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Implanted with someone else’s embryos. That’s the inconceivable news Carolyn and Sean Savage of Toledo, Ohio, heard from their fertility specialist.

Carolyn and Sean always dreamed of having four children. They already had two sons, Drew and Ryan, when they encountered fertility problems. They turned to in vitro fertilization and were blessed with their daughter, Mary Kate. But they still had five embryos left and were determined to give them a shot at life.

After the implantation procedure, Sean and Carolyn waited to hear from their doctor. But when he finally called, he had devastating news. Carolyn was indeed pregnant, but not with their baby. She had been implanted with someone else’s embryos.

Their doctor advised them to terminate the pregnancy, but Carolyn and Sean knew that was a decision they could never make. The nine months that followed were difficult, full of hope and despair, but the Savages’ decision is a true testament to the fact that every unborn child, no matter the circumstances, deserves an opportunity at life.

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