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Ep 85 – Holistic Gospel Ministry



Hi there Tom Harris with it’s all greek to me and we want to welcome you back to this program and we want to do some special programs. One is gonna be about holistic, what is that? People talk about holistic medicine, holistic doctors, holistic ministry and the word Ola in greek is everything. And so you see all and uh holistic means that that we’re gonna look at a passage of scripture in Matthew chapter nine Especially, we’re gonna focus in on versus 35 to 38. We’re gonna see how jesus did it all. We’re gonna look at jesus and how he was, not just one side. He did it all. And I want to talk about that in a minute but join Vicky and I as we open it up with this holistic ministry. Hi Tom Harris with Vicki, my wife and we’re just thrilled we’re back again with it’s all greek to me today, we’re gonna be in Matthew’s Gospel. Chapter nine. Uh we’re gonna go to verse 35 to 38 we’re looking at the holistic gospel that the gospel is not just one sided. It’s it’s a rainbow gospel, it’s a Grace Gospel, it’s a gospel that impacts not just the spirit, but the mind, the body, the soul, the heart. And we’re gonna see how jesus christ in one day, was able to minister to so many people and here in Matthew chapter nine, verse 35. We begin. So Vicki, why don’t you take the passage and read it for us. We’re gonna look at it in in the text. Actually, let’s go right into the text, jesus christ, that was what it looked like back in the first century and we start with verse 35 Jesus was going, perry ah go through all the city’s police and villages, call me a village or a country town properly as opposed to a walled city, like a Hamlet. So this, this first point is that Jesus was going, we can talk about that a little bit and we’re gonna do an exposition, were just kind of bring out what’s there, so what is this significant to you? It’s significant because today, when we think of people sharing the gospel, a lot of times, people think it takes place only in a local church or in the bible study, but Jesus was out with the people in the city and the villages and as we see throughout this, you’ll see how many different people he helped every day. So he was uh for 30 years a carpenter, he worked in uh growing up in Nazareth and uh you know, that was, that’s what he did, but then when he decided and it came time for him to begin his public ministry, he wasn’t staying inside, he went, he after the 40 days of fasting and coming back and uh declaring that he he was in fact the messiah and he picked these men and then he, here it is, he went out with these men and he was among them and uh talked about discipleship, talked about everything but he was with the people outside, jesus was going, pear Iago uh literally uh Betty all around and now go to go uh that’s the first point. Second point was jesus was teaching the bosco from now to learn teaching in their synagogues. So let’s, let’s talk about that point, well he was a jewish young man and he was raised to know the scriptures obviously in his home but he had such a special gift being the son of God that he was so full of God’s word. I imagine when you heard him speak it was amazing because he only spoke the truth, there was nothing about jesus that any of us wouldn’t really like because he was such a Godly man. Yeah, he was the god man in fact, you know, so here he is teaching in the synagogue, let’s look at synagogue synagogues, they use synagogues after the temple was destroyed, they would take it into Babylon and synagogues really were places seen as with and ah go is to go. So that’s where the word synagogue comes from to go with. So people going together with and opening up the scriptures, they did certain things in the synagogues, they they would stand up and read the scripture, they would sit down and teach the scripture, they would expound on it, exhort the scripture, jesus was teaching in the synagogue because and then later on the disciples and the apostles and the apostle paul, you see him always finding himself first and foremost in the synagogue because that’s where teaching took place, that’s where it took place. It was the most basic and the most practical way where people wanted to hear God’s word and that’s where if you were a teacher, a preacher, that’s where you would go to actually expound and teach and give the message. Uh and back in jesus day, people could actually go in the front of the synagogue and and speak. They didn’t have to be the members of that synagogue. In fact, oftentimes people would invite paul and others when they went somewhere, do you have a word for us and they would speak. So let’s move on to the third point, you pick it up, Jesus was proclaiming carrizo preaching properly to herald, proclaimed to preach, announced a message publicly and with conviction and persuasion and he was proclaiming the Gospel of the Kingdom, he was preaching again the Gospel of the Kingdom. Yeah. And what’s the difference between teaching and preaching? You know, if you if you would just kind of identify those two? Well, he is announcing with great force, I believe in this uh something that’s he wants to really persuade the people to know this is really important when you’re preaching and proclaiming something and obviously he’s going by the scriptures and all of his teaching right? And he also mentioned that the time was fulfilled, that the kingdom of God was at hand. It was basically the old testament uh mention of the kingdom and the new testament mentioned of the kingdom was all time time sensitive. So here was the king proclaiming the kingdom the gospel the good news of the kingdom that he’s here and not only that, but he is verifying and validating his royalty and power by that which which he did and you’ll see that in just a moment. But the difference between teaching, which is line upon line the bosco and preaching carrizo which the critics was the guy next to the king. We mentioned this in other