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The following program is made possible by the Friends and partners of God quest ministries. How old is Planet Earth? Well from the C. T. N. Studio in Pensacola florida. This is the Creation Today show where we believe the bible is literally true and scientifically accurate in every single detail. I’m one of your hosts eric Open and I’m paul taylor. And on today’s show we’re looking at the beginning series again, we’re having a second special excerpt from the beginning series, from the second episode of the six episodes and this particular one is called How old is it? We’ll be looking at things to do with the age of the Earth. Don’t go away, you don’t want to miss it. Welcome back, You’re watching the Creation today’s show with me, paul taylor and eric Hovan and this, as we said, is a second of a series of special creation today’s shows. We love to answer your questions that you send in the emails that we get. We we have great fun answering those and we think there’s a really matter, please do continue to send your questions in. Remember? You can send them to questions at Creation today dot org. We’ve got a facebook page, haven’t we? Yes, we do facebook dot com slash Creation today and there’s twitter as well at Creation today. So please do keep those coming but today we’re not answering any questions that you’ve emailed. We’re going to be looking at an excerpt from the beginning series and this comes from the second talk that you gave in the beginning series and that talk was called, How old is it? And this is so important. We’re taking two excerpts from this particular, from this particular package, and just to reiterate what we talked about in the previous show. You want this series here, but the beginning series to be used in Churches and in small groups to get people talking is that I really do, because this subject of creation versus evolution is foundational. If God made the world, then he owns it. He can put rules down like the 10 commandments. He can hold us accountable to keeping those rules. If we don’t keep them, he can judge us. If God did not make the world, then evolution is true. And we’re just a bunch of random chemicals that got together by chance over billions of years and nothing we do or say will ever matter. So this subject of Creation versus evolution is foundational to the way we live our lives and it’s so important that people understand it. But you know, I remember sitting in a conference and listening to a talk by somebody and he went on at great length saying all about the theory of evolution, how it doesn’t work and how it’s contrary to scripture. And I was just ready to shout, punch the air and shout Amen brother. And then he said, but when you come to genesis, one, of course, we know that science tells us that there are millions of years. So you don’t actually have to believe that genesis one is six days. There are those millions of years there and we accept that and that’s not so important. Well, you’ve put this excerpt in this particular series presumably you think actually it is quite important. It is very important. The people that compromise the science of millions of years are supposed millions of years with what God’s word clearly says, which is what we’re going to be showing today is what does the bible say about the age of the Earth? The people that I call them compromises because that’s exactly what they’re doing. They’re compromising God’s word, which has never been proven wrong with a theory of evolution, which has never been proven right. Why compromise? It doesn’t make sense. And yes, it is vitally important. And, and historically this compromise on millions of years came before they compromise on evolution, didn’t they? Did. Yes. They started putting that in back in really 17 95 James Hutton’s book Theory of the Earth started saying, hey, maybe it’s old. And then Charles, Lyell came along and started helping this and trying to diminish the bible. So by the time Darwin came along, people were already accepting the millions of years. Yes. So it was just a natural fit really to to get that in. Well in, we’ve we’ve taken two excerpts from your second talk and in this first excerpt in this particular show. We’re looking really at the biblical reasons why We should believe exactly what the Bible say Genesis one. It’s like I said in the in the last show, you and I when we’re answering questions, we go to the Bible first, it’s our authority. So I wanted to set the stage in this talk with exactly what does the Bible say about the age of the Earth. Then after we look at that, that’s going to be our ultimate authority, then we’ll go to a secondary source and that’s the science that we see in the world today. But it really matters biblically. It matters that people get this right because it’s the foundation really for everything they’re going to go on to later. Isn’t you think about it, jesus christ himself referred back to Adam and Eve as real literal historical figures. Yes. So can we trust jesus or not? And