’ll be able to be in contact with you about salvation and what that means for you. Uh, and if that’s you, I’m just gonna pray with you. Dear God, I thank you so much for those that maybe are texting right now. I think this is the greatest decision they could have made to come to know you. I pray Lord that as the message has gone forth that it would find good soil and that as they text Lord that they would make a new decision to trust you to be saved by your grace to save by your love to save by your precious blood. We thank you and praise you in jesus name. Amen. Amen and Amen. God bless you all is my prayer. Hello again and thank you so much for tuning into the message at Global seven. Once again, my name is Roderick CAesar the third, the lead pastor of Bethel Gospel Tabernacle. My prayer is that you were blessed and encouraged by the message and if you want to contribute and give to the ministry, you can text B G T F. I 277977. Again, you can text B g t f I 27797 center. We’re so thankful for you and my prayer is that God will continue to strengthen and empower and encourage you. As you listen to this message, we hope you tune again later and God bless you. Thank you so much.

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