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When life is seemingly impossible God is doing HIS miraculous work. Put your seatbelt on as God takes you to places you have never even dreamed of. Isaiah 55:8-11 says that His thoughts and His ways are heavenly, beyond our comprehension. His plans are too wonderful for us to know right now. Job 42:3 My miracle pregnancy was HIS plan. The unexpected result were also HIS plan. When life hits you hard look to the originator “God.”

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Welcome to treasures in the storm. I’m Cindy schmidle. Er I am thrilled today about our segment, I call this God’s fingerprints. It’s a miracle and you’re gonna want to stay and hear this. It is an incredible story of God. Working in our lives, I’m gonna pray for us. Uh you’re gonna get your bible and paper as I give you scriptures, you’re gonna want to write them down and then I’ll share a very fascinating store story. The bible talks about how we are to give thanks and how we are to talk about the wonderful deeds that the Lord has done for us and this is some of those wonderful deeds. So through hard times. So I am thrilled to be able to share with you. God’s working in my life and others through this story. Let me pray for us and then we’ll get started. So, Lord, I thank you that you have taught us Lord through your word, that active and living word, that’s sharper than any double edged sword. The one that’s the love letter that you have given to us. Lord, thank you so much Lord, that we can know you as well as we do. And my audience, Lord. Those that don’t know you or are just getting to know you. Lord. Can you catapult them. Can you catapult them close to you, Lord. So they can they can feel that treasure Lord, that pearl of great prize that you want to place in their hands of knowing you so well And fathers. I share this story. Your words, not mine Lord. May it bring you so much delight father the workings that you are doing through adversity Lord. And we trust your father. Will you speak to the audience? Those who need uh some sweet bomb from you today. Lord, will you please give it to them? And we just thank you. We believe you. We trust as if you’ve already answered our prayers in jesus name that I pray. So. As I said, this is God’s fingerprints and I call it the miracle of Jonathan. And I want to share and I’ll do some of the scriptures as I go through. But I want to share this story. I don’t want, I don’t want to get lost in it. I want to share it in completeness. So after I had went through my cancer treatments and um my infertility ended in a heap, a pile God’s pile I call it. Uh six months later, uh, john and I were getting back to Godliness plus contentment is great gain. We were becoming content with our lives. We had got off the, I must have a baby treadmill and we were getting calm and God was giving us peace. We actually were really enjoying our lives. I think sometimes when we get so caught up in wanting something so bad that we get off track and we make our own selves miserable versus thinking about what it is keeping our mindset on that great thing that God may have for us. Well, six months later, I remember, I will never forget it. It’s a it’s burned in my brain sitting on the end of my bed one day. And the Lord had put forth thoughts in my mind and I’m going to call them A B. C. D. These are the thoughts that God had given me and I’m not sharing because their intimate thoughts and that’s why you don’t get to know. So but he gave me these thoughts, he gave me a B. C. D. And D. After D ended in I must be pregnant. And I thought to myself that’s impossible because I had went and had surgery done to look inside of me and they said you have no eggs left. It is not possible for you to get pregnant. I even have a movie to prove it. And so I’m thinking about these thoughts and I tell my wonderful husband john and he goes Cindy there’s no way you can be pregnant. A B. C. D. I say to him and he said there’s no way we even have a movie of it. I said I know we have a movie but a B. C. D. And he said well let’s call the doctor. So we called the doctor. And um well before we call the doctor. See I’m getting ahead of myself before we call the doctor john said let’s go and get a pregnancy test kit and back then you needed to do that in the morning. And so in the morning I did my test the next morning. It was a sunday morning or something like that. I did my test and of course it was positive and john said, Cindy, there’s something wrong. It must be something you’re on that is causing this because you can’t be pregnant. Why we have a movie? I said, I know we have a movie, but look at this, it’s blue. And he said, well call the doctor. So I did, I called the doctor and the doctor said, Cindy, there’s no way that you can be pregnant. I said yes doctor but A. B. C. D. He said, come in monday and we’ll do an ultrasound. I said okay. And I said to john, I said, honey don’t don’t even come because after all, we have a movie, I can’t be pregnant. I said and he said, okay, okay. So I went in by myself and they did an ultrasound and found out I was two months pregnant. You could hear the heartbeat already. I was so elated. There are not words on this earth. I had prayed john had prayed for so long that we could have a baby and we were told absolutely not. And now, now after everything I’m pregnant and so I could wait to get off that table and go tell john, I was like just giddy inside and they brought me into a room and said really, you should abort this baby because of some of the medicines that you are on. Um it may not be a healthy pregnancy. And I’m like, what? This is my miracle baby from God Almighty, there is no way that I’m gonna abort my