he did say as well that that Adam was at the beginning at the beginning. That’s exactly right. He made a male and female at the beginning rather than after millions of years of evolution and death and disease and destruction. There’s several theories that try to come in. We’ll get into those later into into further episodes. We’ll get into that. But in this one we are just focusing on exactly what does it say. Yes. So, so we’re gonna we’re going to have a look at this particular excerpt and to begin with and we’ll chat a little bit about this after We’ve seen the excerpt. You’re talking a bit about age limiters and things that we can look at. That give us a limit to the age that the Earth could be. Yeah, it really scientifically and biblically cannot be more than a few 1000 years old. Some people say, well maybe up to 10,000 When we look at the authority of God’s word, it’s got to be only about 6000. That’s right. I actually heard someone describe creation is to believe the earth to be 10,000 years as wimps. Well, we don’t want to wimp out, we’re gonna watch this excerpt right now. Right, thank you guys Welcome back to beginnings. This is session # two. How old is it? The Earth? That is this little thing you’re sitting on right now, the little ball of dirt that’s going around the sun. How long has it been cruising around the sun? That’s what we’re here to talk about today. Now. There’s quite a variety of opinions on how old the earth is. I mean, you look in the textbooks and we learned this last time in Session One. Evolution teaches us that the earth formed about 4.6 billion years ago. Is that true? Is the Earth 4.6 billion years old. Maybe the earth is only a few 1000 years old, not billions of years old. You’re going wait a minute eric the Earth only a few 1000 years old. That doesn’t even make any sense. We know the earth is a lot older than a few 1000 years old because hey dinosaurs lived millions of years ago. They died 65 million years ago. And what about radio metric dating? Radio metric dating proves the earth is millions of years old, doesn’t it? And how do we see Starlight that is millions of light years away. How do we see all this stuff? And yet you’re telling me there there’s only a few 1000 years old. Well that’s what we’re gonna look at tonight. Exactly how old is it now? Last session we discussed the two basic worldviews, creation and evolution. We got the Creation Worldview and we got the evolutionary worldview. Now according to creation, we said that God made the world about 6000 years ago and that’s what I’m gonna defend tonight. Evolutionists believe that it formed 4.6 billion years ago. Now, I don’t have to tell you that what we talked about last session, how evolution is just a religious worldview. Evolutionists don’t exactly like that. Okay, they don’t like us calling their worldview a religious worldview. But in reality that’s exactly what it is. Evolution is nothing more than a religious worldview. They say no, it’s not because evolution is based on facts. Well, we saw last week that micro evolution is based on facts. The rest of the evolutions are not based on facts. It is simply something that is believed. They say, well evolution all it is is change. Some things change and we call that evolution well if that’s all evolution was then we wouldn’t have any argument, would we? I mean because things change, don’t they? Yeah, so if things change, if that’s really what they’re talking about evolution then we wouldn’t have any argument but I don’t think that’s really what they’re talking about. They’re really talking about how all of life today evolved, they’re talking about the big Bang, they’re talking about the earth forming cooling down and it raining on the earth for millions of years and creating oceans. Then they’re saying through their world view that the oceans mixed with the rock and made you remember what it made Soup. That’s exactly right and then three billion years ago, what happened to the soup, it came alive and found somebody to marry and something to eat. That’s really hard. But somehow their worldview looks at this world and says that’s exactly how it happened. I disagree. I’m looking at this world with the creationist worldview and I see things very differently than those that believe in evolution. Now, a majority of americans believe the bible account of genesis, they believe in majority that God created the world in the last 10,000 years. Okay, very few actually believe in the evolution Worldview despite the fact that we’ve been teaching this for more than 40 years in the textbooks yet. Still the majority of americans hold to the creationist worldview, people say, well eric the majority of scientists believe in evolution. Well, they’re right, the majority of scientists do believe in evolution, but what the majority believes is not necessarily true is it? I mean it’s right. It’s right. That that’s what they believe, but what they believe is not necessarily right. Okay. Yes. Just barely a majority of scientists do believe in the evolution worldview, but