programs that he was receiving the message from the king and forcefully preaching it to the people. So here it’s Harold Harold with persuasion you want to answer that? No, I was just thinking on some of the old movies that the herald gets the big trump and announces here here here here here this is really important. Pay attention. Yeah. So the fourth thing is jesus was healing and that’s the validation of the message? The message was being validated and confirmed. Remember when john the baptist sent disciples uh to jesus said are you the one or should we look for another and he told john the baptist disciples because john was in jail thinking wait a minute the messiah, you know where is he? And he said well the blind can see the deaf can hear the Dunkin speak and the poor have the gospel preached to them. And so that was the validation that he was in fact the king speaking about the kingdom and the king was supposed to heal and and he was supposed to do this miraculous uh miracles that jesus obviously did and notice what it says here, jesus healing and the word is set up Bevo a therapist back in those days. The word therapy evo which comes from the old coin or the old greek concept where the was someone who put the armor on a warrior to go out and be victorious in the battle. And so jesus was healing. He was he was providing that which each individual needed to be able to be healthy and whole and everyone who had every kind of disease knossos and every kind of sickness Malachy a which is really means soft weakens the body no sos a chronic persistent disease, typically an incurable ailment. So Vicky you you take the fifth one here, Jesus was seeing and feeling compassion, seeing or out the people, He felt compassion yes, for the seat of the affections. So it was like your internal motions. It was really, really felt this. Yeah and it’s interesting, it uses the word Orao for seeing the people, it wasn’t Aleppo it wasn’t uh chorizo, he was spiritually viewing these people looking at them, they were eternal beings and he his heart not only did his mind and his soul was burdened for them, but he was broken internally with his emotions and compassion that were their compassion is blackness. So meant for them. And this was where the seat of affection was today. We say, you know, I love you with all my heart back in those days. It was I love you with all my, you know inner being. My my inner bowels basically is the seat of the affections. And then the sixth one, jesus was illustrating because they were distressed skill 02 to the definition is to take a piece of skin and harass it. Uh and just really cause pain I believe and dispirited rito to throw off or toss like sheep without a shepherd. Then he said to his disciples, the harvest to re mose is plenty for police but the workers are gatti’s are Alekos. Yes. So here you have two illustrations, One is of you know someone who’s really harassed and you know rip toe, you know, literally just wants to like when you after a real hard day’s work. Like I felt like last week I did three, three days of incredible physical exhaustive work and then I felt like going home taking a shower and just falling on the couch and that’s crypto to throw off or toss like sheep without a shepherd. Now sheep without a shepherd, what a picture. I mean the sheep have Vicki known defense, what does the shepherd provide for a sheep number one protection from the wolves and anybody else who would harm them. And he takes them to a place where they can eat and be grazed and gain strength, physical strength and and then help them. He’s they love the shepherd, they hear his voice and they turn their heads and in Greece we’re watching the sheep. All he has to do is call them one sheep and they look around and they know his voice, so he loves them, he feeds them, he leads them, he protects them, he provides for them. In fact, sometimes he carries them. And so you know what an illustration? The people without a shepherd sheep without a shepherd is people without having the major Sheppard, the mega shepherd, uh the eternal shepherd of the sheep, which is jesus christ and to not have him, it’s like not having people who care about you, some people call them therapists and counselors and professors, they have people who give them advice or close confidants and friends, but here it’s talking about uh jesus christ with his sheep, a sheep without a shepherd has no defense. The devil will come and eat us up. The satan, the roaring lion will rip us apart. And then he gives another illustration verse 37 here, he said to his disciples, the harvest, he saw a harvest theories. Most Rizzo is to is to cut the harvest, to bring in the harvest cherries most is the, is the noun for the harvest is plentiful police, but the workers are few. And so here jesus christ when he sees this incredible massive humanity uh in the cities and in the villages that are broken and collapsed and you know, they’re like sheep without a shepherd. He, he doesn’t see a problem. He sees a harvest. That’s what jesus christ sees when he sees you and me. He sees a harvest that he can actually bring us close to himself and provide what we need. And then there’s another uh the seventh point in this holistic gospel in this total package of what jesus and how jesus ministered, jesus was praying. Therefore, here’s how the dots connect. So Vicki pick it up from there, what he says, Beseech, I beseech you, they’ll may from the root. So to have a deep personal need to be in want and see also a similar word form DCs pray to who to the Lord to the Lord. The curios. And you mentioned to me, curios is the word in the old testament. That means Yahweh. Yes, it’s exactly the word Lord in the old testament is Yahweh, the word Lord in the new testament is curios. And so whenever uses this word to the videos or the holloway of the harvest of the thirties, most to send out follow With force to send out with force, the workers into his harvest. He’s not sitting there debating whether we should