Is It Possible that Atheists Don”t Know Anything at All?

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the following program is made possible by the Friends and partners of God Quest ministries, Erica Van here along with paul taylor with your creation today. Is it possible that atheists don’t know anything at all. That’s what we’re talking about today on the Creation Today show from Pensacola florida and on the Creation Today show today, we’re going to be talking about our recent visit to the Reason rally in D. C. Talking about how you approach an unbeliever with the Gospel will also be giving you a great tool for finding about Creation ministers around the country. And we’ll be discussing fuzzy words. Those things are so cute. I love those cute little fuzzy words. If you have questions, this is your show, send them into questions at Creation today dot org. Remember we believe the bible is literally true and scientifically accurate. Welcome to season two of the Creation today show paul, can you believe we did it? It’s it’s been a long haul, but this is the second year we’ve been able to do this show. I can’t believe it’s lasted so long. Well, you know, we’ve had a lot of response to millions of letters, millions of letters, well, thousands of letters, thousands of letters have come in okay. Hundreds of letters. Hundreds of letters have come in about the show several letters, okay, we’ve gotten well actually I’ve got a letter here, that’s the one from my mom. She does love the show, but it did come flooding in. Oh it did. We definitely had a good time over the past year and are looking forward to several guests already lined up for season two. Really excited about that. Um We’ve got people like J. C. Guts. Yes man. What an incredible brilliant mind talking about the God of the universe. I love it. I love what he’s done. And also our old friend john McKay john Mccabe will be joining us in later episodes. So we invite you to tune in once a week as we continue to teach you about creation today. What’s going on right here right now? Well, coming up in this show we do have a lot of good stuff for you. Lots and lots of great stuff but we got a brand new segment, an occasional segments because people have been asking they want some answers to questions and they want us to question. They want to test to see whether how much your brain is working on the subject of creation. The bible says be ready always. So we’ll see if we are ready always. So here’s a new segment called rapid response, where we are going to test Van’s knowledge of Creation matters and see whether you can answer questions. This is for you. We have two minutes for you to answer as many questions as you can please, your name please, your occupation evangelist and your chosen specialist subject God. Oh that’s not the questions. So your time, I felt like I did good on those time starts now. Did God use the Big Bang to create the universe. No he did not use the Big Bang, it’s interesting the Big Bang says the world came from nothing and God says the world came from nothing. So they both have the same starting point. Creation says the word came from nothing. So they got the same starting point. However, the Big Bang idea says that nobody did it obviously creation to say God did it. Good. Two creation accounts in genesis with this one common misunderstanding. There’s not two creation accounts in genesis. Chapter one gives the overview genesis. Chapter two goes back and reviews what happened on day six specifically of creation, so on. In chapter one, God makes all the animals and then makes man in chapter two, he makes man and then makes one of each kind of animal To bring them to Adam to see what he would call them. That’s great. How did a 600 year old man build a wooden boat for millions of animals? Question is flawed. There probably were not millions of animals. There’s a new study called terminology, tracing land dwelling animals back to the original kinds. There’s probably only about 8000 different kinds of animals, originally not millions. And we know from God’s word as our authority that noah did it with his three sons. So they built the ark, brilliant. This one. This is a hard one when cain get his wife Kane had to marry a sister. So that was their only choice. There was no genetic load, no deformed chromosomes, cain had to marry a sister after that. It got two cousins and things like that. And today, if you marry any closer than a cousin, you get a redneck. But well, it was a little rude, sorry response to happen in Alabama. We love you guys in Alabama and Tennessee Norfolk. Why do you believe it? Why do you believe in genesis instead of in science? That again, Miss misunderstood question. We believe in both genesis and science. All the science that we see today actually supports what God’s word says. You got a new small group curriculum called the Six days of genesis does that just simply goes through the science and the six days of genesis. So they go perfectly together. They’re not they’re not in conflict at all. And another question here, when you’re trying to think about evolution, how can all these scientists all be wrong? How can all I like the way j secret said it when we were talking to him a couple of weeks ago, he said, do all scientists believe that the bible is the