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thank you for joining us as we bring to you the wives forum, inc This is a ministry that’s tailor made for wives and it’s an acronym W. E. S. Wives influential in virtuously embracing submission. You will learn that submission is not a bad word. Submission is a good word. We will give you testimonies, you will have teaching, you will have, we will have music and we will inspire you to hold on to the fact that submission is a good thing. Mhm Hello, Hello and praise the Lord and welcome to let God lead. My name is Beverly Morris and caesar and I’m so glad that you have tuned into this session today and we trust that whatever you hear, God will bless you, he will inspire and he will instruct you. And remember this is not just a ministry for ladies and for wives, it’s for anybody who listens that God will speak to you and you will be blessed. So thank you for tuning our way. Today. We’re coming all the way from queens new york to where you are. It doesn’t matter your location. We are one in christ and it doesn’t matter if you’re coming from across the waters to get to you, jesus will be speaking to you today. So go to our, the information that’s listed on the bottom of the screen. You can call 7187083348. You can email us and you can go to our website and let us hear from you. But today today we’re going to be talking about testifying how important your testimony is According to revelation 12 verse 11. Most of you know the scripture because the scripture says and they overcame him by the blood of the lamb and by the word of their testimony and they loved not their lives unto death. They testified father as we share your word today, we know that you are already here. Your word is already anointed. So just anoint me and new and fresh as I share from your word, the importance of telling others and sharing testimonies and and and and giving people hope because of their of your testimony. So thank you for this time together we pray in jesus name. We pray with thanksgiving Amen. Now the theme is I will testify most of you who I like television and then I like the the the what do they call it? The judge episodes. You know when the judges come on and people come up and they talk and they testify and they bring people to testify along with them. They bring people to give evidence, they bring materials to give evidence. So testimony takes place in so many different ways. So we’re talking about the fact that you came through 2021. You came through 2020. I do not know what was happening in your life and in your home and with your family and with your job and with your nation or your country or wherever you are in your state or your city but we went through a big ordeal in 2020. We started would slow down in 2020 and that the pandemic would end. We are still now in 2022. Slowly feeling the ebbing it’s finally ebbing. We have gotten a little better control of the pandemic. So now we wear our masks. We know how to now do our own checking covid tests at home. So there’s so many things that have changed prior to that. We have some testimonies that you need to share how God brought you through this horrible, horrible time in our lives. And so as you testify, you you you you should remember what the Lord has done for you. You should remember what he did, what he’s done in the past, what he’s doing now. You should remember. So tell somebody about it, testify, share it with a coworker, a neighbor or a friend now in testifying. You have to remember who God is, Hallelujah, who God is not who he was, but who he is today. And we know that he is omnipotent and omnipotent means that he has all power. All power is not in the hands of the government. All power is not in the hands of your pastor and your bosses. All power is not in the hands of the doctors and the lawyers. All power is in the hand of the living God. He is omnipotent. He’s the one that brought us through. He’s the one that walks us up today. He’s the one that puts the breath in our lungs so that we can breathe. He’s all powerful. Another thing you have to know about our God. He’s omnipresent. He’s present everywhere. I am here in Jamaica queens new york. You are in africa, he’s there with you, you are in Australia. He’s there with you, you’re in the caribbean, He’s there with you. That’s a wonderful thing about, about God that he is omnipresent. And that’s why SATan satan wanted all of this. Satan wanted all power as we read in Isaiah and Ezekiel, He wanted all of this. He wanted the omnipotence and he wanted to on the present to be on the, on the present. He’s not on the present. So what he does is he uses his little imps, his little demons and he assigns them. He gives them assignments and he sends them out according to Ephesians. Chapter six. Because you’re not wrestling against your husband or your wife or your Children or your boss. But spirituality, spiritual powers in high places, wickedness in high places, that’s who and what you’re wrestling against. So thank God we serve a God who is omnipresent is present everywhere. Remember that also, what I want you to remember is that he is omniscient would satan wants that he’s omniscient. He knows everything. He knows it before you think it. He knows it after you thought about it and and and acted on it. He knew what you were going to do before you were born. Oh my God. That’s awesome stuff. Omniscient to know everything. And that’s what satan wanted and that’s why he rebelled. He rebelled. And one sort of the angels, angels became demons and came down on this earth and Aurore roving through the earth to seek whom they may