Home Sweet New Home

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We first met Rick and Heather Ingle in Season 3. The couple has a passion for adopting children, especially children with special needs. Their family includes 14 children: Nicole (18 at the time of this episode), Addison (16), Shawn (13), Hayden (12), Grace (10), Keller (9), Michael (9), Isabel (8), Tyler (7), Anna (7), William (6), Jessie (4), Caleb (4) and Elijah (2). A family that large requires a good amount of living space, something their Cincinnati-area home didn’t have. When we last visited Rick and Heather, they were living in a four-bedroom house with only two full bathrooms. Then a neighbor named Julie Kantor happened to meet the Ingles. After getting to know the family and seeing their home, she knew she wanted to help.

Julie started the Home Sweet New Home project for the Ingles. The original plan to simply add on to the home quickly became a complete remodel. Community members volunteered and local businesses donated supplies and employees’ time. Neighbors held lemonade stands, brought lunch to work crews and even pitched in with the painting and decorating.

In this episode, we visit the Ingles as they are enjoying their newly finished home, now nearly double its former size. The Ingle clan now has nine bedrooms, four and half baths and two laundry rooms. They even have a new therapy room for the children with special needs. The Ingles’ new home will make raising and caring for their 14 children a much easier task, but it never would have happened without the help of their wonderful community.

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