infallible inspired word of God? No, they don’t. Well, how could they all be wrong? Just because a lot of people believe something doesn’t make it right. They used to think that bad that you were sick because you had bad blood. All the scientists used to think that big rocks fall faster and little rocks just cause all the scientists believe something doesn’t necessarily make it true, and that’s what we’re after is truth, and it starts with the foundation of God’s word. And one of your final question that Mr husband isn’t creation divisive. Oh uh it’s creation divisive. No, it’s not If you’re interested in the truth, but those that don’t want the truth, I guess it would be divisive because the truth pushes people away sometimes to go back into the darkness. You know, the bible says, if you remain in the light, if you’ll stay sitting in the light, your your eyes literally just you get to know the truth and that truth is what will set you free. That phrase comes from that. That starting point is if you stay in the light, if you remain in the light, then you’ll be my staples, then you’ll know the truth and the truth will set you free. So no creation early isn’t divisive when it comes to if you want to know the truth. But if you don’t want to stand on God’s word as your authority, of course there’s gonna be a conflict there. That’s very impressive. You know, we try and answer questions on this show and you’ve managed to answer eight questions very, very rapidly indeed. So important, we did all last season. No, I guess we answered a lot of questions last season. Oh man, well that is fun. Okay, you’re you’re gonna get grilled next time, then okay, we’re gonna see how you think off the cuff here, see if I can think fast on the feed, you know, we do have a lot of questions like these that come in that are really common questions. A great resource for you by the way, a great resource is the answers book. There’s a series of three books that have a total how many answers? Almost 100. Almost 100 I think that’s actually 99 answers together in those three books, they were going to write another book, but that’s another story. The, the, the whole, did you get that one another story? The the answers book series goes through common questions and objections to the bible, just like these that really do have great answers if you’re willing to look for. That’s right, it’s well worth getting that. And of course if you’ve got youngsters around then you want to get some information about creation and probably the best product there to get is the Creation Kids Club, wow, I’m telling you brand new Resource Creation Kids Club geared for ages 4 to 9 years old and it’s just fantastic Book one is out and we’re looking forward to more books coming out. That really is gonna be a great the young lady who has written that Amy Webb AMy Webb and we’ve, we’ve spoken to her, interviewed her for the show and we’ll be playing that interview, you guys are really going to enjoy hearing from her, It’s really, really cool. Also, if you’re in the Pensacola area, we’ve actually started the Creation Kids Club locally where we get together every couple of months and we actually have activities and go out and do things with science in the bible and it’s a lot of fun. The kids really enjoy it. And if you wanted to find out more information, then you need to come along to one of our events in particular. You need to come along to the proof of God conference in october. I can’t stress this one enough guys, it really is gonna be phenomenal. I mean, just absolutely phenomenal. We’ve got several incredible speakers including paul taylor, that’s right, paul taylor is gonna be there, carl, Kirby from reason for Hope ministry is gonna be there, Mark Spence from the way of the Master is going to be there and sites in Britain from proof that God exists dot org, it’s gonna be phenomenal. And he’s going to be there looking forward to that. And you know, if you want a conference near to where you live, then get your church to get onto us because we are very happy to travel and to come and talk to your church and put on a conference or an event near you. They really are life changing and that’s the whole point of these, not just to talk about the creation, but to get to the creator. Well, hey, stay tuned coming up. We’ve got some clips from the Reason rally, the largest gathering of atheist executive humanists in the history of the world. We were there interviewing them, you can find out what they had to say, join Erica bain and paul taylor from creation today dot org along with carl Kirby of Reason for hope ministries, Mark Spence of the way of the master and scientist Bruggen cate of proof that God exists dot org for the proof of God Conference in Orlando florida. For more information, visit proof conference dot com. That’s proof conference dot com or call toll free 18774793466. Welcome back, you’re watching the creation today’s show with me paul taylor and with eric Hovan having a good time this season two, we’ve got a lot of great stuff coming up for you guys. The Reason rally was an incredible experience, largest gathering of secular atheists and humanists in the history of the world. They had some 10, some say as many as 20,000. They were expecting 30,000, but the rain kind of drowned some of them