I Will Proceed in Knowing God

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Bible Capsule of today…Hosea 6:3



Welcome to our bible capsule of today we are reading from josiah chapter six verse three, Let us acknowledge the Lord. Let us press on to acknowledge them as surely as the sun license he will appear, he will come to us like rains like the spring rains, that water the earth. This morning as I woke up, this is one of the scriptures that I wrote a song of a new awakening said and we would sing it in our 13 years that we did this three day conference and julie’s and my daughter, lisa and Liana sing this song and it was powerful and woman would save my money. They would do fundraisers just to combat every year for that three day conference where there was an anointing a transformation. They proceeded and they pressed on to to know God to receive that knowledge of him and you know, and and it got dead. I mean today many pastor’s wife all over us and even out of us they are giving women’s conferences and women keep seeking God and not only women, young people, everyone I need camps are all over um youth camps and you know we can’t stop seeking God. And and, and and you see this morning, I wanted to do it. I’m about to go to the airport but I wanted to do it here because I wanted to to see the sunrise and and and it’s kind of cloudy but you see just like the sun rises on his own every day. That’s the way we need to seek him every day and like the rain falls from earth. You know, it just brings out the fruit of the land and we need to pursue press on seeking God. Don’t give up every day. There’s something new about him that we learn and you will be blessed, your life will flourish, your life will be green like these pastors. And it’s just the way of that God is and he is so wonderful and I just love him. May the peace of God that surpasses all human understanding God, your heart and mind in christ jesus. Our Lord peace. Just enjoy the sunrise this morning. That’s how we want to seek the Lord. We love jesus. That’s a good thing. But the same.

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