Ep 62-Workmanship Pt. 2

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Ep 62-Workmanship Pt. 2




Okay, hi there Tom Harris and Vicki, as we discussed, the second aspect of this incredible word pima found in romans. Chapter one verse 20 enter into our bible study in greek. It’s all greek to me, we’re gonna look at some different greek words that really put color. It’s like watching black and white tv and color so you can enjoy it a little bit more as you read and hear and understand what God intended and said today, I’m really excited because we’re going back in time in my life thinking about how great God wasn’t creation and artistry and painting and poetry. Tom was a musician. I was a wannabe artist and walked around in Greenwich village with my paint all on me. I put it on my legs, I put it in my backpack and he carried his guitar and we basically lived in Greenwich village and in Central Park during the sixties. And and we’re talking about the word Prima, which means poem, but it’s not just poem, it’s the design, the divine design. It’s the it’s the not only music and poetry and art, but all of God’s divine design and creation. And so we’re gonna pick it up from where this word is found only took places Ephesians chapter two verse 10 concerning redemption, salvation and here it’s talking about creation and how we can see God in creation, Vicky’s gonna pick it up romans 1 20 for since the creation of the world, his invisible aurora toast, attributes his eternal power and divine nature. Theo otis gods manifested attributes, these refer to the Lord’s characteristics And they are revealed in and through his creation in Romans 2 14, 16, 10 verses 6-18. These have been clearly seen being understood through what has been made pema so that they are without excuse. That’s talking about us, the people on this planet, we are without excuse. It’s interesting here. That’s worth. Theo th th e I O T E S is different than T H E O T E s without the iota without the I. And that word speaks of the trinity. This word speaks of the trinity’s attributes totally that they’re different. And uh it’s God’s manifested attributes referring to the Lord’s characteristics. And we’re gonna really look at that because what it’s saying is, it’s through creation the story heavens and the earth and the way he painted the mountains and the sunset and the sunrise and the rivers and the animals. I mean, just you see God and what God is like and we’ll talk about that a little more so God’s attributes can be seen by his creation, his divine theo Otis with the iota there in in the word, the size of the universe. God is bigger than the universe. How big is God? How big is the universe, huge. It’s infinite. It’s eternal, the beauty of the starry heavens. God is very creative. I mean the trillions septa liens pick it up Vicky. The creation of man and woman in God’s image for fellowship. Yeah, we were created in his image. You know, emotion intellect will no other being in the universe is like us that he created us as the epitome of his design. It says in Psalm 139 the divine design in all of creation. The Fibonacci code. The golden ratio was an italian mathematician from the Republic of Pisa considered to be the most talented Western mathematician of the Middle Ages. In 12 40 A. D. Notice the what this is all about. It really is talking about this golden ratio or golden or golden um system that uh the the Fibonacci code was 10 and one is 11 and one is 22 and one is three. And and it goes that way. We’ll see it in in this next sequence here, 01 is 11 and two is 32 and three is five and so forth. And that’s the spiral that goes out and you see this in all of creation, pick it up the massive mountains, God’s majesty and stability, The beautiful landscape, valleys, rivers, oceans and design. And you could see it throughout the ocean and the mountains here you see it in the bird and in the shell you see this this thumbprint that God created this whole universe Vincent. The commentator talked about the Godhead. The Otis. Uh it’s better and divinity. God expresses deity theo otis, his God hood but not his Godhead. So as you mentioned before. One has the iota. This one does not. This is the sum total of his divine attributes on the difference between the word notice colossians 29. For in him all the fullness of deity, Theo Otis dwells in bodily form which denotes vitas godhead, the being god. So this is very important because the one is speaking of the triumph God, the other is speaking of the attributes of the triumph of God Psalm 191. The heavens are telling of the glory of God and their expanse is declaring the work of his hands. Yes. And and also in the greek when you go to the to the septa agent that you could see right here, heroin is talking about pio therapy scene. Uh and it and it has the word peace in here in the septal region of his hands. Off to tau stereo MMA. So it is, it is screaming out. It is proclaiming out what he has created with his hands. This this puma. So even in the old testament when they translated it, the jewish, I mean the hebrew scholars. Yes, they translated that word uh psalm 83 when I consider thy heavens the works of thy fingers, the moon and the stars which thou has ordained. See the works of thy fingers. That’s the word pema pio the works of thy fingers. Pick up the next verse Some 33 6-7 by