out. And so incredible time. Their incredible time. I gotta be honest fall, I think I would rather go to a rally like that and minister almost would rather go there than any church in America. Well, a lot of them when you see the clips, a lot of them were very honest about what they believe and they show they reveal the truth of what they believe and that’s exactly what we want to get too. So we’ll discuss that point. Yeah. But coming next, we gotta talk about fuzzy words because this is something that a friend of ours might put us onto. Right mike riddle, McGriddle from the creation training initiative, the creation training initiative. Ec President of that. And he talked about fuzzy words and fuzzy words are really when you get articles, popular scientific articles or even tv programs but particularly written articles in newspapers, magazines, journals and so on websites and they use various phrases which mike likes to call fuzzy words and their phrases that really mean practically nothing at all. It’s when they’ve got nothing that they’ve got to say on the scientific subject and we’ve got a really great example of that that as we were putting this program together. One very interesting example came up a news reports from some scientists in Britain and you know this, but the news reports have been all over the place. We’ve had news reports on Fox News on their website and several british news agencies have picked it up as well. And we’ve chosen one from the England’s Daily Telegraph magazine. You can find this online. Daily Telegraph dot com. I beg your pardon? Telegraph dot co dot UK. You can find it there and we’ll just let me read the headlines to you from what these scientists from the john Moores University in Liverpool have been doing some research on the Telegraph’s headline, which is one of the more polite ones says dinosaurs passing wind may have caused climate change, wow, that that would be a bad way to go. Can we just be honest, that would be a really bad way to go now. You know, it always amazes me when people publish articles in any case that talk about research on the subject of dinosaurs and their behavior. I mean, how can they possibly know? For example, in one part in the article, it actually says that these scientists, they their study began when they began to wonder about Mesozoic methane while investigating sora pods ecology. Now, how do you investigate sauropod ecology? No kidding. Let’s study what the environment was like when the Sauropods were here, when you believe they died 65 million years ago. Are you kidding me? I mean obviously there are certain things you can do. You can look at what fossils were found with some expenses, certain things you can say as many of us creation as well as well, but you can’t really study the ecology of the place. The implication is, it’s to do with their behavior. So let’s just talk about these fuzzy words. I like what you did here and this is what I want you guys to see. He’s actually gone through and you’ve got to learn how to do this when you’re looking at the science of eric article. he’s gone through and you’ve highlighted in yellow all the fuzzy words underlined the real science. And this is this is fascinating. And you’ll see this this on the screen, but I’m just holding this piece of paper so you can see some of the yellow marks. I have highlighted phrases which are fuzzy words and yellow so that you can see the bits that they don’t really know. For example, that yeah, huge plant eating dinosaurs may have produced enough greenhouse gas by breaking wind to alter the Earth’s climate. The research suggests, how do you even write that without laughing? That’s amazing. Like huge cowards. The mighty sauropods would have generated. There’s a footy word phrase would have when people say something would have, it means they don’t know it. They’re saying speculating within their story. Now, this article is full of that. Just look again at this piece of paper and you can see, I’ve colored it. I’ve covered it with loads of colored marks and when you’ve done that, you find that there is practically no signs in the article. Some science and you’ve underlined that in blue, right there, there’s some real science, for instance, here’s a sentence that says methane is a more potent greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide with a stronger ability to trap heat. That is of course true. Here’s another one the figure that they’ve calculated For how much methane they thought these dinosaurs produced is comparable to total natural and manmade methane emissions today before the start of the industrial age, about 150 years ago. Methane emissions were around 181 million tons per year. Now, that’s true, but that’s it. That’s really all there is in a huge article and they’ve used that little bit of science to try to drum up all this stuff about evolution. Really, The whole motive here is to try to push the millions of years to try to push dinosaurs going extinct millions of years ago and the possible cause of that. Don’t be afraid of these sort of articles. The message that we have and we read scientific articles from news magazines all the time that are just like this, aren’t you really? Do not need to be a scientist to understand how sil some of these articles are, All you need is a yellow