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The following program is made possible by the friends and partners of God Quest ministries. How old is Planet Earth? That’s what we’re talking about today on the Creation Today show where we believe the bible is literally true and scientifically accurate in every single detail and were not ashamed to say. So I’m one of your hosts, eric oven and I’m paul taylor. And on today’s show, we have another special show in our series of exciting shows taken from ERIC’s Beginning series. This is the third of these special shows. It’s the second one taken from the the excerpts on How old is it? Stay tuned and you’re going to find out some interesting facts about the age of Planet Earth. Welcome back, You’re watching the Creation today’s show with me, paul Taylor and with ERic Hovan and we’ve been watching that, we’ve been doing some special programs on the subject of beginnings. This is the third of our special programs from beginnings, but we’re still on episode two because there’s such a lot of good stuff in it. And episode two is entitled How old is getting into the age of the Earth. That’s right. And we’ve done a show on how old is it already where we looked at the background to this whole business about why we don’t believe the Earth to be millions of years old. And we’re going to look at some of the scientific evidence is just before we do that. The beginning series is a series of talks that you gave erIC that you had filmed in front of a live audience and these are so that people can watch these in groups. I mean they can watch them by themselves with groups, can’t they were really designed it so that because we didn’t want, I mean we don’t mind people studying this for themselves, but we really want you inviting your friends over to study it with you. So we designed it for small groups and homes for sunday school classes. It comes with the Leaders Guide that has questions that you can ask and on the DVD itself questions come up after each session, just to prompt a good discussion on, Okay, what did you think? What do you believe? Because this is such a vital topic and of course the whole beginning series is a vital topic. This particular topic on the age of the Earth, it’s absolutely vital to and that’s why we’ve taken some time on it. And in the last episode of Creation Today where we’re looking at the first bit of this particular talk, we talked about age limiters, didn’t we were going to pick up on that again on the subject of age limiters, but Jesus had something to say on this matter as well, didn’t you know, he had something to say about who wrote genesis and so on. In john chapter five, you quoted, I think john chapter five is interesting because here Jesus is giving a parable about the Rich man and Lazarus, The rich man went down into a into, into hell and he said, hey, would you please send somebody to tell my brothers that they need to accept you. They don’t want to come down here where I’m at. And Jesus said something incredible. He said they have moses and the prophets, he said if they don’t believe moses then they’re not gonna believe it. If somebody were to raise from the dead, they won’t believe, no matter what. And so this really gets down to the fundamental issue. That’s why we started with God’s word and went to what does God’s word have to say about the age of the earth. Then now we’re going to go into some of the science, what does the science say about the age of the earth? And this is so important, isn’t it? Because you know, we get this said to us all the time, you don’t need to tell them about creation. We just need to tell them about jesus. And yet Jesus himself said, if they don’t believe moses, they won’t believe me. And that really puts everything in a nutshell. Well let’s give the background to the science evidence is that we’re going to see. Well let’s remind the viewers a little bit about the age limited in the last show. We did. You showed a couple of coins and there was a coin dated 1984 and another one dated 1990. And we said, what about these two coins if they were buried or they were buried in a treasure chest somewhere? And you were trying to determine when did that, you know, treasure chest get buried or when did the boat sink? If it’s on a boat, You wouldn’t look for the older coin, the one with the date of 1984, You would find the younger coin, the 1990 coin. And that would put a limiting factor a ceiling if you will on when that treasure chest was buried or when that boat sank. So when we’re looking at the science of the age of the Earth, we can find scientifically things that say it’s very old, we can find scientifically things that say it’s very young. The younger dates are the ceiling there, the limiting factor. So that’s why that issue is so important. And we’re going to apply that same issue to the age of the Earth and the science that we see behind the age of the Earth. Of course the scientific test may not give the actual date in that analogy you gave. Of course it could be. The