miracle baby and couldn’t wait to get off that table and get out of that room and go tell john this wonderful news. So, I got home and I told him and we’re so excited. We told everybody, because they had been through um a lot of my cancer and everything that we, the infertility and then to have this incredible news from God himself. We just couldn’t keep, we were shouting it from the mountaintops. And so I was considered high risk in my pregnancy. So I had ultrasounds every week, which was so much fun because our son, we knew we were having a son, Jonathan. We named him would, would put on shows for me, those ultrasounds, they are so real. If you get a chance to google and ultrasound of a baby, it’s amazing. You can, today you can actually see their features, you can tell if they look more like their mom or dad from these ultrasounds, they’re just amazing. And so I would go in and he Jonathan be doing flips and sucking his thumb. He had beautiful 10 fingers, 10 toes. It was just incredible. And I think to myself, you know, I keep going back to Matthew 1926 says, you know, with man, nothing is impossible with man, but with God, with God all things are possible. And so I want you to know that I want you to be able to put that in your heart today just to be believing God for the things that he might have for you and to just trust him, it’s a bowing our heads and a trust that we need to put on and and and it’s God who decides our lives, not us, he’s the one. And and if you’ve seen some of my other episodes on infertility and my cancer, you’ll see that, you know, God is working in all of those things, his plan and his purpose that can never, the bible says it can never be thwarted and so um I loved my pregnancy, it was well, initially I was pretty sick and I thought to myself, why did I want this? But I remember often praying before I got pregnant that I could be pregnant. I didn’t think much about my baby or raising my baby, I just thought about how great it would be to be big and bad and pregnant. I just wanted that experience and I saw so many people in my church and all over who had um this experience and I just wanted it for myself and God was so faithful in giving me that, I mean it was just such an incredible thing um to have that, I felt like um I felt like mary the mother of jesus when I got pregnant because you know hers was immaculate conception, right? It was it was God himself who impregnated her. And I felt like that even though that wasn’t true from me just that it was such a miracle that I wasn’t supposed to be able to get pregnant now here I am pregnant and probably in months three or 4. I don’t remember exactly. Our neighbors next door Wanted to see an ultrasound. They have 10 grandchildren and never had seen an ultrasound and I said Oh sure come on come on. And so we all got in the car one day that I needed to go and we go to to have this ultrasound. We get into the room and the technician gets the the that one that they put over your belly and she’s going over my belly and Jonathan’s putting on his show like he did every week for me it was such a special time for me with him and just hearing the heartbeat and experiencing is so wonderful. And so the husband bob says to the technician, can you enlarge this part over here and I’m like what is he talking about? Well he wanted them to enlarge the heart. Just I think he was just curious, you know and so she did so sure I can do that. And so she did she enlarged the heart area and when she did she saw that there might be a problem. And again I’m going back to the fingerprints of God in our lives. And she said the technician said, you know Cindy I think we need to send you to the hospital and have a better look at the heart. I’m sure it’ll be fine. But we just need to go do this. And so it was about lunch time, we went and had lunch. I didn’t even tell john that was my first mistake. I should have told him right away. And but I just thought it was gonna be nothing and didn’t want to worry him and life is good, right? And so we go to the hospital and we get into the room. I’m with my neighbors and there were probably at least six people in that imaging room doctors. I don’t even know who they all were. And they dimmed the lights and they started putting the probe over my belly and they began talking, this is a special Doppler um ultrasound where they could actually see the blood going through Jonathan’s heart. And I didn’t know much have a science background. So I knew a little of the words they were using but enough to get me in trouble I’m gonna say. And I just knew something was wrong and the tears started flowing from my eyes and after they were done they put me into a room. I will never forget it and never forget standing in that room, hospital room and it was a dreary day, dreary everything was gray and I’m thinking Lord God what is going on? My miracle baby. And at that time john came in, we called him and he got in there and the doctor came in and said that Jonathan is it’s not going to live that he’s going to die. He has a very um difficult heart problems. And I just brought me to the end of myself, both of us to the end of ourselves and we just sobbed, you know at this thought and the doctor met with us and said, you know, we possibly could do a heart transplant. And uh we, we we were just devastated. The miracle baby that God had given us is going to end in death. And oh by the way they were 98% sure. It’s not like 50%, they were 98% sure. And so we met with the team of doctors about a heart transplant. We prayed our guts out. I am here to tell you, we prayed our guts out that God would not make us make this decision and of course that he would heal Jonathan. And I can honestly tell you we prayed with such