just because the majority of scientists believe something, does that make it right? No, you know, science actually has a very long history of being very, very wrong. They used to teach us that the earth was the center of the universe. They used to teach us that big rocks fall faster than little rocks that was taught for more than 2000 years and it was wrong. They used to teach if you were sick, it’s because you have bad blood, you need to take out some of your blood and you’ll get better and they were wrong. Just because the majority of people believe something does not make it right. You’re watching an excerpt from beginnings with eric husband, we’ll be right back. Mhm. You’re watching an excerpt from beginnings with eric coven on Creation today and now back to the show, Hey, if we were to go scuba diving and we found a treasure chest full of gold coins and I ask you the simple question, hey, when did that vote sink? When did this boat sink? Could you tell me? Well, you could look at the dates that are on the coins couldn’t you? Because if you find a coin in there from, let’s see here 1750 Then you know the boat sank when before 1750 or after 1750 After 1715. No not before 1750 because we’ve got a coin in there from 1750. So the boat couldn’t have sunk before 1750. If we find another one that says 1827 now we’ve got a younger coin and that puts a limiting age on when that boat sank doesn’t it? We have a brand new limiting factor. Then I find one in there that is from 01859. Now we’ve even limited even farther hey when we’re trying to figure out when that boat sank do I look for the oldest coin or the youngest coin? The youngest coin. Alright we’ll get it figured out here. We’re gonna look for the youngest coin. The youngest coin, The one with the oldest date. But you know it’s the youngest coin. The oldest coin. Excuse me, the youngest coin becomes our limiting factor. We know that it had to sink after 1859 because there’s a coin in there from 1859. Let’s apply that same logic to the age of the Earth. There are hundreds of ways to show how old this ball of dirt is. Some of them show that it’s very old. Some of them show that it’s very young. See we don’t need to worry about the old ones, the ones that show it’s old. What we need to worry about is the ones that show us that it’s young. That becomes our limiting factor on how old the earth really is. So exactly how old is this earth anyway? How long has this ball of dirt been going around the sun? Well, the best way to find that out is to ask the guy who made it. Let’s go to God’s word because I believe in the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. How old does God say that this world really is? It’s interesting, you can actually study this out in scripture. What does God say about the age of the earth? It’s in there, check this out. I got to go through a few verses to let you know where I’m going here, Colossians tells us for by him that’s jesus, Jesus was God in the flesh, okay for by him, Jesus were all things created that are in heaven and that are on earth. So jesus was God in the flesh, despite what the Jehovah’s false witnesses say he was okay and jesus said and um in Matthew 19 4, have you not read that he, which made them at the beginning made them male and female by the way it was adam and eve not adam and steve, we got to say that these days in our culture, I’m sorry. Okay, so in the beginning is when God made them male and female. Mark 10 6 tells us the same thing from the beginning of creation, God made them male and female. He said that was the beginning. Okay, then we learned in romans that death came into the world because of what sin. The reason we have death in our world is because of man’s sin. Then we learned in first Corinthians that by man came death in Adam all die and Adam was the very first man. Right? So so get this straight with me. Okay, there’s no death until sin. Right? Let’s try that again. There’s no death until who was the first one that sinned and who was the first man Adam. So there’s there’s no debt before Adam Sinned. Adam was the first man that Send Eve is the mother of all living. Therefore, if this is true, we should be able to take the dates that are given to us in the bible, add them up and see how old the earth really is. Check it out. The Bible says Adam was 130 years old when he had a son and called his name Seth. So let’s write that down 100 and 30. Then it says Seth was 100 and five when Enos was born plus 100 and five. Enos was 90 when Cannon was born plus 90. If you actually continue going through those verses in the bible. Those are the ones that cure insomnia. I know so and so begat so and so and so. It doesn’t take too long before you’re out. All right. But if you actually go through those verses in the bible, they teach us some incredible truths. You add up the dates given to us in the bible. The bible clearly teaches the earth is only about 4000 years old before christ And now here we are, about 2000 years after christ add those together and the approximate age of the earth