Komen’s Dark Side

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Eve Silver once sat on the board of the Latino Advisory Committee of the Susan G. Komen Foundation, America’s largest breast cancer awareness and prevention organization. As a two-time breast cancer survivor, Eve had a personal connection to the cause. Then she learned the abortion she had years earlier had increased her risk of breast cancer. Eve not only become aware of the 36 scientific studies supporting the abortion-breast cancer link but also realized money raised by Susan G. Komen helped fund Planned Parenthood, the number one provider of abortions in America.

The Breast Cancer Prevention Institute, co-founded by breast surgeon Angela Lanfranchi, MD, has studied the link for years. Dr. Lanfranchi stands firm on research supporting an increased risk of breast cancer in post-abortive women. She says hiding the risk is an injustice to women, yet it remains not just hidden but denied, preventing women from making informed choices.

Informed choice is the mission of the Coalition on Abortion and Breast Cancer. Co-founder and president Karen Malec speaks out against Komen’s funding of Planned Parenthood–$700,000 in 2007–and calls for including abortion among published risks for breast cancer.

All three women ask the obvious question: why donate to a breast cancer organization that funds another organization whose business increases the risk of breast cancer? Eve, Karen and Dr. Lanfranchi urge viewers to consider the question before deciding where to donate on behalf of women’s health.

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