Experiencing God’s Mercy After Leaving the Abortion Industry – Abby Johnson


Abby Johnson recounts what God has done in her life since she originally released her book Unplanned and how shares stories of the ways she’s helped women leave the abortion industry through her ministry, And Then There Were None. She shares stories about women she’s counseled, how God restored her desire to have children after leaving Planned Parenthood, and how she had to lean on God’s mercy while following the Kermit Gosnell trial.

For those who have never had an abortion, this conversation will encourage them to show compassion to those who have and serve as a reminder that all of us needs God’s mercy. She’ll also share scriptures for people to focus on that have helped her in her journey. Through hearing Abby’s testimony of restoration, people from all walks of life will be reminded to rely on God’s grace through their lives and be inspired to help champion the pro-life cause in their communities through kindness.

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