How Long Did It Take to form the Grand Canyon

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Eric and Paul continue their conversation with Kyle, focusing on what Mt St Helens taught us about the production of canyons.



the following program is made possible by the Friends and partners of God quest ministries. How long did it take to form the Grand Canyon. That’s what we’re talking about on the creation today’s show from the CTn studio in Pensacola florida. I’m one of your hosts, eric coven. I’m joined by paul taylor and we’re joined today once again by a very special guest, Kyle Justice and we’re going to be learning all about the amazing evidences about God’s creation and a worldwide flood that are containing some of the national parks in a city near you, you’ve got questions, we’ve got answers. Send them into questions at creation today 0.0 R G. Remember we believe the bible is literally true and scientifically accurate in every single detail and were not ashamed to say. So it might appear that this river eroded this canyon one sand grain at a time over maybe thousands of years, but it didn’t happen that way at all. We know from the historic reports and the photographic documentation that this canyon was breached in a single day by the mud flow of March 19th, 1982. There was a giant debris dam here where mud spilled up against it, overtopped the dam and the down roading mud made this canyon. This stream is caught in this canyon. The stream does not cause the canyon, the canyon causes the stream. We’re looking here at some really remarkable erosion and all over the terrain and the landscape north of the crater at Mount ST Helens, we see these kind of features rapidly formed canyons having the appearance of maybe thousands and thousands of years but we know that they formed rapidly, wow! Now that is big news. We are privileged as you said paul, to have Kyle justice in the studio again and you’re the one who helped produce that show. Thanks so much for being with us. Thanks. It’s great to be here. Well, we’re going to get right down to the important questions about that clip. And in that clip, dr steve Austin said that the stream doesn’t form the canyon, but rather they canyon form the stream. That’s interesting what we’re interested in really is are there any other streams and canyons that might be affected by that sort of information? Any other particular areas that, that, that has an influence on Yeah, it’s something to keep in mind is what happened to Mount ST Helens was a giant basically flood, a bunch of water came and then it eroded this canyon And then what’s left during the regular season is a small stream when we think about the flood and what happened with the receding flood waters and then actually some post flood action with lakes that were left over after the floods that were trapped between valleys and plateaus and so on. There was a lot of water still basically happening after the flood and we see different canyons for instance Zion canyon in Utah and bryce canyon, a lot of these canyons have these very small little streams and I was in Zion a little over a year ago and you ride the tram through Zion and they talk about this little stream, you know, made this giant giant canyon that’s you know, walls to 3000 ft high and they’re pretty wide and you look at them and you’re like how how in the world could this little stream have made this giant canyon? And there are other examples all around the world where I put Mount ST Helens now that we see this canyon formation, even secular scientists like even at the Grand Canyon, there was a symposium not too long ago where they said, you know what our tradition model of millions of years in this little small stream just doesn’t work and what we’re seeing at Mount ST Helens, maybe, maybe it was a lot of water. And so they’re now taking a look at different scenarios and different evidence for you know, large different reservoirs that might have made some of these canyons, but they’re still not quite going the direction of a global flood because they’ll avoid that. Yeah, they’re gonna true, they will avoid that at all costs man for sure. And that goes right back to what God’s word says, doesn’t it, when it says they’re gonna be willingly ignorant. Second peter chapter three is that first peter second peter second peter three, they’re gonna be willingly ignorant of the creation the flood and the coming judgment of God and here we see it, if they ever do say yeah, it was a flood. They’ll just call it a local flood, right? That’s right, that’s right. Or regional flood. We talked last episode about the Missoula flood and even secular scientists proposed this regional flood and even he was ridiculed for years because the general, you know, population of scientists who believed in evolution, they just didn’t want to admit that there could be something that big as a catastrophe. Absolutely incredible. Where where exactly what exactly is the DVD that we’re talking about and where can people get hold of it? The DVD is called Mount ST Helens, I got it right here, seeing Noah’s flood through