faith. I felt like Abraham when he laid Isaac on the altar, God will provide the sacrifice. We had that much faith. We believed with everything in us that God was gonna heal Jonathan. And I want to say that for people who think uh they’ll quote scriptures and they’ll say well you need to have more faith if you have more faith than God will do well that’s not true. You you come when you pray, you pray everything in you where you’re at and let him give you what you need to get you through that thing. I believe wholeheartedly that God is pleased with my prayers, believing prayers and I know he’d be pleased with your believing prayers to And so we just, we trust him with it. And so when we met with the team of doctors, we they said there’s two reasons we will not do a heart transplant. One is if Jonathan’s organs are flipped or if he has no spleen because you need those for anti rejection and things like that. And we said no to the heart transplant and we continued to beg God not to make us make that decision. But we said no because there was no quality of life for him at that time And after that. So I’m in month four after that. And oh by the way, our family who loves us more than anything, wanted us to abort him. And honestly we thought for a second a nanosecond about it because the world comes and just On you and you don’t want to go through all the fear that you might have to go through and all the hurt and all the pain and that’s what our families didn’t want us to have to go through that either. But in our hearts and we know what God says in his word that he’s against abortion, 100% these are his Children. And so that quickly left us and God just grabbed hold of us and we had actually a really enjoyable pregnancy because while Jonathan was in me, he was vibrant. I was helping his blood supply supply. So he was vibrant and I would talk to him off and I’d say Jonathan, it’s gonna be okay mama’s taking care of you. Here’s something that I couldn’t, You know, I’m telling him this but I couldn’t promise that because I’m not God only God, God can actually say it’s gonna be okay and it will be 100% okay because he is able to do that. I’m not able to do that. And but God gave me that piece to be able to deal with the, the whole idea. And interestingly, I never did john and I never got the room ready even though I believe we both believed that he was gonna be a hell. Um God never um had us get the room ready and we wanted to give Jonathan every opportunity to life, every opportunity. And so we were gonna have him by C section because that would be easiest for him. We had him at a special hospital and the hospital had tunnels that would take him to a special pediatric hospital that could take care of him. And so that morning of June two we went to the hospital and are one of our favorite pastors Dave was there and he prayed over us. And then it all began. Everything that the whole plan that we had set in motion had began and Jonathan was born. He was born and he was born exactly how the doctor said he should be born with this heart defect. And people ask me were you just devastated because you put all your eggs in the hope basket and then such disappointment and I say no because God was pleased with my belief and my faith and then he takes care of the rest. So he was massage. Yes it was hard but he was massaging me helping me through helping john through And so they whisked Jonathan through the tunnels john and um Jonathan and the doctors through the tunnels took him to the place, got him all set up and he was beautiful. He was beautiful on the outside. God made him so beautiful. And you know how they say c section babies are beautiful. He was gorgeous, perfect weight everything And we were able to spend five full days with him in the hospital the whole time. Initially we had so we had probably 40 people at a time in our room and by date because everybody knew about this miracle baby that now is going to die and so many close friends came to hold him in the night so john and I could get some sleep, he was held the entire time. He was never not held in somebody’s arms interestingly to the neonatal critical care unit where they would take him uh if for a moment to check him over and stuff, he looks so vibrant, it’s like, what is he doing here? Like he looked like the only baby that was gonna live and all the other babies look so scrawny and tiny, like there’s no way they’re gonna live and all those babies were gonna live and Jonathan was going to die, just God’s upside down this about things And on day five, John had taken Jonathan for a walk, we would go outside, it was summer june 2nd we would take him outside and people would talk about him and how beautiful he was and all that. And also um one thing else that I noticed about Jonathan is, it’s almost like he had a void in his look like, like I felt in my heart, like maybe God had already taken him home, you know, I don’t know that’s just perception that I had, So it’s day five and John had just taken him for a little walk and I was sitting in my room much like this just sitting and I had turned my head over to the clock and the Lord had spoke in my heart that it was over, that Jonathan had passed and john came in shortly after and said you know he’s passed. I said, I know the Lord’s already told me and God is um he’s good. He goes before, he doesn’t say it’s going to be easy. But he does prepare the way as you’re going through it and he will be there and all those little details, the doctors and the nurses, all the incredible amount of people who came and held our arms and legs up Uh passage that I love is Isaiah 55 8311. It says God’s ways are not our ways. His thoughts are not our thoughts, they are higher, they are heavenly. So