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It takes a family to raise a child, and it takes faith to make a family. The most powerful and influential people on Earth are mothers and fathers of faith.

Hebrews 11 tells the prophet Moses’ divine origin story, which would not have existed if not for his parents, Amram and Jochebed.

“By faith Moses, when he was born, was hid three months of his parents, because they saw he was a proper child; and they were not afraid of the king’s commandment” (Hebrews 11:23).

As we learn the importance of faith for the family, there are three principles to learn from these parents’ indispensable faith.

First, we note faith’s vision.

Moses’ parents recognized that he was the special handiwork of God. It is our responsibility to see our children as specific, individual creations of God, and raise them accordingly.

Second, we recognize faith’s valor.

Amram and Jochebed hid Moses for three months because the King had commanded that baby boys be killed. By faith, they recognized this physical conflict as a spiritual conflict between the gods of Egypt and Almighty God, and “they were not afraid…”

In these treacherous days, raising children is a spiritual battle and our only hope is a solid faith in Jesus Christ.

Third, we see faith’s venture.

Moses’ parents did not have a spirit of fatalism; rather, they did their part to protect their son, trusting God to do the rest. When facing challenges, we must do all we can do with a spirit of optimism. If it is God’s will, we can trust that He will move heaven and earth for our children.

Finally, Amram and Jochebed displayed faith’s victory.

Hebrews 11 notes that because Moses’ values were established in him by his parents, he valued his faith more than all the riches of Egypt. Moses embraced the virtues of knowing Christ eternally, and rejected the vices of this world, refusing to be called Pharaoh’s son. (See Hebrews 11:24.)

Adrian Rogers says, “There are a lot of pressures on our kids today, and we’d better be certain they have something on the inside.”

Apply it to your life
Are you raising your children by faith? When posed with a choice, Moses evaluated the virtues his parents established in him in his youth. This led to a determination to follow God and eliminate the things of this world. It began with Amram and Jochebed, just like it begins with you.