is about 6000 years old. Exactly right now. We do not put an exact date on creation. Some people try to do that. They say ad was made 4004 B C october 23rd at two o’clock in the afternoon. You cannot get that close from scripture. I’m sorry. We do know though that Adam was made in the afternoon because it was just before Eve, but that’s the only clue in scripture we’ve discovered about that. Okay, so the bible clearly teaches the earth is only a few 1000 years old, but in the textbooks today kids are learning that the earth is billions of years old. Well which one is right, jesus said he which made them at the beginning made them male and female was jesus lying. I got it. Maybe he just didn’t quite understand modern science. Maybe that was his deal or maybe he was right. Maybe the earth is only a few 1000 years old, not millions or billions of years old. The bible says in the beginning is when God created the heavens and the earth thou Lord and hebrews in the beginning laid the foundations of the earth. He made it that way in the beginning. Now, when was the beginning? I love looking at scripture. I think that’s all I need. But some people need the science to back up that the beginning was not billions of years ago, despite what they teach in the textbooks. Okay, textbooks say 4.6 billion years ago. That’s what they tell us. 4.6 billion years ago is when the earth formed. Okay, now I gotta tell you this also there are many well meaning christians that believe the earth is billions of years old. Okay, well meaning I’m not gonna question their motives but they’re simply wrong. The earth is not billions of years old and cannot be billions of years old. As we’ll see from lots and lots of scientific evidence. Okay, this teaching that the earth is billions of years old clearly puts death before sin. The question is simple. Did man bring death into the world or did death bring man into the world? which one is it? The Bible says death reigned from Adam to moses it began with Adam for by man came death. The bible is very, very clear on that. Okay, now who cares about the age of the earth? Why should we even discuss this, why is it an important topic? We’ll tell you number one, the credibility of the book of genesis is at stake and genesis is the foundational book for the rest of the bible. Can the average person read genesis and understand it? You read genesis chapter 123 and four all the way to 11. And you tell me, did God make it millions of years ago or did he make it just a few 1000 years ago? You’re gonna read that you’re gonna come to a conclusion? He made it just a few 1000 years ago. Plus the credibility of jesus christ is at stake Because he refers back to Genesis 25 times in the New Testament, he obviously referred to Adam and Eve as real historical people that he made in the beginning, that’s clearly what jesus christ teaches. Plus just about every other book of the bible refers back to genesis that makes this an incredibly important topic because genesis really does become our foundational issue and you better believe the evolutionist care. Oh my goodness, they are sweating it. If this earth isn’t millions of years old. Okay, I mean they are in a huge pile of trouble if they can’t get millions of years out of the age of the earth because remember like we saw last week, if you Kiss the Frog, is it gonna turn into a Prince? No, but somehow they believe that if you give it lots and lots of time, you can turn your frog into the Prince. So if you take away time from the evolutionist, their theory is over. It is absolutely done. The bible. Even said jesus said if you had believed moses you would believe me for he wrote of me. But if you believe not his writings, how? So you believe my words? Very important topic genesis is very, very important. Our three most popular resources are now available at a special package price get our award winning creation seminar are beginning series and are topical guide economic series. All for just $99 for answers about creation evolution and dinosaurs. Thousands around the world have turned to dr Kent Heaven’s fast paced, fully illustrated creation seminar. It’s our most requested resource and now features 31 foreign language subtitles for a creation experience for groups. ErIC heavens, beginnings series includes a handy guide that provides practical ways to apply each lesson to everyday life here. What the Almighty says about the Almighty dollar in our new topical DVD Got genomics. A fun engaging fact filled journey into God’s wisdom on money for a limited time. Get all three resources for just $99 to order call 1877479 34 66 or visit creation store dot org for the big three package. Welcome back, you’re watching the Creation today show with me paul Taylor and with eric Hovan who you’ve been seeing a lot of in the excerpt that we saw from the beginning series. Well you packed some energy into those. I know I really want to make sure people understand this because it is so important. I don’t want my delivery to affect the take away from the truth of the matter. That’s