market. Go through the words and understand that there’s not a whole lot of real science in a lot of these articles. Unfortunately, it’s a lot of guesswork. Well, coming up, I’ve got the Reason rally for you. So we’re gonna take a break right now and then we’re gonna come back and talk about the reason rally and I want to show you some clips of what Atheists really admitted right to our cameras while we were there, We’ll do that right after this Clear, welcome back. You’re watching the Creation today’s show with myself Erica Van along with paul. taylor, we’ve been talking about fuzzy words, talking about how to spot those in scientific articles. I can’t wait to get to this reason rally footage because we had a great time up there at the reason rally in Washington, D. C. Now, paul, I gotta tell you going to this rally, I felt a couple of different emotions when we walked up on the rally, I was thinking, well, how how how can so many people be blaspheming and cursing the God that I love their cursing the name of christ my savior. So I almost wanted to get angry at them. And then I thought well at the same time, if it wasn’t but the grace of God saving me, I would be in their shoes. So my heart really went out to these guys that are cursing God’s name and blaspheming God’s name really was tough. It’s it’s incredible, isn’t it? And we’re gonna we’re gonna see some some footage of of your time there. What was the big sort of overriding thought that came through the interviews we had. There was a bunch of people there, there were a bunch of people there that were uh proclaiming the gospel and preaching and things like that, I really wanted to use the the limited time that we had there since it was just one day event. I wanted to interview people and find out, okay, do Atheists actually know anything because it’s our position that if you don’t start with the God of the bible, you don’t actually know anything at all. Because without God we can’t actually have knowledge without the one who knows everything, telling us something, then we don’t know anything. And the atheist readily admitted that they don’t know anything, They don’t know anything. So why are they take a look at these clips? And you will see from this montage, just a couple of the interviews we did at the recent Reason Rally in Washington, D. C. So we do have such a thing as absolute truth. We have a truth in reality that we humans struggle to discern. Is it possible that you don’t know anything? It is possible? I could know absolutely nothing. Does reality exist. Seems to be a fairly persistent to lose. Is it possible that everything you think, you know is wrong and you could not know anything? It’s possible it’s possible that I could be wrong about everything. I know a lot of 45, I could go on forever doing this. So we do have knowledge. Is it possible that our knowledge could be wrong about everything about everything? What I would say that we can know some things to a certain degree. Can you know anything for certain. It’s hard to say, well, everything that we know, we know within a measure of anything. Are you sure of that? Yeah, I’m sure that Alison. Is it possible? You could be wrong about everything You’re saying that you could be wrong and you don’t know that that’s what science is all about? No, I said it’s possible that I could know nothing. I said it’s possible that everything I know I could be wrong, but I didn’t say I didn’t know anything and I didn’t say that everything I was wrong. What I said was possible because observations can be inaccurate. Is that true? Uh, yes, you just said, you don’t deal with things are true or false. And you said that’s true? Okay, minus slip of the tongue. I just want to point out that the Atheist is the one who thinks the earth could be flat. And the christian says it can’t be. That’s what you just said. Okay, that’s what I wanted to point out, could you be wrong about everything you think, you know, it’s conceivable the universe doesn’t exist. There we go. Absolutely amazing. They don’t know anything at all. And they readily admit that you see the christian position really is that without God, you can’t know anything. If you don’t start with the one who knows everything, revealing truth to you, then you don’t know anything. And that’s the problem. What’s very, very telling is that you’ve got them to say, you know that we don’t know anything. And then you ask them, Are you sure about that? Is that true? And they said, yes, that’s true, but we don’t know anything And that is that is the problem is the inconsistency with the Atheist world view. The atheist worldview says I could be wrong about everything because hey, that’s what science is all about is always improving. And hey, never take anything to say that we know this now. And the reason they do that is because science has a long history of being wrong about things, right? So why are we going to take modern day science and put it above the authority of God’s word, The one who knows everything has revealed something to us. It’s ridiculous. It’s very interesting and, you know, quite often, christians can be guilty of talking about this probable God that they believe and what we’re seeing from this is the importance of understanding that the atheist position is completely illogical. There’s actually