treasure chest was buried in 1994. That would still be consistent with correct. So if somebody said then they found that an experiment that said, well this seems to date things as being a million years old. It’s okay for us to quote that, that’s correct. But because we’ve got those other limiting factors, we don’t say therefore it is a million years old. We say interesting. But we got a limiting factor here saying no more than this, it could be up to a million years old. Could be less than that for example, it could be 6000. I like your example, that’s great. Well that’s what we’re going to be watching now and we’re going to be seeing some very, very important scientific evidences that eric’s going to share with you in this. Excerpt on why the Earth is 6000 years old. What the limiting factors are? You don’t want to miss this. Please stay with us Now. The Bible clearly puts the age of the Earth about 6000 years ago, not millions of years ago. There are numerous scientific ways to show how old the Earth is. I’m gonna go through as many as I possibly can with you right now. Okay, so hang on, we’re gonna cruise through a bunch of them, first one and I believe it’s a great one. The human population back in 1999 the human population crossed the six billion mark. There are now in more than 6.5 billion people alive on planet Earth. That’s a lot of people. But trace the human population backwards and you’ll find some interesting information back in 1985. There were only five billion people on planet earth Back in 1800. There were only one billion people alive on planet earth interesting. The human population actually makes a curve on a graph interesting and it shows the entire world population started about 40 400 years ago, not millions of years ago. We don’t have enough people on earth to represent millions of years of humans living here. You hear people say the earth is overcrowded. I do not believe that the earth is overcrowded. There is plenty of room on this globe. Okay, lots and lots of room. So much room that you know every single person on earth could fit inside the city limits of Jacksonville florida. We could all fit inside the city limits of Jacksonville Florida. All of us right there, it has over 25 billion square feet. Yeah, they’re saying the earth is overcrowded. Excuse me you ever driven across Kansas, you know from New Mexico or Arizona or texas or south Dakota, Wyoming need I go on, Hey, I got an idea if it is overcrowded where you are move okay, there is plenty of room out there somewhere else. I guarantee you now the world population is very interesting because at the time of christ there was only a quarter of a billion people alive wow, that means the human population teaches us that mankind has only been here for about, as you trace it back 4500 years, about 4400 years, not millions or billions of years cannot be that old. Hey, if evolution is true, if man has been here for the last three million years as evolution claims, How many people should be on planet earth in three million years, You do the math on that and there should be right now on planet Earth 100 and 50,000 people per square inch on planet Earth. That would get crowded. I don’t think we’ve been here for no three million years. Encyclopedia Britannica did an interesting study. They said, Hey, if you were to go backwards in time from today’s population Now, our population growth rate today is 1.7%. They said let’s lower that down and only go back only have a population growth rate of .5% annually. If you go back in time at .5% annually, the result would be a handful of people 4500 years ago. They say on the other hand, if we were to go back a million years ago and one million years ago, is when the first eight stood upright and now declared himself human ah ha The first human and then made somebody else stand up and he called him his wife and said, okay you’re gonna be a human, I’m gonna be a human, we’re gonna make humans okay. So they did that a million years ago And you were to have a population growth rate of .01%,, Little bitty bitty bitty insignificant number. That would mean at that rate it would be a doubling of the people every 7000 years. So you start a million years ago with two people 7000 years later. You’ve now got four, 7000 years after that. You’ve now got 8, 7000 years after that. You get 16. If you were to do this for one million years An astonishing 142 double wings would take place and there should be on planet Earth right now. 10 to the 43rd power. That’s the number 10 with 43 zeros behind it. That’s how many people would be here in one million years of that incredibly slow growth rate. No, we haven’t been here for millions of years. The evidence is clear. Only a few 1000 years. Okay, so the human population is a great way to show how long we’ve really been here. What about outer space where some of you guys are at right now. Outer space is a great way to show how old the earth is Galaxies, Galaxies are spinning. Okay, now, the inside stars, the stars that are on the inside