the, through geology. That’s it’s really good. We’ve done so many different titles, you know, liberations of G what we call it all of a sudden, I blanked out. Yeah, you know, the cool thing too is what we’re taking a look at is, you know, Mount ST Helens is just one example of catastrophe. And we’re gonna create dr Austin a series of documentaries on that whole topic of flood geology and how, you know, Noah’s flood, you know, changed the whole landscape around the world. And so many people just don’t know, they just they’re thinking evolution are long processes and there’s so much to show that it’s quick processes and catastrophic process. This is the whole reason why we’re so excited about Mount ST Helens, isn’t it really? I mean, I think Dr Austin says in the DVD, it’s not, it wasn’t a particularly big eruption as far as volcanic eruptions are concerned, but it’s a, it’s a laboratory conditions that helps us to understand something about the way that things could have happened in the flood and really refutes the long age uniformity, arian models that people have for so much of the world’s geology. Well, that’s so true paul, I know that we’ve been talking about rapid erosion, rapid strata formation, but there there are so many other different opportunities to learn about the flood and what happened after uh Spirit Lake, not too far from where the little Grand Canyon is is a perfect example where you have these giant forests of logs that were washed back into the lake over a million logs and they just rode on top. And dr Austin was b basically his master or his doctorate thesis was about floating tree mats after the flood, fascinating. Oh it is. And and here he was six months after he did his dissertation, a real life example of what he proposed. His whole thesis was right there. This living laboratory where he could say, hey, it’s not just a theory anymore, It actually happened and you have that you have the petrified forests that are found around the world, specifically at Grand Canyon at specimen ridge and how he was able to, to show how these logs went down at different times because of the way that they would soak up the water and go down to the bottom. I want I want our listeners to understand that because um what we find at specimen ridge is 27, what looked like separate forests because they’re in different layers and petrified. The roots of the trees though are missing. They were literally set there in sediment and mud, correct? Yes, mud and what’s interesting is after Mount ST Helens went off and dr Austin took a look at this different evidence for these these forests and how it might explain Specimen Ridge, they actually got permission to go in And dig up the root bases of some of these trees. Now those forests grew their 20, at least 27 uh in different areas right around the area. They figured there’s at least 40 different forests. So, but you would expect that there would be root systems that would branch out. I mean that’s just normal for a forest and yet none of the trees, the mature trees have these root systems. So that’s just one example and there’s I know there’s lots of those and I want to talk more after the break about about that and some of the other projects you’re working on because the evidence is just overwhelming. We’ll be back right after this to talk a little bit more with Kyle about Mount ST Helens, you’re watching Creation today with paul Taylor and erika Van we got some really cool stuff coming up that we want you to know about. First of all, in just a few weeks, we’re gonna be at the Northwest creation conference and we would love to see you there. It’s gonna be in Portland Oregon. You can check out the website Creation in w dot com for more information about that conference as creation nw dot org dot org. My apologies. And also registration is now open for the proof of God conference in october october the 12th 2012. So make sure you register for that. There’s still the early bird discount on at the moment. But if you keep wait too long the prices go up. They do indeed. Hey, another announcement that we have is locally at the creation store. We’ve got the new dinosaur ride. We want you to come by and check it out if you’re here locally or if you want to drive through and see our mini museum and Science center along with the creation story. We’d love you to stay Well we’re talking with Kyle Justice from compelled media and he just did a documentary with steve Austin on Mount ST Helens. That is absolutely fascinating. I talked to people on a regular basis that want to know how did how did the Grand Canyon form skeptics or atheist an evolutionist will say the Grand Canyon formed over millions of years here. We’ve got a modern day example of how the Grand Canyon could have formed in actually a short period of time. And so we’ve been talking with, with Kyle about this. Uh, this is absolutely fascinating geologic geologic information. Uh, and Dr Austin does a great job presenting. And you guys have done a great job together putting this DVD together. So I appreciate you guys doing that. I want to talk a little bit more