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Bible Capsule of today…Ephesians 2:10



Welcome to our Bible capsule. Today we are reading from Ephesians chapter two verse 10 for we are God’s workmanship created in christ, jesus to do good works which God prepared in advance for us to do good works for us to do. God prepare them beforehand. And we are God’s workmanship. We are the masterpiece of God. Today, As I read this, I was reading chapter one of Ephesians paul is in prison. He’s getting this revelation of our position in christ. We have to routine by the blood of the lamb. We have been predestined from the beginning of the earth. And he starts talking about all this. It’s a mystery that has been revealed to us that we have now loved. We’re a family. We’ve been adopted so many things, but he’s in prison. He’s not free out there. You know what? Sometimes you’re going through difficult times, but God has a purpose. God created you and God wants you to continue walking. You know, you are open letter of the testimony and your trials, your hardship and you’re conquering is just being read by many and you’re being a testimony to them. So don’t give up in the midst of trials. Look, we’re going through storms, winter storms. I mean, flooding volcanoes that are erupting. They’re talking about war in Russia, so many things. I mean the Covid worldwide. I mean, what are they not talking about? What is not real today because it’s not just talking things are really happening. But he has a purpose with you and with me, He started me with these Bible capsules of March 16 2020 when it when the shutdown came to the United States of America at least texas. So today rejoice don’t give up. You are created in christ jesus and he is in control of your your future, everything. He’s in control May the peace of God that surpasses all human understand guard your heart and mind in christ jesus. Our Lord peace.

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