I submit to you. That’s the most powerful and influential people on earth are not kings and presidents and cabinet members. The most powerful and influential people on earth. Our parents of faith. Mm hmm. Pastor teacher and author. Adrian Rogers was a husband of 54 years. He was also a father. A grandfather and a great grandfather who loved to counsel couples both young and old. Using biblical principles for building their homes. This month on love worth finding. We will be sharing some of those principles with you. Have your bibles ready and join us as we learn how to build our marriages, our families and our homes. And if this message is an encouragement to you, remember, you can stream this message again and download. Pastor Rogers outline notes and other resources to go along with this message all at L WF dot org. Now let’s join Adrian Rogers. Would you take God’s precious word and turn to hebrews chapter 11 Please. And we’re going to begin reading In verse 23 by faith moses When he was born was hit three months of his parents because they saw he was a proper child and they were not afraid of the king’s commandment by faith moses when he was come to years refused to be called the son of pharaoh’s daughter choosing rather to suffer affliction with the people of God than to enjoy the pleasures of sin four A season is steaming. The reproach of christ greater riches than the treasures in Egypt for he had respect unto the recompense of the reward by faith. He forsook Egypt not fearing the wrath of the king for he endured as seeing him who is invisible. I submit to you that the most powerful and influential people on earth are not kings and presidents and cabinet members. The most powerful and influential people on earth. Our parents of faith and in their hands as the destiny of the world. I want to introduce to you today to almost forgotten heroes. Champions of faith. The man’s name is Amram. His wife’s name is jockey bed and indeed they have earned a place in God’s hall of fame because of their son moses who himself was a great champion. I cannot. I had the tongue of an angel overemphasized the importance of family. The bible says that God has set the solitary in families in psalm 68 verse six, family is and dispute important and faith is the vital ingredient in any family’s success. Now you’re a member of a family, some kind of a family. That’s the way you got here And most of us live in a family or hope to have a family. So I want us to learn four things about faith and the family today. As we look at the life of moses. Amram and jockey bed and the first is what I want to call faith’s vision. Faiths vision. Look if you will again here in verse 23 by faith Moses when he was born was Hid three months of his parents because they saw _ this. They saw that he was a proper child and they were not afraid of the kings come in now. This man and his wife. I had a vision. They saw some, they looked at the baby boy that God had given them that little laughing baby boy. And they said this child is an unusual child. As a matter of fact, Taylor’s translation gives it this way that God had given them an unusual child. As they look at the crying or smiling face of that little baby boy, whichever it was. They said this one is special. Now, how did they know that he was special? How did they know that God had such a destiny for him? Well, first of all they were students of the word of God. Both of them were born into the tribe of Levi are the priestly tribe. They had the word of God and God had prophesized that the Jews were going to be in Egypt for 400 years and then God was going to bring them out and they’ve been counting the years. They knew that there had to be a leader someone and by combination of the word of God, the logos and the word of God spoken to them the rima. They looked at this child and God’s spirit bore witness with him. This is a special child. This is a child chosen of God. The bible says it is by faith that they saw that this man was a proper child. Faith sees every child as special. Now Proverbs 22: verse six. It may be on your refrigerator door. Here’s what it says. Train up a child in the way that he should go and when he is old, he will not depart from it. That word way. Train up a child in the way that he shall go is a hebrew word that has the idea of a bend in the bow or in a piece of wood. And it literally means raise up a child according to the natural bent that he has. Every child is different. Every child is special. Every child is unique. Children do not come in standard packages. You have to read the label. God has a way for every child. Don’t see your child as like a piece of marble or granite there and you have a hammer and a chisel and you’re gonna make out of that child what you want. That will be a great mistake. God had a plan for moses. God has a plan for the Children of of Adrian and Joyce and and parents who are perceptive can see that special child. Now, here’s the second thing. Not only were they. These parents champions because of faith vision what they saw, but Fate’s valor what they were not afraid of. Look if you will again in verse 23 by faith moses when he was born was hid three months of his parents because they saw he was a proper child. Now listen to this and they were not afraid of the king’s commandment. Not afraid. This is their valor that they had. Now from an outward viewpoint, there was every earthly reason to be afraid. But in your margin exodus chapter one verse 22 pharaoh charged all his people saying every son that is born shall be cast into the river and every daughter shall you save a life. Oh, pharaoh, It said drown the little boy babies. And they knew the king’s commandment. And yet the bible says they were not afraid. Why, how could this be? Because they understood the nature of the battle. They understood that they were not a battle. They were not in a battle with some earthly king. They were really in a battle with the power behind his throne. That is the dark devilish power of satan himself. Apostle Paul explained it over there and Ephesians chapter six and verse 12 when he says, for we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against Principalities and against powers against the rulers of the darkness of this world. Against spiritual wickedness. In high places. They knew that they were in a spiritual battle that went far beyond the physical governmental bad. In a strange way that encouraged the because they knew that God has given us incredible power over all the power of the enemy. Now. These are dangerous days in which we live. I look at my Children and my grandchildren and I wonder what will the world be like 20 years from now, Jesus Terrace. Do you ever wonder that these are dangerous days? Well that’s a fulfillment of prophecy. 