the word of the Lord the heavens were made and by the breath of his mouth, all their host. He gathers the waters of the sea together as a heap. He lays up the deep in the storehouses. It’s fabulous what God has done. Someone 1516. The heavens are the heavens of the Lord. But the earth he has given to the sons of men. Some 1 48 3 praise him Sun and moon, praise him all the stars of light. Mm I 96 thou alone are the Lord, thou hast made the heavens, The heavens of heavens with all their hosts, the earth and all that is on it. The seas and all that is in them. Thou does give life to all of them. And the heavenly host bows down before the God created the story heavens. God created the earth God created. This is his creative design and thumbprint on the whole universe, Isaiah 40 25 to 26. To whom then will you liken me that I should be his equal, says the holy one, lift up your eyes on high and see who has created these stars. The one who leads forth their host by number. He calls them all by name. God has named all those trillions of stars in the heavens, reptilian. That we know that it goes to the 26 0 Here, wow! Because of the greatness of his might and the strength of his power. Not one of them is missing, not one of them is missing. If he can say that about a star, think about this Vicki and I relate this to john chapter 10 where he says I have you in my hand and my father who is great and all has you in his hand and no one, no one can pluck you out of, None of us are missing. You know, he’s not gonna lose, not one, you know, the one sheep goes astray and the shepherd leaves the 99 he goes after, not one of them is missing. And I just, I just think it’s so incredible if he can say this about a a star, you know, and we’ll look about and we look about the stars. When I when I preach on this, this is just fabulous that he says. And and I say I use those as illustrations concerning the relationship that we have with our Lord, that not one of them is missing. And then the, the word creen, none. Which is lily’s. Uh Here again, we may think of the lesson as drawn immediately from the surrounding objects of the hill country. The hillside of galilee are clothed in spring with the crown emerald Imperial rather, and the golden amaryllis and the crimson tulips and the animo knees of all shades. And I started looking at these colors and I thought, my goodness, look what grows there in galilee. This is what jesus looked at when he said to his disciples, you know, why are you worried about your clothing? Solomon and all his glory was not clothed like one of these lilies of the field from the scarlet to the white to say nothing of the commoner, buttercups and dandelions and daisies and all these are probably class throughout together, Thoroughly together under the generic name of lilies and these with what we may reverently speak of as a love of nature. You know, we were called, remember back in the 60s we will call the flower Children, We loved art, we loved beauty, we loved music, we loved painting, we loved poetry and I can go on, we love justice and we were marching for civil rights and we were just exploding with what God had put inside of us. And here is the word bima that we see God through all of that he is trying to say things to us that he is creative, that he is beautiful, that he is the divine design of the universe that he’s powerful. You look at the mountains, you look at the rivers, I look at the Hudson river over here and I see it coming day after day after day after day, billions of billions of gallons of water and it just keeps coming, I’m saying the sustainer of the universe, the earth, the sun, the stars, they go in their access controlled and governed by the hand of Almighty God. And uh let’s move on here concerning the green known as it says here Vicky the Lord tells his disciples consider not merely to look at with a passing glance, but to study to learn as it were by heart until they have realized every beauty of structure and form and Hugh and I was thinking tom the people sometimes say, you know, I grew up in a home where you know, my father was an alcoholic, my mother wasn’t around. Uh, nobody really loved me, nobody really cared but God says that’s not true, not true. I love you with an everlasting love, I care about you, I keep your tears in a bottle, he loves us And this word kata Montano, consider exactly and carefully, keep reading. It literally means to learn thoroughly. Kata down is an intensive of Montano to learn to note accurately and consider well It is used in Matthew 628 by Christ in its heiress imperative form. It’s a command. This calls for an immediate decisive choice that includes grasping that the Lord does all the work to achieve every blessing we receive. Consider the lilies of the field, Matthew 6 28 through 30 and why are you worried? Made him now split in your thinking about clothing. So they were worried about clothing and he points out to the lilies observed kata Montano, which literally Montano is to learn thoroughly. Gotta, Montano is, is a strength and form of it coming down on that gotta Montano how the lilies green in of the field grow, they don’t toil, nor do they spin. Yet I say to you that not even Solomon in all of his glory clothed, clothe himself like one of these. But if God so clothed the grass of the field which is alive today and tomorrow