Ep 51 – Marks of a Mature Christian Pt 11



Hi there Tom and Vicky Mahairas. We’re going into this study on it’s all Greek to me from James Chapter three on the tongue. Power over the tongue. And so join our discussion. We are already there. Thank you for coming back to learn and to grow with us. We hope you’re enjoying it as we go into this session. So we’re looking at marks of a mature believer and we’ve gone through the patients through trials and testing. We’ve gone through the practicing the truth and now we’re in this incredible chapter that deals with power over the tongue. I’ve quoted psalm 19 verse 14, both the first and the second program Vicky and here it is again in psalm 1914. It says, let the words of my mouth and the meditations of my heart be acceptable in thy sight O Lord, my God and my Redeemer. It’s interesting the words of my mouth. The words and mouth are both there and of course they come from the meditations of the heart. So now we’re at this juncture this place where we have, how we how this impacts us all the illustrations of the tongue. All the Things that we discussed previously. And we’re looking at the power over the tongue. That’s a kind of a crazy picture. And we’re going to be reading the beginning with verse 13 all the way through 18 and uh why don’t you pick it up from there. Who among you is wise and understanding. Let him show by his good behavior, his deeds in the gentleness of wisdom. But if you have bitter jealousy and selfish ambition in your heart, do not be arrogant and so lie against the truth? This wisdom is not that which comes down from above, but is earthly from the world, Natural physicals from the flesh and the ammonia on demonic. So the world the flesh and the devil are in that type of human wisdom. Right. And uh it’s interesting. This is repeated in Ephesians two. It’s repeated in first, John II in various other places about the Flesh, the world and the devil or demons wisdom. And actually says this, this demonic wisdom. There is insights and sounds right. And you know, things that people actually give you counsel many times, people will counsel one another is all that sounded right. And uh, you know, but there there are different results. And we’re gonna look at that keep going for jealousy. And selfish ambition exists. There is this disorder and every evil thing. But the wisdom from above is first pure, then peaceable, gentle reasonable, full of mercy. And good fruits unwavering without hypocrisy. And the seed whose fruit is righteousness is sown in peace by those who make peace very, very amazing. And interesting that it’s so specifically defined the wisdom from above, the purity of it Peaceable. You have to also ask these questions when you’re encountering making decisions or hearing stuff. Does this produce peace? Is it pure, is this, you know, is it grabbing or is it giving you a choice? Gentle, reasonable? You know, common sense has gone anymore. Vicky reason, is it reasonable? Is it full of mercy and good fruit and unwavering and not hypocritical? You don’t want to find out. It’s not what you were told. You know, hip, hip hypocrisy under a mask and so forth. I love what dr warren wears be said about this. Knowledge enables us to take things apart, but wisdom enables us to put things back together and relate God’s truth. The daily life. That’s really what wisdom is right to take what God says and apply it to daily life and to see the benefit of it. It’s so important that we listen to what God has to say. And this is the application now to everything we were studying from verse one concerning controlling the tongue. So the whole goal of it all is to be able to hear from God, is to be able to speak the way God wants us to speak. Not just blurt out anything right. I think, you know, the what really hits me is that it’s sown in peace by those who make peace. And you can be saying the truth, but you can be an angry mad person and domineering and uh not reasonable. You don’t want to hear anything from anybody. You just want to blurt out what you want to say. So you may still be saying the truth, but the truth is not going to be received by the people who you want to hear it and to receive it and gain knowledge from it, by the way we we deliver it to other people? So what you say is important, but how you say it is just as important. Exactly. That’s what this verse is saying. Okay, so let’s uh there are three different aspects of contrast in the true wisdom versus false wisdom, contrast in origins which is James 3 15 and 17. This wisdom is not that which comes down from above. So the origin is not So he identifies it’s not from above. This wisdom and then identifies it, its earthly, it’s of this earth. It’s natural, it’s fleshly. It’s demonic. But the wisdom from above is pure then peaceable, gentle, reasonable, full of mercy. Good fruits unwavering without hypocrisy. So you actually sense the contrast of the wisdom that’s coming down. And so if there there’s the first one contrast in origin where where is this wisdom coming from? The natural man? And I put these verses here. First Corinthians 2 14. If you could read them and then we’ll continue. But a natural man does not accept the things of the spirit of God. For they are foolishness to him and he cannot understand them because they are spiritually appraised. So the spiritual person will understand spiritual truth. The natural person will not Okay, first corinthians 3 3 then for are you still fleshly for since there is jealousy and strife among you. Are