2nd Timothy Chapter 3: verse one. This know also that in the last days perilous times shall come think for example about beverage alcohol And the beverage alcohol industry is spending millions of dollars advertising. They want to seduce your Children and they’ve done a good job for 95% of college students drink beer. According to the statistics that I’ve read now, what can you do as a parent? What I’m trying to say is that in moses days they were dangerous days in our days. These are dangerous days. These are days for faith by the way, let me tell you something how to deal with your kids concerning this alcohol. Number one, Absolutely no beverage alcohol in your home. None none. Number two. Number two, you be up when they get home at night and give him a big hug better so you can smell what’s on the breath. That’s what I’m talking about, better that you lose some sleep than lose your child. Number three, you establish a non drinking tradition in your family when I’m in a restaurant and that waitress or waiter comes and says, would you like a cocktail? You like this? Especially if my little young’uns are sitting around my grandchildren, I just put a smile on my face and say no, thank you. We do not drink and say it boldly. Let them hear it. Don’t just say no thank you like I might, but not some other day. No, just no thank you. And next you need to take your Children sometimes on an excursion, it’ll be worth it. Take a saturday night and take your child down in the emergency room and just hang around there and watch and maybe they’ll shoot you out after a while and they find you have no business there. Or maybe if you have someone that will let you do it, take them into the morgue. All they see are these beautiful adds these college kids hoisting a foamy one and having a big time. Do you know what the bible says, proverbs? 21 verse 11. When the scorn er is punished, the simple is made wise. You know what the word simple means? It means naive, that’s where that’s that’s what a team is today naive. The alcohol, people are so clever, They’re so clever in The movies, in the films, alcohol is served 10- one over any other beverage. 10 to 1. Not only beverage alcohol, but we’re up against the entertainment industry. What is modern entertainment based on today? Adultery, fornication, homosexuality, 88% of sexual encounters shown on television is illicit, immoral, 88 percent. You don’t see a monogamous marriage, a happy marriage portrayed on television. No, it’s always illicit sex. Think of it, Alcohol served 10-1, Illicit sex 88%. And the television is running constantly in our home. And so much of it is in the situational comedy. The devil knows if he can get you to laugh at sin, you cannot take it seriously again. MTV is ruining a generation, it is pornography set to music. Now, I’m just using those things as a few examples. Liberalism in churches, humanism in schools, Hedonism in society. Now you think that moses parents lived in dangerous days? Look up here, I’m gonna tell you something, you are living in dangerous days, but here’s the good thing, They were not afraid of the King’s commandment. That takes a lot of faith today to say I’m going to raise Children in these treacherous days. How are you going to do it? Well, simply, only by faith, you cannot be dominated by a spirit of fear and you cannot afford to be lazy, you cannot afford to be selfish. But don’t you let the devil intimidate you where you throw up your hands To the contrary, say with the Apostle paul, I can do all things through christ who strengthens me. Don’t you feel that the king is so powerful and the battlefront is so vast that you just roll over and play dead pessimism is tragic. Now listen, why were these parents so great. Number one, faith’s vision, They saw something for the child. # two. Faith Valor. They we’re not afraid. The only way that you could not be afraid in today’s society is faith number three, I want you to see something else. I want you to see faiths Venture. Faith did some Look again in verse 23 by faith moses when he was born was hid three months of his parents because they saw that he was a proper child and they were not afraid of the king’s command. True faith has corresponding action. It does something. Real faith is belief with legs on it. James tells us in James two verses 17 and 18. Faith without works is dead. You’re going to raise your child in today’s society. Look up, You better get to work, You better get to work if you want your Children to be mighty for God, you’re gonna have to learn to train them jockey bed trained moses. God gave little moses to her to train. And what does the word train mean? It doesn’t mean merely to teach the dictionary definition of train. Is this to prepare for a contest to instruct by exercise, To drill, To form to the proper shape. To discipline. For use. Are you training your child? You say I’m teaching my child? No. Are you training your child? You remember the story? A little boy who was riding his tricycle around around the block. Somebody asked him. I said, what are you doing? He said, I’m running away from home. I’m mad at mommy, So why are you going around the block? Said Mommy won’t let me cross the street as training. But Joyce was away and I’m taking care of myself for a couple of days. That’s awful. And I get out of bed and I say to myself now nobody’s gonna be in the house, why should I make up the bed? Nobody’s gonna be here, I’m going right back in the same bed, the same spot. Why should I make it up? Joyce would make it up, I make it up and then what do I do? Two pillars on then what I do? I get three more pillars and I put on there and then what I do another pill on top of that. Why then on top of that a teddy bear and I’m all by myself. I’ve been trained. We need to train our Children. The point is that Faith’s vision and faith valor turns two faiths venture. They did something, they did all that, they could do. God gave them an ingenious plan. They made that little ark of bulrushes, put it there in the dirty Niles and God goes to work. Do you remember the story? It’s it’s it’s the most amazing story. Here’s the little baby moses that in that basket. He was a basket case. He’s in that basket And along comes the princess pharaoh’s daughter. And and and she’s going to bathe in the Nile as you’ve got marble tubs maybe. She just remembers the old swimming hole when she’s a little girl. She’s gonna bathe in the Nile. She goes down just to the the one spot there and all of the Nile where there’s a little baby moses and she sees him and she picks him up. And at that moment the baby cried an angel just pinches the baby. The baby cries not a pen this time it was an angel that tweet that little baby. I believe the baby cries, something happens in that pharaoh’s daughter’s heart. And she moved with compassion. She said this is one of the hebrews Children. And about that time moses. Sister standing by says, look if you need somebody to take care of this baby. I know a lady who would like to do it. You take care of the baby for you. Princess says will you go fetch her, Miriam goes off and gets moses very own mother and pharaoh’s daughter said take care of this child for me. Well, she said let me think about it. She takes the space and raises this baby. It wasn’t that the baby lived with pharaoh’s daughter. The baby lived with jockey bed for how long we don’t know