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Bible Capsule of today…Psalm 124:8



welcome to our Bible capsule of today Way have really from song 124 1 Verse eight. Our health is in the main of the war The maker of heaven and earth. What a powerful, powerful help help we have. You know, this scripture reminded me of 2009 when my husband was agonising already up to those this life and I didn’t know how to pray. We were in the hospital waiting for a liver transplant. I didn’t know how to pray. I have done all kinds of prayers about healing. I had never, you know, thought about transplants. And it was something new to me. And all I did for three days was coloured the name of Jesus. Jesus, Jesus! I will wake up in the morning. Jesus, That that night? Jesus. I mean, I was 24 7 in that hospital. I leave my husband until after the surgery that I couldn’t take it anymore. I had pastors come to stay with him overnight because I got verticals and I couldn’t walk straight sleeping in the silver. But you know what the powerful name of Jesus I mean, that’s where our help comes and you’re going through difficult times today. Look in heaven. Looking down are the maker of heaven and earth. The name of the make is with us in the mist of whatever try you might mean whatever. If it’s physical healing, if it’s whatever conflicts are our sadness or or trouble in your mind, or are fine or bills that you don’t know where to go, we’re hot to pay that calm on the name of Jesus, it ISS so part with the name of the Lord. I mean, it’s just that that powerful name that makes it different You haven’t exam to take it. Can’t concentrate. Come up on him. You’ll clear out your mind and just just think you have the best as helper here on our our God our creator are more Jesus Crisis son. May the peace of God. This passes on you in understanding courage in heart and bawling in Christ Jesus, our Lord

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