you not fleshly? And are you not walking like mere men? Well, yeah. So again, uh it identifies, you know, just what natural people do talking to christians that could live that way. You know, just because you’re a believer doesn’t mean you’re operating with a spirit filled direct direction. Uh, many believers live in the flesh. Many believers are getting wisdom that is demonic and because they’re not in God’s word, they’re not surrendered in their hearts to God. They’re not obeying God and doing God’s will Philippians 3 19 whose end is destruction, whose God is their appetite, whose glory is in their shame, Who set their mind on earthly things. Our minds are set up. You know above where christ is seated at the right hand of God colossians 31 says june 1 19. These are the ones who cause divisions. Worldly minded, devoid of the spirit. You see the contrast constantly between this world and heaven between the flesh and the spirit, between the spirit of God and the spirit of the demonic forces. It’s so clear. And then Ephesians 21 through three, I think is really paramount as we understand these things go ahead and read it and you were dead in your trance passes and sins, which you formally walked according to the course, the owner of this world. The cosmos according to the Prince our home of the power acacia of the air of this I Air of the spirit that Numa that is now working and a rail in the Sons of Disobedience. You don’t have to read every week. Apathy. A un persuaded with willful unbelief. This is this is a pita willful unbelief without faith is among them. We too formerly lived in the lusts epitome of our flesh. Notice the you know, all three of the devil, the flesh, the world. All three of them are in this passage in Ephesians 21 through three, just as it tells us in James chapter three. Uh So it’s amazing among them. We all formerly lived in the lust of our flesh, indulging the desires of the flesh and of the mind and were by nature feces. Inner nature uh colossians 29, Children of Wrath. You know that’s what the that’s what people have to look forward to. Who reject God, who reject christ, who reject the bible, who reject the gospel. You can’t just, you know, like someone said, you can’t just uh you know, burn your life for the devil and then blow the smoke in God’s face. You can’t do that, Colossians 2 8 and nine see to it that no one takes you captive. You know, Salon a prey like to carry off through philosophy and empty deception. Again, this wisdom of this world according to the tradition of men according to the elementary principles of the world, there is the world now stay here of the world rather than according to christ you see that this is consistent in every epistle and all throughout the bible, these three that are that are actual allies coming together against God, against his word, against his wisdom, the flesh, the world and the demonic forces, the devil. It’s interesting the last versus for in him all the fullness of deity dwells in bodily form. That’s in jesus. Yes, Yeah. And there’s a conflict many times with people because we can’t understand the Godhead. We don’t understand how the one man, the earth man, jesus was the God man. The long was from eternity that came into this world and emerged as it says in john chapter one, let’s read first, john 2 15 through 17, I think it’s so clear here more than ever. Go ahead. Vicki do not love the world, nor the things in the world. If anyone loves the world. The love of the father is not in him, for all that is in the world, the lust of the flesh and the lust of the eyes and the boastful pride of life is not from the father, but is from the world, the world is passing away. And also it’s lust, But the one who does the will of God lives forever. Right before this. It was talking about the devil, you know, and how when you have God’s word in you, you overcome the evil one. And then right after that, it went into verse 15 through 17. Now, man’s wisdom is foolishness to God. First Corinthians 1 10, God’s wisdom is foolishness. The man. First Corinthians 2 14. Man’s wisdom comes from reason. While God’s wisdom comes from revelation, man’s worldly wisdom will come to nothing. First the indians won 19 while God’s wisdom will endure forever. That’s the last verse we read also from first john chapter two, he that does the will of God advice forever. Now dr weir’s be also shared. These truths, contrast and operations, the evidence of false wisdom how it operates and and it says who among you is wise and understanding. Let him show by his good behavior, his deeds in the gentleness of wisdom. You notice that this wisdom creates a certain type of atmosphere and gentleness and you know, there’s no fighting and striving many times. The bible talks about christ that he was meek engine, proud, proud and humble of heart. That’s right. He here he was God trying to present to us what we as human who are made in his image are supposed to reflect and to know that God came in meekness and humility. It’s just amazing to me. But if you have bitter p cross jealousy, Zillow’s which means to boil over selfish ambition in your heart Alethea from editable work for hire, properly work done merely for hire as a mercenary, referring to carnal ambition, selfish rivalry, a politician canvassing for votes in ancient Greece at a theater, mercenary. Self seeking refers to acting for one’s own game Regardless of the discord strife it causes. And if he has selfish ambition, amazing. This happens a lot. People giving council in