Ep 64: Titles for the Preacher

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Ep 64: Titles for the Preacher



Okay, Hey, it’s been great being able to teach these biblical concepts and today we’re looking at the lyrics, the preacher phenomenal historical background of this word. And Vicki and I are gonna just go into a discussion, join us with the bible study. I hope you’ve been uh you’ve got your bible, you’re looking and following along and it’s been a privilege to come to you and be able to share this study with you. It’s all greek to me, we’re gonna be talking about the titles or the names that God gives to his man, his preacher, his leader. And I’ve gotten about 12 of them that I’m going to talk about at the end of the show. But right here is the word that got me stirred up, which is the word kinetics, kinetics or preacher. That’s what I am, not just a teacher, not just uh, you know, a missionary or but a a t a preacher. And so we’re gonna look at that. The bible does talk Vicki In Matthew Chapter four, It talks about in verse 17 from that time Jesus began to preach and to say repent for the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand uses the Greek word critics there. Uh, so actually the actual verb of what he was doing, it also repeats that in the 9th chapter in verse 35 it says, and Jesus was going about all the cities and the villages teaching in their synagogue proclaiming, uh the gospel of the kingdom, That word is here is o, which is again, what Jesus was doing. He was preaching and then it says he was preaching the gospel of the kingdom kiri show to Evangelion Is literally in the Greek and then uh he was healing every kind of disease and that word is uh and healing every kind of disease and every kind of sickness. So this is what Jesus was doing in Chapter 10. Now he gives this over to his disciples to go and to preach and he says in uh Chapter 10 and verse seven as you go preach saying the kingdom of heaven is at hand. I mean this is just wonderful and yet we don’t really understand the background of this word Vicki. So, I wanted us to do a study on just this particular word, a preacher or a kid kicks in the greek. So pick it up from first timothy 21 verse seven. Actually for this, I was appointed a preacher kinetics and an Apostle Apostle close, I am telling the truth, I am not lying as a teacher did ask a Los of the gentiles in faith and truth. So now the same, almost the same exact verses given in second timothy in chapter one verse 11, as you see here for which I was appointed a preacher A kinetics and an Apostle Apostle and a teacher, I did ask a loss. So here you have very clearly the apostle talking about it to timothy expressing what he says for which I was appointed a preacher, a teacher, an apostle, these are three different uh titles or aspects of the same person here and then second peter chapter two verse five is speaking about noah, a preacher kinetics again the same exact word of righteousness, the cassini and uh, so these are the only three references in the new testament of the actual uh, noun lyrics. And of course the chorizo is the verb many places there. Now let’s go ahead and understand this word a little bit Vicki. The key leaks from kitty. So to Harold or proclaimed properly a herald a town crier, proclaiming critical news for the public. A preacher, a herald communicator. The kinetics proclaims, christ his work with passion and a binding sense of authority. You see that we’re passion. That’s so important. You know, we we we put our heart into it, we put our soul into it, we put our mind into it. We’re not just speaking from the top of our head, we have studied, we we know what we’re talking about. We it’s personal. It’s we’re fired up. We’re all fired up about this incredible message that we’ve gotten. Of course the gospel is the greatest message. But here it’s talking about a preacher, Harold proclaims, christ his work with passion of a binding sense of authority. So when we speak, when we query saw the actual verb of critics. We do it with authority because we do have authority from God in proclaiming and preaching the gospel of God continue Vicki what Vincent has to say about this particular historical background. A kinetics was originally a herald in the homeric age. About 900 Bc. Partaking of the character of an ambassador. He summoned the assembly and kept it in order and charge of arrangements at sacrifices and festivals. He was an important guy. He was, he was the master of ceremonies, so to speak there. Okay, keep going to the office of the herald’s was sacred and their persons in viable. Hence they were employed to bear messages between enemies. Yeah. So they were actually peacemakers bringing messages together. Maybe it turned out to war, but he was able to communicate that with different parties, even enemies. The symbol of their office was the herald’s staff or sadhu Cadu says born of Mercury. The herald God, this was originally an olive branch with filets which were afterward formed into snakes. According to the legend that Mercury found two snakes fighting and separated them with his wand from which uh circumstances they were used as an emblem of peace from that time on. And then we go onto what Mercury looks like with his staff and moving on, go ahead. Vicki plato thus speaks of the fidelity entailed by the office. If any Harold or ambassador carry a false message to any other city or bring back a false message from the city to which he has sent or be proved to have brought back whether from friends or enemies in his capacity of Harold or ambassador, what they have never said. Let him be indicated for having offended contrary to the law, the Sacred office, an appointment of Hermes and Zeus and let there be a penalty fixed which he shall suffer or pay if he be convicted. And in later times their position as messengers between nations at war was emphasized. This was a very important