devour. But greater, greater is he that is in you. That will give you the testimony that will bring you through the hardship and bring you through that illness and bring you through that sickness. When the doctor said you would die, God said no, no, no, you will live. So testify. He’s also immutable, immutable. He never changes. We vacillate back and forth. One minute we’re hot. One minute we’re called. One minute we’re sad. One minute we’re happy. One minute we have money. The next minute we’re broke back and forth vacillating. But God never, never, never changes. He is eternal. He is from the beginning and to the very end. So today today today what I want us to do today, wherever you are too big him up big him up with your testimony by sharing with your to your loved ones and your coworkers and your family and your friends what God did for dad did for you. So you have to remember from the scripture that we read. People will be encouraged by the words of your testimony. So you want to encourage somebody today. Then you testify to them share. That’s another word that of testimony means is to share. Just stop what you’re doing and talk to somebody and tell them what happened to you. You don’t have to say oh I have a testimony I want to share with you. Oh the Lord gave me a testimony I want to share with you. You can just say oh you know I’d like to share with you what happened to me and that will become your testimony. So we’re looking at the letters, testify. T E S T I F Y you know I love words and so what we’re going to be doing is an across stick and across stick looking at the letter. So the first letter in testifies the letter T your testimony will transform others. Your testimony, what you have been transformed your life so that from that testimony and from that experience you were able to gain something. Your life was changed, your life was transformed. You’re not going to go down that same street the same way you did before, after you went through that accident or through that incident. When you go to the doctor because you now have a testimony about how God brought you through. You are now going to be transformed by the believing in your mind by faith. That if God healed you from this. If God cured you from this, then he can cure you from this other situation or whomever you’re talking to God can cure and heal that person and transformed, transformed means to change. You do not go back the same way. Don’t make the same mistake. Do not go back down that same road that was that brought disappointment and hurt and pain and God brought you through it. Come on. If he brought you through it, don’t go back there. So be transformed. A change should happen. And when we think about an example script and I’m going to go through this very, very quickly is the dynamite woman. That dynamite woman in Second Kings Four read that in your free time Second Kings Four, she not only her life was not only transformed by her faith in believing God to raise her son from the dead, her husband was amazed of what God at what God did. And Elisha the prophet was, I saw another testimony of what God did and his servant saw another examples of their minds and their lives were transformed by the power of the living God. When she said, it is well, it shall be well or it shall be well with her son laying dead. So her whole psyche was transformed. Her whole faith was transformed. Her whole belief was transformed because by faith she believed and yes, her son was raised from the dead. The next letter is the letter e Your testimony encourages us to hold on. Your testimony says to somebody. Listen if it happened to you, where God changed it happened to you, where God brought you through, he can do it for me as well. And so luke. Eight. We look at the woman with the issue of blood that tried everything. Every medicine she went to every doctor. And yet she had this issue for 12 years. How long have you been traveling? I mean struggling or how long have you been in that trial? Even if it’s 20 years, even if it’s five years, even if it’s two months. Hold on by faith. What did she hold on to? She held onto by faith the hem of his garment. She extended her faith to believe that if I just touch the hem of his garment, she didn’t drag it and pulled it. She just touched it enough where the power that was in jesus, He felt that power from that touch. And so she was healed instantaneously After 12 years of spending all of her money. So hold on just like the woman with the issue of blood. And be encouraged by her testimony because testimony is encouraged. So encourage somebody with your testimony, share with them what God has done for you so that their souls can be lifted and their hearts can be lifted. As a matter of fact, I remember years ago there was a woman who was dying from cancer, one of our members and we went to visit our son who is a senior pastor myself and I’m the bishop, my husband. Three of us went to visit her. She was dying from cancer. Okay? We knew that it was inevitable unless God would come through for her. Well when we went in to see her, we didn’t even have to say a word. She immediately immediately started to encourage us encourage the young pastor. I told him how his teachings helped her, how his teachings she’s holding on to his teachings. Can you imagine what this young man felt, how he felt when this woman encouraged him instead of saying, oh woe is me, Look at what God is doing now. She encouraged us. So turn your trials and turn your tribulations around and begin to encourage as God brings you through that that that was the letter in the word testifying. Now we look at the letter