in elders meetings and deacons meetings, pastor meetings, christians talking to one another, creating this kind of uh divisiveness. James 3 13. Do not be arrogant verse 14. And and boast against the truth, false boast here, you know, false superiority and so lie. Falsify against the truth or deceit. Very, very important. The wisdom is not what comes from above, but is earthly natural, demonic. There it is at peace from the earth, natural see cause derived from C he’s soul, natural identity. And then the more knee all these demon like demonic. That’s really what it talks about. And then the evidence of true wisdom choose wisdom is from first pure agony is from Holy iose. Pick it up then. Peaceable enemy costs what pertains the peace api keys gentle uh derived from epic fitting and equitable. Uh, it’s just beautiful, reasonable, reasonable uh, from good and and also from well persuaded only occurs in James 3 17, reasonable. Full of mercy, luo’s translating uh, covenant loyalty from the old testament. S but full of mercy covenant love used over 170 times. Uh, number six and good, I got thoughts unwavering the the accurate toss from uh it’s again from one a negative and indistinguishable without uncertainty. God’s wisdom is certain it’s clear it’s good without hypocrisy, Without being masked, Without having a double meaning without the seat coming in and shifty not a phony, not a phony not a phony. The last thing is the contrast and outcomes. The origin determines outcome. Worldly wisdom produces trouble. Worldly results for where bitter jealousy and selfish ambition exists, jealousy, bitter and again, because all of this, you can read the rest of it be positive or negative, selfish, boiling anger or love for what is good or bad. You could have Zedillo’s which is zeal can be negative or positive and saying. But the wisdom from above is first pure, then peaceable, gentle, reasonable, full of mercy and good fruits unwavering without hypocrisy. And the seed whose fruit is sewn in righteousness. Isn’t that what it says in righteousness is in peace actually his own and pieces produced by those who create peace. So really what we have here in these contrasts is that God is giving us how when you’re speaking right, when your tongue is working right? You have these results that are right and not all the deceit and all the divisiveness and all the fighting and all the bickering that goes along with it. Even when you think you’re right, but you’re not righteous. You know, so many times I was right, I was right. She’s going to have to come back and uh you know, asked me to forgive her. Yeah, but I think that um I have in the past, I have I’m sure you have all of us have one time or another argued to the point where we felt I’m right, but we’re not righteous being right is not the point acting like jesus christ and allowing the spirit of God to fill us right? Yes. What else? Just just tremendous contrast from our human way that we would solve our problems or speak and God’s teaching us the right way to be to be a mature Italia’s christian, a complete person. That’s what I want to be with you. We are all in the flesh. But God wants to fill us with his spirit. So we could be mature like him, like him telling us, We’ve been looking at marks of a mature Christian from the epistle of James and we’ve covered now three chapters, we’re going deep in Chapter three. The power over the tongue. It is a mark of a true mature, perfect as the scriptures calls it chelios perfect uh mature believer. And so we want to go in and look now at this power over the tongue which is the bible says nobody can tame the tongue and it’s obvious people cannot do it, you cannot do it, I cannot do it. But God can tame the tongue. You know, you think of a lion tamer or some animal team or in a cage and you realize that It’s almost impossible to tame these animals. We’ve we’ve seen tigers, huge tigers attacked their their masters over 30 years later, but the tongue is even worse than the lion and the tiger and the bear and the elephant and all the other creatures that have that have been tamed. You can tame all those creatures, the bible says, but the tongue nobody contain and he’s given us the illustrations the last time we talked about it. But now we have all these different contrasts of wisdom, the wisdom that is from God, from heaven, and the wisdom that is from the devil and the demons and the earth and the flesh. We’re gonna look at that. The applications. You know, you just don’t have the scripture. You also have the applications how we apply these principles to our own life. And it says in verse 13, who among you is wise and understanding, let him show by his good behavior, his deeds in the gentleness of wisdom varieties. So you you you show who you are by how you behave and how you speak, according to God’s word, If you have bitter jealousy, selfish ambition in your heart, do not be arrogant and so lie against the truth. This wisdom is not that which comes down from above, but is earthly, eh piece. He says, the earth natural Seiki cause of the flesh and demonic. And so he says, for where jealousy and selfish ambition exists. There is disorder and every evil thing, but the wisdom from above is first pure then peaceable, gentle, reasonable, full of mercy and good fruits unwavering without hypocrisy and the seed whose fruit is righteousness is sown in peace by those who make peace Now. There are contrasts. We talked about these contrasts. We want to go to the actual words right now in Ephesians 2, 