of the galaxy spin faster than the outside stars. Well, we see arms on the galaxy, we see these spiral arms on the Galaxies indicating they are less than billions of years old. But evolutionists want us to believe that these Galaxies formed 20 billion years ago. Some only say 14 billion. Okay, we’ll say 14 billion years ago either way because the inside stars are spinning faster than the outside stars. The galaxy should have spun out. They shouldn’t have spiral arms on them like they have today they should be one even smooth homogenous mass of stars. But that’s not what we see today. We still see spiral arms on our galaxy’s indicating they are less than billions of years old. You’re watching an excerpt from beginnings with eric husband, we’ll be right back, You’re watching an excerpt from beginnings with Eric Hovan on creation today and now back to the show. What about Supernovas? Supernovas are stars that blow up. They die in our solar system. Excuse me. In our universe. Well we’ve seen supernovas about every 30 years is how often the stars die that we’ve noticed that we’ve seen. Well if we’ve been here for billions of years there should be lots of supernovas out there But they have found less than 300 of them indicating they haven’t been around for billions of years. They’ve only been around a few 1000 years. Supernovas are great examples, jupiter, that’s one of our planet’s okay, jupiter is cooling off, it loses heat twice as fast as it gains heat from the sun. So it’s losing heat very very rapidly. Well you can’t consistently lose heat until eventually you get cold but jupiter is still very hot. Well how could it be losing heat for billions of years and still be hot. It couldn’t ah but if jupiter was created just a few 1000 years ago. Like the bible teaches now that’s an explanation that would explain why it’s still hot. What about its moon Ganymede. It’s very, very hot indicated by the liquid motion in its in its in its core. It’s got a very strong magnetic field. Ganymede should have cooled off solid billions of years ago but it didn’t indicating it’s less than billions of years old. The rings around Saturn are constantly expanding. Saturn is losing its rings. Those rings are unstable. Well you study the rings around Saturn. You see the formation of them and you gotta say, hey, those rings have not been there for billions of years. They couldn’t have been otherwise Saturn wouldn’t have rings anymore. They would be gone. But it’s still got rings. To me. That’s a great indication. Hey, fits with God’s word. 6000 years ago, God created the heavens and the earth. What about the moon? The moon goes around the earth. How many of you guys knew that already? You guys had that figured out? Okay. The moon goes around the earth by the way, does anybody know its official name? Moon? That is correct. We call it moon. Okay. The moon. He was like, I don’t know. Never thought of that. The moon goes around the earth. All right now the moon is what causes our tides. The tides are because of the moon. Okay, its gravitational pull on the Earth. Well no big deal. So we got tides these days but the moon is getting farther and farther away from the earth. Guys were losing the moon. Don’t worry about it. It’s only a few inches per year. No big deal. Okay, but you want me to believe that the moon and the Earth are billions of years old. Now we’ve got a problem because you go backwards in time. Let’s see if the moon is here and getting farther away. That means that it used to be closer to the earth. You go back in time and the moon would soon in less than billions of years, weigh less than one billion years. The moon would cause the tides on Earth to drown everything twice a day. That’s how close it would be. Normally. We can only drown once a day. So that creates a serious problem for life on Earth. You go back about 1.3 billion years now you’ve got a serious problem because the moon is skimming the surface of the earth just above the surface of the earth about 1.3 billion years ago. Well, that explains what happened to the tall dinosaurs. They must have got moon to death, but so they they had a serious problem with the moon being that close billy a billion years ago. Okay, what about comments? We got comments on our solar system comments. Leave a trail behind them. Anybody ever gotten to see a comment before? You ever seen one? Really cool to get to see a comment come through and go around the sun. Well, the tail of the comment is debris getting blown off of the comments. Well, you can’t consistently lose material until eventually it’s all gone. Okay, Well, we still have comments in our solar system. When they study comments, they say, well, at the rate that they’re losing material, comments should last about 10,000 years. Well then I’ve got a question. You think there there’s billions of years old? Why do we still have comments today? We shouldn’t have any. If evolution is true, there should be no comments at all. They would have been gone, but comments fit perfectly with what God’s word