Ep 16: Five Greek Words – Thankfulness (5 of 5)

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Ep 16: Five Greek Words – Thankfulness (5 of 5)




Hi there, this is thomas Mahairas with. It’s all greek to me. And we are concluding our fifth program that is connected with these five greek words rooted in grace. And they’re all rooted in Grace because of the X. A. R. In each of these words carries harry’s oh man forgiveness, charisma, gift, hara joy. And today we’re gonna be looking at f carry store. All of them have that X. A. R. Har in each of the words connected to Grace. Now my wife and I are going to have a discussion on the last word and we’ve been enjoying just talking about the different greek words. And today is our last program. I hope you’ve enjoyed it. And we’re going to continue preaching the word, digging deeper into the original words so that we might be able to apply them to our life and benefit, getting to know God better and getting to let people around us know who God is. God bless you enjoy this program. Hi there Tom Mahairas again with uh it’s all greek to me and we’ve been having wonderful discussions with Vicki, my wife on these wonderful words. And today we come to this word F. Gary sterile. Which today if you went to Greece, you would say if Gary stall and they dropped the E at the end and it simply means thank you. And so and and the definition of this word, it comes from Eu which always means good. Like eulogy, you would pronounce eulogy and E. F carry store. It almost sounds like a v sound if aristo uh Good Grace, thankful for Grace is really what this is saying this thank you. And uh and so that is the meaning of this word. So it starts from Grace. It starts from Grace that flows out to forgiveness that provides a gift. And uh we received great joy when we implement that gift or the gifts that God gives us. And then we go back to God with thanksgiving because of God’s grace and what he’s done for our life. All of these words are connected with uh uh X A are cod in the middle of the word. So in this particular case Vicki we’re looking at the word Uh Gary still and we find uh this word mentioned in Colossians chapter three I just want to say some things about this verse. Whatever you do in word or deed do all in the name of the Lord, jesus. Giving thanks through him to God. The father. Well who doesn’t like a thankful person to be around? Yeah I mean that’s the evidence of a of a grateful godly life. I mean if you’re constantly complaining, griping, slandering, gossiping it just how does the love of God or the grace of God or the forgiveness of God or the joy of God abiding you? If that’s the way you are. But when God is in you like you said you’re expressing thankfulness. Well we just studied last week about joy. Joy comes is hara. But we have when we’re thankful and we’re joyful, I think that’s a way people can see christ in us. He can they can experience our spirit that’s united with God’s spirit. And I love people who are thankful, like anybody who raised five Children like me, it’s so pleasant when somebody says thank you mom for whatever and so thankful this is a wonderful spirit that God wants us to have, that exemplifies him in our life. We’re attracted to a grateful thankful spirit were detracted from somebody who’s complaining, griping and just the way it is in life. And so when you are reflecting gratitude, thankfulness, in fact, in in first Thessalonians five, we’re going to see in a little bit in first Thessalonians 5 18, it says in everything give thanks in everything, not for everything, but in everything the experiences that we go through, we have got to be with us. In fact, verse 16 and 17 says rejoice, which Hendro. It’s it’s the verb from hara, Joy, rejoice evermore all the time, constantly uh be filled, rejoice evermore, pray without ceasing. And so in the middle of this thankful spirit. And the rejoicing spirit is the prayerful spirit just a wonderful uh connection with God that God wants us to be connected with having joy in our life uh praying and also being thankful for the things in our life and that’s why first Thessalonians 5 18 and everything give thanks for this is the will of God in christ jesus for you to give thanks, literally thankful for God’s good grace. Grace, gladness giving thanks for grace. That’s really the will of God for you and for me is to really allow the Grace of God to flow in my life so that I am forgiving other people so that I received the, the actual gifts that God has that it produces the joy in my life. And then I go back to God with thanksgiving for all that he has done for me. So Vicki uh, we’re kind of, I want to thank you for all these weeks that we’ve been just kind of chatting away here uh, about these incredible greek words I have one more passage to go to. But before we do that, why don’t why don’t you just have an overview of the, of the words that we had uh, that we studied and just comment on them as God’s spirit leads you? So, we started with Hadi’s Grace. Unmerited favor extended from God was the essence of our salvation. The grace that