1 through three about some of the power of the Flesh, the world and the devil. He says you were dead in your trespasses and sins in which you formerly walked. According to the course narrowness of this world and the cosmos according to the Prince are gone. This is the ruler of the power excuse era of the air of the spirit plasma that is now working in at Yale in the sons of Disobedience. Apathy to unpersuaded willful unbelief. We talked about this among them. We too all formerly lived in the lust epitome of the flesh. Saarc’s indulging the desire phylum of the flesh socks, and of the mind. They are near and were by nature by the actual feces. Our inner nature, inner nature, Children of wrath as the rest. Now I want to go further in the passage of scripture, but God being rich in mercy because of his great love with which he has loved us, even though we were dead in our transgressions, made us alive together with christ by grace. We have been saved and he raised us up and he seated us with him in heavenly places in christ jesus. So in other words, my position in christ has brought me right to the very throne in heaven. He represents me. He represents you. He represents every believer on this planet in heaven. That’s why we can come boldly unto the throne of Grace and receive Grace and mercy in a time of need. And then it says not only that, but in order that he in the ages to come, he might show the surpassing riches of the grace in kindness toward us in christ jesus for by grace you have been saved through faith and that not of yourself, it is the gift of God and not of as a result of works that no one should boast for we are his workmanship created in christ jesus on two good works which he prepared beforehand that we should walk in them. I I love the fact that here the wisdom from below Is identified. This is the devil, the flesh and the world in the first few verses there, verse 123 and then but God in verse four. Now you have the wisdom from heaven. But God being rich in mercy because of his great love with which he loved us. Even when we were dead in our transgressions made us alive together with christ by grace, you have been safe. So you have to really understand that the wisdom from above and the wisdom from God. The wisdom from the spirit of God. The wisdom from jesus christ that comes all because of the cross that comes all because jesus came down And he showed us what it means to really love. He lived a perfect life. And then on his own body he took our sin, our transgression. He made atonement for our transgression according to Daniel nine. And he went to the cross and he bled on that cross for our sins. This is the wisdom that comes down from above. You can’t deliver yourself, I cannot deliver myself from my sin. But jesus christ who is perfect. He came down and he lived a perfect life and he went to the cross and he bled and he died on the cross for our sins to deliver us from our the filthy words, the filthy thoughts, the filthy emotions, the sinful selfish lifestyle, the living for me and not worrying about anybody else, or thinking in love about anybody else. There was no royal law in my life guiding me to love others. The way I want them to love me to love my enemies to to do good to those who hate me to bless those who are cursing me. It’s impossible. You know, you’re gonna, under your breath, say something wrong, do something wrong, act in a wrong way. Every single person has their breaking point. They will criticize that person. They will curse at that person. They are. You know, they go so far, but you know, the Fuse of their anger will burn at some point. It may take a mile, let me take five miles. It will burn at some point, it will explode. And when we try to act like we can do it on our own. This is why it says here for by grace, we’ve been saved through faith, not of ourselves. It is a gift of God, not as a result of works unless we boast about it. A lot of people, many people have sinned with their mouth. And God here has given us grace for the mouth. He’s given us grace for the heart. He’s given us forgiveness of our sins. And that’s why it says here by grace. You’ve been saved through faith, not of yourselves. It’s a gift of God, not as a result of works that no one should boast. This is God’s wisdom from above. This is God’s help from above. There’s no other way to do it. And when James speaks about uh, the wisdom that that is of the earth and demonic and fleshly. Uh he’s talking about us justifying ourselves that way. But when God speaks about the wisdom from above, that when he identifies the wisdom from above and he talks about it first being pure and peaceable and full of good fruits. It’s a whole another kind of wisdom that man does really not really understand. We can write poet, poet poetry, we can write songs, we can try the best we can. But every singer, every Hollywood actor, every great person at some point, you know, has done all kinds of wrong things to their their wife, their husband, they’ve gotten divorced, they’ve they’ve they’ve trashed their families because no matter how good man appears to be deep down inside, all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God. There is none righteous, not even one. That’s why we need that deliverance from above. Let’s cry out to God for the deliverance for the forgiveness, for the salvation from above through jesus christ by grace, we have been saved. God bless you until next time. It’s all greek to me.”}],”

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