about that and maybe you could tell us where your production company is, where you’re located and what other projects you’re currently working on. Yeah, the, I’m from born and raised here in Portland area. So my production company is here in the northwest. Uh, the great thing is, there’s so many wonderful geologic formations in this area that we can take a look at. And one thing that I’ve been wanting to do for a long time is something back to a youth oriented type series and had developed a, a series called awesome science. And just recently we did a 25 day road trip with my family of six kids ranging from 14 to 2 years old. So it was quite an adventure. But during that time I took my gear with me and we shot a bunch of stuff at these national parks from Yellowstone to Grand Canyon and Zion and, and so on. Yosemite And I took my son who’s about 14 now and we kind of stuck in front of the camera and I said, Hey, you know, you know, talk about, you know, the cook formation of the Grand Canyon or you know why it didn’t take millions of years with the idea that we would maybe produce something along the lines of maybe a half hour show. But as we started to do the research and create the scripts, we realized, wow this, this could actually be a series of Dvds and we started to produce them and we now have shot six episodes from even mount ST Helens too different places like Petrified Forest National Park and media or crater. So we’re in post production on them and we have about 2 to 3 that are just about ready to, to release in March of 2012. That’s really exciting. The series is called awesome science and the stars stars Noah named no. Yeah. How big was the casting call for that for this series? Huh man, that is I guess it was at least six, you have to wind it down from six down to one. Well you know what’s funny is you know, all my kids are very much out there and they’re like dad, we want to be in front of the camera, my eight year old, you know, so I have to create a series just for her, you know, awesome science junior like that so nepotism is going on in the office, awesome science curriculum and this is gonna be great though. All you home schoolers out there that want to check it out, awesome Science. Do you have a website for that awesome science? Not tv dot tv. Hey, we’ve actually got a clip from one of these little promo, we wanted to show you right now. Check this out, introducing a new DVD series. Unlike anything ever produced. It’s cool. It’s amazing. It’s awesome signs, awesome. Science takes viewers on a field trip to some of the most amazing geologic and historical sites around the world where we use the bible as our history guidebook to interpret what we see. We’ll study geology, anthropology, paleontology and biology to see that the bible can be trusted that empirical science falls in line with the biblical account of creation. The fall and the flood episode will travel to the Grand Canyon, Yellowstone, Yosemite, meteor crater Zion Canyon, Mount ST Helens, mammoth cave, the redwoods dinosaur national monument, the Serengeti Machu Picchu, the Galapagos islands, the Mayan ruins and much much more. We’ll dig up dinosaur bones, study the star system, learn about sediment, ology, Walk through volcanoes, raft, the Grand Canyon, find out about the ice age, discover how coal and oil can be made quickly in the lab and see evidence all over the world for a global catastrophe. We’ll make it practical and fun. So everyone will enjoy watching the new series will be hosted by me. Noah, awesome. Science will give teens and adults a foundation for creating a Biblical worldview about science available in october 2011 are the first three episodes, the Grand Canyon Yellowstone and dual locations in episode three, Petrified Forest National Park and meteor crater. These first three programs will teach the viewer about cataclysmic events which shaped the earth during and after the flood. Additional episodes will be produced up to two every month, awesome Science will utilize social media and cross promotional relationships to make this the next big series for teens and adults, awesome. Science is produced by Kyle Justice, my dad who’s a veteran producer for networks like ESPN, National Geographic and the Outdoor Channel. Don’t miss this great show for encouraging you and your belief about how science and the bible agreed science. It’s awesome. Well no, a justice is the star of the new series, awesome science that is being put together by his father Kyle and that is just really cool that you guys get to work together as a, as a father son team right now. That’s just really neat. It is he uh, he’s a great kid and he’s a lot of fun to work with and really easy to direct. So you know, what more could you ask for? That’s exactly right. How do you see this series being used, Kyle? Do you see it? You see it with being used with home schoolers and so on. Yeah, homeschoolers. Um, you know, I have the ability to air it as a television series eventually because of the green screen aspect where we have no a lot And we even played with the idea of, you know, finding