perhaps till he was a virile young man and he’s brought back to pharaoh’s daughter. She presents him there but day after day after day and night after night after night she has been teaching and training and and pleading and putting the word of God in the heart of this baby boy. Can you see the hand of God and all of that? Now, what is the point? What is faiths venture? You do what you can do? And God will do what he can do. You roll away the stone. God will take Lazarus out of the grave. You provide the few fish and loaves and God will feed the multitudes. They did it by faith. They did it by faith. It is a spiritual battle, last of all. And I must close The 4th thing that I’m so glad. Tell you about his faith. Faith’s victory. Look in verse 24 by faith moses when he was come to years refused to be called the son of pharaoh’s daughter, choosing rather to suffer affliction with the people of God than to enjoy the pleasures of sin for a season? S steaming the reproach of christ oh, what she must have taught him? S steaming the reproach of christ greater riches than the treasures of Egypt for he had respect unto the recompense of reward by faith. He forsook, Egypt not fearing the wrath of the king, for he endured as seeing him who is invisible now folks, that was a victory. This boy is air to the throne. This boy is supposed to be the king of the mightiest nation. He had possessions, positions, pleasure, all that an oriental court could bring. He refused it all. He refused it all he said. I choose affliction. I choose reproach but with I choose jesus. He looked this way and saw where it would end and he looked this way and saw where it would end. He said I’m going that way. Now let me tell you something about your life, your life, you’re lying. Your child’s life is a combination of the choices that he will make. That’s it. So you have to teach them how to choose. Life is just a combination of a choice. We’re free to tune. We’re not free not to choose. We must choose something and we’re not free to choose the consequences of our choice moses chose. Now why did moses choose? Very quickly? Listen to me. First of all there was an estimation he esteemed the riches of christ greater treasure then the treasures of each. He had been doing some figuring this word esteemed as a bookkeeping terms. He’s doing an analysis. He is saying this is this and this is this And he’s looking at values. Do your Children have any values? Have you taught them values? Have you taught them who jesus is? How do you think they’re going to give up the world if they don’t understand what they have in jesus moses understood the richest of christ and he’s making and estimation after he evaluates then he discriminates is discrimination a good thing, you better believe it is. We’re told not to discriminate friend. Don’t discriminate against people. But you better discriminate against right and wrong. Hey, you know, we’re taught today that tolerance is the chief virtue that we’re supposed to be tolerant of Egypt and all of its vices. No, that kind of tolerances of hell. Children have to be able to discriminate. But your Children are not going to discriminate between right and wrong until the values are set. They have to see the riches in christ. If they don’t see that, Then 6 1\/2 a dozen of another watch. This values are set, discrimination follows and then Egypt is refused. Egypt has refused. He refused to be called the son of pharaoh’s daughter. And absolute refusal. Are you asking your child to give up pornography to give up alcohol? Are you asking your child to give up sleeping around? And you’ve not shown him the beauty of jesus. You have not given him the tools to discriminate with. He’s not going to give it up. You try to take a bone away from a dog. You’ll get bit. If you put a piece of steak on the ground, he’ll drop the bone to get the state moses said, I don’t want pharaoh’s nasty bone. I’ve got something better. The riches of jesus. Don’t you think. Amram and jockey bed. Did a good job. People. Faith, Faith’s vision. They saw. It was a proper child baits valor. They’re not afraid of the king. Faith venture. They did what they could do. And faith’s victory. God gave them a child. It changes the world. God give us more people of faith and may God help you to be a man, a woman to raise your child father. God burn the message to our hearts. I prayed in the strong name of jesus mm hmm. Friend. God wants a big family and he wants you in his family. Do you know him as your Lord and savior? The bible says that jesus came into his own and his own received him not but as many as received him to them gave he the power to be the Children of God. And how do you receive him? Receive him by faith. The bible says therefore being justified by faith we have peace with God through our Lord, jesus christ put your faith where God has put your sins upon jesus and say, Lord jesus, thank you for paying for my sin with your blood on the cross. And now humbly sincerely I ask you to forgive me, cleanse me and save me and begin now to make me the person you want me to be pray. That prayer from your heart. And if you will, would you write to us so we can rejoice with you And we’ll send you some wonderful literature. Absolutely free to get you started in your christian life. We hope that today’s message has been an encouragement to you as we have looked at God’s plan for your marriage and your family. You can stream this message again, share this message with a friend and download other resources related to this message all at L WF dot org or the my L WF app while you’re there, be sure to check out the new bible studies on today’s topic as well as many other topics at L WF dot org. You can also subscribe to our daily heartbeat emails. Each heartbeat contains a daily devotional from Adrian Rogers, 90 seconds of profound truth. Also from Adrian Rogers as well as a link to our daily radio program, all in one place, delivered directly to your computer or mobile device each day. And if you’re looking for some inspiration or encouragement to get you through the week, check us out on social media at L WF ministries or you can catch up with our program each week on our facebook page or Youtube channel or on the my L WF out. Thanks for joining us for today’s message. We’ll see you next time. It’s not love that keeps your marriage together. It’s marriage that keeps your love together and marriage is based on commitment and commitment is based on the lordship of jesus christ to have sweet music in our homes, we need melody, Harmony and rhythm Pastor speaker and author. Adrian Rogers helps couples of all ages experience the music of marriage in this profound new book from love worth finding taken straight from the messages of Adrian Rogers learn how to have harmony in the home, what to do when the string snaps, how to tune up tire marriages and more for your gift. This month we’d like to send you a copy of the Music of Marriage, request yours when you call 1 806 47 94 100 or you can give online at L. WF. Dot org

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