IAG2M: 3 – Introduction to Greek Words

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IAG2M: 3 – Introduction to Greek Words



Hi there, I’m thomas Harris and I’m happy to come to you and I’m happy to be greek and of course my greek name, Anastasios, Mackerras means the resurrection and the two edged sword had nothing to do with that. I had nothing to do with being born a greek. But I love being greek, I love the greek music, I love the greek culture, I love the greek food. You know you’ve all had feta cheese and olives, spanakopita tear open to all the wonderful dishes. But there’s other wonderful things about Greece that I want to tell you about now. Three of the things that the greek culture have given us are the olympics and also the Isthmian Games and also other uh athletic games and some of them were every two years, some of them were every three years four years. And so they were able to go to different things. That’s one thing they gave us also, they gave us democracy, Democracy A. D moses the people or the masses and Kurata or crazy says the authority or the power in the hands of the people. So power to the people that comes from democracy. And they gave democracy of course the theater and all kinds of art. But the greatest contribution I think of the greek culture is the greek language, you know the ancient greek but then you have modern greek and Catherine Busa uh motorcycle which is elementary greek but coin or common kino greek and that is what we’re going to really get into in the hebrew, you have about 6, 7000 words in the greek You have about 100,000 words. So when they translated the old testament Into the Greek language, 300 BC in alexandria Egypt those 70 rabbis and sometimes it’s called the 70, it became the septa agent. And we get the insights more specifically from Hebrew into greek I think. And then also in the new testament when jesus was on this earth and the disciples wrote Matthew mark luke john the book of accent and the other new testament books, it was written in the common greek coin greek. And and so because latin was the official language, the legal language and then you had uh Hebrew, that was the local language of the people there. But then you had greek which was the common language of all the people, those that passed by and it was the language that they did commerce in and everyone knew to speak it and so what we’re gonna be doing is taking these phenomenal greek words and I want to just give you two scriptures. One is found in second timothy in the new testament uh in chapter three and verse 16, the Apostle Paul writes to timothy all scripture is God breathed the open f store. So the first word ferrous and plasma is literally breath or spirit same word. Uh the opening store literally God breathed all of the scripture. That is the whole genesis to revelation is God breathed literally from the mouth of God and is inspired. That’s the word inspired and it’s uh it says it’s given to us for teaching and correction, instruction and right living. That the man of God may be perfect, thoroughly furnished unto all good works. So it tells us uh which way to go, what the right way is, which way to go, not to get off that way to stay on that way, when we get off that we had to get back on that way. And that’s what the scripture does. But it’s one more thing in first Corinthians chapter two and verse 13 it says which things we also speak, not in words taught by human wisdom, but in those taught by the spirit, combining spiritual thoughts with spiritual words. So you understand that not only is the whole bible inspired, the inspired word of God, but every single word that is in this book is inspired. It says in first Corinthians 13 chapter two and verse 13 that it’s it’s giving us spiritual thoughts. The spirit of God is giving us spiritual thoughts through the spiritual words. So I’m going to begin teaching you now these spiritual words and the fact that they are impregnated with this rich insight. So we understand what God says and what he means. So we know how to apply it to our life and be better for it and be transformed and changed. So the first word I want to introduce to you is filipino philo timo is made up of two greek words fill loss and to me which is lover and honor. So the love of honor, but it goes beyond just the honor. It’s more than what the marines would say. Uh simplify, you know, always faithful in other words. They’re living for something do with the quality of life. The highest of the greek virtues is this honor, integrity, duty, pride, dignity, courage, courage. How do you translate this word? It’s, it’s just not trans, it’s untranslated a bowl. It is not a word that’s easily, um, that you hit the mark. It’s made up of so many different aspects and today what I wanna do is just show you how it was used with the philosopher’s fails. The philosopher who had had a lot to say about this word. Socrates plato Aristotle but they’ll said philo timo is part of the essence of being greek fellow team or to the greek is like breathing, think about it. A greek is not a greek without it. Well, I don’t know if you can go that far, he might as well not be alive. I think maybe the quotation from philosopher tales of morality is a pre Socratic greek, philosopher from elitist is in asia minor and one of the seven stages of the Greeks best describes what philo t mo means. Filipino is not only a trait to be admired, it is expected. It is an ideal, a concept, a lifestyle philo timo is pride in oneself and his family and his community philo timo is respecting others, helping others, not because they, there might be something in it for you, but because you have a duty to do the right thing. He goes on. It is philo timo, which keeps the close knit greek community strong for thousands of years. During World War two, strong bonds were formed which still exists today. So just to give you an idea of this kind of courage and fill a team or the Greeks had europe’s resistance days against the Axis Force during World War Two. Give you a little bit of insight. You know, Greece held them back for 219 days. Notice that that’s over seven months Norway, 61 days France. 