is thrown into the furnace, will he not much more clothe you all? You have little faith. So this was really talking about faith. He’s pointing out the lack of their faith and wanted them to see how he created everything beautiful. He says, look, don’t you have any faith about me taking care of you? You know what an incredible lesson to learn. Every single thing that has been created is beautiful and I’ll talk about that again. This calls for the immediate decisive Vicki pick it up, decisive choice that includes grasping that the Lord does all the work to achieve every blessing we receive the lilies of the field, identified by dr Thompson in his book with a species of lilies found in the neighborhood of hula hula. Yeah, he speaks of having met with this incomparable flower in all this loveliness around the northern base of Tabor and on the hills of Nazareth where our Lord spent his youth, isn’t it fantastic? I mean to actually be able to see that and know that that’s what the Lord was using and uh the Canon Tristan claims his honor of the beautiful and very animal bone. Uh corona area, it’s these are the technical names for them. If in the wondrous richness of the bloom which characterizes the land of Israel in spring, anyone plant can claim preeminence. It is the animal bone, the most natural flower for our Lord to pluck and seize upon as an illustration whether walking in the fields or sitting on the hillside. And uh the pulpit commentary says that the lilies of the field identified by dr Thompson is exactly what he was talking about. Let me just go to the end here and uh if in the wondrous richness of bloom which characterizes the land of Israel in spring, anyone plant can claim preeminence and this is the plant, it is the animal lily the most natural flower for our Lord to pluck and seize upon. As an illustration whether walking in the field or sitting on the hillside. Look at how gorgeous, I mean absolutely gorgeous. And and that was the picture that the disciples had when jesus talked to them about Yogi of little faith. So the whole nature that God created, the pima of creation speaks to us of spiritual insights, it declares his glory, it declares his glory. God bless you. We’re looking at the word pima, which is to do or make uh good work and a work one is, this one is pima work. Ergo pima with the m a suffix, which means the purpose of why you make it the end result. So let me just read the verse again for since the creation of the world, his invisible invisible aura sees his vision. Aurora toast says no vision. His his Aurora toes attributes. So think about now, these are the attributes of God, his eternal power. How do you see that and divine nature. That is the word theo otis with an iota with an eye there, God’s manifested attributes. That’s what it’s talking about refers to the Lord’s characteristics revealed in and through his creation and uh have been clearly seen being understood through what has been made so that they are without excuse being understood through what has been made. So we clearly see God and God’s attributes and God’s character. And as it says here, God’s manifest divine nature, his love, his wisdom, his truth, his power, his eternal Itty isn’t, he’s infinite. Um, and and so we clearly see this through what has been made. So just let’s look at what some of the things that have been made. Well, we know the sun, the sun uh, is huge and you can put so many planets, so many uh, so many earths fit into the sun in a phenomenal way in a phenomenal way. But you could take the sun And you can put the sun in on teres another star and you can fit the sun in the sun is huge, 64 million suns could fit into an interesting just to show you the bigness of God the greatness of God. And then you can take on batteries and you can put on teres in Hercules Hercules another star 100 million times. I mean really it just expands and goes way beyond our mind. Here’s another one. So you can take Hercules now And uh you can you can put uh you can put Hercules ε could hold 125 Hercules size stars. Let’s go on a little bit further. And we live here, we live here in the Milky Way right there and of course this is the Milky Way over here, but we live here. The Earth is not even a dot. And then you can, the Milky Way is a little dot right over here and this is the rest of the starry heavens. This image only shows a very small area of our universe. So I put all this together to show how vast. Now when you go back, even to the to the beginning part of what we started with. And let’s just say that this was, you know, this was our son. And there’s a tiny little planet called the Earth. The Earth is rotating at 1000 miles in its access, spinning like a top in its access 1000 miles an hour. And then it’s traveling around the sun, Around the sun, it’s traveling 64,000 miles an hour around the sun, incredible. And you have to understand that when you when you talk these numbers and you realize that the nearest star to our earth is a star called alpha Centura And alpha Centura is five light years away from our earth, the nearest star to our galaxy. So what what does that mean? That means that light Traveling at 186,000 mph. It would take five years to get to the first star, which is the nearest star to the earth. How vast is the, is the universe? How vast is it from the earth to the sun to um Mercury