a spanish kid host and we could do a spanish version of it or you know, any other language. So I think it has in our industry called it’s got legs so you can definitely move now, you are gonna be producing these on D. V. D. And so home school as you can get those to check those out as well as I mean if you’re in christian school or in public school, you might want to spread those around a little more carefully, but christian school, certainly use these to teach the kids about all the science behind God’s word. It is amazing how much evidence god gives us to back up his word was awesome. Science dot tv dot tv. That’s exactly right. We got to take one more break. But coming up after the break, we’re gonna ask Kyle to help us answer a couple more questions and we’ll look forward to doing that right after this, join Erica bain and paul taylor from Creation today dot org along with carl Kirby of reason for hope ministries. Mark Spence of the way of the master and Scientist Bruggen Cate of proof that God exists dot org for the proof of God Conference in Orlando florida. For more information, visit proof conference dot com. That’s proof conference dot com or call toll free 18774793466 on May 18th, 1980 a catastrophic geologic event occurred that not only shocked the world because of its explosive power, but it challenged the way we think about how the earth formed and its very foundation. That event was the eruption of Mount ST Helens here in Washington state. Mount ST Helens tells us something really interesting about how rapidly strata conform to order. This DVD. Go to www dot creation store dot org. Welcome back to creation today. We’ve been talking with Kyle Justice and some of talking about some of the productions that he’s done. Uh your your latest work here, that’s available on DVD Mount ST Helens. Seeing Noah’s flood through geology is a great resource and some great stuff for the home school kids and the mom and dad’s, you’ll learn a lot to his awesome science series uh featuring his son Noah, very cool. Thanks for being with us again, Kyle. We really appreciate that and appreciate all the information that goes into this. There’s a lot of study, a lot of research that goes into making it possible to put it on a simple DVD so that somebody can get this and see a final product with all the information laid out there for them. That is really nice and you know, Kyle, there’s a lot of people who have been, who asked us questions about the bible and they specifically take issue with us about the issue about the creation of the earth and how old the earth is. And in many ways the a lot of the materials that you’ve been producing really focus on this particular fact, you’ve been able to demonstrate, there’s plenty of evidence out there that supports the biblical claims for for how long how old the bible says the earth is. Why do you think that people aren’t aware of that information? That’s a great question. Um, you know, it’s interesting when you look at the Discovery Channel or, you know, textbooks or so on, and, you know, there’s so much bombardment of, you know, secular humanism and evolution and so on. Um, and, you know, as far as, you know, projects or, or video projects, um, you know, there’s some great ministry is doing a lot of education on that, but, you know, for so many years, secular humanism and evolution has just been, you know, permeating society that that’s the main message out there. And so a lot of people, even people in churches and fortunately they kind of look at you kinda weird when you talk about the bible, you know, being true and that science actually supports, there’s more evidence to support the bible than evolution. They kind of look at you like, really, um, you know, and even in, in talking with different, you know, I had a guy that was a good friend of mine who’s an ardent evolutionist and ardent Atheist, and he said, what about the dinosaurs? And what about this and that? And you know, because of my education and learning about this stuff, I just kept giving them answers and he finally stopped and he goes, you have an answer for everything. Hey, that’s biblical b, you know, and timothy it talks about being prepared to give an answer, you know, And so I guess there’s a passion in my heart to, to educate, you know, christians and not so they can beat people over the head, you know, with, you know, well, you know, the bible is true and but it needs to be in love. And the fun thing about like awesome science with no as a host is we’re saying, hey, this is great. There’s an answer here and this is how to look at it. And so, you know, I guess I’m not necessarily on a crusade, but you know, I’m using what buildings God has given me to, to take the message forward kind of like moses when you know, he said go and here’s the, here’s your staff and you know, use that and the staff is kind of the video camera in the editing suite to be able to take the God’s word and to say you can believe in it, you can trust in it and not only that, but you know, eric I know your, your dad is, you know, very much, you know, encouraging anyone if