person. The kinetics a herald, a name given the imperial herald who made a public proclamation of the emperor’s message. Think about he was giving the emperor’s message. What a what a beautiful uh image here of the preachers. Now jesus christ was the emperor, the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords in Matthew, chapter nine in Matthew chapter 10. First of all in Matthew chapter four and later on in chapter nine, he exemplifies this kinetics. And now in chapter 10 of Matthew, as I read before he goes ahead and gives that responsibility to his to his disciples and he sends them out in Matthew chapter 10 the 70 to go and to preach the gospel of the kingdom. This was now the the imperial Harold who made a public proclamation of the emperor’s message with that formality, gravity and authority which must be heated according to wiest the commentator. It’s such an honorable, yes. But yet it’s been, it’s been cheapened and you look at it on in the Hollywood, what they did to preachers that they make them look like jerks. They’re stupid, they’re ignorant. Their, their, their legal ists who are condemning everybody. This is not the herald of God. The kinetics of God who comes with regal and uh incredible authority as it says here, formality, gravity and authority. Uh number seven, pick it up from there. Honey Harold the kinetics was vested with authority to make the public accountable for official message of the king giving a public summons or demand the imperial herald would enter a town on behalf of the emperor and make a public proclamation of the message which his sovereign ordered him to give, he gave the people exactly what the emperor obeyed him, give nothing more, nothing less. This should be the example and pattern for present day preachers of the gospel. You know, I think about this when you, When people reject you, I’ll never forget the one time when I several disciples turned on the right here in this church, we established this church way back in 1973 and four and we’re talking a long time ago, almost 50 years ago and several of those early disciples, just departed went away and I called Jack Wirtz and my, my friend, my mentor, the one who actually helped me with the Gospel and and he said to me tom you, you’re not, you’re not the father never forget his words. You’re not the father, you’re not their father, God, the father knows what’s going on. You have to do what God has called you to do and speak what God has called you to speak and preach what God has called you to preach. And don’t get discouraged and don’t give up looking at all this. And then I think he pointed me to uh Mark, chapter uh Matthew, chapter four, Mark chapter four with with the sower and the seed and and you know, some seed fell on the wayside and the stony ground and the thorny ground. And then the good guy and he says, you know, three out of four, they had problems. Only one quarter of those that hurt really actually became good ground. And so that was a great encouragement to me. It was and I have to realize that exactly what this says right here. That this should be the example that we go, we are representing the King of kings and Lord of Lords. It’s not that they’re rejecting me. I have to be of such character. I have to be, you have to be of such honesty and transparency and character and authority and everything to do away with any uh conviction or any accusation towards you and me. And we must give our message in such a way that we reflect on the God who sent us on our king. Our Lord, the Lord, jesus christ. That’s really what it’s saying here. Uh, what does it say there again, ordered him to give, gave the the people exactly what the emperor bade him give nothing more. Nothing less. I mean, we can’t add to it. We can’t take away from it. This should be the example and pattern for present day preachers of the gospel, powerful. And uh that that’s really the, the, the the person who is this incredible office of a kid or anything else you want to say in closing about this preacher. It’s just such an honor that God would give to us carrying in human hands. He didn’t send angels down now to be on the planet, going around teaching people and spreading the gospel. He gave it to humble human beings because I think we can relate to other people knowing our own weaknesses, our own sinfulness, by the grace of God, I am who I am, paul said, and that’s who we are by the grace of God. We need to set the course, don’t get off course as we heard with the nautical sign that God gave us. This is his word. This is his truth. We need to gird up our minds and prepare ourselves to stay close to the Lord Through prayer, we allow the Holy Spirit to take the Rema, the living word of God and speak to our spirit, our inner spirit, not just to our news, our mind, but to our inner spirit, that we may become more like christ, I’m a christian for over 50 years. I want to be more like christ, I want to, I don’t want people to tell them that because you don’t even look like you’re 50 and I don’t want people to say wow Vicky, you know, she’s got a bad attitude, you know, she gets easily upset at somebody. She’s, she’s, she’s really not a lot like christ after all these years, I want people to say that they see christ in me and I’m going to humble myself to my own hurt that I would not say anything against the name of christ, I would be so honored um you know in life to have the privilege to speak in his behalf. Beautiful example is for us to just get the picture of a beggar or somebody who’s homeless or somebody who is starving, who finds a bread or like those like those lepers that came out and found all those tents empty and there was food and then they just, they ate from one, they went to the other one they went and finally they said there’s a day of good news, Second Kings five, there’s a day of good news and we are keeping silent and then they had to go uh you know and and proclaimed