43 days. About five weeks Poland, 30 days Belgium, 18 days Netherlands three or four days, Yugoslavia. Three days. Denmark, zero days. Czechoslovakia, Zero days and others. This phyllo timo that we’re talking about this love of honor and goes beyond my life is what caused the Greeks to be so strong in resisting the Nazis. Listen to what Hitler had to say about him. Historic justice forces me to admit that of all the enemies that stand against us. The greek soldier above all, fought with the most courage. It’s not just courage, but it’s beyond courage. It’s what they had back in thermopolis in in the 4 90 Bc. It’s what they had in salamis. When they fought. When tha mystically fought against the Persians In 480 BC. This is it goes way beyond courage because they knew they were gonna die. Here is what uh Winston Churchill had to say. If there had not been the virtue and the courage of the Greeks, we do not know which the outcome of the war. World War Two would have been. Uh FDR look what he says. When the entire world had lost all hope, the greek people dared to question the invincibility of the german monster, raising against uh the proud spirit of freedom. So it was really for freedom and it’s that kind of freedom that Nathan hale had when he said, you know, I I regret I only had one life to give for my country back in 17 76 when he was hung. This is the kind of uh philo timo. Even with, with Stalin, what he said, we thank the greek people whose resistance decided World War to think about this. This little country fighting against this incredible monster war machine. And you fought unarmed and one small against the big You gave us time to defend ourselves. So, the fact that they prolonged the war for that long gave the allied powers enough time to get ready and was able to turn the war, Winston Churchill said. Hence we will not say that Greeks fight like heroes. But that heroes fight like Greeks, it’s an incredible word, philo t mo. And the bible uses this word and we’re gonna see that next. It only uses it three times in romans. Chapter 15 verse 20 in second Corinthians chapter five verse nine in first Thessalonians chapter four verse 11 philo t more. So this is uh a little big word made up of two little words, Fellows and to me, which is the love of honor. And there are great illustrations from the Second World War. We have the actual uh Prime Minister of Greece, Johannes Metaxas on october the 28th at three a.m. Was confronted with the Axis forces that he demanded You know Mussolini demanded that they come through and take over Greece. And of course to fight against the Nazis and to fight against the Italians when 14 other countries fell. Was was crazy. And yet the Prime Minister said or he which means no. And today there’s a whole big parade for this because of that incredible decision that he made which is really governed and guided by this fellow timo, which in the face of impossible odds, has enough faith to believe that the mission is greater than the man, that the mission and the sacrifice is worth it all. And then there was another one, these two brave men, the mayor and the uh the bishop of of this island of Zakynthos. You have their pictures here and these two guys were demanded by the gestapo to turn over all the jews on the island to them and guess what they did. They had to have a list of all their names and they only had two names and it was their two names on that list. You know Mayor Karen And bishop Chrysostomos of the island of Zakynthos. So let me say this to you. They sent all the Jewish people that lived on the island in the mountains over 275 of them and they were willing to lay their lives down and put their names down. This is Philip Seymour is the idea of loving and living for the honor of something bigger than yourself. This is what uh sempre if I is talking about when the marines say it, this is what many people have sacrificed their life. This is the word filipino. So now let’s look at it and break it up in the original greek in the new testament in romans chapter 15 and verse 20 where the apostle paul gives us his mission is the message and the mission of his life to go to people that have never heard the gospel. He’s not ashamed of the gospel. And he goes with this good news that even though we are sinful and dead in our sins, that God wants to forgive us of our sins and resurrect us from the dead literally and give us a whole new life. The second part is in second Corinthians chapter five verse nine verse 10 says we’re all going to appear before the judgment seat of christ and the way we live in this life and the way we’re going to face God. We need to be pleasing to him. And this was the motive and and his passion of his life. The motive of his life was that he was living for a higher uh deity, for a higher power, for his God, for his king, for the