go, he says go and do this. These people are dying, these people are hurting, going to hell, they’re falling apart, the families are falling apart, go and and and help them to his disciples, this was what the picture was. And then in chapter 10 you’ll notice this is the end of chapter uh nine, but in chapter 10 he sends out the 70 to do this work. You see jesus christ choosing the 12 apostles and sending out 70 to go out and actually do the work that he just identified because he himself was the example in every one of these, if you go back to the beginning, he was going, he was teaching, he was proclaiming, he was healing, he was seeing and feeling compassion because of the messed up people’s lives, He was illustrating this with, with the uh the idea of a sheep without a shepherd and a great harvest that we needed to go out and minister to and then he was also praying, showing not only was he praying, but he was telling us we need to pray to the lord of the harvest, so he will send forth and that that word Vallo is out forced out follow literally to throw that out and push out disciples who are sitting in churches who are sitting in their own little huddles not wanting to go out and jesus is saying go out, he says pray for that, that God would put in, still inside of every believer, the desire to go and to share the Gospel of the kingdom and preach the Gospel to every creature. So we’ll continue in just a minute. So we want to look at the life of Jesus Christ one day In the life of Jesus Christ where he absolutely does it all. And you, you begin to see this in Matthew Chapter nine with a paralytic getting cured and then he calls Matthew and then he goes down a little bit further and the disciples of john the baptist are asking him questions, then he has a miracle of healing uh with the synagogue officials daughter. And then you have while he’s going to do that, the woman grabs his garment and power comes out of Jesus. He goes a little bit further, he resurrects the little girl in verse 20 for uh the girl had died but he said he, she’s just asleep. He, he raises her from the dead and he passed on from there. Two blind men followed him in verse 27 and then he came into the house, the blind man came up to him and they started calling out to him and jesus said, do you believe that I am able to do this? And of course they said, you know, yes lord and he touched their eyes and uh being done to you according to your faith and their eyes were opened And then it goes on a little further in a dumb man, verse 32, this is all in one day according to Matthew’s Gospel Chapter nine. And so just look at this, a paralytic healed Matthew called the disciples of John the Baptist questioned Jesus about fasting. The synagogue officials daughter healed and then he goes on from there where uh the woman who was suffering with the hemorrhage for 12 years was healed. Two blind men healed. A mute demon possessed man healed. And what this is is the holistic gospel ministry modeled by jesus christ himself. And he comes to verse 35 this is what he says here, he says, Jesus was going about all the cities and the villages teaching in their synagogues, proclaiming the gospel of the kingdom and healing every kind of disease and every kind of sickness and seeing the multitudes, he felt compassion because they were distressed and downcast like sheep without a shepherd. And he said to his disciples, the harvest is plentiful, but the workers, the laborers are few. Therefore beseech the Lord of the harvest to send out workers into his harvest and the next thing, you know, Uh you know, he is choosing the 12 and identifies them in chapter 10 And the 12, he sends out in verse five after instructing them, saying, do not go in the way of the gentiles and do not enter any city of the Samaritans, but rather go to the lost sheep of the House of Israel and as you go Rizzo preach. So they weren’t supposed to just teach calmly, they were gonna preach that the king of Kings, the Lord of Lords was here. The king of the jews. The king and the kingdom are here now heal the sick and he gives them this power. The Kingdom of Heaven is at hand right now. So the time is fulfilled from the old testament preaching about the kingdom coming, the jews were looking for a physical deliverance from Rome jesus christ was sending out his disciples to preach the Gospel of the kingdom to liberate men. Spiritually, he said, the Kingdom of God is within you and here in verse six of chapter 10, go to the lost sheep of the tribe of Israel. Don’t go to the Samaritans think about this, don’t go here, don’t go go just to the lost sheep of the tribe of Israel. They’re supposed to get the gospel first in Matthew chapter 10 and as you go, preach saying, the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand heal the sick, raise the dead, cleanse the lepers cast out demons freely. You received freely give. In other words, don’t charge people for what you’re doing that should tell you about what’s going on today in the name of jesus christ, where people are asking for money and charging for cloths and and the holy water and this and that the gospel is free, it’s supposed to be free. So he says you receive this, really give it freely, do not acquire gold or silver or copper for your money belts or beg for your journey or even two or a bag for your journey. Don’t take a bag or even two tunics or sandals or a staff, for the worker is worthy of his support. And in whatever city or village you enter, inquire who is worthy in it and abide there until you go as you enter the house, give it your greeting. And if the house is worthy, let your greeting of peace come upon it. But if it’s not worth the, let your greeting come back on you. This is so fabulous. This is so exciting to hear the king telling them what to do and notice that this is a holistic gospel ministry where jesus christ is giving of himself and then he gives the power to his disciples. Now you look back at chapter nine and I put down the whole Gospel