our eyes need to be focused on him in these difficult situations, trusting as hard as it is that he will get you all the way through to the other side because he does promise and you can hold him to it and that’s why I could have an enjoyable pregnancy in the midst of all of it. I’d like to now bring in my wonderful husband john and he’s gonna share a little bit from his perspective. Hi, hungry. Yeah. Can you share with the audience that verse the Lord gave you when Jonathan had died. Yeah, that was quite a tender time, wasn’t it? It was just so interesting to hear you talk about our family and friends who surrounded us at that time. It was amazing. Yeah, that was, that was a time where I had to take Jonathan to the doctors. They wanted to check him over and I was holding him and it was uh it’s one of those times that God gives you something so special because it’s so personal and he knows exactly what you need. And he just spoke with, we had gone through a study on second Samuel and it’s when David’s son was has died right? And David people are wondering, David, why aren’t you upset? Um your son, you were, you were fasting and doing all these things while he was sick. But then he dies and and now you’re getting yourself all back together. What, what is that? And he said, he said, here’s why because he can’t come to me but I will go to him and that is what God imprinted on my heart during that time. And that is the hope for those of you who have had a small child. Perhaps they’ve also died in your arms. Like Jonathan died in my arms and those words, he can’t come to me but I will go to him were complete bomb and healing to my heart and it was just a wonderful time of grief and faithfulness and and really celebration to know that it’s not over. We’re going to meet Jonathan one day and as I know you’re telling the audience out here right. That was the the platform by which he brought us adam. So I don’t know if you mentioned that yet, but that’s going to be a good one if they haven’t heard that yet. And I think about the um funeral member, we didn’t want to have that funeral, we were grieving and we just wanted to go in a corner and lick our wounds. Remember that the biggest to do that funeral? I’m sad to say no. I know. And we said when we finally got our head around it knowing that God wanted us to do that and then we said yes we’re gonna call it a celebration and how many people we had Over 300 people, there were 300 people that came into the church and and a dear dear friend of mine who had not known the Lord at that time. We heard a story afterwards that after that Celebration of life that God impacted his life in a significant way. He was never the same. Yeah. Yeah. And remember she said that he held Jonathan’s funeral card where those little cards made up, kept it with him in his wallet for 20 years. Oh my gosh, you just don’t know what the Lord’s plans are. You just gotta put your head down when it’s really hard trusting and got us through, look at us. You know, he got us through and he will get them through to just like he got us through. So thank you so much honey, can you pray for us? Can we just close, can you pray for our audience? I’d love to, I’d love to father. We’re so grateful for this time and this day, Lord, we just thank you for all the people that are listening Now Lord, we ask your blessing upon them and those that are in trials, those that have lost Children, those that have ill Children, father, you are the God of all creation. Please comfort them. Please bring yourself to them. That is all we need, that’s all we ever need And Lord, would you reveal hope to them so they can see through the tragedy to what you have planned during the time for their lives. And Lord I do thank you for all those family and the friends that helped us through our trials with Jonathan Lord, we just praise you for it because you are such a good God, you are so worthy and we lift your name the name of jesus up in whose name we pray Amen. Thank you so much honey for coming on today and sharing that with the audience and thank you so much audience. I want to pray for us to So Lord, I just thank you for my wonderful husband. I thank you for how you get us through everything all the details of our lives. Lord so we trust you, we trust you with our moments tomorrow and the next day. Help us when we have unbelief and we pray that in jesus name. Thank you audience. Hello, my name is Cindy schmidle er and I have something very special that I want to share with you today. This is a book that I’ve written called tragedy turned upside down. This is a book full of hope and help if you need some strength today, I call it God vitamins If you need some real uh inoculation of the Lord and faith and belief in your life, this book is for you. My readers have said they devour it, they sit in one sitting to finish it. They have laughed, they have cried most of them have taken notes on it because there’s so many good foundational truths in it that you will want to write down and keep for the storms of your life. Mostly you’re going to take this book and you’ll want to share it with others that are struggling to. So at your earliest convenience, I’d say pick it up, read it, you will be blessed, blessed blessed when you read this and share it with those that are struggling right now. Maybe even if they’re not struggling, somebody who needs to know, maybe they don’t have faith and you want them to have faith. You want them to know who jesus is. This book is for you those words that you you just can’t bring to say to a friend or relative this book is full of all the things that you had hoped to say to them. So pick it up at your earliest convenience.

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