whatever you’ve got, use it and you know, take the message forward and it’s exciting, it’s exciting to see youth and, and even adults go, wow, I can really trust what the bible says as being true. And that that’s cool. That’s that’s very fulfilling for me to building God’s kingdom that way. That’s awesome. So we can use all this evidence that points towards God’s word, which is great. We have a tendency sometimes because of the emails that we get to get a little more in your face and say, listen and evolution is a religious worldview. It doesn’t work. It’s not supported by modern science. The evidence points towards creation towards the biblical worldview. Exactly what we’ve been saying. Not only that evolution takes it even farther, It’s a dangerous religious worldview that actually causes a lot of problems when it comes to the way things run in government in homes. I mean, your whole life is based on your worldview. And so when you look at God’s word and you say this is gonna be my foundation, you live a different life than somebody who says, no, I’m not gonna accept that. I’m gonna hold to the evolutionary or humanistic worldview. We’re talking, you got two totally separate lifestyles. Two totally different philosophies. They’re they’re polar opposites. And so that’s why we say, man this, it really is important to have this figured out. So that we we have the truth. I had a friend that went coast to coast for christ from maine to California and he walked through a lot of these canyons. And one of the things that he said is I can’t believe every time I go to these places there’s so much misinformation about these. I mean, you know you got like this Mount ST Helens information that presents very clearly. Okay, this is the evidence of what happened. Yet it is ignored what, what is up with that. Why do they keep ignoring what we know now to be true? Even having this big giant laboratory as as or not laboratory, but uh what’s the word laboratory have? Big giant laboratory to study with Mount ST Helens. Great question. Um, you know, we’ve gone to some of these different places like you’re talking and you know the signs are up all over the place, you know, millions of years and even you know, with with no training him and my other kids. Hey guys look at this, see what it says and interpreting it through the eyes of evolution. And you know, you mentioned that that verse in shoot 1st 2nd peter you know that they deliberately forget. And uh it’s interesting because when we go to some of these parks, I’ve been to a couple of them where the guides talk about millions and in fact it petrified for us and there was this older guy and he was a retired school teacher and my family were pretty up on, you know, the scientific evidence is and so on and he would, he would, he would blurt something out, you know, the guide would and my son would go, well, yeah, but could you look at it from this perspective and could it be quick processes? And the guy kind of like, he didn’t know what to say, you know, and he’s like, well this is a different group. You know, it’s like this isn’t a normal group because you just, you know, it’s thinking from a Biblical worldview and they don’t have the right, they don’t have the answers, you know, to some of these quick process is because they’ve been they’ve been just kind of putting out these answers that maybe they haven’t even thought through. And so it’s an educational process. And I think the more home schools kids and adults, we can get going to these parks and asking those types of questions. They’re gonna begin to think twice about that. That’s exactly, I love that. And I know we grew up doing the same thing. It’s like, have you thought about this and they are almost taken back. You know, if they’re not already hardened to the idea that kind of thinking, well, you mean you’re gonna question this? Yeah, we’re gonna question this. What is up with that man, Kyle, I want to thank you so much for being on the show with us. This has been great having you for two weeks now and talking about the documentary you did as as well as some of the other stuff that you’re working on. This is really, really good stuff. If you want to get a hold of this new documentary Mount ST helens. Seeing Noah’s flood through geology by steve Austin. You can get that at the creation store 20.0 R G. That’s the creation store dot org. Some really, really good information. There’s also lots of great resource as you can get. But that is our show for today. We want to thank you guys for joining us. This has been great, isn’t it? It’s been marvelous. And remember, if you want to ask us questions, you can send us questions to questions at Creation today dot org or you can twitter us at Creation today or facebook us. Well, this has been a production of God Quest ministries. You can find programs archive Creation today dot org. Thank you. Goodbye. This program is available on DVD by visiting Creation store dot org or by calling 877479 34 66. To order this episode, used the item number displayed on your screen

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