right. And it is such an important subject to get to grips with. How old is it? Well, I mean, we’ve seen some comments on how old is it? And we’re not referring to the jokes that you use in the excerpt because obviously that would just prove that the earth was millions of years old in that particular case. But we’ve been looking at the biblical reasons why the earth Is 6000 years. Like the Bible says, not even 10,000 years, but 6000 years. What like the bible says, why is that so important that we make a firm stand on this? If we can’t trust the bible from the very beginning, I’m gonna question why should we even trust the bible? If we can’t trust what jesus says on everything, then he is not a god that’s worthy of my worship and worthy of my praise. So that’s why we stand firm on what God says from the very beginning, from the very first verse and I like it. That you commented on the issue that gets thrown at us that the majority of scientists do not agree with us on the subject of the age of the Earth millions of years. And this is a question that comes up all the time as far as How old is the Earth? People always questioning our dating method of 6000 years because they feel like man, how can you say that when you’re flying in the face of all the scientific data and all this research? And well again, what is our authority? I mean, you can get dates you can look for and I think I said it in that segment, You can look for dates and you can find a huge variety of different dates. There’s no question about that. The question is, which one do you go with? We can find dates that show the Earth is millions of years old, based on certain things. Other things show the earth is very young. And that’s why it was really important for me to point out that there is a limiting factor. For example, if I had two quarters here and this quarter right here is from 1990 and this quarter is from 1980. For well, if I found both of these buried in a ship somewhere, sunk in a ship somewhere and I wanted to find out when the boat sank, I found one in there from 1984. I wouldn’t say, well it sank in 1984. If I also found one in there from 1990. Because this says no, it actually was at least six years later than that. So when we’re looking for the age of the Earth, we don’t look for the oldest coin. We look for the youngest, so to speak. And that’s our limiting factor. Now. This is very, very important because you emphasize this a lot in your talk and I really think that in this chat now we really want to emphasize this as well. Make sure that people have got hold of this, that it’s the youngest of the age factors that we need to look at. So you could have then To science experiments that give some sort of an age, one factor might give you an age that says that the earth is a million years old. Another might give you that the age is 50,000 years old. And that gives you a limit. Neither of those are telling us what the age of the earth is. Is that correct? That’s exactly right. Because we’re not using those to say if this shows it’s a million years old, then that means it’s a million years old. We’re using this to say, well that limits it from the current thinking. 4.6 billion years old is what the current thinking is in sciences. And that will change because they don’t have it right yet and they know it. Uh so we can bring it down to a million. Then we got another one. We bring it down another few 1000. You can bring it down to hundreds of thousands and then all the way down to 6000 is what fits with the science we see today. The thing is that all those factors tend to be maximum, don’t they? They tell us the maximum so that you do a particular test and you say well the earth can’t be older than this, but of course it could be anything up to that. Exactly. And we decided to make it a second show because the next half of session number two, our beginnings goes through all the science behind what are those limitations? We know what the bible says, We know why this is important now, what does science say? Our limits are when we look at Earth’s magnetic field or the spinning of the earth or the different things. You know the stalactites in caves, What’s the limit on the age of the earth? That’s right? And these limits are so crucial and you need to get hold of them. It might be a good idea if you’ve got this recorded to take it back and have a look at the the treasure chest analogy that erIC gave to make sure that you understand this whole point about limiters because it is very, very important. But the bible gives us an important limit. The bible tells us that God created the 6000 years ago and that’s the thing that eric has been emphasizing so much remember that you can get this whole series from Creation store dot org. Thank you for watching this particular program. We’ll pick it up again next time. This program is available on DVD by visiting creation store dot org Or by calling 877-479-34-66. To order this episode, used the item number displayed on your screen.

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