to the king, you know about that, there’s nobody here, come on and eat. Listen, we are beggars who have found the bread telling other beggars where to find it and we don’t go there with pride and arrogance and talking down to people because we also had the same problem. We’re reaching out to people now as a kid IX proclaiming the bread of life, the living water. The key cornerstone, the shepherd of our soul, jesus the christ who died on the cross who was buried two arose again. We’re the preacher, the kinetics going to places that have never heard and there are countries I’ve been to Myanmar, I’ve been to places where you know, 99.9% of the people have never heard of the gospel of jesus christ. We must go as a kid. It’s from God as a kid, it’s from our imperial king to let them know about jesus. The critics, the critics from Carrizo to herald to proclaim he was a town crier herald, proclaiming critical news for the public. A preacher, a herald communicator and proclaims christ his work with passion and binding sense of authority also Vincent the great wordsmith greek scholar said that this kid X was originally a herald in the homeric age about 900 Bc. Partaking of the character of an ambassador. So this kid pix is representing not only the country in which he represents, but the king in this particular case. The king that he speaks for back in those days. Democracy hadn’t come until the fifth century. There’s 1\/9 century BC and uh Partaking of the character of the ambassador. And then the second thing he said is he summons the assembly and kept order in it and had charge of the arrangements at sacrifices and festivals. Now what I’d like to do is not only talk about the Celtics but show you that he was one of of a number of titles and positions that God gave to the men of God. If you’ll notice I’ve written some of these out from the dictionary. The first one I’m putting here is Apostle. A post. Ello is a job like a missionary ascent. This was an apostle. There were 12 apostles but there were others who were sent who also did the work of an apostle Costello from Costello to commission and to send forth The 2nd 1 is profiting from pro is beforehand and femi elevating and asserting asserting one idea over another, especially through the spoken word. So this profit. It wasn’t only foretelling the future, but now more importantly taking the genesis through revelation scripture that we do have and proclaiming it with authority prophetess and and uh make and explaining it to the people that hear him. The 3rd 1 I have here is vandalized ease. Evangelisti is from evangel is oh, to evangelize properly an evangelist, someone given a vocational calling from God to announce the good news of the gospel. This is what an evangelist does. So we’re all supposed to evangelize, we’re all supposed to go and preach the gospel to every creature. But the evangelist has this as his calling in life. He has to go to countries and cities and people as did the demo niac when he became a believer and went to the capitalist, the 10 cities all surrounding near galilee. He became an evangelist. He had a testimony, he heard the Gospel of the kingdom. He went he was sent by Jesus not to come with jesus as a as a disciple because he said go tell your your your family what great things God did for you. And then he not only went to his family but he went all over the couple of the 10 cities, the 10 Uh the community that the romans for the Romans. The capitalists were 10 cities, not just one city via portals, 10 cities literally. And so he became an evangelist. He became an evangelist because he understood the dark life that he lived before and was able to share it with many people that were still bound by satan and sin. And so he was able to preach the good news of the gospel that christ died for our sins, that he was buried. He arose again from the dead. And by proclaiming the truth of the gospel that God loves all of us. That jesus christ died for all of us. And that there is no discrimination of color or or birth or education or wealth, no discrimination whatsoever that God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son that whoever believes in him would not perish but have eternal life because God didn’t send his son into the world to condemn the world, but that the world through him would be saved. That is the evangelist. And then there’s the pastor be men, uh the pimentos, properly a shepherd pastor shepherd. Uh and that’s the heart and then the teacher is the head, that’s the next one. And you have in john chapter 10, jesus said he was the good shepherd, that the good shepherd would give his life for the sheep. So there’s this aspect of tenderness sacrifice, love that the shepherd is going to lead the sheep. The shepherd is gonna love the sheep. The shepherd is going to protect the sheep. The shepherd is going to provide for the sheep. And then the T here in this case the teacher uh in the fifth one of these uh titles is that he is going to feed the sheep and that’s why you see in john chapter 21 here, john chapter 21 jesus said to Peter, do you love me feed my lambs? And then do you love me feed my sheep? And two out of the three commands that jesus gave to Peter with the feed. That’s such an important job for a pastor teacher. So you have to have the heart, but you also have the head, you have to have the head to be able to teach wisely what God says, so that the people can understand and obey and do the will of God. That’s the Scalia mastery in the field of learning a competent bible teacher. The data Scalia for the task. Aloes for this. I was appointed he said a preacher in the next one is critics. That’s the one we were talking about. That’s the one that led me to go and find all these other titles. The critics. Uh huh. And what is that from tv. So herald proclaiming properly a herald a town crier proclaiming critical news for the public. A preacher, Harold, communicator and