s in the word testify T. E. S. Your testimony will strengthen somebody strengthens us when it looks as if it was over, When it looks as if it was over, God will strengthen you. As we read in judges chapter 16 about Samson, you know the story of Samson. If you don’t know it. Read it. But in chapter 16 was when he got his breakthrough, he succumbed to the enemy. He gave in to the onslaught of this woman who whom whom he claimed that he loved and who talked him into cutting his hair off so that his strength was zapped from him. And then they they they arrested him. And and and put him in chains and and put him in this building and then chained him to it and got out his eyes out. But his hair grew, his hair grew. And one day after he repented quietly to himself, I’m sure he did not make that public. And sometimes your repentance doesn’t have to be public. If you sinned, you repent before God, the two of you, you and God and you say, created me a clean heart like David in Psalm 51, create in me a clean heart and renew a right spirit within me. Blood out my transgression. Because not only have I sinned against them, but God I’ve sinned against you. David was honest. God I sinned against you, forgive me. And our forgiving God forgave. And so the same thing happened to Samson. He asked God for forgiveness. God forgave him. And then at an opportune time, at an opportune time, um God gave him the supernatural strength that he needed. So, so he’s attached to a pole over here, not a poll of column, a big column and attached to another column. And he prayed for God to strengthen him again. And as he prayed for God to strengthen him again, he says, God, I give my life to you. And he pulled with might and with strength and brought the entire building down. And the people who died in that one event were more than the people he slew in his lifetime when he was healthy and well. So don’t tell me God is not a god of I mean he’s he’s a god of revenge. You don’t try to do bring revenge on people. Let God do it. He’s a just God. And if revenge is to come, let it come from him, not from you. You do not want to to to negatively tear people down and and condemn people and curse people. No no no no no. You serve a god who hears your cries, Who hears your prayers and if somebody needs to be toppled down, let him do it by his own power and his own strength. And so the other letter is the letter T. T. E. S. T teaches your testimony will teach us your testimonies, will teach you how to trust through prayer, how to trust you pray, you’re going through, you’re going through, you’re going through, you get on your knees and you pray, you get on your knees and you trust God like Daniel and Daniel. Chapter six read Daniel in chapter six read about him every day he went to that window and he prayed to the Lord God almighty and they did not like the fact that he was a prayer warrior. A prayer intercessor. And so because he trusted God and of course he was going through some things because he was in captivity, we are in captivity in that satan um has come to kill to steal and to destroy sits and sits on our shoulders and he buffets us in our irrigate? He tells you, you’re not gonna make it, you’re gonna what breast cancer? You’re gonna die cancer. That’s the worst thing ever. All in your your diabetes, your mother, your father, your uncles, aunts, everybody had diabetes. Oh, you’re getting it too. And it’s going to take you out of here in your your Children are gonna fail school. They’re not gonna do well. They will not get into the college of. Their choice is in your irrigate constantly and you have to rise above that. Trust God and pray and that’s what Daniel did. He trusted the true and living God, not the god of of his of his captivity, nebuchadnezzar and and and all of these different kings. No, he didn’t vote. Not one of them. They build the statues and they wanted him to bow and he never bowed because he trusted the living God. And he prayed, Don’t give up praying. Don’t stop praying. Don’t say I’ve prayed enough. No, no, no, you never know when that last prayer is a prayer. That’s gonna give you your breakthrough. And so Daniel in the Lion’s Den thrown into hungry lions. But we serve a God who Daniel trusted, who shut their mouth, shut their mouth and they just laid around him. Can you imagine that in the Lion’s den and they made sure that they threw him in when the lions were hungry. That’s what the devil will do, satan is wicked, He’s evil. He’s vindictive, He doesn’t want you to succeed. He will throw you to the lions and throw you to the wolves so you better brace your back in prayer, brace your shoulders in prayer. Sit up and pray to the living God and watch him bring you through every trial and every situation that you’re facing because he is that kind of God and the same way Daniel came through, God will bring you out of this situation that you’re in right now. It may look overwhelming. It may look like it is insurmountable, but God, God is mindful of you and God is caring for you and God is watching over you and he will bring you through. So right where you are right now, I want you to stop and say God is bringing me through. Say it to yourself. If you’re driving in your car, God is bringing me through. If you’re in the attic, God is bringing me through. If you’re in the basement, God is bringing me through. If you’re driving your car, God is bringing me through, say it just like he did for daniel because you have prayed so that was that um testifying teaches us how to trust and believe through prayer. I your testimony will inspire, it will inspire us to be intentional. Your testimony