comes from God. It’s the essence of the being a graceful person in life. Having God’s love flow out of us. Grace is like uh, the way God sends to us this power, the divine power, the divine ability to be loving and forgiving and and joyful. Uh, and giving thanks in the midst of even tribulation. The early christians went through tremendous pressure persecution and they radiated christ And so many people came to him because of their they’re thankful joyful spirit. Just this definition of the first word carries grace unmerited, that means you didn’t earn it favor. That means we’re we’re in God’s affirmation positive uh, leaning towards us and extending himself towards us. I mean, what a phenomenal word that God almighty who created us is extending himself to us without us having to do anything. This is just who he is. And that’s why jesus came full of grace and full of truth. And then this other word, Carrizo ma’am, which is forgiveness flowing from that grace and charisma gift that comes from that grace. So because God has already touched us and because he’s already forgiven us now, he is investing in us his grace so that we now can invest in others hara, which produces joy when God is uh stirring that up in us Hara. The joy because of his grace. And finally, after aristo thankful for grace. I thank you so much Vicky for just being able to kind of chat away. Uh, any illustrations come to your mind of grace. Any illustrations of forgiveness. Any illustrations of of gifts and joy and thanksgiving in your life. Any at all. You mean personally personal. Yeah, I can think of so many times that I prayed about something in my life that nobody else knew about. And when God answered my prayer and I knew that he was listening to me and I mean supernatural things would happen. People would show up provide money for us when we had no money for food. People would send us things. Somebody bought us a car, we had no car, we had no money. We had four Children under three living on the fifth floor and we had a bible study. That’s how we started Manhattan bible church. I was so concerned about praying every day and I saw God do supernatural things and it was all because of his wonderful grace that he extended to us. Remember that one time we were praying for shoes, we had those shoes were looking around, what are we gonna do? Christmas is coming. We don’t want to have any shoes. And I usually would always give God an opportunity a day or two to provide for me before I went out and bought something, I had some money. I thought, man, what am I gonna do? I’m gonna spend this money. And then that day I went to see my friend Spiros od odd is the american border mission to the Greeks over in Richfield, New Jersey back when they were in New Jersey and I walk in and spirits takes me down the basement. And he showed me around what they’re doing, how he is. Uh you know, reaching missionaries all over the world. And he was supporting me back then for $200 a month. Spirit zodiac because he believed that I was gifted as an evangelist as a bible preacher and teacher back in the, in the 1970 five and 6. And I’m just amazed. And then he took me down and he and there was a big mountain of shoes in the basement. I said, what’s this? And he said, well these are shoes that we got from Tom McCann and some other stores and they’re all brand new and we’re gonna ship them over to the mission field, India and Indonesia and Philippines. I’m saying, what are you gonna do with them? And you’re selling them and know they’re going to missionaries. I said missionaries, I’m a missionary, but I’m over here in Manhattan. He said, well tom if you need anything, you can have whatever you want. I went through and I picked out how many pairs of shoes it was like four pairs of shoes for every kid. I got shoes for me. I got found the boots that I was gonna buy, that you wanted to buy. They wanted to buy a pair of boots and I said, I’m going to give the Lord an opportunity to provide. You see the God’s grace is sufficient for all of us. He provides just at the moment that you’re asking him to provide and you know that’s how you know you’re walking with God, that’s how you know God is listening when you’re in prayer, when you’re in the word of God when you’re filled with the spirit of God because it’s all of grace. We didn’t do anything. I mean we didn’t go chasing after him. He came looking for us for the lost sheep that was lost. And he put us on his shoulders and he brought us home and then he and he was rejoicing over us as more than all the angels in heaven are rejoicing over one sinner that repents. And I’m just so thrilled Vicki that you and I have been able to talk like this about these fabulous words and folks keep on uh tuning into. It’s all greek to me. And if there are any questions you want to reach out, reach out to us. You can we love you, We thank God for you listening and following. And we’re going to continue studying as a couple and bringing you messages that will bless your heart and that you’ll dig deeper in the original languages. It’s all greek to me with tom Mahairas