says 6000 years ago, God created the heavens and the earth. David. The psalms said the heavens will declare the glory of God and they do exactly that. They declare God’s glory. You know, the evolution theory has the sun and the stars evolving before the earth God said he created the earth before he created the suns and the stars. They got it backwards. Actually, when you study it out, just about every single thing that evolution claims is directly opposed to God’s word. The bible says he made the oceans before the land. Evolution says he made the land before the oceans. The bible says, light came before the sun, Evolution says the sun came before the light bible says the fruit trees were before the fish evolution has it backwards. Evolution has just about every single element diametrically opposed to what God’s word says. it is not the same thing. Evolution and creation do not go together. They’re like oil and water. They just simply cannot mix. You know, Creation says that man brought death into this world. Evolution says death is what actually brought man into this world. Creation says God made man. Evolutionists are trying to tell us. Atheists are telling us these days that man is the one who actually created God. Evolution is opposed to creation. They are opposite as you can get. You can’t mix the two together, bible says speak to the earth and it shall teach thee. What about things here on earth? What does the earth say about its own age? What evidence is? Can we look at what is the youngest evidence of the age of the Earth? That can now become a limiting factor on the age of the Earth. I’ll give you an example. Earth has a magnetic field around it. Now the magnetic field around earth is getting weaker because magnets over time lose their magnetism. You ever had a refrigerator magnet that sticks good and it’s there over a few years. What happens to it? It starts falling off? Yeah. You first buy the thing, it’ll hold about a ream of paper to the refrigerator bam man. It’s there. But then a few years later you can’t put up your one sheet of homework. I mean it just keeps on sliding down, magnets lose their magnetism. Same with Earth’s magnetic field is getting weaker in the last 150 years. It’s declined by about 10% Wow, 40% in the last 1000 years. It’s getting a whole lot weaker than it is than it used to be. Well, if the magnetic field is getting weaker, that means that it used to be stronger. Exactly right, The magnetic field used to be a whole lot stronger than what it currently is today. Well, how far back can you go before that starts causing a problem? First of all, I want you to realize something. The earth cannot be billions of years old because the magnetic field is getting weaker. You go back too far in time and you’ve got some serious issues with Earth because of Earth’s magnetic field. Also, this points out that carbon dating won’t work because the magnetic field is getting weaker. Probably only about 25,000 years max for the age of the Earth. But it shows us carbon dating can’t work either. I know you’ve heard radio metric dating proves the earth is billions of years old. No, it doesn’t. Okay, I don’t have time to go into all the carbon dating elements right now. But let me just tell you carbon dating flat out doesn’t work. Okay, they carbon dated a mammoth, the one part of the mammoth was 15,000 years old. Another part of the same, mammoth was 21,000 years old. They carbon dated another mammoth. The front half was 29,000 years old, the back half was 44,000 years old. Slow birth, wow, that was tough for those few 1000 years, man. No carbon dating. The bottom line is doesn’t work. And because of the variables in earth’s magnetic field, that that’s just one more element to show us that carbon dating simply does not work. Some people say, well the earth has reversed its magnetism. No, it hasn’t. They try to teach this in textbooks. It has not what they find on the ocean floor is what they’re referring to. They find areas of strong magnetism and weak magnetism. They don’t ever find a place where it has literally reversed its magnetism. They say it goes through these cycles where it reverses. No, no, no. They find strong and weak magnetism and that’s simply because hot salt loses its magnetism. So that’s what they’re really saying is areas of strong magnetism and weak magnetism. What about this? The earth today is spinning at about 1000 miles an hour at the equator. But we’ve got a problem. It’s slowing down. The earth is gradually getting slower and slower. That’s a problem. Matter of fact, several times they have added seconds to the clock. They’ve had to add one second to the clock to have the clock’s accurate, wow. Well we’re slowing down. Not by much. And if you go back just 6000 years. No big deal adam and Eve might have had like a 24.5 hour day. Okay, no big deal if creation is true but you want me to believe that the earth has been here for billions of years now we’ve got a problem because the winds on earth are created by the Coriolis effect because of the earth spinning. Well you go back in time and get the earth spinning a little bit faster. You go back just a few million years, the earth would have been spinning so fast that the winds from the Coriolis effect would be 500 miles an hour. That explains what happened to the dinosaurs got blown off man, they couldn’t handle that kind of wind. Our three most popular resources are now available at a special package price. 