will do what I inspire us to be intentional. Now let’s look at the three Hebrew boys again. This is in Daniel Chapter Three. The three Hebrew boys, Shadrach meshach Abednego though. These three boys loved God, they were in captivity. They did not eat the king’s meat. They fasted on their own, their fastest as they should and they trusted the living god. But they would not bow, they would not bow to what the kept the captive setup. They said no we will not bow. And the consequences of not bowing is that they would be thrown into not just a furnace, a fiery furnace because they were intentional in their faith, intentional in their beliefs. So I hope that their intentionality will inspire you that it doesn’t matter what you’re going through. You trust God. And if satan throws you in a pit, God is gonna bring you out of that pit. If he throws you in the fire, God is gonna bring you out of the fire just like he did for those three Hebrew boys. So you let your let your testimony um intensifies or should they inspire somebody. And for them can they can be intentional in their walk f favor favor. You will receive as you give me your testimony, you share your testimony and you’re talking to me about the favor of God. I will say favor on the right favor, on the left favor in the front favor in the back. Whatever I do I’m gonna have favor because you testify to me and God granted you favor to bring you through that Challenge. Think of the man at the pool of Bethesda to the pool of Bethesda in John Chapter five. Nobody picked him up and put him in the pool when the water was troubled. Nobody helped him, nobody. And he was, he was paralyzed and nobody could help him. But Jesus showed up okay, Jesus showed up one day and he didn’t need the angel to touch the water. Jesus said to him, get up, take your bed and go walking the favor favor of God showed up on him. And then the last thing I want to talk about is yes. The letter y the letter y yes, yes, yes or say yes without hesitation. Yes. If God is taking you something, listen to what he’s saying. Your breakthrough is coming is breakthroughs comment because you said yes. And let’s look at when you get a chance, go and read and mark to the four friends who helped a man who could not walk by taking the ceiling out the roof out and lowering him into jesus because they could not get into the front door, get in any way you can get in any way you can come to jesus anyway, you can come running, come crawling, come screaming, come lifting your hands, come praising him, just say yes as you come yes and look at the testimonies that he’s going to give you. And so in closing, I want you to know that in testifying, you’re going to transform lives. You’re going to encourage people, You will be strengthened and those who are listening will be strengthened. You will teach us through your testimonies and you will inspire us to be intentional and the favor of the Lord will be on your left and right and you will say yes to the will of God without hesitation. So thank you Lord for this time together. Thank you for this teaching. We pray father that as we heard today that we were blessed and we were edified that we will go and we will testify because our testimony is powerful. We will overcome. We will overcome by the blood of the lamb and by the word of their testimony and they loved not their lives unto death. They’re gonna testify anyway. Even if it’s going to kill them even is going to kill them, they’re going to live it like Daniel did and the three Hebrew boys. So God bless you. If this, if this message has helped you in any way, let us know, let us know that this has helped you. And so we bless you. We thank the Lord for you. We pray abundant blessings on your life. Don’t forget, don’t forget, reach out to us let go, let God lead at 718 78 3348 or go and send me an email or go to the website to see what we’re all about. And also, if you’re interested, if you’re interested, I now have a Youtube channel that’s called Let God Lead. That’s all it’s called. Let God Lead. It’s a Youtube channel. You can go and subscribe, you can go and like it and I would appreciate it so much. Thank you so much for being with us today. God bless you and have a wonderful day in the Lord. I won’t know the plan there for me. One billion people still don’t have a complete bible in their language, illuminations is on a mission to change that make an eternal impact. For only $35. You can have a Bible verse translated in a language awaiting God’s word. So I’m working with a group that’s called the 12 verse challenge 12 verse challenge. We are memorizing 12 verses and those 12 verses will be translated into the language of choice and it’s going to be done for a year. We will be raising monies, $35 per verse, $35 for perverse 12 months each month. You can put out $35 per month. And at the end of 12 months we would have raised from your donations. $425. Or you can give the $425 up front or you can give above and beyond that To help us bring the Bible to the Bible less people, people who have never heard the gospel of Jesus Christ in their own language. This is a powerful opportunity. So what I want you to do, you can call me at (718) 708 3348. Or you can go to the website that I am in charge of its w w W 0.12 v c dot com backslash Hope h o p E. And you can see what we’re doing to raise funds to eliminate bible poverty. Thank you. God bless you and have a great day in the Lord. Thank you for being with us at Let God lead. Call us 7187083348. Or email us at contact at let God lead dot org. The Lord bless you. Let God lead.

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