no way that they’ve got any reason for laws of logic or laws of science. That’s right now. My heart really does go out to them. I kind of laugh at the absurdity here of these two views, but my heart really goes out to them because the bible teaches in second timothy 2 25 and until they repent, they are now never going to see the truth and we want them to repent. We want God to grant them repentance so that they can see the truth. Okay, I got another interview clip, I want to show you, I got to interview a gentleman named Aaron Raw who is famous for his rants against Christianity and against creationist in general? So, this next clip is an interview I did with a portion of an interview I did with Aaron Ross enjoy this and we’ll talk about it. Can we be absolutely certain of things? Can we be absolutely certain of things within the confines of whether or not there’s only one level of argument whether we can prove that reality itself exists and isn’t just an illusion if we establish that, regardless whether reality is an illusion or whether it’s really real, what we perceive it to be within the confines of that, the laws that apply, even if this is a video game, we are still subject to those laws within that, we can be sure of certain things. Absolutely, yes. So we can have absolute certainty within this reality. I want to say I want to be hesitant on that because absolute it in charge is something else. It implies a whole different meaning. So, in science, for example, everything is tentative. That’s why it doesn’t matter how solidly anything is proved. Germs gravity, Everything we call it theory and theory is a study. It’s a body of knowledge that encompasses facts and laws and explains them in a framework that makes sense of it, wow. Here you have an eight is saying, we can be absolutely sure within this reality. And you say, are you sure of that? And he goes, well, not absolutely, yeah, gonna be hesitant about that as if things in science can only be held tentatively. Right. You know, is can that be held tentatively? I mean, do we hold the things that can be held tentatively? Is that tentative? I mean, are we sure of that or not? The problem is that worldview is inconsistent, That worldview is illogical. It does not make sense. And that really is the whole the whole problem. And what you’ll notice then is of course, that’s when you when they attempt to try and make any argument, any stepwise argument despite themselves, they have to have some ground to stand on. And of course, the ground that they choose to stand on will be concepts of truth and falsehood, which they won’t admit it. But they are they are taken from a godly world, actually exist without presupposing the existence of God. Why do they reject the God of the bible? I want to submit to you. It is not because of their intellect, it is because of their emotions. They don’t want to believe in God. I went on to ask erin a question, I said, hey, if I could prove God to you, would you worship him here was his answer. If I could prove to your satisfaction that the god of the bible exists, would you worship him? If I believed that God exists And I believed that it was the bible God that existed. I would not worship it because it is a criminal thing now, If a better God existed than the one in the bible, I still wouldn’t worship it, but at least it would be worthy of respect. Wow, wow! Well, you can add your voice to the conversation that’s going on about the recent recent rally in Washington D. C. By going to our Youtube channel, Youtube dot com and search Creation Today channel and you can check that out and add your voice to the conversation. Well, I’m really excited about all the creation things that are going on in the world today. Specifically, we got a lot of things happening in north America and we’ve even got a website that we want to give you to help that out. Yes. Have a look at the website, visit Creation dot com. That’s visit Creation dot com and it was a marvelous tool so that you can find out a number of christian ministers around the country. Places that might be near you or be talking on it. You want to know about if you’re planning a vacation for the summer, Check out visit Creation dot com and go visit one of these creations hotspots around around the country. There really are a lot more than people think, of course we know about the museum. There’s way more. There’s a lot more stuff that people can go and visit and then put your money to support other christian organizations that are trying to proclaim, Proclaim the truth of the gospel through the Creation message. Absolutely right, wow! Well, that is our show for the first season, first episode of season two. We want to thank you guys so much for joining us. We got a lot more questions and answers coming up in future episodes of Creation today. Yes. And if you have questions and don’t forget to send them to questions at Creation today dot org or visit our facebook page facebook dot com forward slash creation today. Twitter at Creation today. That’s right. Thank you guys so much for joining us. God bless! This program is available on DVD by visiting creation store dot org or by calling 877479 34 66. To order this episode used the item member displayed on your screen.

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