and Vicki. Uh Mahairas right now. So, until next time. God bless you. Bye. So we’re looking at the word F Gary Still. Now when you use this word in the coin, a greek goddess tell is the way you pronounce it. But in modern greek it’s F Hristo. So if you go to Greece or you meet greet people at a restaurant and they give you a glass of water, they serve you a diner, a lot of greek zone diners, pizza shops, a lot of different businesses. But many in diners you say to them after Aristotle and they will appreciate it. Uh so here is this word afghani style which means thank you actually, it’s made up of two greek words E. U. Which is good and hot, which is uh good grace. That’s what this word literally means. And thanksgiving or giving thanks is really going back to God thankfulness for his grace and all the and recognizing the fact that he is the one that provides grace and forgiveness and gifts and joy. And we come back now to God to acknowledge that with thanksgiving. You know, it’s not just about some turkey or you know because the pilgrims were able to survive but realizing all of life, I mean he created us, he sustains us all over the world. God is awesome. And uh here we have this beautiful word that I want to introduce to you a little bit deeper in colossians chapter three verse 17. Whatever you do in word or indeed that means what you say, what you think, what you do do all in the name of the lord, jesus. In other words I represent jesus christ, I’m doing things in the name, the name is the power and associated with the person of jesus christ, giving thanks through him to God the father. So I’m giving thanks through jesus christ to God the father. I can’t come to God the father except through jesus christ, jesus said I am the way the truth and the life. No one comes to the father but through me but my thanksgiving takes place through jesus christ because he was responsible for grace. He is the personification of grace, the incarnation of Grace. As we said in our first program, he was the one that came full of grace and truth john one in verse 16 the law was given through moses. But grace and truth were manifested, realized through jesus christ phenomenal, jesus christ is the one that is responsible for my water that I drink the food that I eat, the beautiful sunsets and sunrises going to the beach and enjoying the fruit or the food of life, all the pleasures of life. He’s the one that created it all. The Lord, jesus christ is the creator, he’s the logos, he’s the one that made all this. That’s why it says giving thanks through him. Let’s move on to the next verse first Thessalonians 5 18 in everything I’m not supposed to pick and choose in life, I’m supposed to accept God’s will. You know, I get hurt or some tragedy takes place. We view it as a tragedy and yet God says and we know you know score, it’s we know you know God is the one uh not through experiential knowledge, not you know school, I was gonna say Either or of Aleppo comes from the idea of intuitive knowledge, Romans chapter eight in verse 28 and we know that intuitive knowledge that God causes all things to work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to his purpose. Listen to me now, God says in everything. Uh first Thessalonians 5, 18, in everything give thanks. Why? Because this is the will of God in christ jesus concerning you literally thankful for God’s good grace, Grace, gladness giving thanks for grace. You know, you have to look at that whole context. So when I go to first Thessalonians in Chapter five and I look at what it says there about this verse that we just quoted in everything. Give thanks. You gotta go a little bit before to it. It talks about repaying people see to it that no one repays another with evil for evil, but always seek after that which is good for one another and for all men. And then it goes to the positive in verse 16, rejoice, huh? Herro? Herro rejoice, which comes from Hara, which is the one of the words that we studied Herro. I rejoice. Always, this is timing. God wants me internally to have this ability to have this internal joy, not based on my circumstances but on my relationship with God who is my father. And because I know the grace of God and the forgiveness of God, the gifts of God and the joy of God. I need to rejoice. And it says beyond this, pray without ceasing you can’t in everything, Give thanks if you don’t rejoice always in every prayer without ceasing prey. In other words, uninterrupted. Uninterrupted. Because if he prayer general prayer, my wishes and what is prayer, it’s exchanging my wishes for his wishes, realizing that God may want to say something to me with what I’m going through. And then it says so these are powerful triplicate of power. Look at what it says, rejoice. Always pray without ceasing. Now the last one in everything, give thanks for this is the will of God in christ concerning you know, it’s hard sometimes when you’re going through a difficult sickness or a loss of a job or somebody, you know, you’re gonna marry someone and they and they break the engagement, terrible things happen. You