king of kings and the Lord of Lords. So this is what philo t mo is all about. That’s what it says there and and it’s something you do to yourself. It’s in the middle voice there in these verses. And also the third thing is in first Thessalonians where I was born in Thessaloniki first Thessalonians in chapter four verse 11. And in that verse it talks about the fact that when people look at my life, that I am not a burden on society, that I’m working with my own hands, that I’m having my own job, doing my life and living my life for the pleasure of my king and working not being a burden on society and the lost people, the people all around me that are outside of believing in God or going to the church, those people say, well, you know what I like? The way that person lives. So this is the manner and lifestyle that I have. So first we have the message. Then we have the motive, then we have the manner of our life. And this is what this word philo timo in the new testament is clarifying and defining defining in these three passages of scripture. So we’ve talked about this word philo timo and we want to show it to you in the new testament uh in romans 15 and second Corinthians five and also in first Thessalonians four. But this is that attitude and that character that goes way beyond just courage or even loving honor. Uh It is it is that incredible divine attitude that says I’m living for someone else. You know, I don’t live like a slave, but I belong to jesus christ. We call him Lord because he is the lord. And this word, you can see here the the battle in thermopolis behind me with the with the uh with the shields and the spears and leo needs the king. And they were living for not only their city Sparta and they were willing to die for their king, but it was it was way beyond this. It was for a culture that had something different in it, way beyond their age and uh for posterity, so to speak. And this word has that kind of uh of insight into it. And let me give you the biblical DNA number one. This word is used phyllo timo in the romans chapter 15 notice what it says paul says to the romans. I thus aspire or my aim, my ambition, which is in the middle voice here? My mission? My purpose is to preach the gospel, not where christ was already named, that is the people that already know him, so that I would not build on another man’s foundation. He wanted to go to people that have never heard, he wanted to plant churches. He wanted to preach and evangelize. He was his passion to go into all the world. Matthew Mark luke john In the book of Acts, jesus describes going to everyone in the world that he would be with us, he would protect us. He would, this was his plan to make disciples. He gives us his peace in john 20 and then in Acts 18, he says, I’m giving you power to go and preach the gospel in Jerusalem, samaria judea to the uttermost part of the earth. This is what this word is fixed on having a mission that is divine, having a calling, having a purpose that really is eternal. That is romans chapter 15 and verse 20 and then he talks about it in uh second Corinthians in chapter five and verse nine, he says therefore we also have as our ambition and there’s the word philo philo Teemu metha again. Uh you know, this is what I’m aspiring to, This is what my aim is, whether at home or absent to be pleasing to him. What is my mission. What is my fellow team. Oh, is that I have him, God jesus christ, The Holy Spirit. This is who I am living for. This is who smile I want. This is whose pleasure I want. That’s what this word is talking about here. Because the next verse is talking about, we all are going to have to stand before the judgment seat of christ. That’s who I’m living for. This is what this word is all about. His pleasure. Just like jesus said in the garden of Gethsemane, he not my will, thy will be done. And he did it willingly. You know, he gave his life, he counted the cost, but he was willing. God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life john 3 16. But john’s 3 17 because God did not send his son, jesus christ in the world to condemn the world, but that the world through him should be saved, all of us, each one of us, that he loves us. And that’s the second word that we’re living for his pleasure, philo t mo. And then the third time, it’s used as the model or the pattern of my life is first Thessalonians 4 11 and to make it your ambition philo timo to lead a quiet life and attend to your own business and work with your own hands just as we commanded you. So that you will behave properly towards outsiders and not be in any need. Is this an incredible thing. Not only is my message, my mission and my message and my purpose to be the gospel, the good news of jesus christ, to those that have never heard. But secondly, my motive and the passion of my life is to do it for jesus christ who died on the cross was buried and rose again who had the greatest philo timo to his father and to the holy Spirit. This was, this was the the number one fellow team or person that gives this character to each of us. And then the third thing, the model or the pattern that I am not going to be a burden on those around me. I’m gonna work with my own hands, I’m gonna have that uh comportment in my life, that that attitude that way in which I live that other people could see and reflect on my life and say, wow, I want, I want what that person has, what that lady has, what that man has, what that teenager has because they’re living or were living