then seven is you have a teacher did ask Allison. I separated this one from the other one because the 4th and 5th here is pastor teacher. So when it when it says this in Ephesians in chapter four and verse 11, he gave jesus gave some apostles and prophets and evangelists and then pastor teacher come together. Pastor teacher is one person. He has to have the heart of a pastor, but he also has to have the head of a teacher to be able to instruct and feed the sheep. But then I separated this because in the scriptures, it identifies it many other times the the person that is able to teach. So you have here a teacher the vast Kyllo’s a masculine noun derived from the Vasko to teach a teacher, instructor of the gentiles and faith and truth. So you don’t necessarily have to be a pastor teacher, you could be a teacher, you could be a teacher and teach the word of God bible studies uh go and give lessons concerning the word of God and then and exhort er Paraclete toast. Legal advocate likewise has legal overtones. Para Kal el from para close beside and from Kal el to uh call romans 12 8 refers to believers offering up evidence that stands up God’s court up in God’s court. Who is another name for that person is an apologist, apologist. Which we call an eggs order. So this is a very important Apollo Apollo idea from here. I give the word and exhorted will give evidence of what he’s saying is true and that is doing the job of an apologist. We could add that on the list but I just I just put that under exhort er and then there’s the Ambassador second Corinthians 5 2021. Therefore we are ambassadors for christ as though God were making an appeal through us. God is making an appeal to other people to the world through us. What kind of an appeal he’s making an appeal through us through ambassadors for christ as though God were making an appeal through us. We beg you on behalf of christ be reconciled to God so that the appeal that God is making to the world through his ambassadors. Presidents and greek is the person representing God in terms of being an ambassador of heaven and the message of heaven be reconciled to God. In other words come to God, God doesn’t want to punish you. God doesn’t want to beat you up. God doesn’t want to judge you. God doesn’t want to criticize you, condemn you minimize what your life is. He wants to reconcile you, to forgive you to bless you, to love you, to give you gifts to bring you into the family. That’s what God wants. Isn’t that wonderful? He made him and he provides now the way to do that verse 21, he made him. That is Jesus who knew no sin. He never sinned to become sin for us. He actually took our sins as a sacrifice for us that we could have the righteousness of God in him. I call it the great exchange. Do you understand what I’m saying? The great exchange that he’s giving us his sin. Excuse me. We’re giving him our sin and he’s giving us his righteousness. He’s given us his righteousness. We exchange it for our sin. Pretty good deal. I think the only way that could happen is because he died for our sins and he’s able to give us now forgiveness as we repent and ask him to save us. Then you have not only an ambassador, but we have also the word overseer or slash bishop episcopo is God’s calling on an overseer, episcopate a feminine noun derived from epi on appropriately fitting, which intensifies scope. Evo look intently, properly oversight that provides care and attention appropriate to the personal visitation. This was the watchman in the old testament on top of a wall And that was a spiritual position as it says in Ezekiel 33. So here we are. It’s a great M. P. is up and scope. Evo is to scope out to look over and that is a responsibility that we have as men of God. It identifies the Episcopal owes the presbytery Rose the pimentos as being in one person but having those three hats that he has to wear. And then it calls us an elder press Viterra elder, properly a mature man with seasoned judgment and experience. An elder. First peter 51 through five talks about this. Therefore I exhort elders. The elders among you as fellow elders and witnesses of the sufferings of christ and it goes on, I won’t take the time right now to read it, but it identifies the pastor, the elder and the overseer in this context. In first Peter chapter five verse one through uh through nine. And then titus also identifies this chapter 15 through nine. And the final one is the leader. He yelled me rather from ago to lead and properly lead the way go before as a chief. Um a yeoman, a governor or an official who leads others coming first in priority. Like the leading uh thought or highly esteemed used of the authority providing leadership in the local church. Hebrews 13 has it three times here verse 7 17 and 24 noticed them as I closed this section. Remember those who led you, who spoke the word of God to you considering the result of their conduct, imitate their faith. Hebrews 13 17 obey your leaders and submit to them for they keep watch over your souls as those who will have to give an account. Let them do it with joy and not with grief for this would be unprofitable for you. And finally, Hebrews 13 24 greet all of your leaders and all the saints. Those from Italy greet you. Listen, this person is a leader, just simply the one who goes before and others follow. Well, this was a pretty thorough teaching on the titles and names that God uses for his, the man of God. And the one that I got excited over was kinetics. The one who has a message from the king of kings and gives it out to the people and that message is the gospel that he loves us. That jesus christ died for us. That he was buried here. Rose again from the dead. He sacrificed himself for us so that we could have an exchange with his righteousness and our sinfulness. Do it today. Believe on the Lord jesus christ and you will be saved. God bless you

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