know, some relative dies and how are we gonna how are we gonna process what we just read, rejoice. It says here, rejoice. Always pray without ceasing and everything. Give thanks for this is the will of God in christ jesus concerning you. Because life isn’t just about just getting your way and everything is positive, good, enjoyable all the time. I have to look and see what it is that God is saying through the tragedies of life, how God wants me to minister to the people that are hurting how God wants me to serve my own family, the people that are in my immediate family and my neighbors and even my enemies, to love my enemies, to do good to those who hate me to bless those who curse me to pray for those who, despite feli used me. That’s why it says in everything, not for everything, but in everything, give thanks. In that circumstance, I can say God, I am so glad that I am your child. There’s there’s 1000 things that I can find to thank God for. That’s what you have to do in everything. Give thanks because you’re positive, thankful attitude towards the Lord for everything. Or in everything rather is going to change the way you’re responding to everything. It’s not what I go through. It’s how I respond to what I go through. That really gives me victory or defeat in my emotions, in my thinking in my life. So in everything, give thanks for this is God’s will for you in christ jesus. Well, He says it’s God’s will for us. Therefore we must do it now. There is another passage of scripture I want to close with and is found in Ephesians in Chapter four, Chapter 5, In verse 18, and 21, I’ll close with this. Listen to what it says. This is incredible because in a modern, in an age when everybody is turning to the bottle there, they’re turning to alcohol. Uh they’re turning to uh drugs, whether it’s heroin or crack cocaine or or pills, oxy cotton or Percocet, whatever the pills are and or or a bottle of wine. Seagram seven, uh, you know uh scotch, whatever somebody’s uh choice of drug is a choice of a bottle is do do not get drunk with wine. This is found in Ephesians chapter five in verse 18. Do not get drunk with wine for that is dissipation, it’s not pleasing to God. But on the other hand, the contrary of that is befitting, build with the Holy Spirit, play a role with the Holy the Holy Spirit can satisfy you internally better than the wine and the alcohol and the drugs and the illicit sex can satisfy you externally. That’s what God is saying, number one, Number two, speaking to one another in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing and making a melody in your heart to the Lord? Where’s the joy? If you’re filled with the spirit, there’s gonna be joy. This is how you see that you’re filled with the spirit. Is there joy in your life? # three it says always giving thanks for all things in the name of our Lord, jesus christ, even the father even to God the father? Uh you know, so let me ask you, are you giving thanks, are you rejoicing, are you singing? Are you giving thanks and finally be some be subject to one another in the fear of christ. Are you willing to submit to authority? Are you willing to put yourself under and let God govern you on the inside. This is how you know, you’re filled with the spirit. Not because you know, you’ve seen some visions or you’ve got some prophecies, but because you have practical things going on in your life, you are in your right mind, you’re not overcome by drugs or alcohol. You are rejoicing singing sons internally hymns, spiritual songs. God’s word is filling your heart. You are in everything. You’re giving thanks to God, even the father. And then finally, you are willing to submit yourself under the authority of proper authorities. Whether it’s government, whether it’s your parents, whether it’s church authorities, listen, this giving thanks is so important because God says it is his will in christ concerning you. Now, if you’re not giving thanks, you’re gonna be miserable, you’re gonna be griping, you’re gonna be slandering somebody, you’re gonna just be down in the mouth all the time. But if you’re giving thanks to God and you have a joy going on inside, then you’ll be able, that’ll overflow on the outside and then it gets into the specifics, the wife, the husband, the workers, the Children right down the line, even spiritual warfare in Ephesians six, it all has to do with being filled with the spirit and how do you do that? We just had a display of that. You’re going to have a joyful, thankful and humble living in your life. You will reflect that in jesus christ. Now we’ve been looking at these beautiful words today. It was uh the f hardly stop Afghanistan for afghans still in the coin a greek but in monetary afghani store which is thankful or thanksgiving or thankful for God’s grace. Now God bless you, may you go on and dig deeper in the word of God and follow thomas Mahairas with. It’s all greek to me, get your friends to join and uh we’re just having a great time studying God’s word together. Have a great night. God bless you.

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