for the whole man for the whole world by the whole church because he didn’t just do one thing. Did you notice that, Did you notice that jesus christ? Uh he saw a vision, he felt the passion and he called people to join his mission. And you notice in chapter nine verse 35 that he went to the cities and then villages. So the walled cities, the big cities, but also the villages he cared about people. Jesus christ was a people person when he was a carpenter, he was in Nazareth building uh boats, chairs, dressers uh maybe he built houses you see, but he was there in one place but now he is traveling, he’s going to this city, that city, he probably had 100 mile radius of where he went and he went to the villages because people are in villages to he’s concerned about people and the bible says here that he went to the synagogue teaching in the synagogue. Why? Because that’s where people are interested in the things of God. And then he was preaching what he taught, he preached the message with force, with more excitement, with more inspiration, not just line upon line but motivating people to believe what he was saying about the gospel of the kingdom. See it it’s exciting because the time was fulfilled. Now is the time. Don’t put it off until tomorrow. Today is the day of salvation right now is the acceptable time. This is who jesus was talking to them and healing every kind of disease and every kind of success. You have to understand healing instead of bevel. He was providing the power and the strength for people to succeed in their life if they had a really bad disease or if they just had some physical ailment that was not so severe and he did it, he did it all and seeing the multitudes you see, he was, he, his, his he’s all in his eyes, his ears, his mouth, his hands, his feet, he’s right there with the people hurting with the people teaching in the synagogue moving with the broken healing the people that are that are sick. You see jesus christ is a people person, he’s not somebody to be in an office, he’s not somebody to be in an organization where he gives out commands and then other people doing that. He did it himself, he had people go with him because they were helping him with that job to go and also preach and heal and do all the things that he himself did. He was passing on to his disciples, the bible says because he realized that they were distressed and downcast like sheep without a shepherd. Listen jesus himself couldn’t get it all done so he had to share the responsibility and he had to give the gifts and he had to move to the other people to be able to get it done because he himself was not supposed to do it by himself, he’s the head but we are the body, he’s got a job for you to do and he said to his disciples, the harvest is plentiful but the laborers of hue, so the job is so big the he sees a harvest, it’s not about looking at all the problems and wanting to run away, he was running to the problem, not away from the problem, he saw a harvest where other people saw horrific problems. He saw a harvest that was going to be productive and bring in the fruit. See the vision feel the passion, you feel the passion when you emotionally empathize and and sympathize with the people that are suffering and then you join the mission. That’s what he said, pray vases specific prayer based on the knee that you see pray the lord of the harvest that he will send forth laborers into his harvest. You see it’s jesus harvest, he’s asking us to pray that he might push us into the work that he has called us to do. So what time is it? What time is it for you? Are you involved in bringing in the harvest that you are part of the harvest? Are you sowing the seed? Are you watering the seed? Are you harvesting the seed? Are you harvesting the fruit? Because if you’re not doing that, who are you living for? What are you doing with your life? You could be in church, you can even be a pastor. When was the last time you let someone to jesus christ? When was the last time you actually shared the gospel with somebody? It’s so important to personally talk to people to personally uh serve people make a meal for somebody, pick up a load for somebody so that you would be able to earn the right to be heard and and love them to jesus christ? It’s so important from the beginning to the end. You see him touching the paralytic verses one through eight, The calling of Matthew nine through 13, the disciples of John the Baptist questioned Jesus about fasting 14 through 17, 18 and 19 and 23 through 26 the synagogue officials daughter and then of course the healing of that daughter and then you also have the the woman suffering from a hemorrhage, not only the woman, the two blind men who were crying out for him, the mute demon possessed man was healed and then of course the ministry of jesus christ going to the synagogue and here’s the king preaching about the gospel of the kingdom and letting people know too. Right now the time is fulfilled. The kingdom of heaven is at hand for you right time. Right now the time is fulfilled. Before you die. If you don’t know, Jesus christ, you need to open your heart to him, ask him to forgive you, Ask him to come in your life, Save you and change you is the only way for you to know for sure that you’re ready to meet God, are you ready to meet God, jesus said, I am the way the truth and the life no one comes to the father but through me, but whoever will call upon the name of the Lord will be saved. This is the important thing that you must be born into the family of God by crying out to him confess our sins romans. Chapter 10 If we confess with our mouth and the Lord, jesus and believe in our heart that God has raised him from the dead will be saved. So this was jesus, holistic ministry. You see him doing it all all in one day, the holistic gospel ministry, Ola. He did everything and he did all things well. God bless you until next time with tom and Vicky. It’s all greek to me.”

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