and the other stars, venus series, Oceania’s Hercules and on and on epsilon, these are huge stars and God and they’re just the beginning and there’s just vast areas between one star and another star. This is where we came from. It was the power of the Lord creating us designing us the divine image as we looked before at how God created everything, the birds, the animals, the fish, the insects, God’s creative artistry, the wisdom and infinite knowledge of God. How you can see the pattern and design in the wave of a sea of the sea, in in the actual wave of a galaxy. When you look at the Galaxies in, in the forming of a shell, this is no accident when you look at this, this is this is pattern. This is designed out in the story heavens and right here in the creation of God on the planet, the heavens are telling of the glory of God and the earth is showing forth his handiwork phenomenal. And then uh beyond this we go to this incredible gorgeous beauty. And I wanna just close with the passage in Matthew’s Gospel in chapter six. When you look at Matthew’s Gospel, Chapter six and he’s talking about uh for this reason, In verse 25, I say to you do not be anxious met him now for your life as to what you shall eat or what you shall drink, nor for your body as to what you shall put on is not life more than food and the body more than clothing. He’s making comparison of clothing and food and how important we are. uh and then he goes on in verse 26, look at the birds of the air that they do not. So neither do they reap nor gather into the barns yet your heavenly father feeds them. So he makes a comparison with the birds and how they’re working. They they’re not they’re not planting season yet. God’s feeding them, taking care of birds all over the world. And uh millions trillions of birds. And then he says in verse 27. And which of you, by being anxious, can add a single Cuba to your lifespan. You know, one step of 18\”, you can’t do it. And why are you anxious? About clothing, observe how the lilies. And these are the lilies found in galilee here beautiful gorgeous. Uh look at the lily, she says, observe how the lilies They grow. They of the field grow. They do not toil. Nor do they spin. Yet verse 29, I say to you that even Solomon in all of his glory did not clothe himself like one of these. But if God so clothes or erase the grass of the field which is alive today and tomorrow is thrown into the furnace, will he not? Much more do so for you? Oh, man of little faith. So here now he’s comparing our faith to our belief that God is going to clothe us, feed us, make sure that we live to the exact second that we are supposed to live for it is appointed unto man once to die. And after this the judgment, Nobody is going to hurry that up. God three no’s The very days that he has ordained for us. Someone 39 says. And here he says, I’m gonna take care of you. Your clothing, your food, your lifespan. It’s all, especially if you’re a child of God, God’s going to three set and preorder the good works that you’re supposed to do. He has designed us the color of our eyes, the color of our hair, the our skin, our thumbprint ri are actual I and the the quality of our being, he has pre designed everything. Do not be anxious and say what shall we eat or what shall we drink? And with what shall we clothe ourselves for all of these things. The gentiles eagerly seek. He’s saying, lost people gentiles, the ethnos, they are looking for these things, but seek first priorities in our life, his kingdom. Vasily his rule and reign in our life. Who’s running your life? Who is controlling your life? Who are you living for? Who is the one that you’re being accountable to first his kingdom and his righteousness? Are we living a righteous life? Are we allowing his principles and guidelines to impact us? And we live by the thought? What does God want? What does jesus want? What should I do with my money? With my time, with my life and all these things. He says you have to seek first his kingdom and his righteousness and all these things meaning our food and our clothing and our lifespan. All these things shall be added to you. God’s gonna add to us because of the fact that we prioritize him, put him first in our life. He has promised To take care of us and add to us. Therefore do not be anxious because he’s talking about anxiety all the way from verse 25-34. Do not be Miriam. Now don’t let yourself go in different directions in your life. God has created salvation redemption. God has created creation in our life and he knows all of the things that we need. Therefore don’t be anxious for tomorrow, for tomorrow will care for itself. Each day has enough evil of its own. When you live on the principle and basis of faith, you don’t have to be anxious. Your money runs out. God is still there. You get sick. God knows all about it. You know. People reject you. God knows all about it, Your clothes wear out. God will provide. This is the principle of faith that jesus was talking about, concerning our food, our clothes, our life. And he uses the very physical creation to teach us those lessons. God help us to allow his creation that he created for us. He created all these things for us that we would let him run our lives tom and Vicky with. It’s all greek to me. God bless you until next time.

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