How You Can Join the Pro-Life Movement – Amy Ford


Amy Ford is the co-founder and president of Embrace Grace, a ministry that equips churches to befriend, encourage and provide spiritual training to young, unwed pregnant women. She wants to motivate and equip today’s Christian community to be more intentional about participating in the pro-life movement; specifically to help women facing an unplanned pregnancy who may be vulnerable to abortion. Unfortunately, many churches may claim to be pro-life but don’t provide a welcoming, safe place for these women, especially when they are unmarried. Amy went through this experience with her own unplanned pregnancy at age 19, and nearly had an abortion despite her Christian upbringing and pro-life convictions.

In this interview, Amy shares several powerful, transformational stories about churches stepping in to rescue desperate Christian women who had no where else to turn for help. She also provides practical suggestions for Christians to become more actively involved in helping these women.

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