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Welcome back, you’re watching Creation today with me paul, taylor and with the irrepressible eric coven, we’ve just been watching you once again bounce around and talk about the subject of how old is it? It’s an important subject. The evolutionists are sweating it. If this earth is young, they cannot handle a young earth. They have to have millions of years to hide the theory of evolution in even though I don’t think the theory of evolution would take place with the millions of years, it certainly sounds better to say something evolved over millions of years rather than you know, the rock changed into people over 6000 years. Yes, but I mean we don’t want to believe in evolution obviously, but I mean we can certainly surely have a nice time and agree to differ account with those people who say, well there’s millions of years there. You mean in the Bible in scripture we can agree to differ but we’re definitely gonna differ. I’ll tell you that and the question comes down to what is our authority. You and I paul go back to God as our authority. Other people say. Well I think my reasoning and my ability to do science and my ability to know things can trump what God has told us in the bible. I disagree. I’m going with God. Well you were sharing some very important scientific evidences on the age of the universe. Perhaps just before we get into one or two of those though, what’s the ultimate authority and the ultimate place that we get our answers from? As far as you’re concerned? I always go back to scripture, we mentioned right before we watched that excerpt that You know, the Bible, Jesus said, if you don’t believe moses, you’re not gonna believe me because moses wrote of me here I am. Okay, so we have to go back to God and his word is our authority, Jesus, John Chapter one tells us in the beginning was the word, the word was with God and the word was God, Jesus is the creator of all things. So we can’t believe jesus when he talks from the very beginning, why should we believe him later? That’s right. And you picked up some very, very interesting evidences that workers limiters on the age of the Earth and you talked a lot about the human population, didn’t you? That’s probably my favorite one because even in secular textbooks, when you see the human population go backwards, they take it back to between four and 5000 years ago and then they just slowly taper it off after that for a long time and then they got a little squiggly line saying, hey we’re gonna break here and then they keep showing it going down to zero. But they have millions of years. So they go down to about four or five or 6000 years and then they go to hundreds of thousands of years and I’m going wait a minute. It would be impossible to sustain a very small human population, uh, over that long, hundreds of thousands of years without getting the genetic load, the deformities, the deformed chromosomes, the, the problems that we see in, in where we’re at here today with seven billion people. Now, we’re not offering this science as proof of the age of the earth, but we’re saying that it is consistent with the population that began to grow after the flood. That’s the key word right there. Every single piece of science we looked at is not the proof. The proof is what God says. But I love looking at at his, his revealed nature to us, what we can see and recognizing that it is consistent with what God’s word teaches. And of course these were the limiters. Just briefly with, you talked about the limits on Galaxies they’re spinning around and that that means that the universe could not be above a certain. That’s exactly right. And there’s so many from space where a lot of people are at right now. There’s a lot from the earth and even more that we didn’t have time to show. I mean, there are literally hundreds of ways to show the limiting factors. That’s right. If you presented all the evidence that we could have found this, that episode would have gone on for hours, what would have been a long one? That’s for sure. Well, you don’t have to watch it for hours. You just want to talk about this and make sure that you understand it. And we can get you can get hold of this particular series at creation store dot org. So until next time when we’ll be having a look at another excerpt from the beginning series. Thank you for watching. Join us again. This program is available on DVD by visiting creation store dot org Or by calling 877479 34 66. To order this episode used the item number displayed on your screen.

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