rather for something greater than our own name, our own family name, our own money and whatever things in our life properties, gold and silver and power and pleasure. We’re living for something greater and we’re willing to work with our own hands while we’re doing that in this life and not be a burden on anyone. This is what this word philo t more is all about. I want to talk to you about several different greek words going deeper into the greek word, servant or minister. And there are a variety of words I use the number 16. There’s there’s more than that. But here are a few of the words doulas, apparatus that upon the aca nosy kitties, there are many words. I’m just going to take the second word on our list here, apparatus, which is made up of two greek words, keep it under and Loreto is to roll uh an or and so these guys were under rowers in the tri reams. Tri reams. Three deckers of the, of the ships that the mystic lease. 480 BC. This is 10 years after the battle in thermopolis. We with Leonidas and his 300 from Sparta. This is 10 years later with a son. Now, circuses comes to fight the Greeks with his armada. He comes across uh you know from Turkey at that time. It was Persia and domestically told him he’s coming. They all voted to give their silver from the silver mines. They built these ships with the money 20 ships a year for 10 years. 200 ships. 200 people demanding that ship. They were in slaves. They were actually free men free athenians that we’re willing to fight and die. That we’re willing to give their funds and die for a greater cost to stop the Persian monster that was coming in to take over all of Greece. So this word Peretz has a great significance because of those under rowers. They they plotted a fast ship. They plotted the battle exactly in the straits of salamis so that the big, heavy, bulk, bulky ship of the Persians couldn’t couldn’t maneuver and they were able to defeat them there. And it was incredible that they stopped the Persians from coming in at that time. So we want to look at this word and how the bible uses this word as well. And uh, to give us a little idea that it’s different than the Aquino’s. Uh there are different nuances, trench says the aquino’s and Paretti is our ally, the more official character and the function of the Paretti. So it’s a, It’s an official objective. There is the point in which the distinction between them resides. And so then when you go and you look at this word, it literally means an attendant, an officer. It’s applied to someone ministering the gospel of God as his official servant. It’s only found in that capacity in three places and Luke 1 2 in Acts 26 16. And in first Corinthians 41 this term conveys, they only act as they are authorized performing all and only what the Lord prescribes apparatus is an attendant then is someone who carries out the how the when the where of a task assigned by the person in authority. These are the verses, I’ll just read them to you as they were handed down to us by those who from the beginning. Where eyewitnesses and servants or apparatus of the word. So they were serving an official position in the word Acts 26 16. But get up the Lord told paul and stand on your feet. He’s giving his testimony for this purpose. I have appeared to you to appoint you a minister and Beretta and a witness not only to the things which you have seen, but also to the things which I will appear to you. And then in first Corinthians 41 and to let a man regard us in this manner as servants of christ and stewards of the mysteries of God. In this case moreover, it is required of stewards that a man be found trustworthy. So this official position as a Minister of God as a steward of God that he be found faithful. The original word meant a variety of things like the when when the temple guards. That was the word pathetic with the roman guards, that was the word Panetti’s. When the man in luke. Chapter four brought the scriptures to jesus to read from Isaiah 61 it says he gave the scroll to the attendant that was separated. So he was an official task and God says we have an official task as those who are ministers of God, we are ordained. We are appointed. We are anointed to do that task to do that job to do it faithfully. According to first Corinthians chapter four verse one and two. And uh let me just go back and show you how this was uh, how they found these ship sheds in three places and periods. And in the harbor in Greece. The battle of salamis 4 80 Bc. And how these ships had an I in front of the ship and that the person that was able to see what was going on in front of that, I was able to tell the rowers left, right forward, stop fast. And these ships were fast and in the front of them they had this protrusion of five ft brass. Uh no, so to speak. And it would protrude right through the ships on the other side and within minutes that other ship would, would fill up with water and sink. It was a phenomenal thing. There’s the straits of salamis and how when the Persians came down, the Athenians were able to stop them dead in their tracks. The mystic lease was in charge of those battles. That is this word separate. These under rower describes the honor of being an under rower. It is used of the unseen heroes who save Greece and Western civilization. During the famous Battle of salamis, we’re gonna go ahead and get you some other greek words to be continued next time with. It’s all greek to me. Yeah, yeah, yeah

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